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It is by curves alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the curves of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the hips acquire strains, the strains become a warning.
It is by curves alone I set my mind in motion.


Dang! Gunn'a cut that person clean in HALF

Not I, sadly. :(

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Hoping everything is going well for every one. (^_^)

Hoping everything is going well for every one. (^_^)

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Just a post to make sure everything works after the forums took a hammering. (^_^)

Just a post to make sure everything works after the forums took a hammering. (^_^)

East Coast of Australia.

Fierce winds blowing through over the past week or so. Temps climbing into the mid 20' C. We had a few spots of rain come through. Nothing lasting more than half an hour or so.


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I must admit playing up Sunny's poor grasp of language is always fun.

I find it's something that's hard to do with face to face, spoken game but lends itself quite well to the witten word interactions.

Wishing every one al the very best.

Shaedeen M. Valzanar wrote:
Ahoy, mateys! Since last we gathered, the original Shaedeen got into another Rise of the Runelords campaign (Third time's a charm??!!). Though that game's already on its third GM and we're still stumbling around Sandpoint, GM #3 has recently restarted things. I hope playing two Shaedeens at the same time doesn't mess with my teeny brain and that I can keep their various schemes separate. ;)

Ha! I've menaged to keep something like six Sunny's scampering around merrily at the same time in diffrent games before. (^_^)

Din't effect me none a tall.



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Yeah... it does. Which is a potentially interesting way to 'Nerf' a Monk of the "Drunken Master" style of fighting. Hit them with a 'Remove' or 'Neutralize poison' and watch their Ki powers plumet.


Just a 'Dot' to make sure things come back after the forum mainenance. (^_^)

Dotting after the site maintenance.

Dotting after the site maintenance.


Hope the residents don't all have outragous French accents?

Jus' pokin' at tha' things 'cause tha' site wus all wonky.


For DM Aest:
Just a point?

Might I suggest, even though it might be a tad more hard work.

You take on board six players? While it might seem a tad over bearing for encounters.

The problem with PBP is that not all players will be able to engage with every encounter due to real life things getting in the way.

Just a suggestsion, is all.

Much cheers and very best wishes to every one. (^_^)

Are people happy enough with what I've presented for Sunny?

Might I need to include anythng else?

Much cheers and best wishes to all. (^_^)

So... how might the DM feel about templates?

The 'Fey touched' template seems right up the DM's alley?

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Dotting for dot-ness

So... anybody keen/interested/happy with a rather 'Pixy-ish' Elf?


Are we seeking extra peoples also? New able bodies emerging from the crews growing experiance, perhaps?

Will post in twelve or so hours. (^_^)

Much cheers to all.

Sorry. Am in my 'Busy' work time. Not able to comunicate well for another couple a days.

All the very best every one.

My different time zone and work schedule meant I pretty much stayed in the back ground for the Kingdom stuff. Was hoping to have Sunset open up an Alchemical and Gun store... but.... Sorry 'bout that.

Would like to go back and 'Re-jig' Sunset some. Been a whole lot of time and a whole lot of new feats and ideas beeen written up since she first got creted.

Am happy with Arabeth. Not much has changed on the Oracle front.

Um.. a rough outline of character moneys to spend? I forgets. *blush*

Much cheers to all. (^_^)

Take your time Master (Mistress?) Aest. (^_^)

Sadly I think Real Life has taken quite a toll on poor Serpah. :( I hope for the best... But fear the worst.

How does the new GM wish to handle charcters? We're picking up where we left off? We're making adjustments?

All the very best wishes to all! (^_^)

To GM GLyn. Thank you very much for your time, effort and many pages of fun and andventure. (^_^)

To GM Aest. Welcome! Loking forwards to sharing much fun and adventure with you and the rest of the crew. (^_^)

Are we three ships to three?

Size comparisons between our ships? Who's a sloop? Who's a galeas, kind of thing?

I like the 'Ruse' thing/idea. Suny's ship can sail 'Against the wind'... So would be the better ship to keep 'Out of site'.

Arrr! Pirates! (^_^)

Also, I do want to appologize if Arabeth has been rather 'Passive'. Will try to have the las come more out of her shell.

Sorry for the tardy reply here.

work has been busy and the weather has been... warm

Looking forwards to what ever the future may bring.

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Hoping to have some free time... Some time... To join in with the fun times.


Season's greeting and best wishes to every one.

85'f out side today.

Yup, summer is here all right.

Things are only gon'a get hotter and brighter. Think I'm gon'a wear shades.

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Sorry for seeming to drop off.

♫ ♪ T'is the season to be crazeid ♪ ♫ Tra-la-la-la ♫ ♪ Oh make the hurting stop ♪ ♫


Season's greetings and best wishes to every one. (^_^)

Yes... decorations and store music is already beginning to turn towards such things here.



Bugger.... Real Life strikes again... :(

Best wishes to every one! (^_^)

Sorry folks. Has been steamy and hot here past few days 80'F, 70% humidity. Shift work been adding to the toll. (-_-)

Hope to recharge the bio-batteries voer the next day or so and pick up my posting .Much cheers to all.

*Cough* Maybe a 'NSFW' warning*Cough* (^_~)

Will post when I can soon. :)

Will post when I can soon. :)

Will post when I can soon. :)

It's true though. I've seen more games fall because Real Life simply comes and takes too many players/DM's away. :(


No worries.

Must admit as to wanting to run ppl through the 'Silver Ravens' adventure path at some point... If folks (And Real Life permitting) are interested?

Okay... will be interesting. :)

Uhm... just a querstion. We're still on Golarion, right?

Okay. Here's a weird sounding question.

Where did the "Create an Alias" button go? Haven't needed to generate a new character since before the boards got all 'Spiffy-fied'...

Sorry for not joining in yet folks. :(

Thanks for the aweseom help so far.

Real Life suuuuucks...

Dotting for DOT-NESS!

Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the EYES!


Perfectly understand.

So, two questions about/for the good Captain.

1) May I use the "Pure-bred Azlantii" stat modifiers?

2)May I take the "Advanced" template? I shall endeavour to 'off set' the power level by taking a level in 'Warrior' NPC class/profession. Which will kind of suit the back story of being a 'weaker' combatant when he was just starting out.

Thoughts? Comments?

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