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I could swear I saw somewhere that Outsiders gain native subtype while on their native plane, but can't find it now. Is that a thing, or only Outsiders native to material plane have "native" subtype.

Can a creature use magic jar to possess a clone of another creature? Clone does not have a soul, so can't be sensed from the jar, but if jar literally lies in the clone's chest can it be possessed?

Like copying the spell from a scroll into spellbook?

If transformative weapon is disarmed while in alternative form, would this mean it transforms into its original form, due to "When unattended, the weapon reverts to its true shape." clause?

If a Pit Fiend to sign a contract with his own blood (not an infernal contract, although written in infernal), how bound is he to abide by the document? Can, he just "so long suckers", or his lawful natures forces him to follow through this mortal-made piece of parchment?

What I mean is, if creature under effect of Alter Self casts Alter Self again (if we disregard the fact that casting itself will be noticed), and changes into exactly the same form, will it be noticeable?

Now, before you think I am crazy, the idea is if a small creature uses this spell to pretend to be a human, then someone disarms its sword (originally small sword), it fall to the ground and becomes small. If the creature picks it up, then uses Alter Self again, will just the sword resize (per rules of polymorph,to adapt to the Medium size) or the whole creature have to blink back into small size and then re-alter self into medium?

What are the way to move 10ft and keep you full round action? There was an old thread, but since then I am sure many other ways were made/found.

From what know:
Step Up + Following Step
Abjuring Step spell
Ranger Skirmisher archetype Surprise Shift ability
Critical hit with Snake Sidewind (not very reliable)
Level 3 Drunken Master Monk

If someone knows 3.5 feats/spells that can do that, like Press the Advantage, that would be appreciated too.

Ring of Spell Storing casts spells at minimum caster level. So a Cure Light Wounds spell stored in the ring would heal 1d8+1 HP (CL1)

Quickened Cure Light Wounds is considered a 5th level spell, so does this mean that minimum caster level for it becomes 9 and therefore such CLW cures 1d8+5 HP?

Does it works the same way if spellcaster cast the spell using Quicken Metamagic Rod and does not even possess the feat?

So, if Earth Elemental earth glides into stone where spellcaster is melding into, I presume Elemental can attack the caster? Is the spellcaster helpless, or have any disadvantage (can't see the attacker)?

Can elemental bull rush someone out of the stone?

Does it require a trick or some special training for a non flying mount to be able to use Fly spell? Air Walk have a clause that states in needs special training, anything about Fly?

Is there a feat or spell or some magic item that can increase reach of animal companion, other than pre-errata Evolved Companion or Lunge?

Is Knowledge (arcana) DC for discerning school of magical aura for spell-like ability calculated as if its a spell or a non-spell effect?

Example: Lamia Matriarch uses her charm monster on someone. Would the DC to detect such enchantment be 19 (15 + level if charm monster as wizard spell) or 21 (15 + half her caster level of 12).

Is damage type of bane property's 2d6 for weapons the same as base weapon (AKA slashing damage for longsword, ect)? Does this mean it is multiplied on critical hit?

What does constitute an attack for the purpose of BREAKING the Sanctuary spell? Can warded creature attempt to move through enemy squares without breaking it by using Overrun?
Will this maneuver break the spell always?
Will this maneuver break the spell only if the creature not get out of the way, requiring an attack roll?
How angry would you be if GM ruled that overrun does not break sanctuary unless it knocks the enemy prone?

Can Wizard 5 / Cleric 9 split his domain spell slot for lvl 5 into 2 lvl 3 slots? Discovery thing says "may treat any one of your open spell slots" not "wizard spell slots".
Can wizard split his spell school spell slot into 2 spell school spell slots?

Can Hide Campsite spell be used in conjunction with Campfire Wall to make hidden flaming barrier campsite?
Or is there some caveat I don't realize, like spells interfering with each other.

If a creature with flying speed and wings uses Alter Self to transform itself into a humanoid without wings it can not use its flying speed?

