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Goblin patriarch, merchant, and Pathfinder Society ally Yigrig Moneymaker needs help! The cunning goblin merchant has big plans to build a bridge that will connect two promising trade partners, but something is stirring up the local wildlife and convincing the lions and other predators of the Katapeshi plains that goblins are more tasty than can possibly be true. The Troupe must find out who's responsible for the trials Yigrig's family faces before the lions of Katapesh devour the entire goblin clan and end the chance for trade between two desert cities.

3/3/3/4/4 = 4+4+4+6+6 = 24 Challenge Points (@ Tier 3-4)

Lions of Katapesh (Maps)


There is a Playtest coming April 29th for the (new) Commander and Guardian classes. I will be recruiting for a run of the season one repeatable #1-14 "Lions of Katapesh" with 4-5 total players. This is not a FCFS game (I tend to recruit from those that have GMed for me as well as players I have enjoyed playing alongside), and will be run as a bit of a "speed run" to focus on the mechanics of the classes during skill challenges and in encounter mode. As I'd like to run the playtest material alongside other classes, I'm going to shoot for:

☆) One Commander
☆) One Guardian
☆) Two to three other classes (at least one other martial)

Who's Interested?

More info in the days to come...

Envoy's Alliance

I'm interested. I can bring a druid lvl 3, a bard lvl 1, a ranger lvl 1 or a barbarian lvl 1. Perhaps another one if their game ends before yours begins.

Where is the Paizo blog for this? How do you know about the playtest, I can't find it.

I'd probably be interested, if there's room. I can bring in an inventor or a summoner, both lvl 1.

DoubleGold wrote:
Where is the Paizo blog for this? How do you know about the playtest, I can't find it.

I found out via random forum chatter, which talked about a video with 5 of the developers.

Anywho, they’ll probably blogpost it here soon enough, and if I see it first, I will link it back here.


Horizon Hunters

Sounds like fun!

I've got a Fighter, Gunslinger, or Swashbuckler I could bring for low tier. I've got a Cleric for high tier, and my Fighter would probably be OK in low-ish high tier (he somehow always ends up in a tier up).

I've also got an assortment of non-martial level 1s and 2s.

Also, if nobody else is interested in the playtest classes, I could volunteer to try Commander, but want to defer to others who might be dying to try one of them specifically.

Horizon Hunters

I have a green 1st level fighter available.

From the blog.

“The commander is a martial support class that can issue commands to her allies, granting them extra movement, actions, reactions, and more. The guardian is an armored tank, who can taunt opponents and maximize the effectiveness of heavy armor to be a bulwark against nearly any threat.”


Grand Lodge

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Really? People want to play in the playtest game, but none of them want to play the playtest classes?

Well, I would. Commander sounds interesting.

I'd be happy to try out the Guardian for your playtest, at least once the document for it drops. Both new classes sound interesting.

@Super Zero,
I think some folks are just being polite, whereas others are joyful to participate passively than actively, like watching football vs playing it for example.

Two thoughts.

1) If multiple people express interest in one or the other Battle classes, once we got our team, we can do a roll-off for each
2) although initially I expressed interest in prioritizing skill challenges and encounters, if folks wanna do a “troupe” party theme, I think that might be fun


Grand Lodge

In that case, I do have some characters in that tier as well.

I'm interested in Guardian as long as it isn't a complicated class.
Core classes, easy to understand
Wizard and Witch are probably the most complicated core classes to play, but still simple compared to other books
Advanced players guide glasses are about a medium
Guns and Gear classes simple to medium.
Secrets of Magic and Rage of Elements classes are harder to learn
Dark Archive is also hard to learn.
Kinesist, Magus, Psychic, the 3 classes that confuse me the most.
From what you know, are these 2 classes harder to learn, or are they on the easy side of the learning curve?

Grand Archive

I'm just learning PF2E so I don't want to play one of the specified classes, but I have created new PFS character who is an inventor.

For the playtest characters, do you want us to scale with the other 3 classes? For example if the average level of the other players playing the 3 classes is 3, do you want us to be level 3 as well?


I ordinarily do not bother to really "balance" the tiers beyond insisting that folks use Mentor Boons if they drag a table up.

But for the sake of Playtest, I think that keeping the levels within 1 of each other would be ideal - apples to apples.


Blake’s Tiger
Super Zero
Lia Wynn

May add a 5th player before April 29th, so recruitment is not quite closed yet.

Super Zero and Lia Wynn expressed interest in Commander and Guardian respectively, and Blake’s Tiger and DoubleGold expressed conditional interest. Let me know if we’d like to do a roll-off? Let’s take the week to decide so folks can make arrangements, and then we can figure out how much time the Playtesters will need to build their Battlecry! classes.

I’m thinking characters in the Level 3-4 range if that works with people.


To be clear, the Playtest doesn't come out till 4-29-24 or you don't start till 4-29-24?

1) Playtest drops April 29th (next week).
2) A couple days for our Battlecriers to make their characters.
3) Then we play (likely very early May).

Does that answer your question?


I don't think I'll need more than a day or so, once the playtest drops, and you decide what level we'll all be. I'll probably start pondering ancestry and the like this week to make it a faster process.

Recruitment Closed!

Blake’s Tiger
Super Zero
Lia Wynn


Re-opening Recruitment for 1 possibly 2 more folks!

Commander is claimed, but there is a possible opening for Guardian!

Horizon Hunters

Interested to join, though I am not familiar with rules of playtest. Do I play with one of my PFS characters? Or is this in Adventure mode?

It's like playing a Pregen where you assign credit to a PFS character and suffer any consequences (e.g., character death).

Basic Playtest rules

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Rulebook, Starfinder Society Subscriber

I'll try out the guardian if it is still available

Recruitment Closed once more!

Blake’s Tiger
Frozen Frost
Super Zero
Lia Wynn

Check into Discussion when you have a moment!

I'm doing guardian, I'm going to try it.

Recruitment Closed.

Blake’s Tiger
Frozen Frost
Super Zero

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