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Gaedren, a local would be crime lord has wronged you. Unlike everyone else he has done this to in the past, you will do something about it. As you are plotting your revenge you find a Harrow Card. There is a message written on it that reads:

I know what Gaedren has done to you. He has wronged me as well. I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him. Come at 3 Lancet Street at sunset. Others like you will be there. Gaedren must face his fate. and justice must be done. When you read the message you get a flash of a young woman's face. Her hair is pulled back and held by a bandanna.

Hi all, welcome to my recruitment for Curse of the Crimson Throne. I bought the new hardcover about a year ago, but never got a chance to play it yet. With the next edition of Pathfinder approaching, I wanted to revisit one of the original great APs.This will be Theater of the Mind game style (No combat maps) and I plan on using a lot of concepts from Ultimate Intrigue

Character Creation:
25 point buy (feeling generous) 2 traits- One must be a campaign trait. Here is a link to the updated campaign guide Curse of Crimson Throne Campaign Guide Max HP every level. No background skills. Will be using Hero Points. 400 gold to start (300 must be spent on equipment, any gold over 100 left over will be rounded to 100). Any Paizo material maybe used, but try to make a character that fits in this setting please. Third party material will be case by case, don't be surprised if I say no. It usually is not the third party material by itself that is overpowered, but the combination of it and other paizo materials. I would like a background that includes-Why are you in Korvosa? How has Gaedren wronged you? And, what major goal does your character have?

Special Rules:
Hero Points will be used. You start with one. Hero point feats are allowed. Some NPCs will also have Hero Points so beware. I will give out levels at appropriate times, there will be no xp. Because of that, once you complete your campaign trait mini-quest or achievement you will instead increase the party's hero points by 1. That is that everyone will gain 1 hero point and increase their total potential hero points by 1. Social Combat From Ultimate Intrigue I will be using the social combat rules. I have never used them before so would like to give them a try and I feel this AP will have some appropriate spots for them.

Basic expectations- Post once a day excluding weekends. If you do not post within 48 hours I will narrate something appropriate for your character to be doing ( I will not bot them). Please give me more than a one sentence post. Tell me what your character is doing, saying, thinking. Push the story forward with choices you are making. If I tell you there is a door in front of you tell me if you are going through it, checking it for traps, or if you are waiting what are you waiting for. If you need to discuss things OOC extensively, that is what the discussion tab is for. I have no problem with a little "table talk" in the discussion tab, there are players of all levels of experience so be patient and respectful.

I will choose players in a week, 5 slots. That is July 18th @ midnight MST. You will not have to make a profile yet, just a concept and background at this time if you want. Once I have chosen players I will ask the chosen to post in discussion with a profile and do last min audits of the characters before I post the gameplay. Ask any questions you might have.

I have tried this AP three times now. Twice just after the end of the Lamm and the other time the dm up and vanished. I would really like to see what happens after the first part. I will adjust the character soon.

Alistair Wellington wrote:


I have tried this AP three times now. Twice just after the end of the Lamm and the other time the dm up and vanished. I would really like to see what happens after the first part. I will adjust the character soon.

Sounds good. PbP can be hit or miss with that. I have had some that lasted a year, some only a few weeks. I am not sure of a remedy for that. One precaution I am doing is adding a 5th person to this group in case one does drop out we are not immediately hurting. Perhaps if one applicant also signed up willing to take over as GM should something unforeseen happen to me.

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I'd like to toss my hat in the ring for this. I've got a few concepts for this AP that I'd like to run... now to pick one...


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I would love a chance to play this ap!

Great looks like a lot of interest. I work weird hours so though I will respond within 24hours of any questions, it might be at odd times.

very interested in Crimson Throne. Will see what I can come up with

I'm thinking it might be fun to play a Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler rather than go full on Vigilante.

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Dot. I have an idea for a fighter/member of the guard.

EDIT: I should add that, if selected, I'd be willing to serve as a back-up GM.

R0B0GEISHA wrote:

EDIT: I should add that, if selected, I'd be willing to serve as a back-up GM.

Thanks R0B0GEISHA. I do not plan on quitting of course, but things happen. A few years ago I was in the hospital for one week and that is all it took for a game to collapse so I understand such concerns.


Interested...probably in a city-loving CG unchained rogue.

Should have the core of the PC avail tonight, I'd guess.

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I was thing about an infiltrator inquisitor focused on returning balance to the city. True neutral. Knowing that eradicating evil may be beyond his capability but a nudge toward balance may be possible from the shadows. The struggle becomes, if he makes too many exceptions to his personal code he maybe adding to the imbalance instead of correcting it.

