Magic Items You Love That Are Pathfinder Specific?

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Are there any magic items you love that are specific to Pathfinder 1e?

Scarab of Mummy Defense comes to mind.

somewhat cheap yet cool items.
idk if they are not in 2ed as i don't play it, but it wasn't in 3.5:

Alabaster Trapping.

Crackling Tassel

Robe of Needles -great for touch attack sneak. bleed is cool too, make hunting animals easy.

Stubborn Nail

Caltrop Bead -another nice one for ranged touch attacks. my sneak attacker liked to use. the caltrops make it hard to approach.


for expensive ones there is the:

lightning gun 10d12 electricity by ranged touch attack mean you can also nab sneak attack if used right.

and of course the ever broken Silent Aviary -when used by a fortunate - harrower. - once per day draw 4 times keep best. if all bad say password. fail save and plane-shift out.

Robe of Arcane Heritage

Feather Step Slippers

Ring of Inner Fortitude

Bead of Newt Prevention

Campfire Bead

Otherworldly Kimono

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Cloak of Hedge Wizard for only 2,500GP gives you two at will cantrips and two 1/day 1st level spells(different variants for each school of magic).

The Exchange

Aquarium ball (both the nonmagical and magical versions). Pretty much a necessity if your familiar is aquatic, like my undine white-haired witch's king crab. Carrying it encumbered her until she acquired muleback cords, but the +2 bonus to grapple from her familiar made a huge difference for her archetype's suboptimal melee schtick.

These are weapon properties that I like that are Pathfinder only....

Phase Locking(+2)

Here are a few that come to mind. I'll look for more later.

Boots of the Earth - A pricey substitute for a wand of CLW. Is much cheaper than a ring of regeneration though. I like many magic items that give fast healing.

Amazing Tools of Manufacture - Allows you to craft mundane items as though they were magic items. Good for quickly crafting expensive items adamantine swords but not so great for crafting cheap items. Requires more than a few ranks in a given craft skill to unlock unfortunately.

Apprentice's Cheating Gloves

Comfort's Cloak

Vambraces of The Genie

Sleeves of Many Garments(200GP).

Traveler's any-tool.

the 'broken' items are amusing. Usually it is from 1) not understanding the Magic Item Creation Rules and 2) Pricing. 3) poorly worded descriptions defining limiting conditions. Ring of Seven Lovely Colors, Boots of the Earth, Effortless Lace, ....

then there's the sludge... overpriced, underpowered, or practically useless items. Sadly there are many...

Aegis of Recovery, various Talismans.
Annihilation Spectacles, Amulet of Magecraft(Univ){wanted it for school casters!}.

The only armor enchantment that comes to mind that I like(that is not from past editions) is Deathless(+1). It grants positive or negative energy resistance 10(wichever doesn't heal you) and a 25% chance to ignore negative levels.

I'm a sucker for things like the Robe of Infinite Twine and Flask of Endless Sake. Even the Bag of Everlasting Dung.

Give me the ability to create stuff ex nihilo and I'll set myself to seeing how I can apply that to way more situations than anyone could want.

Bag of Everlasting Dung?

Liberty's Edge

Dragon78 wrote:
Bag of Everlasting Dung?

Bag of Everlasting Dung.

I'm thinking that the Ring of Spell Knowledge is pathfinder specific, and I love that thing (for spontaneous arcane casters, of course)...

Amulet of proof against petrification comes to mind.

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