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Cori Marie wrote:

You're not being forced to buy the PDF to get the module, you get the PDF as an addition to buying the module. You may think that that's just semantics, but it's actually how it is.

Relevant Text In Product Description wrote:

Note: Purchasing Pathfinder Adventure Path: Abomination Vaults (Foundry VTT) qualifies you to purchase the following product*:

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Abomination Vaults PDF

And the price of that product when you purchase the Abomination Vaults (Foundry VTT) module is $0. You are being given the PDF for free, the price of the Foundry Module is $59.99. The price of the PDF on it's own is $38.99. If you purchased the PDF separately, they do grant you a discount on the Foundry Module, but you are NOT required to do so, and presenting it as such is disingenous.

We've been over this. Foundry gets $21 always. Always. Paizo gets $39 or zero. They don't just give you the PDF, you either buy it with foundry or you own it already. That's not disingenuous. Bye.

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Cori Marie wrote:
People still had to work on that "minimal" difference. There are formatting changes. There's errata. There's new art. It's not the same product just because you think it is.

It's not fair to force people to buy the minimally different product in order to get the foundry module just because you think it is.

Honestly, everyone knows your opinion by now. A lot of people disagree with that opinion. People's logic on the matter is sound even though you disagree with it. We hope for better policies in the future. Move along.

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Elfteiroh wrote:
You also don't get the hardcover's PDF even if you own all the PDFs of the original release of Abomination Vault. There have been people working on making that compilation. New layouts, new changes, new editing passes, new copyfiting, new art. Paizo still need to pay these peoples, and buying that module gives you the PDF if you didn't have it.

True, and I would assume the number of prior owners who are willing to purchase the new PDF solely because of a couple added pieces of art and one updated encounter is relatively small.

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Cori Marie wrote:
It is literally the same policy they've had regarding collected editions for over ten years at this point. If you owned the PDF's of the individual copies for Rise of the Runelords, you didn't get a discount on the Rise of the Runelords package for Fantasy Grounds. If you owned the PDFs of Curse of the Crimson Throne's single issues you didn't get a discount on the Curse of the Crimson Throne package on Fantasy Grounds. Because ultimately, they are different products and we live in a capitalistic society.

I've LiTeRaLlY seen this response from you several times and each time you ignore the fact that the anniversary editions of RotRL and CotCT are significantly different products than their individual parts. Both were updated from 3.5 to 1e and had additional changes from years of experience with the APs. They are very different products and consumers recognize that. This situation is perceived differently because there is minimal difference between owning the original 3 pdfs and the single file.

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Cori Marie wrote:
Agorg wrote:
Cthulhusquatch wrote:
I have the original 3 pdfs. I have the collected version pdf. I assure you that they are different products.
This is so disingenuous. If someone has the three original pdfs and wants to run the Foundry module, they do not need to buy the collected version pdf. $39 for a few new pieces of art and some errata? Please.
Again, you're NOT buying the collected version PDF. You are buying the FOUNDRY MODULE which comes WITH a free copy of the the PDF. There is a very clear distinction there. If you buy the PDF separately, you STILL need to buy the Founcry module, you would just get a discount on it in that case.

They are buying the collected version of the pdf though. When someone buys the foundry module, foundry gets a cut and paizo gets a cut. Since the price if someone already bought the pdf is $21, we know that foundry's cut is about $21. Whether people pay $21 or $60, foundry is still getting $21. No one is supporting the good people at foundry more by paying a higher price, they're supporting paizo... again. People are basically repurchasing $40 worth of product with negligible difference from what they already own and that feels bad. I'm personally not affected by this and I agree it is an unfriendly policy call.

Did the $5 discount go away? I thought the promotion was going through the 25th.

Marc Radle wrote:
Anyone here who ordered from Amazon get their book yet?

No, but today my order status updated from 'delivery date pending' to 'will be delivered on August 1st.'

To those of you who have the book- what are your initial impressions/reviews?

Chronicsin wrote:
Brocimus wrote:
I want to move the maps to an editor like GIMP, crop the individual rooms, print and then make tiles out of them. Can I do that with this product?
Did you ever manage to make this happen?

Yes, I did with the We Be Goblins module. For this, I copied the image into GIMP and edited the file to include black layers for every room that you can hide once the players enter a specific room. My plan is to project the maps onto the playing surface and just reveal as they explore.

Will there be an interactive maps product released for this like there was for Runelords? Or can one pretty well use the maps that are already in the adventure path PDF? (I don't own the Runelords PDF)

I'd be interested in playing with anyone in the area.

