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I would rule that barb is only exhausted until one of the fatigue effects run out. Ray of Exhaustion explicitly says that it ends when spell ends, but that seems to me the most logical way to handle fatigue effects with limited duration in general.

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It gains benefits and penalties of the Blink spell.

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Autocorrect is the most cunning of villains.

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Temperans wrote:
use a creature to object spell then shrink item and place them in a sac (aka 1 object). You can effectivelly transport an army into a fortress this way.

"Sir, we captured this weasel with a bag of toy soldiers attached to it. I don't know what this means, but I am sure there is some witchcraft involved."

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Anything that casts Phantasmal Killer (heightened) will work, just jack up the DC.

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Weirdo wrote:
if someone accidentally inflicts lethal injury on themselves (for example, jumping from a height and getting unlucky with falling damage)

Thats a good idea, maybe i should make particualarly dull peasant break their neck, or at least fall into negatives.

I probably change him to CN, "ruling" the community without holding any official position or right to do so seems pretty chaotic to me. Vampires are CE and they make thralls, having people doing your work does not really require you to be lawful (at least in my opinion), while disrespecting established hierarchy and commanding people by magical means rather than authority seems pretty chaotic.

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Goemon Sasuke wrote:

It was as I thought, people trying to argue that a "horizontal plane" could be applied as to mean vertical plane despite the choice word Vertical being used. And then they argue that others did it; it's the usual situation of players trying to rules lawyer despite the GM saying what the rules are.

edit: said player was trying to box in said dragon and couldn't understand how it rubbed me wrong.

Unless they are fighting on a plane with Subjective Directional Gravity this does not make sense.

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Elegos wrote:
For my money, I use metric in everything, would love temperature in celcius cause i have no head for Fahrenheit but everything else in Imperial cause it feels more famtasy.

Same here, cant get my head around Fahrenheit for some reason.

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People say many things, not all of them are true. Especially when they are pitching their "new amazing version" of something. Experience taught me that.

Look at facts, not words.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I didn't think Oracles are proficient in Heavy Armor: how would you be wearing Plate Armor without taking a level in anything like Fighter?

Thats why he wants 0 ACP, the only downside of not being proficient is ACP applies to attack rolls and some additional skill checks, but if ACP is 0 then who cares.

This is the thing i love about PF, the fact that you are not "magically" prevented from wearing any armor, you can wear it, just deal with the consequences.

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Its just a free weapon proficiency, no strings attached.

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Just ignore everything from 2015 and later. This will get rid of Unchained atrocity, terrible errata, "occult" psionics, hybrid classes, power creep spells and things like "Superior Sniper" talent that allows rogue to take Expert Sniper feat, feat that is already duplicate of Stealthy Sniper rogue talent.

Later books have some good stuff (and really good stuff), but should be approached on case by case basis. Viola, pathfinder fixed.

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For everything but proficiency it is count as 1 category lighter. This means a ranger in mithral full-plate will still be able to use his combat style, but will still apply pentalties to attack roll if he is not proficient in heavy armor.

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Pizza Lord wrote:

Yes, the person using the item is considered the caster unless there's a specific or unusual item or property.

In the case of a headband of vast intelligence (UMD) and a staff of dark flame, assuming the wielder made a UMD check to use the staff, the could animate dead and those skeletons or zombies would be under their control.

Things to note would be that animate dead allows control of up to twice caster level (your example seems to indicate four times, assuming CL 8 staff). For a staff of dark flame, this is CL 8 or 16 HD of undead (other staffs with that spell might be higher CL). A staff, it does allow a wielder to use their CL or other benefits if they are better, so a higher level caster might get more when using it. In the case of a scroll, you're usually stuck with its created CL.

You could create more undead, but excess would be uncontrolled. If you had another way to control them, you could them use that. A cleric's Command Undead feat, for example, which would grant you a separate pool of undead to command (up to cleric level in HD).

I think its 2HD/CL per casting limit, 4HD/CL absolute limit. And desecrate doubles the casting one.

Thanks for the Staff tip, i forgot you can substitute your level.

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There is no such thing as "dominant hand" in pathfinder ruleset. You choose what hand is "main hand" and what is "off hand" during each action when you use two-weapon fighting.

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Sissyl wrote:
With SMVIII and the right feats, we are talking 1d4+2 succubi. A mythic character with Mighty Summons gets 1d4+3 succubi. One with Speedy Summons gets 2d4+4 succubi. One with both gets 2d4+6 succubi, perhaps maximized for 14 succubi in a round...


