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Getting Better!


I thought the last couple of sets were good, but not amazing. This set improves on some issues seen recently. The faces are getting better, but still a little room for improvement. Dungeon dressing is a great addition. 4.5/5 stars!

My son and I posted an unboxing video of our 2 bricks where you can see the actual miniatures in-hand.


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Great set!


Definitely one of the best sets made so far. Faces have improved. Interesting mix of miniatures. My case had an extra bed and barrel!

My son and I did a full unboxing and review. Check it out here:


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Disappointing in a few ways


Yikes. Finally, after waiting months due to mess-up from the retailer I purchased it from, I was excited to come home to my Legends case today. Unfortunately, this case did not meet expectations.

The bad:

I did not receive a complete set. Not even close. I had duplicates of the Shaitan, Kobold King and Beatific One and did not receive Lini, the Efreeti, or Marid. The Efreeti and Lini are unavailable to purchase from paizo and they are going for about $25 each on Ebay. Additionally I only received only one miniature of the Knight of Ozem and the Eagle Knight Officer. Really that part isn't too disappointing, because...

Paint jobs. See other reviews, although mine didn't seem to be as bad as some others have experienced.

Broken Minis. 2 with broken parts and 3 off their bases. This was the worst case for me as far as damaged minis goes.

Final thoughts: This really wasn't a great case. I was prepared for poor paint quality and some damaged minis, but missing 3 rare minis, one of which an iconic, really doesn't work for me. I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars purchasing a case and then an extra $50 or more completing the set. From here out, I will be grabbing singles online of the miniatures I am most interested rather than drop hundreds on a product that is incomplete. I'm off to cancel my Reign of Winter case now.