I am looking at RAW, RAI I imagine it looses ability to fly unless it is magical ability, kind of like Skeleton template (and that in itself is imposible to determine, cos things like Star Monarch do have wings, but since they can fly through space I wouldn't bet on having its wings unavalable preventing it from flying).

Only small or medium humanoids with wings are Strix if I am not missing anything (maybe aasimars and tengu with specific traits. can those be chosen even? what about "human sorcerer with that bloodline that gives me demon wings"?)

Is there a martial way to increase your demoralize range, or make opponent shaken from farther distance/with ranged weapon? (other than Signature Strike or shooting Screaming Bolts... btw, can one shoot the air with a Screaming Bolt and miss on purpose to trigger Conserving weapon?).

Draconic Malice spell says "Living creatures", does this mean any creature except undead and constructs? So it works on ooze and stuff?

Also, do those "living creatures" include the caster? It sounds similar to antimagic field, but fields says its "emanation", while Draconic Malice says its "aura", and I am not being able to find rules for aura.

If my character is led to the gallows, can he use Burst Bonds to blast the hangman's rope in an attempt to escape?

It does limit character's mobility (and lifespan).

Can a crafter make an item with command word like "GRRRRRAWOOOOOWOOOO" so when such item is put on a wolf (according to the clawed quaduped slots) the wolf can activate the item? (wolf in question can have int 3 if necessary).

Magic Weapons can be made to emit light as per "light" spell, are magic arrows considered weapons enough to make them emit light when crafted and use as flares/tracers?

you do not have to move at half your speed while traveling through the wilderness

I presume it means it alleviates 1/2 penalty to travel speed given by any terrain without roads, except jungle (and would rule that jungle is 1/2 instead of 1/4 if spell is active)?

But that spell only affect the caster, meaning even if ranger can run at her full 30 speed, group still have to move at half the dwarf's speed, so 10?

This, tho, allows ranger to move half speed while using survival to hunt for food (instead of 1/4), and the rest of the party can move their half just traveling, roughly equalizing them?

So, Ritual Garb of the Cheesemaker:

Ritual Crown of the Cheesemaker (Headband of INT +2 UMD, 4 000 gp)
Ritual Mantle of the Cheesemaker (Mnemonic Vestment, 5 000 gp)
Ritual Pendant of the Cheesemaker (Runestone of Power lvl 9, 162 000 gp)
Holy Word of the Cheese-Father (Scroll of Wish, 28 825 gp)

Commoner lvl 20 uses UMD to cast Wish (DC 37 for level 17 wizard, DC 34 for INT 19), uses Mnemonic Vestment (DC 21 for level 1 sorcerer), then uses Runestone of Power instead of spell slot he does not have (DC 21, or DC 38 if you rule that using 9 lvl stone requires spellcaster of level capable of casting lvl 9 spells) making his wish come true once per day.

Is there anything I missed (other than fat chance he will make those checks in the first place)?

Is there a clear way to discern if spell is "physical"? I need it for:

Worms that walk are immune to any physical spell or effect that targets a specific number of creatures (including single-target spells such as disintegrate), with the exception of such spells and effects generated by the worm that walks itself, which treat the worm that walks as one single creature if it so chooses.

I mean, I get that Magic Missile is physical and Dominate Monster is not, but does it say it somewhere? Is Blindness/Deafness and the likes of it physical?

Share Spells familiar ability only work one way, so familiar still cannon cast single target physical spells (like Cure Light Wounds) on Worm that Walks if Worm happen to be their master?

Does soul trapped in Magic Jar makes the Jar detect as Good/Evil/Lawful/Chaotic if the creature had such alignment?

If master is trapped in a Magic Jar, this does not prevent familiar from having all their abilities/HP/HD ect?

Sorry for the heap of questions, I am just trying to make an adventure and obsessed with everything working by the rules rather than GM fiat.

Are there feats/magic items that increase force damage of individual Magic Missiles? I am trying to make magic missile-obsessed mage.

If character is under effect of fear gains "immune to fear" does this remove the condition? Remove fear specifically says that it "suppresses" the effect, but immunity says that "A creature that is immune does not suffer from these effects, or any secondary effects that are triggered due to an immune effect."
Or does the condition stay and return to full effect when immunity is lost?