My heaven is your hell,
And there is no tomorrow.

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Rysky wrote:
Under exceptional circumstances, a paladin can ally with evil associates, but only to defeat what she believes to be a greater evil. A paladin should seek an atonement spell periodically during such an unusual alliance, and should end the alliance immediately should she feel it is doing more harm than good. A paladin may accept only henchmen, followers, or cohorts who are lawful good.

I see your point.

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Well, its the same errata that changed jaunt boots from "fun item, but depend on a GM" to "useless garbage"...

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If GM decides that +36 perception 22 INT creature falls for it and that 2 astral rifts can tear creature apart then its legit. 45k gold trap.

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If i have spell storing armor and it have, lets say, invisibility in it. I do full attack against the enemy (3 attacks), hit him twice with my sword, then third attack, i remove my hand from the sword and punch myself in the face - activate spell storing on the creature that hit me (myself), and get invisibility.

That sound really dumb, but does it work RAW?

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wraithstrike wrote:
Link to FAQ'd post -- click me

FAQ'd, ty for making proper thread.

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So no negative levels / con drain / other adverse effects and no 5000gp in ruby dust or whatever? Well i dig it!

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Good thing they cant screw the physical book with this "errata" garbage.
If i had to choose between fun and PFS balance (and lets face it, we had to. Crane Wing was Deflect Arrow of melee combat, it was consistent) i would choose fun. They chose PFS balance. Does anyone even care about non-PFS anymore?

And the answer is "ignore the errata"... So what they say is true, ignorance is a bliss.

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Because while magic is unpredictable and versatile, there is only so much ways to use it effectively.
Wizards studied demons and their ability to teleport and invented teleportation spells.
Sorcerer's grandmother had fun with incubus once, so he got teleportation powers naturally.

But essentially its the same thing.

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From my experience bad lawyer is one that argues with DM, while good is the one that points out things other might not know.

If someone says "I wanna fight defencively to get +2 AC" and you say "you have 3 acro so you get +3" that seems good to me (might delay a little if GM want to check, but easier with internet acces to prd)
If someone says "I move 25ft here, jump on table and attack" and you like "You cant because Hop Up takes 10ft of movement and 10 acro" and then GM is "whatever, he can jump on table, its not that high" and you still "BUT RULES SAY YOU NEED 10 FEEEEEEEEET" is bad rules lawyer IMHO.

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Easily Combustible Strawman wrote:
Is it safe?
Of course it's safe, come on in

Thats what she said...

P.S. Sorry.

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Barathos wrote:

I was looking to have a discussion on why a rule is/isn't illogical but I suppose that belongs in the houserule board. The physics being different is not the same as suspension of disbelief.

You lot have fun.

While i see your point pathfinder universe made with concept that there is "body" and "soul" (unless you are outsider in which case it is same thing) and mental stats are tied to "soul". This is why you can shoot someone's brain off, but it does not prevent him to remember information if you Speak With Dead (unless you smash his mouth so he cannot speak).

In our world there is no soul/ways-to-detect-soul, so it work differently.
Or at least this is how i understand it.

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And with Body Bludgeon Human Barbarian can wield Halfling as two-handed weapon!

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When paladin fall she does not turn into other class, she just full BAB class with good Fort and Will saves and martial weapon proficiency.
To restore power she need level 9 cleric of her deity, who will most likely not gonna cast atonement on everyone who asks and will require her to prove that she really "atones" (most likely thru some quests). From what i understand the hardship that paladin goes thru without his abilities is kind of a test - if paladin still determined to be paladin even without his powers then get them back.

Or at least this is how i rule it.

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I like your interpretation (just as liked to think of Crane Wing as melee Deflect Arrow, but, oh well) yet i wonder what we can get if to interpret RAW strictly as possible.

P.S. That what happen when you making post and walk off for 20 min... Anyway, it does not seems op as from my knowledge only MoMS can use 2 styles at once and he is not op in any way, seems he got some interesting new builds.

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Sauce987654321 wrote:
Anyway, I don't think there is a single GM on this planet that would tell you no and that you're forced to dodge against your will.

Oh, you'd be surprised.

Anyway here is rule for climb:


Catch a Falling Character While Climbing

If someone climbing above you or adjacent to you falls, you can attempt to catch the falling character if he or she is within your reach. Doing so requires a successful melee touch attack against the falling character (though he or she can voluntarily forgo any Dexterity bonus to AC if desired). If you hit, you must immediately attempt a Climb check (DC = wall’s DC + 10). Success indicates that you catch the falling character, but his total weight, including equipment, cannot exceed your heavy load limit or you automatically fall. If you fail your Climb check by 4 or less, you fail to stop the character’s fall but don’t lose your grip on the wall. If you fail by 5 or more, you fail to stop the character’s fall and begin falling as well.