Coming from someone who is relatively new to Pathfinder and has not played any adventure path in its entirety, I would say Curse of the Crimson Throne for two main reasons. First, because I've heard it's just a really cool AP. Second, simply because it's next chronologically.

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Also, is it just me or did anyone else get hopeful/excited that JJ is posting on here and didn't flat out say they would not be doing anymore hardcovers?

Skeld wrote:

The idea about updating Wrath of the Righteous is intriguing.

I'm confused. People keep talking about updating WotR. Didn't that come out like a year ago? What needs updating?

a type of figure we've also never done before ... but this is one of the elements I'm most excited to share with you.

Perhaps a huge elemental? Or a lightning or magma elemental?

Eric, didn't you say you would include the final mini of The Lost Coast case in this preview? The suspense is killing me!

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Here's hoping for the accompanying Gogmurt! A caster goblin would round out our goblin hordes nicely.

Mayor Deverin, perhaps?

Sweet. I noticed the same thing, but thought it was intended. Being able to hide the arrows will be much better.

NO! There people go suggesting oozes again...

I've seen a few suggestions for a cube... Please, Eric, NO! I never understood the appeal of cubes to begin with, but what could possibly be more boring than a 4x4 plastic cube? Nothing. Nothing could possibly be more boring. I won't buy it and if humanity has any redeeming quality left, you won't sell more than 5 of them.

This set is looking great! Just a reminder to those who were thinking about backing this kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1679800548/ravenfell-28mm-fantasy-vill age

The first stretch reward is Baba Yaga's hut and I have heard their buildings will come with snow textures, as well, which would work perfectly for this adventure path. There are 2 days left to back it.

That kickstarter looks pretty neat. I've used some of their models before (a crypt and house both for RotRL) and they worked very well and were fun to construct. I think I will back it.

Pleased to see the iconics at the uncommon rarity. I'm not sure if I will be getting this set, so picking up singles for cheaper will be nice.

danielc wrote:
Erik, do you still want specific photos of the more obvious problems? Things like large areas unpainted for example? Or the Orc Archer's assembly issues?

I'm curious. What's the issue with the orc archer?

MrSin wrote:
Brocimus wrote:
I don't think a cleric has to run around healing every round... or every few rounds... or every combat...

Yeah, that's why we gave them cahnnel. So they can forget what they're doing, ignore what's going on, and just channel and roll their D6s!

I hate clerics and think they are a fine example of not fun in pathfinder. That's my confession of the day.

I enjoy clerics. I just don't enjoy getting scowled at when I don't drop what I'm doing and rush over to stabilize you when you're not going to be dead for another 10 rounds. Clerics are fun for me. Being expected to heal is not fun.

I'm sure this has been brought up in the last 1000 posts, but since I didn't read all of them...

I don't think a cleric has to run around healing every round... or every few rounds... or every combat...

Shadar Aman wrote:
Just opened my case, and I'm pretty happy. I've got Shattered Star and RotRL minis to compare with, and in general these are of similar quality. There were a few messy paint jobs (King Irovetti actually looks terrible), but the same was true with my last case. A little touch up will take care of most of them. If I didn't have paints and brushes, they would probably bother me more.

Is there anything I need to know about touching-up miniatures? Just paint right over it? Spray on a finish?

BeefSupreme wrote:
Hi. I have someone in my group that wants to paint her Bones minis & wanted to know if she can use Acrylic paints for them. I have absolutely no knowledge of painting minis. I couldn't do it to save my life. I went to Reaper website & I couldn't find the answer. If you can help I would appreciate it. Thank You

Yes, she can use acrylic paints. If she gets on youtube there are a hundred different tutorials on the subject. I started with a starter acrylic paint kit from Hobby Lobby and gradually added in higher-quality paints (currently using Vallejo, which are acrylic dropper bottles). She will need to use a primer and finish, as well.

Erik Mona wrote:

It will be very interesting to me to see how things play out based on:

1) When Wrath of the Righteous actually comes out.

2) People's reaction to the Wrath of the Righteous figures themselves.

Why number 2? Is something different about the WotR set? I saw on the box art a repaint of the chimera with the name of "mythic chimera." Can we expect a lot of "mythic" repaints in that set?

Sheesh, people. Griping about large larges. Are you kidding me? Would you rather drop $25 for a huge or ~$10 for a large that's almost a huge? I got my troll champion for $3 on ebay and I couldn't be happier with it. If you're so bent out of shape about it, why don't you center the mini over a grid square so it covers close to a 3x3 area and call it a huge, or as others have suggested, rebase it? I like the large larges.