Personality-wise I want to a void the sulky sullen rogue trope so he will be a affable courtly fellow who has learned to bend into most social situations. Will skulk in the shadows when necessary.

I think I'm gonna try a tattooed sorcerer

Dotting my interest as well. I was in a game that ended shortly after the first part (with Alistair, in fact), and would like to try again.

Hi, Alistair!

EDIT: Garran should be finished modifying to your character creation guidelines.

Consider me intrigued. Will work on something after work

Garran Fain wrote:

Dotting my interest as well. I was in a game that ended shortly after the first part (with Alistair, in fact), and would like to try again.

Hi, Alistair!

EDIT: Garran should be finished modifying to your character creation guidelines.

Looks good for most part, only thing I don't see is your encumbrance level.

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Dotting with great interest! I'm putting together a Lamplighter Investigator.

Count me interested with a Archaeologist Bard.

Whoops, sorry. I'm so used to just doing Encumbrance by armor I didn't even think about that. I've updated the stat block to include Carrying Capacity and Encumbrance.

here's my initial take on the tattooed sorcerer. Just have to finish up a few bits

Good to see you on this recruitment Garran. We did work well together. It was a shame that the game fell apart. I hope we can continue the work together in this campaign.

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dotting for interest, i'll have a base line idea done in a few hours.

Scarab Sages

I will be reworking a halfling order of the paw cavalier. Should have him re adjusted soon.

Hi GM, I'd like to submit Lahrehn here for your appreciation. :)

If you need me to fix or change anything, just let me know - the profile has the complete background, appearance, behavior and some other details about the character.

Thanks for the consideration!

What’s your opinion about applicants that are familiar with the AP? I’m running a modified version of it as a home game.

Here's the nuts and bolts of my Rogue submission.

Will have the details and backstory up tomorrow.

Hey, does anyone want to submit w/ me as in-game relatives? Thinking siblings, cousins, parent/child, nephew/niece & aunt/uncle? Just curious. :)

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I would be down with that. Siblings or cousins sounds good.

You mentioned running 3PP by you, thoughts on Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might?

Aipaca here, this is a character that didn't get selected for another CotCT gameusing Spheres if you wanted to take a look?

Wow a lot of responses since I was last on. I will look over the questions and submissions and address them soon.

You don’t have to give me a full profile, but if you do I will do my best to look over it. I am compiling a list of submissions and concepts.
Submissions so far

Garran Fain Human Fighter- Looks good, solid submission

Danni Shriikirri Shoanti Tattooed Sorceror- The parts that are finished look good. The concept seems a nice fit for this AP. Finish up gear/money/weight when can.

Alistair Wellington Human Swashbuckler- I like the concept. The backstory is extensive which his fine, but I didn’t read it all yet just skimmed it for the moment. I know you said you are working on updating the character since this one is already lvl and that is fine.

Lahrehn Azheron Human Paladin- I wasn’t sure about Apsu at first, but after reading your reasoning it became clearer. It might work, I will look into it further as I have only read the first two chapters of the AP so far though I will be caught up by next week.

Roberto Corvus Human (Chelaxian) Rogue- Other than weight the mechanics look right. Going for broke on dex eh? Fair enough. Looking forward to the backstory.

Luca Tismaneanu Human Troubadour- I will have to look into the 3pp material you presented I am not familiar with it. You need to change one of your traits to a campaign trait and I do not see your connection to Gaedren in the backstory. In general I like to concept, but the devil is in the details and I will get back to you about the material you asked about.


The Nine Halfling order of the paw – Could work. Don’t get too obnoxious about where your mount can go and should be fine. In a dungeon-sure. Inside the Queen’s court-no. Not an accusation mind you, just experience talking.

Elhona Felar and Grandlounge Siblings of some sort- This might work well in this AP. The stronger the connection between yourselves and the community the better.

Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might 3pp I will look into those tonight. If I do allow them, expect to see NPCs using some of it too.

Litejedi-“What’s your opinin about applicants that are familiar with the AP?” That is fine and should go without saying not to spoil anything. In instances where there party needs to make a choice perhaps take a backseat or be very good at roleplaying your character’s position and not our own.

Aipaca wrote:
You mentioned running 3PP by you, thoughts on Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might?

After looking into these 3pp I am sorry to say I am not a fan. Its these kind of 3pp material that give the others a bad name in my opinion. Power and Might is accurate descriptors I'd say. Nothing conceptually gained from being a troubadour that could not be gained by using the bard+Ultimate Intrigue so I would suggest that route for this game.