If you can forgo Dex bonus while falling from the the sky i dont see a problem why you cant do it while standing still.

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You have to charge as well as a mount
I think it is stupid tho, so i rule that rider just count as charging (but would probably not allow vital stike)

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Enchant is barely useful now, as you need to have +4 weapon for it to do any effect on stats (+2 str gives +1 modifier). Only kind-of abuse you can get is party of people with courageous weapons cast bless to get +2 bonus from it instead of +1 (+3 if their weapon is enchanted to +4), but instead of courageous they can just add another +1 at same price and get +1 to attack AND damage AND maybe DR overcome.

If interpreted as to work only on fear saves it is another useless enchant that was viable option before for characters who often have morale bonuses, but nowhere near broken.

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TheNine wrote:

I see it more as... "Hey I just bought this game and we are all going to play it together and then that someone goes "I don't like this game, we should get a different one. Then gets upset cause you play the game with the others he doesn't like.

Im not punishing a single person. There was an item of treasure that has certain uses everyone could have used. He didn't like it. Doesn't want nothing to do with that treasure his loss.

Maybe if I put it this way, Our great granpa has us clean out his attic and we find out keepsakes from the 'great war' and he lets us keep them. But you decide you don't want some old knick nack so take nothing, then later complain you didn't get anything from the attic haul.

More like "So 2 days before we played Generic Racing Game 1, yesterday we played Generic Racing Game 2, but today we will be playing Barbie Adventures. What, you dont like Barbie Adventures? Then you are not playing. And tomorrow you have to play slowest car when we play the racing game."

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One wizard thought "what if i make item with antimagic field? will it cancel itself out? but if it will cancel its own antimagic effect it will start working again!"
and now we have to deal with worldwound and its demons

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Thanks for the answers! I also found

In the event that a class feature or other special ability provides an adjustment to your caster level, that adjustment applies not only to effects based on caster level (such as range, duration, and damage dealt), but also to your caster level check to overcome your target's spell resistance and to the caster level used in dispel checks (both the dispel check and the Dc of the check).

so intention is quite clear

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Thats why when know you gonna encounter succubi you need to don your armor of Grinding.

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Aelryinth wrote:
Also note, that by your logic: I could create a living person out of corpses and grass (no skill check required, raw material + life energy, who needs pregnancy?);

You need Craft (children), i believe its constitution based.

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MrSin wrote:
Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the situation. I wouldn't expect you to play a game you don't like or with people you don't and if you did I'd try and make it better. That's part of friendship right?

Yea, along with verbal, somatic and spell component parts. Because friendship is magic.

If i to run game where demons pouring from gate and Legion gathers all able people from around the world then wierd races or clases are welcome, but if i to run campaign about few young people from small village starting their advanture then there is not much chance they will be 2 aasimars, tengu, lizardman and half-vegepygmy.

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MrSin wrote:
DarkPhoenixx wrote:
If GM allow character that not fit in the world then HE will not have fun. And as GM it is my responsibility to deliver fun to players, as player i must ensure my GM is having fun.
As a GM and a player its my job to make sure everyone is having fun. Ideally your all friends, and you all came together to have fun. Acting against that is self destructive imo.

I guess i am too selfish then, because i cant put much effort into something i do not like :(

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If GM allow character that not fit in the world then HE will not have fun. And as GM it is my responsibility to deliver fun to players, as player i must ensure my GM is having fun.

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Create Undead Thread
School: necromancy
Revives the thread 2 or more years old.

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One with nothing related to Earth or our world.

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kelvingreen wrote:

I'm sorry for the necromancy; I didn't want to create a new thread for this.

Would a gunslinger add strength and enchantment bonuses to the attack and damage rolls for the pistol whip? As a melee attack it seems that he or she would but there's no indication of that in the ability description.

Slamy Mcbiteo wrote:

When she does, she is considered to

be proficient with the firearm as a melee weapon and
gains a bonus on the attack and damage rolls equal to the
enhancement bonus of the firearm

As for strength, i would imagine yes, it says "as melee weapon" and you add str to attacks with melee weapon.

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If a humanoid has a racial subtype, it is considered a member of that race in the case of race prerequisites.

This is more than enough for me to allow archetype, your GM may have different opinion tho.