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Say that they are using a concoction made from basilisk blood. Basilisk blood is already known from the statblock to have un-petrifying effects. Then you can let the party quest to find the stuff, or someone willing to sell it to them.

ssaberr wrote:

Had a GM tell me that as a neg-channeling cleric, I had to use a Lv2 slot to prepare & cast a cure-light (Lv1 spell). Is this true?

Thanks in advance.


Short answer: No

Long Answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ive noticed that I often started out the Lv. 1 parties on various giant bugs. Getting nearly eaten by a maggot teaches the pecking order quickly.

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Your argument for a dancing ranged weapon is gonna sound like this to your DM.

Proceed how you see fit.

Paladins can get a remove fatigue Mercy at 3rd level, and any of the restoration spells will rid it as well.

High Inteligence means having a + in the modifier. Bottom line, for ever plus in the modifier, you get an extra language. 3 for a +3 modifier.

Use commune to ask a deity

This is too easy. A simple fire trap spell will burn the documents up as soon as they trigger it. This will leave them with whatever "conveniently" survives. The trigger is breaking a seal or opening a folded letter.

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My advice would be to fold the Odyssey section into the main plot. They still are sailing about, but they already are traveling to each city-state, so there is little need to stall them with too much side questing. Plus, you don't really need an excuse for some god or another t be mad enough to force them onto plot-point-island. They are already set to upset most of the pantheon and earn the curse of every city.

A hookshot, preferably one that can be attached under-slung to another gun, or removed and used separately.

A shell that can launch a bag of caltrops.

A hypnosis ray. Charm, stun, or Confusion.

A gun that shoots living ammo that continues to fight/damage after it hits. (like a leech gun)

I recommend having the fight be in a canyon between glaciers, with the bottom open to the dark foreboding arctic sea. Its one thing to dual wield, another to do it while climbing, and if they use spider climb or the like, the dragon uses spells or ice shape to slide the ice wall down into the sea. The dragon can ice walk to make up for poor flying conditions, and there should be a blizzard to obscure visibility.

Use the burrow speed to attack from inside the glacier, and swim speed to take to the sea. Whatever they cannot follow becomes safe haven

Let the dragon raid consumables from its hoard under the sea or in a hollow inside the glacier.

Choose spells that let the dragon set up permanent advantages in its lair. a stunn or loss of actions could mean they fall off the canyon wall. Loathsome veil is good. Symbol of stunning is better.

Some kind of sea creatures could inhabit the lower canyon, or some other creature could be bullied into being an ally. It needs something.

Worst case scenario: the dragon has a mate. Doesnt even have to be the same age catagory, just one or two lower to round out action economy.

High wind can make archery difficult or impossible, but will also make flying hard. The dragon has infinate Control Weather to set this up.

disarm weapons and drop them in the sea.

Suggestion Spell: go for a refreshing swim.

Plenty of defensive spells like mirror image and displacement.

The key is that the long drop with sheer walls gives the dragon a mobility advantage again without being a flying kite again.

There was an AD&D supplement on castles. For the life of me I can't remember its title, but it basically went with: Yes you can use undead labor, but they require so much supervision that there is no real advantage over just using peasants.

I think it would be best to use undead like draft animals. The skeleton crew (pun intended) can't shape the blocks for your pyramid of Necro-potence. But by Orcus can they haul them!

well, the main thing about the scythe is that its really spiky damage. 4x crit be unrelyable, but awesome when it happens.

Either Second Chance, or the critical feats could take advantage of trying to get that scythe crit, but in all honesty it might not be worth it

But if you can't think of something better, get critical focus at least.

I could see jungle dwelling elves combating green and black dragons by firing arrows coated in Dex poison. Then coating themselves in clay mud to protect from acidic breath.

Not Lich for an anti-paladin.

Divination wizards tend to be good for this as they get an initiative bonus, and as wizards that turns into getting a game ending spell of first. The higher level wizard, the better this works, but even at low levels there is color spray and sleep.

Ranged Martials aren't half bad though. You don't have to move into position to start chaingunning through their health.

Really its going to be a formula of Initiative + Win condition.

After a casual look-over. This seems like a really cool system.

My thoughts in no particular order:

This could be helped by simplifying the devices. Or at least having simple devices to start on. All the ones i looked at had continuous effect, pool requirement, activation effects, and special circumstances for activation, and rather complex effects once activated.

Is there a way to work up to multi-use stuff?

Does the heat from the boiler affect the character at all?

Can there be a condenser to re-use water?

How do i attach my bottle of air and decanter of endless water? There is potential to supercharge these (I realise this is the opposite of simple, but I think players will jump on this as soon as they are comphertable with the rules)

Are there external boilers?

Are heat bricks like the black clay item, or a continuous heat source?

Does all this stuff have to be integrated into armor?

