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Combat Tiers are designed to easily engage your gaming experience. The transparent material will not obscure the gaming environment. Multi-tier possibilities allow you to create various heights, while the large staging platforms allow players to place multiple figures in simulated flight or combat, keeping everything sturdy and precise. Combat Tiers are gauged in one inch increments both on the prominent staging platforms and on the supporting posts, so ranges can be easily determined at a glance. With included extension posts, your figures can soar to even higher heights. No longer are ranges reduced to estimations—know exactly how the battle unfolds!

The Combat Tiers Base Set includes:
two 5"×5" (25'x25') base platforms
two 4"×4" (16'x16') middle platforms with integral 2" (10') post
two 4"×4" (16'x16') top platforms with integral 2" (10') post
two 2" (10') extension posts
two 4" (20') extension posts

This game aid gives you the ability to show elevations ranging from 10' (using 1 base platform and 1 top platform) to 90' (using 1 base platform, 2 middle platforms, 1 top platform, and all 4 extension posts).

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 9 ratings)

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Broke on first use

*( )( )( )( )

Joined the pieces together and they were stuck. Tried to be gentle pulling them apart but they broke. Poor design or manufacture. Too bad because they worked well as intended.

Not useful

**( )( )( )

I purchased a set last Gen Con. After trying to use them, I found them way too clunky to use since you have to pick up all the miniatures to lay down the massive base. On top of that, they have a tendency to tip over, they're not very portable, and they're expensive. The only time they're useful is when the GM has a large flock of flying enemies.

Other times, you're better off using Chessex dice containers or flying miniature standees you can buy off of Amazon.

Great but fragile.


Just bought these, arrived late and was broken when i pulled it out.
this is a fantastic idea, however this item needs care as they can apparently break in storage, there fragile, can fall apart if u pick up a tower, or even be so tight it requires force to separate.

Paizo is unresponsive to emails and i'm yet to be acknowledged, let alone compensated for the faulty item.

i hope i'm a rare case of this. this item would be beyond amazing during a battle

Edit: just recieved an email from paizo. they are shipping out a replacement for me. fantastic :)

Simplifies a Complex Situation

****( )

It's really hard to to do three-dimensional tactical combat with miniatures. Battles that take place underwater, in outer space, or simply with some foes on the ground and others flying complicate measurements and angles. Combat Tier isn't a panacea, but it at least helps to solve the problem of visualizing and remembering where everyone is. The basic idea behind the product is one of those things that is really simple in theory but hard to do well in practice: creating elevated platforms for miniatures to stand on so that players can gauge "how high" (or "how deep") they are relative to "ground level." The Combat Tier box contains six platforms (four 4x4s and two 5x5s), two four-cube high long extenders, and one two-cube high short extenders. The platforms and extenders fit together so that miniatures can stand on them at various heights. Because everything is transparent but contains quite-visible grid markings, it's very easy to see how far miniatures are from one another in a (for example) "one square over, three squares up" sense. I've used the product in several encounters and found it works really well. The platforms and extenders are stable and sturdy, and they fit together logically. It can take a minute to figure out the right combination of pieces to assemble to get different heights, but it's worth it. The only limitation I foresee is that if you had an entire party of adventurers, all flying at different heights, against a slew of enemies flying at different heights, more than one box would be necessary in order to represent where everyone is. Still, this is a really cool product that helps to take some of the difficulty out of three-dimensional combat. It's a solid buy for GMs, especially those running higher-level adventures.

Fragile, shattered everywhere.

*( )( )( )( )

I just opened the box, put two pieces together, and the one completely shattered as I pulled it out. Either the connectors were too tight or the pieces are too cheap since there is no great way to hold it as you pull. 5 minutes in and I'm now short 2 of the 6 platforms on my $85 purchase (the joy of being Canadian). Bought them after seeing Matt Mercer use them beautifully in CR, disappointed with the result.

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Back in stock! Hopefully we can keep up with the demand. Thank you all for the high praise!!

Happy Gaming!
Julian Rodriguez
Tinkered Tactics

Maybe it's time to get my third set.

My first two sets are from the brown box days of Tinker Tactics Combat Tiers. Have changes been done to sizing or are these ones going to work mixed in with my old ones?

Grand Lodge

kodiakbear wrote:
My first two sets are from the brown box days of Tinker Tactics Combat Tiers. Have changes been done to sizing or are these ones going to work mixed in with my old ones?

"Exact same product!"

Glad they're back! Only saw the product once it was sold out the first time. Now waiting to receive it and try it in combat :)

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