I just realized I forgot to add these names to list. If I missed others let me know.


Thanks Esmeranda, I think I can do that. Out of curiosity, would you be interested in using the “background skills” system that was introduced in the unchained book?

My idea for a character is Garus, a Lawful Good Abadarian half-orc (my favorite race) that grew up as an orphan and was enslaved by Gaedren Lamm for many years. He escaped through guile and luck and works for the church in Korvosa now. He will have a few ranks of profession (barrister) over time, as well. He’s nursed a grudge against Lamm for years but did not see a way to get the justice that he believes Lamm deserves until he receives the harrow card.

Why are you in Korvosa? Garus was born in or around Korvosa and has no memory of living anywhere else.

How has Gaedren wronged you? Gaedren found Garus abandoned as a baby and “adopted” him.

And, what major goal does your character have? To get fair justice against Gaedren and bring order and safety to the people of Korvosa. He is worried about how crime is increasing in Korvosa and for the safety of the citizens, as he knows firsthand how terrible the underworld is. He would like to see criminals reformed as he believes this is the only long term solution to the chaos of crime, and would like to “check-in” with any character he arrests to work with them on the path of redemption.

Beyond that, I have two possible characters - an inquisitor (sacred huntmaster) or warpriest (possibly with an archetype). I’d prefer the sacred huntmaster as I’ve wanted to play one for some time, but I know animal companions can sometimes be difficult to run in a pbp. I can post statblocks for both characters tonight if you’d like. The characters are pretty similar but the inquisitor has more social skills and utility (from what I can tell) and the warpriest has a little more combat ability.

Here's the updated character sheet, with description, background, and encumbrance factored in.

No background skills. I did put that in the character creation tab, but it is easy to miss smashed in middle of a sentence.

Garus sounds good, nice to have a non-human, though having a lot of humans is representative of the area. Animal companions are fine, just realize they are not allowed at court and other social functions- at least not without pushback. Expand a little on what occured when you were adopted by Gaedren, but otherwise that is fine.

Roberto Corvus Looks good Roberto.

A lot of good choices so far.

Esmeranda wrote:
Aipaca wrote:
You mentioned running 3PP by you, thoughts on Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might?
After looking into these 3pp I am sorry to say I am not a fan. Its these kind of 3pp material that give the others a bad name in my opinion. Power and Might is accurate descriptors I'd say. Nothing conceptually gained from being a troubadour that could not be gained by using the bard+Ultimate Intrigue so I would suggest that route for this game.

After rereading this I feel I might have come off a bit harsh. I certainly do not fault you for finding something interesting in this third party material, but for me third party material should only be brought in if its to introduce something that is missing from the current system . For example when Dreamscarred Press did the Psionics or when Louis Porter did the Machinesmith. These things were unique and at the time missing from the current system. That is where I stand on third party material I hope that seems reasonable.

My submission: Montana James, the Archaeologist Bard.
I plan on taking the Hero Point feats down the road and really trying to utilize that subsystem.

Quick Background::

Why are you in Korvosa?
Landed a job teaching History and helping students avoid substance abuse.

How has Gaedren wronged you?
Was formerly a Shiver addict, and Gaedren is making new addicts every day.

What major goal does your character have?
To become the kind of Hero people tell stories about.

(full Background and Stats in the Profile.)

Sorry for missing that, and thanks for the interest. I agree that animal companions wouldn’t make sense in courtly settings. Would you like me to send you a pair of statblocks via PM or in this thread tonight? I noticed that you said you don’t necessarily want an alias to be made for every submission.

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Throwing this alias in the ring for submission. Not as detailed as I usually like, and still need to work on equipment and encumbrance... but I wanted to try a fortune teller this time around!

"Never forget to smile."