Overall, the extra armor rules were the only ones that gave me pause. The pool system seems fine, much like how grit or other class features work.

sounds like the naval world is ready for the fearsome mithral-clad destroyer.

The pathfinder version of a brain in a jar.

all the winds are blowing towards one location, from all directions. kinda hints thats where youre going too.

check old maps of the chinese empire at various eras. During ages of strife, the whole area broke into smaller states, and there is even some census data from the time. Chinese written records go back a long time, so finding some rough population estimates and territory sizes is simple enough.

Or, just look at your terrain to figure out natural borders, like mountains or rivers. The size of the kingdoms should develop from that.

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there are plenty of good monsters to introduce a mechanic at lower level before it becomes common.

lizardmen- aquatic rules
trolls- regeneration
kobolds- traps
goblins- ambush (they have a net +10 stealth out of the box)
wolves- trip
vermin- poison and disease
shadows- incorporeal, ability drain
zombies and skeletons- undead (channel, holy water, DR, ect.)
grick- DR (low attack, slow and DR 10/magic, a good learning experience)
ettercap- a good starter boss: traps, minions, affliction, and lair

be sure to issue the kits from the Equipment book, they give a decent set of tools for low level.

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dont forget terrain. water and swimming rules are good to know.

i like that the inate bonuses would free up magic item slots for the interesting or custom options.


Some suggestions:
Mix up some classes with clerics, juju oracles, and the like
Change who follows them around, monks, wizards, cultists, brainwashed townsfolk....
Change what undead minions they favor, if any

Also, try having them use animate object on a corpse and mix it in with the zombies. It is a construct that looks undead.

In places on earth where the dead returning was seen as a legitimate concern, steps were taken to keep these "revenants" from rising. The ones I know about are:
Burying a corpse of a criminal at a crossroads, so if they arise they will be lost/ paralyzed with indecision and not make it back to you.
Staking/nailing a copse down into its grave.
burying with a handful of beads, beans or flax seeds. When the revenant awoke at night it would be compelled to count the seeds until morning when it becomes a corpse again.
Beheading the body and burying the head by the feet.
Binding the body with cords.

As a note, the magic item crafting rules let you craft an item that uses a spell above your own abilities, if you make the spellcraft checks. Read carefully.

5th level spell: Apparent Master
7th Level spell: Control Construct

Or be creative and use a form of mundane or magical disguise like they have been doing.

Or forget control, and just toss it into the midst of the enemies and let it fight wildly.

The only time ive used disease so far, barring monster attacks, is during a jungle adveture. The party sloged through the river and damp and mud, and i used disease rolls to quickly instil a sense of foreboding and danger to the area. Once the mood was set, i backed off and let the PCs "acclimate."

I run with no change. I honestly don't see the problem, can you elaborate?

i have trouble keepin track of more than 8 or so monsters, so unless its a special occasion, i usually have that as a soft cap. Having a horde of extremely weak monsters isn't usually too deadly, as the damage ability of most low CR baddies wont keep up with PC defences. But there are exeptions, like shadows. Shadows stay dangerous for a long time.

I think you may want to look at a spell sundering barbarian.

Dabbler wrote:

Not only is the RPG explosive, but it directs a jet of plasma directly ahead of it when it detonates (that's how it takes out armoured vehicles). On a living creature, aside from the concussive force of the blast and the shrapnel damage, the jet will vaporise flesh to some depth. It may not kill a bebelith or dragon, but it will surely hurt it.

You forget that both those creatures have more defenses than an elephant. Red dragons would be immune to fire damage, so no searing plasma. And a Bebelith has DR10/good, so unless its a holy rpg, no shrapnel. Picking a faster maturing dragon like Brass gives both DR and Immune: fire for the same CR 10. Plus due to the way armor is abstracted, the natural armor of either might just absorb the hit.

Incidently, the Beblith's Dismantle Armor ability would be great against Daleks.

Ninja, alchemist or monk. In that order.

Personally I might even think it was a prestige class for monk/ninjas.

climb checks to enter or exit from a window, bypassing the stairs completely. Intimidate or diplomacy to calm panicking people enough to get them to move the right way.

don't explain it. Just have him show up and your players will do cartwheels to give you all sorts of ideas why it happened. If asked, just be ambiguous.

"How did you get here ahead of us?!"
"I walked."

The Tome of Horrors is 3rd party, but has Lilin it is a devil version of a succubus at cr 6, but has no shape change, being focused on at will charm and suggestion.

The Infernal Syndrome: Council of thieves 4 has the Cabal Devil, CR10 and closer to what you seem to be looking for.

there is a version of battle cleric called 'the bad-touch cleric' that focuses on debuffing and battlefield control. maybe thats you new schtick. a cleric of erastil can be a decent archer/ buffer. the guides can help.

While in the past rakshasa have been specifically vulnerable to "blessed bolts" in this edition the weakness is a little broader.