So if a horse with Int 3 (can take any feat) was given Improved Eldritch Heritage and 9 lvl perk (can sprout wings for X min/day) would it be considered "flying mount" and therefore not be able to fly in heavy barding? Or since its not a naturally flying mount, like a Griffon, it uses rules for normal creatures (aka nothing prevents sorcerer from flying with this power in heavy armor, other than horrible spell failure penalties).

Gauntlets say they work like unarmed strike.
Can a monk use gauntlets to flurry?
Will he use 1d3 or his monk damage?
If monk with Vow of Cleanliness flurries undead with gauntlets would he break the Vow?

Basically, is there an item or trait that would make level 3 witch count as level 5 for Flight hex? Kind of like Monk's Robe or Banner of the Ancient Kings.

What are good magical banners for cavalier? The Knights Banner (fervor) is nice for the fervor, but that requires either getting flagbearer (almost redundant for cav) or dip in fighter to get bravery. Bastion Banner looks nice (other than heinous price) particularly dimensional anchor one but it needs to be planted to work and cavalier have to have it held aloft.

A Chaotic Good divine spellcaster got an Amulet of Euphoric Healing and used it to heal villagers after an attack. Some of them got addicted and now come to his "chapel" for healing, even purposefully injure themselves to get it. The priest requests some services and accepts minor gifts (tho refuses them from poor folk and heals them for free). Would that change his alignment to Chaotic Neutral? He still preaches justice and helps the community.

So i am again in my pursuit of finding rarely used feats and making them into something interesting.

Is there anything that prevents a sorcerer use Mnemonic Vestment with Spell Tattoo made with inscribe spell tattoo, other than GM decision that tattoo is not a "written source"?
I think it may be useful to put some non-everyday spells like Identify and Knock into tattoos and use with Mnemonic Vestment.

Is there a way for another race (like elf) to count as human? Kind of like Racial Heritage but the other way around.

P.S.: This is for the purpose of a feat (Martial Versatility).

I could swear i remember the rule that said a wizard who have specialization on a school of magic must have one of the spells they gain at level-up to be from their school, but i cant find it anywhere now.
Can anyone tell me the page or link a prd page where this rule is written.
This Mandela effect making me crazy.

Frightening Ambush + Shatter Defenses seems to make rogue to be able to chain them off each other to keep sneak attack going against things that are susceptible to fear. Are there better ways to have Sniper Rogue sneak attacking with ranged weapons from decent range?

Due to certain limitations Slayer and Signature Strike do not work for me, and Rake archetype clashes with Sniper archetype so does not work too.

If create undead is used on dragon with DR/magic to make him into skeletal champion (gives DR/bludgeoning) will his DR be DR/magic AND bludgeoning or DR/magic OR bludgeoning ?

Does Armor Expert work for shields? (i would assume no)
Can Comfort enchantment be applied to shields? (i would assume no)
What are other ways of reducing shield's ACP other than masterwork and mithril?

Firs, if a creature have regeneration negated by particular metal or alignment, like Eremite Kyton, will +3 weapon (that counts as silver for overcoming DR) negate such regeneration? I thought not, but since weapons that count as magic can harm incorporeal i am not sure about this.

Second, if a character have Pearly White Spindle, got his leg cut off, will it regenerate because it works like Ring of Regeneration? What about cracked/flawed versions, the "work like ring" clause is ommitted just because its implied, or because it does not work like ring (and can heal damage that is not recieved while stone is in use?).

and lastly, this is not about regeneration but if an effect grants additional saving throw to shake off ongoing effects, like Judgment Light (of Purity) cast on character who is under effect of Bestow Curse or Blindness/Deafness will this allow the character to shake off the effect?

Master Craftsman says

You can create magic items using these feats, substituting your ranks in the chosen skill for your total caster level. You must use the chosen skill for the check to create the item.

does this mean i can use Master Craftsman (weapons) to make magic armor by making Craft(weapons) check? There is no way to take this feat multiple times (i actually want to key it to Craft (blacksmithing) for flavor).