I want to move the maps to an editor like GIMP, crop the individual rooms, print and then make tiles out of them. Can I do that with this product?

Man, I was thinking I was going to skip this set due to financial constraints, but already with the limited previews we've been given, I'm thinking I'm going to have to find some way to come up with the cash.

Shoot, I was really hoping today's announcement would be Heroes and Monsters II. Good news for my bank account, though.

Bitter Thorn, are you by chance associated with Dawn Forged Cast?

Maybe someone can help me out. In Part 3, when Ameiko is performing, what does "Aroden's Shadow" refer to? I figure she is perhaps talking about the loss of her boyfriend during her adventuring days, but I'd like to know what that line means. Is it a location? Something figurative? I know who Aroden is, but that's not helping me.

About a month ago I bought both a shark pawn and a stirge pawn. I want my $0.30 back!

Does anyone know what Ameiko is talking about? I assume it's part of her backstory where her boyfriend dies during her adventuring days, but what is "Aroden's Shadow" referring to? I know who Aroden is.

I would love an interactive maps pdf for around $15. I have big plans involving the use of a projector and area-number-free maps. I haven't bought the skull and shackles maps, yet, but I will when I get to a point where I will run that AP.

Right? That's basically my question. The reason I'm confused is because they clarify that you will not get 15% off of the premiums, because they are already 75% off. However, in the FAQ they say that you will receive the Pathfinder Advantage discount if you have that subscription, making me believe the list price on the case may be 399.99. Why say the Pathfinder Advantage discount applies if the case is already discounted beyond 15%?

I'm considering subscribing and I just want to make sure I understand the pricing correctly (yes, I have read the FAQ). If I subscribe to the Adventure Paths and get Pathfinder Advantage, I will receive 15% off of the list price. I'm assuming the list price is $399.99, correct? If yes, I will be paying ~$340.00 for the case, then ~$10.00 for the premium and then whatever shipping is. I just want to make sure, because I added the items to my cart and the case price does not yet reflect the Pathfinder Advantage discount from that subscription I am adding as well. If I sign up for both at the same time (subscribe to the adventure paths the same month the case is set to release), will there be any timing issues with discounts?

More government handouts to buy votes. This is such a good idea.

Lini and Sajan, I would guess. Hopefully her cat, too.

Never mind. I answered my own question. Apparently, Laughing Touch doesn't have a save associated with it.

Sorry to res a dead thread, but is this ability considered a compulsion spell, thereby granting the Fey sorcerer a +2 to the DC? Does being a spell-like ability exclude it from benefits under "whenever you cast a SPELL of the compulsion subschool?"

Erik Mona wrote:
Generally speaking we'll try to keep NPCs at uncommon or rare. I'd prefer rare more often than not, especially in the case of oddball one-off NPCs, but this set in particular has a lot of named NPCs who could just as easily be "generic pirate" or something, so there is some bleed over into uncommon. I think you'll be pleased with how the rarities break down.

Sounds good to me. Thanks!

I would be interested to know if the rarities for NPCs in this set will be more akin to the Runelords set or the Shattered Star set. In my opinion, the Shattered Star set, where NPCs were all rares, was much better than Runelords, where you got 3x Tsuto, Ameiko, Orik, etc. When Shattered Star came out, I purchased singles as opposed to the case, thinking I would end up with a ton of duplicates that I didn't want/need had I bought the case. Turned out I would have been fine because the distribution changed. Can someone in the know weigh in on this? It will likely determine whether or not I buy a case this time around.

Woah, I didn't know my comment predicting the other sculpt was going to cause such a controversy. Ha ha.

Cat-thulhu wrote:

Again, another nice pair of goblins. 5 for 5 on the new guys, but how far wrong can you go with a pathfinder goblin. As for the repaint of the rider - I think I like the muted tones more than the original. The goblins set is a clear winner - hats off to you guys, smaller appropriated sized hats of course.

Now of course I'm wracking my brain to figure out the lat two (and we get to see them for a while!) - I know one should be the repainted commando, the other is supposed to be a repaint, but I can't for the life of me think of any goblins left too repaint?

I, like you Laschoni, hope that huge white sees the light of day soon, along with the unreleased female cloud giant form Runelords. Maybe a Mobogo, Frogemoth and tendriculous too. But what I want in the next set is a mi-go!!!

The last sculpt is probably a goblin dog, or the bugbear hero. That's my guess. Maybe they'll do both of those, since we already have a repaint of the commando riding dog from the kickstarter.

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