What monsters do you think look better in Pathfinder than in DND

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In terms of the official artwork I mean? I think blue dragons look way prettier. I always found the DND version kind of ugly TBH.

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Personally I think most of chromatic/metallic dragons look better in Pathfinder....except Red Dragons.


artwork... hmmm...

Some of the pics have been really good, with dynamic movement and composition. That's hard to do with a portrait.

I do have to laugh about the "how many items can I put on a character" as that follows player practice.

Monsters ... it's been creative. Thumbing through the Bestiary 1 I'd have to say my favorite's are; Azata lillend(style, a bit washed out), Demon Nalfeshnee(with the stink eye), Dog (pretty realistic), Genie Janni (cool concept), Genie Marid (ooooooh), Lizardfolk(looks real), honorable mention - variant zombie character. Overall a lot of overly forced perspective.

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I do love 'our' blue dragon.

Definitely the red and blue dragons off the top of my head

Can't think of any off the top of my head. I'd have to go looking at books. There may be certain D&D pictures of beasts that are beaten by some PF pictures, but I can't think of a case where PF art beats all D&D art.
No one's going to beat Jeff Easley's red dragon, imo.

Elves look better in pathfinder, same for goblins, and most creatures to be honest.

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Most definitely the invisible stalker.

Depends upon what time period. D&D 3.x had pretty good artwork, although it seemed to be starting to go downhill in the last couple of years. Pathfinder art has been its true spiritual successor, just as Pathfinder 1st Edition was the true spiritual successor to D&D 3.x.

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some of the B&W inked illustrations for AD&D were good along with some of the composition in a few pics. The Drow Priestess was a stylized classic. The 'crayon art' was laughingly horrible even at the time.

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Addition of eye to the mouth was really cool one

By the way, sort of related to this, where would be the right place (if any) to ask about the artwork that appears on the home page? Like for instance, who and where is the very large Sphinx in the Pathfinder panel? (To keep this legitimately relevant to this thread, I compared the Paizo artwork to the Wizards of the Coast D&D page artwork, and as much as I despise what Wizards of the Coast has been doing recently, I think the artwork on that page is essentially on the same level as the artwork on the home page here.)

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I believe WotC pays more and thus Paizo acts as a first big step for artists and writer/designers. Designer chat supports that hypothesis.

With MtG under WotC belt that adds a constant need for artwork AND gives the company more capitol to work with.

It would not be a surprise to see the same artists on both.

please give a reference to the source so readers can look it up easily, like Mohrg, B1.

some are hard, some soft much like watercolors. IDK if they were produced traditionally then shot & cropped & likely added some transparency to the graphic in the process or using CG from the start. I'm getting too technical...

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