Will Amazing Tools of Manufacture allow me to make 2000gp magic item in 1 hour with this feat?

And i dont believe there is a feat or somethign similar that will allow non-caster to take Forge Ring?

P.S.: I am making an NPC Expert crafter/shopkeeper who is supposed to supply PC with magic items.

Does weapon that "treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction" can harm incorporeal creatures?

The predicament is, we gonna fight a dragon, if my 10 CON underleveled consort cohort casts Dust Form, will she be able to prance with impunity in the battle with dragon (whos natural weapons count as magic for DR) or at least force him to cast a spell instead of full attacking, so maybe we can kill him and then UMD raise dead her or something.

If incorporeal creature is surrounded by 9 corporeal creatures, can it move through them/their sqares? I only seems to find mention about moving through solid objects and moving through water. I mean human body is a solid object and 70% water, but is there some explicit rule about this?

Is there a monster from any summon monster list that have this ability and if so what is the earliest level one can get such monster? Monsters from Expanded Summon Monster and Summon Good/Evil/Neutral Monster counts.

Archaeologist bard fits for Intimidating Performance's ability to use Perform for Dazzling Display from level 1 due to his Archaeologist’s Luck being "treated as bardic performance for the purposes of feats, abilities, effects, and the like that affect bardic performance" right?
If he can rack up 3 feats at level 1 that is.

Lets clear things up on golems and their HD upgrades.
Here it says

Because a construct’s size is limited, a Hit Dice modification cannot increase its size. Therefore Hit Dice modification can never increase the base construct’s Hit Dice beyond 50% of its total HD.

So my golem cant be upgraded to more than 50% of his HD.

Here, under "Constructing a golem"
The market price of a golem with more Hit Dice than the typical golem described in each entry is increased by 5,000 gp for each additional Hit Die it possesses beyond the standard for its kind, and increases by an additional 50,000 gp if the golem's size increases.

it says that such golems exist.

Lets get Junk Golem for example.

If i understand correctly, it means that already existing golem can not be upgraded by more than 50% (so 2HD for junk golem, making him 6HD), but at the same time the golem can be created from scratch at 7HD, making him size Large (and then probably upgraded to 9HD, until he must get size increase again). And such golem will cost 5200/4 per additional HD more, so 9100gp + 250gp for scrap.

Now, lets ignore that such golem's market price RAW would be
10200 + 15000 (3HD) + 50000 (size) and could be sold at half price for 37600 to someone who are willing to spend such money on the walking scrap pile.

Another question i have is, if installing a crossbow on the golem as per construct creation rules removes one of his slam attacks. Nothing in the rules indicate so, so i assume he can still smash with the fist if he have crossbow on the forearm (or shoulder), just not on the same turn.

I want to make NPC that smokes a pipe, but it is actually a wand.

Is there any items/abilities or tricks i can use? Like weaponwand but not for weapon?

Its a dwarf with mediocre dex so sleight of hand if not the best option.

If one have magic item that can cast Animate Dead like scroll or Staff of Dark Flame, the undead controlled are bound to a person casting the spell, right?

This means if i give the staff and an UMD Headband of Vast Intelligence to people in turns, they can be generals of my undead army, each controlling up to 32 HD of undead until they betray me?

Conjuration says

Creatures you conjure usually- but not always- obey your commands.

I have noticed that 13th level wizard can cast Extended Summon Monster VI to summon Succubus for 26 rounds. While not not a long duration, this will have to do.

11th level wizard with Extend Metamagic Rod (actual rod, not the euphemism) can do the same for 22 rounds.
11th level summoner can use his ability to summon VI for 11 minutes (thats an improvement)

Now, how cooperative this Succubus would be as per Summon Monster spell?

P.S.: Summon Monster VIII can summon 1d4+1 by the way.

If i understand correctly, there is nothing that prevents a Witch from making small unnoticable ritual scars on the party members as symbols of friendship and then use her Healing/Fortune/Ward hexes from mile away if needed?

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