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Monday, January 21, 2019

Last time we looked at previews of April's Pathfinder Battles: Ruins of Lastwall set from WizKids, we saw the amassed forces of good defending the world from the Whispering Tyrant's minions. Those are all well and good (pun intended) for PCs and their allies, but what fun toys does the set hold for GMs?

Illustration by Ekaterina Burmak

The lich's primary agents are the Whispering Way Cultists, depicted here as a Medium common figure. The most nefarious aspect of the Whispering Way is that its cultists can be hidden among any population, secretly advancing the Whispering Tyrants' goals. When discovered, however, the vassals of undeath fight viciously to see their plans through to fruition.

As numerous and threatening as Whispering Way cultists are, they pale in comparison to the Tyrant's undead minions. While many of these are mindless skeletons and zombies, often raised from the fallen legions of his vanquished enemies, these hordes need leaders. One powerful undead creature often serving in this role is the Murderous Undead, a Medium uncommon figure.

Not all skeletons are mindless, however, and despite their lack of vocal cords, lips, and lungs, they often speak for their lich lord, proclaiming the tyrant's edicts in conquered lands or acting as envoys to potential allies. The Skeletal Speaker, a Medium uncommon figure, makes a great skeletal diplomat or even a spellcasting skeletal champion.

While the remains of mortals make excellent potential servitors, sometimes the agents of undeath need more powerful help from beyond the borders of this reality, in which case they might summon or make a deal with an outsider like a thanadaemon. These deacons of the Horseman of Death, Charon, ply the waters of the River Styx, ferrying souls through Abaddon. Thanadaemon is a Medium rare figure.

Last, we have the ultimate undead, or rather the premier undead, for she was the very first soul to escape the River of Souls and extend her existence outside the normal cycle of death and rebirth. Yes, Urgathoa, Goddess of Undeath makes her Pathfinder Battles debut in this set as a Medium rare figure. Wielding her imposing scythe and exemplifying both the decay of undeath and the debauchery of gluttony, it is to her glory the Whispering Tyrant and all his undead minions do their sinister work. All hail Urgathoa! All hail the Pallid Princess!

Game Masters looking to add some scenery to their undead encounters should be excited by another piece of dungeon dressing from Ruins of Lastwall, the Stone Cairn, a remnant of a culture now as dead as the corpse or corpses buried beneath it. When the gravestones or burial markers from the Cemetery of the Fallen don't quite fit your needs, consider using a Stone Cairn instead.

That's it for this week's preview. Check back next time for a look at the champions of balance stuck in the middle of the war for the souls of the Inner Sea. I'm pompously psyched to show them off!

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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This set looks like it's going to be fantastic!

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Thank you web team & Mark for a preview on MLK day! :-)

I like every mini revealed with the exception of the "Whispering Way cultist" (common is too many for such a special looking mini imo).
Especially the "Mohrg" aka Murderous Undead. It being uncommon makes it possible to get 4 of these CR 8 creatures.
The Skeletal Speaker is also nice at uncommon rarity.
Thanadaemon, a CR 13 outsider could have been an uncommon (organisation solitary, pair or council: 3-11), but Urgathoa is spot on.

Looking forward to the Psychopomps next time (week?).

I bet we'll get:
-"Catrina" (on the cover of AP 139)
-"Morrigna" (already confirmed)

and maybe a
or a Psychopomp Usher.

Urgathoa... pretty much exactly the kind of gal I wouldn't want to bring home to meet Mom.

six previews is nice but you could have given us a bit more flesh to work with.

Some great toys for the DM, indeed! I think I like the murderous undead the best, but the first four are all bound to see lots of table time.

And, as simple as a pile of rocks is, this dungeon dressing already got me thinking about how I could use it in a variety of situations. Having a less formal way of marking an important spot will prove to be quite useful.

I think this set will be a good one. The thanadeamon look realy great. The mohrg and the stone cairn will be used a lot.

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Clicking the first illustration to enlarge it takes you to last week's image instead of this week's.

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Wizkids updated their release schedule today.

-"The Falling Star sailing ship" will be in stores on february 13th.

While "Icons of the Realms set #11" was still listed as a february release, it didn't receive an exact date.
As Wizkids only updates it's schedule once a month, it is very probable that it will be pushed back to march.

I don't think this will impact the release date of "Pathfinder Battles: Ruins of Lastwall" (which is still scheduled for april 2019), as the last Pathfinder set (Kingmaker) came out in october, followed by D&D Icons (Ravnica) followed in november.

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Link on illustration goes to a different one's larger version.

These previews look good, but I'm wondering how many Urgathoas would turn up in a full set, and if anyone would need that many.

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Bellona wrote:
These previews look good, but I'm wondering how many Urgathoas would turn up in a full set, and if anyone would need that many.

While collation of randomized products can vary, someone buying a case should get one copy of each rare. So if you buy a case or individual boosters from the same case, you're unlikely to get more than one of her.

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These are great! Love the Murderous Undead too!

I'd reallllllly love some Return of the Runelords minis. I'm salivating to one day play in that path but maybe one day I'll run it.

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Does Arazni still count as a deity?
She once was able to grant her followers spells.
If so, she may be another one of the 5 deities in this set.

1 Pharasma
2 Iomedae
3 Urgathoa

Norgober or Aroden also seem possible.

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I would absolutely LOVE a Norgorber mini. ^_^

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Wow, I completely forgot to check for new blogs. This preview dropped on Monday, so we could get another one in just a few days. Nifty!

So far I like all of the previews I've seen for this set. I like the Whispering Way Cultist, but I do agree with Marco that it seems almost too special for low-level scum. Maybe it's the stance?

I'd definitely bring Urgathoa home to meet mom. I'm sure she'd like her more than some of the other ladies I brought home back in the day. I'd hate to be on cleanup duty after dinner, though...

I've desired a Mohrg ever since I started playing Pathfinder, so this was an easy sell to me. And I do enjoy the look of the piece.

I love the Thanadaemon. Kind of a bummer to see it a rare, but I should be able to track two more down easy enough, if necessary. The nice thing is that while it can be summoned with Summon Evil Monster 9 and Summon Thanodaemon, each only summons one creature.

The Stone Cairn looks good, but I've been using dungeon dressing less instead of more, and this likely won't be any different. Maybe I can trade it for another Thanodaemon.

Questions regarding the Whispering Way Cultists and Skeletal Speaker. Do we have stats and sources for them? Can we expect them in the coming AP? Or have they popped up elsewhere already and I've missed them?

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The art for the Whispering Way cultist is from Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide, and has no accompanying stats, though stats for a number of types of cultist can be found in Pathfinder Adventure Path #45: Broken Moon and Pathfinder Adventure Path #48: Shadows of Gallowspire.

Don't know about the other one. ^_^

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you don’t need stats for the skeletal messenger: you are not supposed to shoot them! :o)

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Love all the minis!

One request though.......PLEASE make sure Urgathoa's skeletal legs are thick and strong enough to support her. The minis only downfall could be a constant bending forward due to the legs not being thick enough. The hot water treatment doesn't generally fix skeletal minis with exceptionally thin legs. I love that we're getting minis representing the gods in Pathfinder! Now that Paizo started they have to do them all! I recall WoTC making some great aspects but I don't think they ever completed all of them.

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If you are looking for a full-sized version of the image, try here

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Paizo -- I don't think you meant to rename this blog/thread. This is the actual "Agents of Undeath" blog.

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