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Full Name

Frozen Frost


Half human, half good-looking


Young enough to learn, old enough to be experienced.


Lawful neutral


I am that I am


In a place where its constituents choose corruption over transparency.




Somebody that mixes and brews elements with magic.

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8

About Frozen Frost

A lawful neutral human chemist ready to discover the world of Golarion.

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Quests and Bounties:
Q01 The Sandstone Secret (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)
Q02 Unforgiving Fire (Levels 1-4)
Q03 Grehunde's Gorget (Levels 1-4)
Q04 Port Peril Pub Crawl (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)
Q05 The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day (Levels 3-6)
Q06 Archaelogy in Aspenthar (Levels 1-4)
Q07 A Curious Claim (Levels 3-6)
Q08 Shadows of the Black Sovereign (Levels 3-6)
Q09 Wayfinder Origins (Levels 3-6, Repeatable)
Q10 The Broken Scales (Levels 1-4)
Q11 A Parchment Tree (Levels 1-4)
Q12 Putrid Seeds (Levels 3-6)
Q13 Falcon's Descent (Levels 1-4)
B01 The Whitefang Wyrm (Level 1, Repeatable)
B02 Blood of the Beautiful (Level 1, Repeatable)
B03 Shadows and Scarecrows (Level 1, Repeatable)
B04 Cat's Cradle (Level 1, Repeatable)
B05 Witch's Winter Holiday (Level 1, Repeatable)
B06 The Road from Otari (Level 1, Repeatable)
B07 Cleanup Duty (Level 1, Repeatable)
B08 The Tireless Path (Level 1, Repeatable)
B09 Fishing in Anthusis (Level 1, Repeatable)
B10 Hillcross Roundup (Level 1, Repeatable)
B11 Forged Facade (Level 1, Repeatable)
B12 Somewhere Below (Level 1, Repeatable)
B13 The Blackwood Abundance (Level 1, Repeatable)
B14 The Blackwood Truce (Level 1, Repeatable)
B15 Treasure Off the Coast (Level 1, Repeatable)
B16 Boom Town Betrayal (Level 1, Repeatable)
B17 Sodden Stories (Level 1, Repeatable)
B18 From Family Lost (Level 3, Repeatable)
B19 Grim Tidings (Level 3, Repeatable)
B20 Burden in Bloodcove (Level 3, Repeatable)
B21 Against the Unliving (Level 3, Repeatable)

Season 1 Scenarios:
S99-01 The Second Confirmation (Levels 1-2, Repeatable)
S99-02 United in Purpose (Levels 1-2, Repeatable)
S01-00 Origin of the Open Road (Level 5)
S01-01 The Absalom Initiation (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)
S01-02 The Mosquito Witch (Levels 1-4)
S01-03 Escaping the Grave (Levels 1-4, EA)
S01-04 Bandits of Immenwood (Levels 1-4, GA)
S01-05 Trailblazer's Bounty (Levels 1-4, HH)
S01-06 Lost in the Spirit Road (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)
S01-07 Flooded King's Court (Levels 1-4, VS)
S01-08 Revolution on the Riverside (Levels 1-4)
S01-09 Star-Crossed Voyage (Levels 3-6, HH)
S01-10 Tarnbreaker's Trail (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)
S01-11 Flames of Rebellion (Levels 1-4, VS)
S01-12 The Burden of Envy (Levels 1-4, RO)
S01-13 Devils at the Crossroads (Levels 3-6, VS)
S01-14 Lions of Katapesh (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)
S01-15 The Blooming Catastrophe (Levels 1-4, VW)
S01-16 The Perennial Crown Part 1: Opal of Bhopan (Levels 3-6)
S01-17 The Perennial Crown Part 2: Thorned Monarch (Levels 3-6)
S01-18 Lodge if the Living God (Levels 1-4, EA)
S01-19 Iolite Squad Alpha (Levels 3-6)
S01-20 The Lost Legend (Levels 3-6)
S01-21 Mistress of the Maze (Levels 5-8)
S01-22 Doom of Cassomir (Levels 1-4)
S01-23 Star-Crossed Court (Levels 3-6, Repeatable)
S01-24 Lightning Strikes, Stars Fall (Levels 5-8)
S01-25 Grim Symphony (Levels 5-8, GA)