Male Human Magus (Card Caster) 1
NG Small Humanoid (Human)
Deity: Desna Homeland: Korvosa, Varisia

Init +3; Senses Perception +5
AC 16 Touch 13 Flat-footed 13
HP 11/11
Fort +4 Ref +3 Will +3
Favored Class Magus (+1 HP)
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Throwing Axe +2 (1d6+2)
Ranged Cards +4 (1d4+3/x2) 20' or Throwing Axe +4 (1d6+2/x2) 10'
Special Arcane Pool 3/3

0th - Light, Detect Magic, Ray of Frost
1st - Chill Touch, Returning Weapon
Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 15
Feats Arcane Strike, Point Blank Shot, Deadly Dealer,
Traits All Alone (Orphaned), Vagabond Child (Sleight of Hand)
(1) Kn. Arcana +6
(1) Perception +2
(1) Sleight of Hand +8
(1) Survival +6
(1) Spellcraft +6
(1) Use Magic Device +4
Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Undercommon
Combat Gear Studded Leather, Quarterstaff
SQ Arcane Pool (3 points), Spell Combat

Kane was born to a dock worker and a Varisian fortune teller. Growing up the oldest of two other sisters, 14 and 10 years old, Kane's father died in a reefclaw attack shortly after his youngest sister was born, so he took to learning his mother's skill with the Harrow deck to help make ends meet. Kane developed a knack for using his cards to perform simple tricks and sleights of hand to make it appear like he was performing magic, and in time, he began learning bits and pieces of real magic, hungering for a taste of true magical talent.

Working extra jobs and saving up his money, Kane and his mother finally earned enough money to afford the entrance exam to the Theumanexus College. Not quite as prestigious as the Academae, but certainly enough to teach him the foundations of magic, casting and the like. Kane swore that with his education, he would earn his fortune, take care of his family, and neither his mom nor his sisters would want for anything.

Sadly, Kane's plans were cut short, along with his mother's life. On a walk home from the market one night, Kane's mother was murdered in an alleyway, leaving him and his sisters orphaned. Kane pulled out of school to work full time as a fortune teller, street performer, and, on occasion, a dealer in the tavern of a friend of his mom's. Although he has been working to support and care for his little sisters, Kane has been searching relentlessly for his mother's killer. The ring their father gave her turned up in a pawn shop recently, and although he can't afford to buy it back, he has a name: Gaedren Lamm. A crime lord and snake in the grass, as far as Kane is concerned. And as if killing his mother wasn't enough, the rumors that he kidnapped children to do his dirty work made him seethe with anger and fear for the well-being of his sisters.

In between his work as a fortune teller, Kane has been doing his best to track down his mom's murderer. As long as he walks the night, the city is too dangerous for his sisters. Kane will either bring him to justice, or see him dead. He will take on every criminal Korvosa has to offer, if it means keeping his sisters out of harm's way. Starting with Lamm.

For someone who has lost both his parents and was forced to drop out of his hard-earned studies, Kane is surprisingly cheery and optimistic. Someone has to be. Kane refuses to let his sisters see the world break him, for if it does, he fears it will crush their spirits. For all the things that go wrong, Kane continues to try and see the bright side - he can work, he still has his siblings to cheer him up, and he has learned enough magic to continue his studies, should he ever be able to some day. He maintains an air of confidence and control in the face of danger and uncertainty, and comes across like he has things well in hand... even if he doesn't. Kane believes that hard work will not go unrewarded, and that at the end of the day, the heroes will win. Unfortunately, this can also work to his disadvantage, as he can, on occasion, be too trusting of others.

Grand Lodge

Here is a link to the crunch of the character. I will get the backstory together ASAP.


I'm not posting with the alias because the last name is not set.


I am interested in this campaign. I find it a process to develop a character and then never make it into the game. Are you willing to recruit someone without a character/background and will build after the party is selected. I like to build with and around other players. Let me know!

I like to play all kinds of classes with more rare races. I am an active game master and plan to run this game at my future tables and would like a chance to play it before I go and read it.

If that is not an option, disregard this application.

Thank you,

Dotting, thinking a two-weapon ranger working towards the Thunder and Fang feat.
I'll be back with a character outline in a bit.

I'm still here. Just mulling over what I'd like to play.

The character is adjusted and I hope I did not forget anything.
Thank you for taking the time to run this game.

This is Captain Collateral Damage's Character. Given the high ratio of martial character to divine ones, I've gone with the hunter instead.
Working on my background currently.
Question: Is there much downtime/opportunities to retrain in this AP? Asking because most of the feats required for Thunder and Fang are useless until I have the feat itself.

Presenting for your consideration, Nicoleta Radacan.

She's a Dhampir monk. Her appearance reflects her mother's Varisian heritage.

She's not the typical ascetic monk; she has no issues at all indulging in life's pleasures. Although not all the way to a drunken master.

The nature of her discipline has been inculcated from an early age by her mother to keep restrained the darkness and bloodlust of her father.

She's taking the Love Lost: Orphaned campaign trait.

I'm still working on a full background write-up, but you can see a little of her personality in the Appearance/Personality spoiler of her profile.

I also haven't fully equipped her.

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