The beastiary rakshasa has DR15/ good and piercing. Meaning that every hit will be reduced by 15 points of damage unless you attack with a piercing weapon that is also good aligned. Blessed crossbow bolts are one example of such a weapon, but so is a holy lance.

Getting a weapon to be good aligned as a ranger can come from the align weapon spell, or getting bolts with the holy property.

Putting a few construction points on your luggage might help if you are willing to spring for the extra cost. This is needed if you are making it out of anything other than standard wood.

Use Floating Disc or Secret Chest spells

Ladies, Gentlemen, and World Cruching Monstrosities. The solution to this matter is quite simple. The key is, once the tarrasque has been killed, before it regenerates, cast animate dead on the corpse to turn it into a skeleton. This requires a caster level of 15, and a 750gp onyx gem. The skeleton template removes all defensive abilities, and all special qualities that are not Ex abilities that improve melee or ranged attacks. The tarrasque now is dead and no longer has regeneration.

if you dont want redundant electrical resistance, you can trade your sylph resistance for resist sonic 5 or +5 base speed

As a caster based druid, you are better of with the wind domain and + CL

That is correct. both caster and archer gain benefit from a fly speed. Druids, less so due to wildshape + natural spell being an option already. But a ranged weapon can let you plink foes in your off turns, as druids don't start with alot of spells. Wind subdomain would benefit from air affinity, but if you don't choose it, breeze kissed is a good trade to get a useful racial feature.

Trade Air affinity for breeze kissed unless you want air domain. Work airy step and wings of air into your build to get a fly speed and more air based resistances.

Archery builds will benefit.
Carved horn ivory, or sandstone would make for good holy symbols.
Birthmark makes your body a divine focus and it's a faith trait.

Not as sure on non-racial traits, but beast of the society is decent for a wildshaper if your dm will let it fly. Reactionary is a favorite for all builds, Birthmark gives a built in holy symbol. then i would recommend whatever gets you a new class skill you want.

Go sylph and get the racial flight feats.

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147 Anatomist Sketchbook
The pages of this artist's sketchbook are high quality rag paper, bound in soft leather, with the contents written and drawn by silver point stylus. The first section contains several artistic studies, including some tasteful nudes, and a few picturesque landscapes. The middle section is a set of highly accurate anatomical drawings and dissections of the humanoid form, annotated in detail. The end pages are filled with strange geometric diagrams, hieroglyphs and arcane formulas.

The book gives a +2 bonus to Heal checks if the reader takes 1d4 minutes to consult the diagrams. Furthermore, A mage who makes a sucessfull spellcraft check DC:28 can use the information in the book to construct a flesh golem of medium size as if he or she had the Craft Construct feat, and make it look like a living humanoid.

Anatomist Flesh Golem CR5:

N Medium Construct
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +0
AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+1 Dex, +7 Natural Armor)
hp 53 (6d10+20)
Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2
Defensive Abilities:
DR 5/Adameantine; Immune Construct traits, Magic
Speed 30 ft.
Melee 2 slams +10 (1d8+4)
Str 18, Dex 12, Con -, Int -, Wis 11, Cha 1
Base Atk +6; CMB +10; CMD 21
Special Attacks: Beserk
Special Abilities:

Berserk: When a flesh golem enters combat, there is a cumulative 1% chance each round that its elemental spirit breaks free and the golem goes berserk. The uncontrolled golem goes on a rampage, attacking the nearest living creature or smashing some object smaller than itself if no creature is within reach, then moving on to spread more destruction. The golem's creator, if within 60 feet, can try to regain control by speaking firmly and persuasively to the golem, which requires a DC 19 Charisma check. It takes 1 minute of inactivity by the golem to reset the golem's berserk chance to 0%.

Immunity to Magic: A flesh golem is immune to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance. In addition, certain spells and effects function differently against the creature, as noted below.

A magical attack that deals cold or fire damage slows a flesh golem (as the slow spell) for 2d6 rounds (no save).
A magical attack that deals electricity damage breaks any slow effect on the golem and heals 1 point of damage for every 3 points of damage the attack would otherwise deal. If the amount of healing would cause the golem to exceed its full normal hit points, it gains any excess as temporary hit points. A flesh golem gets no saving throw against attacks that deal electricity damage.

Uncanny Likeness: An Anatomist flesh golem looks like a medium humanoid. It takes a DC 25 perception check to discern the golems nonliving nature by sight. The Anatomist Flesh Golem still cannot speak.

143 The Immaterial World
This rather hefty tome details at length the philosophical theories of an ancient illusionist. His "immaterialist" theory is that all of existence is an elaborate illusion projected directly to the non-corporeal mind. The work cites several magical examples such as the phantasm subschool and in particular the effect of phantasmal killer as proving that sensation is reality. The last chapters detail the workings of spells the author claims he has devised to further prove the illusory nature of existance. The spells detailed are the shadow illusion subschool, Shadow Conjuration, and Shadow Evocation.

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