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Hi Jason,

Will you print this AP or it will be PDF only? Alos is it still written by Greg, I remember seeing a different author name on a cover image or in a blog post (I don't remember where I saw it).

While I was initially glad it was made for PF1, I now have adopted PF2 and realy loving it and I'm glad you also jump in with a PF2 version.


DropBearHunter wrote:
what’s this one based on?

It's Kingmaker's monitor lizard

logic_poet wrote:
That said, it would be unsurprising if he makes additional cameos in either of the coming APs. It seems like they're building up to including him at some point.

Maybe in AP #156 The Apocalypse Prophet. Fit the theme and and the level

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One other thing, you now die if you take twice your max HP in a single hit

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I have seen 2 or 3 Paizo books printed in Canada, I don't know if it's possible to do it on a regular basis and don't know the financial of that… I'm sure it's not as cheap than printing in China... but don't know by how much.

A bonus of printing in North America, as the books transit in Paizo warehouse, is that they don't cross half the planet before being shipped again to customers. So probably less shiping polution.

Very helpful, thank you!

Quick question for you, on AoN you list the recall knowledge check DC and am curious of where I can find that rule(other than the DC is set by the GM) or what is the formula you use to obtain the number.

At low level it seems linked to the level + 15 with a bump for rarity but it do not work for higher level.

Feel free to point me if I missed Something, I'm far from an expert and still Learning the new system.


Glad its a 296 pages book, I think the smaller 136 or so pages hardcover would not be enough to make the setting's main city justice. Realy looking foward to this one!

Great news! I intended to get it in PF but now that I had seen PF2, Pf2 It will be!

Looking foward for the release.

Great! Thank you, will show them to my players.

Hi Jason,

Any news about Aegis of Empires?

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Vic, any plan to produce pack with Ap variant monster/ new monsters /NPC?

I think those would be usefull while running AP as much for stats reference as for showing NPC to the player.

I think those will be realy usefull. When 2-3 différents monsters are in the combat, 2-3 card will save a lot of page flipping/ pdf browsing. I jumped when I saw the price, but they are huge and its about 9 deck of regular cards...so I think its fair. An other advantage of these when playing away from home, you only have to bring the cards you need.

Just tried again today and works fine now.

Hi Sam,

I have a similar problem, nothing hapens when I hit "place your order". Tried 2 different browser just in case. Also I used my usual card and my address didn't change.

Could you take a look at that?

Thanks in advance

Is it still huge in PF2? I know Legendary adventure will have some huge, I hope this one stay huge!

Woa this Nalfeshnee looks good and is a nice addition to the PFB demons line!

I can imagine the fun you must had opening all of this!

I also think it's an error. Was Paizo closed yerterday for the 4th? It may explain why they didn't catch it yet.

Glad they're back! Only saw the product once it was sold out the first time. Now waiting to receive it and try it in combat :)

Is it an exclusive or it will be available via normal chanel when released?

Borderland Province is nice to have if you want your PC to travel teh EastReach Province where RA is. Cyclopean deeps I think is not necessary as you will find enough crawling for a PC lifetime or rather multiple PC short lifetime.

Have a nice time with Rappan Athuk and go down the well!

Other will tell you not to go down the well... don't know why ;)

Nice to have a reasonably priced alternative for tiles. looking foward to it! Thanks for the news Marco

Thanks, it's indeed Legendary Game AP that I remembered. Ashes of Empires by Greg Vaughan. Hopes we get some news about it soon.

That and the Lost Land Campaign Setting are the 2 things I'm realy looking foward to.

Also, a small thread derail since I think the people who will come here may know..

I remember seeing Something last year about an adventure path in the Lost Land but, if I remember corectly, it was to be done by another compagny rather than FGG. It was realy Something that interested me but never heard about it since then.

Someone know about it and can point me in the right direction?


With Paizo mooving from PF to PF2 ans 5e being verry popular. I think making their LostLand CS system neutral is the best option available and as someone who will stick with PF I'm realy glad they choose to make it that way.

Also backed for physical copy as soon as it went online, the System neutral made it a no brainer.

If you play on roll20, look for the digital maps they released last year. I use them on roll20 and it's great, i'm glad to not be forced to map this huge thing.

For the player, yes they should know it's Deadly and they must have a replacement PC ready. My player went to deep to fast and now are trying to find their way up without a TPK, all the original group have been replaced in the process except a weak NPC that map for them that they manage to keep alive.

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Now I want a moose mini...an undead one would also be nice

I think this set will be a good one. The thanadeamon look realy great. The mohrg and the stone cairn will be used a lot.

