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Monkey Santa wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
...Sound of robes being hiked up...

GAH! Wizard bits! Hike the robes down! Hike. The robes. DOWN!

*averts gaze*

Too late, that mental image will stay with you a long time.

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(Kibblethulhu is part of this complete balanced breakfast. Remember, spawnlings, send in 3 proof of purchase runes to receive your FREE! R'lyeh Sekrit Decoder Ring.)

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lisamarlene wrote:




One failure pile in a sadness bowl (Both links NSFW language)
One extra-large Mtn Dew Baja Brain Bleach
Is that for here or to go?

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Tacticslion wrote:

You know, it seems that, at some point, there’d be an upper limit of probability against experiencing entirely different types of GI distress. LOOKS LIKE I HAVE YET TO MEET THAT LIMIT

(Tonight suuuuuuuuucks)

If you want, pop down to your local drugstore/market and pick up the biggest bag of sugar-free gummi bears you can. Take them into the bathroom with you and eat them as fast as you can. When the gastrointestinal supervolcano begins, start yelling "THE ARISTOCRATS!" as loudly and for as long as you can.

Hope you are feeling much better very very soon.

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Tacticslion wrote:
And I’m wearing clothes.

Yeaaaaaah. OK, sure. Yes, your clothes. Much regal, such new. Wow. You're the best dressed emperor in the thread.

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{sets up brain bleach lemonade stand}

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Gas Laden Water Buffalo wrote:
The Masked Pugwampi wrote:
Captain Killjoy wrote:
The Masked Pugwampi wrote:

*finishes whirling, now in a tiny domino mask and cape while wielding a tiny rapier*


En garde, you humour challenged misanthrope!


*the tiny rapier flashes with lightning speed, lunging and parrying with great finesse*

You, sir, have all the singing ability of a gas-laden water buffalo!!

And what the f&*% is that supposed to mean?

There really should be a fan/gaming convention named Bonna Con.

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Orville Redenbacher wrote:
Im curious how frequent you need to vape to get popcorn lung?

I'm not sure we'll have a good guess on that until the public can get accurate ingredients labeling on vape fluid.

And if Jelly Belly can continuously sell its gross-flavored jelly beans successfully, then I'm sure there's a market for vape flavors like burnt microwave popcorn and microwaved fish.

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Scintillae wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Oh, if I only had a nickel for every time...
I feel like "proctologist's change tray" should be some kind of proverbial thing. But I'm really not sure HOW...
You know what they say. You'll eventually find everything you need in the end.

Something something ass pennies something

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Neither a new messageboard nor a new edition can kill this thread!

I wasn't sure where to leave this particular link for our AWOL kobold, so I guess here's as good as any:

NatGeo: "Tiny Spiders Devour Lizards Three Times Their Size"

Remember, you're usually within 3 foot of a spider (or even closer) at all times. Pleasant dreams. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

{suggests a reasonable fact-based opinion with a link to corroborating evidence... which instead turns out to be a link to brain-etching disgusting images}

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I blame Cosmo that this new alias opens the doors to all sorts of disgusting new posts.

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archmagi1 wrote:

LF Plan B:

"Sweet Robin! Oh I'm so glad to see you. Winterfell is dreadful this time of year. Oh look what I found! A frozen bag of Mommy's Milk that she had stored away in the freezing rooms. Come to Uncy Pete. Yes, good Sweet Robin." #LordoftheVale

Maester of the Vale: "Lord Baelish, you want me to construct a wearable... vest for you to... to feed not-so-young Robin?!"