Season 2 Scenarios:
S02-00 The King in Thorns (Level 1-8, Metaplot)
S02-01 Citadel of Corruption (Levels 1-4, Metaplot)
S02-02 Mountain of Sea and Sky (Levels 3-6, EA)
S02-03 Catastrophe's Spark (Levels 1-4, VS, Metaplot)
S02-04 Path of Kings (Levels 3-6, HH)
S02-05 Balancing the Scales (Levels 1-4, Metaplot)
S02-06 The Crashing Wave (Levels 3-6, Repeatable)
S02-07 The Blakros Deception (Levels 5-8, GA)
S02-08 A Frosty Mug (Levels 5-8, HH)
S02-09 The Seven Secrets of Dacilan Academy (Levels 1-4)
S02-10 In Burning Dawn (Levels 5-8, EA)
S02-11 The Pathfinder Trials (Level 1, Repeatable)
S02-12 Snakes in the Grass (Levels 3-6)
S02-13 A Gilded Test (Levels 1-4)
S02-14 Lost in Flames (Levels 3-6, GA, Metaplot)
S02-15 A Dirge for Sarkoris (Levels 3-6)
S02-16 Freedom for Wishes (Levels 5-8)
S02-17 Lost Maid of Anactoria (Levels 3-6)
S02-18 The Fanciful March of Urwal (Levels 3-6, VW, Metaplot)
S02-19 Enter the Pallid Peak (Levels 1-4)
S02-20 Breaking the Storm: Bastion of Embers (Levels 5-8, Metaplot)
S02-21 In Pursuit of Waters (Levels 1-4)
S02-22 Breaking the Storm: Excising Ruination (Levels 7-10, VS, Metaplot)
S02-23 An Agent's Obligation (Levels 3-6, Metaplot)
S02-24 Breaking the Storm: Parting Clouds (Levels 7-10, Metaplot, Glyph)

Season 3 Metaplot Arcs:
Part 1: S04-01 Intro: Year of Shattered Sanctuaries (Levels 1–4, Repeatable)
Part 2: S03-06: Struck by Shadows (Levels 3–6)
Part 3: S03-17: Dreams of a Dustbound Isle (Levels 5–8)
Part 4: S03-19: Mean Streets of Shadow Absalom (Levels 7–10)

Part 1: S03-02: The East Hill Haunting (Levels 1–4)
Part 2: S03-05: Inheritor's Rite (Levels 1–4)

Part 1: S03-04: The Devil-Wrought Disappearance (Levels 3–6)
Part 2: S03-07: The Locked Lodge (Levels 3–6)

Part 1: S03-09: The Secluded Siege (Levels 5–8)
Part 2: S03-14: The Tomb Between Worlds (Levels 5–8)

Part 1: S3-08: Foundation's Price (Levels 1–4)
Part 2: S03-12: Fury's Toll (Levels 1–4)

Part 1: S03-11: No Time for Treason (Levels 3–6)
Part 2: S03-16: Escape from Oppara (Levels 3–6)

Season 3 Non-Metaplot Scenarios:
S03-03 Echoes of Desperation (Levels 3-6)
S03-10 Delve the Pallid Depths (Levels 1-4)
S03-13 Guardian's Covenant (Levels 3-6, Repeatable)
S03-15 Cavern of the Sundered Song (Levels 9-12, Glyph, GA)
S03-18 Dacilane Academy's Delightful Disaster (Levels 1-4)
S03-98 Expedition into Pallid Peril (Levels 1-2, Exclusive, Glyph)
S03-98 Expedition into Pallid Peril (Levels 3-4, Exclusive, Glyph)
S03-98 Expedition into Pallid Peril (Levels 5-6, Exclusive, Glyph)
S03-99 Fate in the Future (Levels 1-4, Exclusive, Glyph)
S03-99 Fate in the Future (Levels 5-8, Exclusive, Glyph)

Season 4 Metaplot Arcs:
S04-01 Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder (Levels 1-4, Repeatable)

Calamitous Dagger
Part 1: S04-04 To Seek the Heart of Calamity (Levels 3-6, GA, VS)
Part 2: S04-08 Battle for Star's Fate (Levels 3-6, VS)

Skulls & Scrolls
Part 1: S04-05 The Arclord Who Never Was (Levels 1-4, EA, VS)
Part 2: S04-10 Arclord's Abode (Levels 1-4, EA, VS)

Crystal Key
Part 1: S04-06 Signal from the Electric Laboratory (Levels 7-10, HH)
Part 2: S04-11 Prisoners of the Electric Castle (Levels 7-10, HH)

Star Gun
Part 1: S04-12 Negotations for the Star Gun (Levels 1-4)
Part 2: S04-13 Within the Prairies (Levels 1-4, EA, VW)

Season 4 Non-Metaplot Scenarios:
S04-02 Return to the Grave (Levels 1-4, HH, RO)
S04-03 Linnorm's Legacy (Levels 5-8, GA, VW)
S04-07 A Most Wondrous Exchange! (Levels 5-8, Repeatable)
S04-09 Killer in the Golden Mask (Levels 5-8, EA)
S04-14 Shattering Golden Chains (Levels 3-6, EA)