Mark, thanks for the preview. I think they look good and while I usualy don't want more humans, I exclude those who work well in units like those as they are always usefull in large number. Bonus point they will match with the other Iomedean (sp?) knight/soldiers from previous sets. Will we have an unmounted version of the general? It's great, when use for a PC, to have both versions of the same figure for mounted/unmounted use.

I realy like the empyrean angel and I can't wait to see how it will turn in real.

Looking foward for the remaining of the set lineup, it's a good start!

It's the Cemetery of the Fallen premium set

You can see the anouncement and some images in this old blog

Hi Martin,

P28 of Bestiary 1, under the name of basidirond.

Also I'm looking for a hardcover version in good shape. If somebody have one to sell please PM me. I'm also interested if it's still in stock somewhere that I don't know.

Is the softcover also fullcolor?

I agree with Steve, the weapon are great, they made me use spiritual weapon a lot last weekend and the wall look realy good on the battlemap, unlike a line of marker, its impossible to forgot the wall is active.

Both set are highly recommended and I hope Wizzkids are not done with this kind of products.

That 70 000$ stretch goal is a realy nice addition for PF GM. I'm in.

I'm also in for a case for sure.

In the past it was a case of PF Battle and 2 or 3 brick of Icons of the realms. I will probably switch this in favor of Icons for the early 2019 releases.

I think the absence of blog hurt. More so after a not so good set like the last. In the past I would have bought a case without knowing what was in the set.. but I'm not as confident now.

In fact I'm not yet done unboxing my cae of Kingmaker...

Like others have said, more monster and less humanoid(the common one) would be more appealing...And the next Icons of the realms seems to go that way... and the huges are a bonus.

When I know what's in the next set I may change my mind and go for a case, but I'll wait to see.

I agree, I just get the 2 visible pack and the quality is great. I don't plan to play uin Ravnica, but some of the mini make good spellcasters and the Elephan man and the Boros minotor are just nice to have.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
DaveMage wrote:

Since I Was not at PaizoCon - please provide more info on the Ashes of Empire AP!

Physical or PDF only?

Page count?


Your wish is my command!

Check out the latest on the Legendary Games blog!

But in shorthand answers:

1. Print and PDF
2. Page count: LOTS
3. Levels: ALL OF THEM

(Seriously, we won't have precise answers to the above until layout is done, but it'll go from first until at least the high teens level-wise, and word count is well over 200,000 already and climbing, so it'll be at minimum 400 pages altogether, maybe much more.)

It is set in the Lost Lands! and I had not heard about this AP until now. The blog didn't mention when the first volume launch? Was it a KickStarter or simply a product we can order when it's released? Also is's not the subject of this thread but still quite of interest, Jason, if you open a new thread in 3pp sub I think I'm not the only one interested and some like me may have this Under the radar and missed it

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I had no idea those were still stock... just ordered 3!... Will look better on the battle map than the various objects we try tu use to mark elevation (generally a dice case with a %dice).

Thanks for pointing!

@imflynt, for the poster map, try the method Steve Geddes gave a couple post back. Works perfectly and I'm prety sure that if I had not seen it before I would have teared the map removing it.

And thanks Steve for the tip.

OneNote for my campaign note with Herolab files for my encounters. I also use Herolab Combat console for initiative tracking.

Each of my players have access in my OneNote and I have a GM section that is lock by password. They use it to keep track of intel, the common treasure and also what items they let at the base. Some of them opened tab for their character and post art showint the PC. They also have a memorial section for dead PC. When they find a map I copy it from the GM section to the map section.

With the cloud, I can work on my game evrywhere.

So, paper doesn't show at the table anymore...

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Captain, I hope they didn't ask for candles around the bathtub

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I shook hand with Queen Elisabeth II when I was a kid, she was visiting Canada in 1987

My players free Waukeen from Graz'zt. One of them was a repented ex cleric of Auril who choose her as new patron after meeting her.

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I like to read the forewords. Even more when I read again an older adventure, it give a good idea how the developer think at the time, what was the context...

If its for more adventure content, its not all bad as I like long path..

Maybe a good compromise would be in 1st and last volume? Set up foreword ans wrap up..?

A couple of poster mention the ads at the end and I think its not as crazy as it seems to remove them... I understant Paizo want to promote other line, but specifically for the adventure path, the target market is mostly GM or collectors who I think know well what products exist in the other lines. Maybe I'm wrong.

Thank you mark for the preview,

The manticore look good, same thing for Octavia. Looking foward for the actual size of the Naga.

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Wave two received! Thank you Steve!

I prefer the pixie cat rodeo!

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Hi Steve, received my extra heavy box yesterday and no customs duties.

The leather/metal book is quite impressive!

Thanks again


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