GM Erich's #2-07 The Blakros Deception (5-8) for Outpost VI

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Recruiting for 2-07 The Blakros Deception (Tier 5-8) --- to start March 6. Taking first six.

Sign up here when it is available:

About my GM style:

My own PbP combat style is to try and respect initiative order in resolving actions rather than just simple posting order (unless the sequence of events would benefit significantly otherwise). I'll roll initiatives at the start and some saves if I think they will affect my further actions in the turn to keep things moving. If you wish to delay on purpose, let me know, don't just wait on me. I will usually only update the combat narrative when everyone who can go has gone.

Make sure you roll for your actions in the order they occur in your turn. Requested saves first...

Make sure you keep your tagline updated with the current value for your Saves, Perception, Exploration Activity, and Armor Class, considering your spells cast. Treat it as your verbal response if I were to ask you what the value was in a face to face game, because that is how I'll treat it. But don't worry about conditional modifiers like cover or prone, I'll handle that stuff.

I will try to keep track of everyone's ongoing buffs in the combat tracker during combats and will also show you enemy conditions (and heights, if they are flying), so we are all on the same page. Let me know if I missed something.

Feel free to ask about anything in the discussion threads or if you think I've ruled incorrectly or just made a mistake. You likely know your character better than I will. I'll make corrections as necessary, but I think we all know there are still some rules that are up to the GM's discretion. I try to rule by RAW for PFS, and stick to written tactics unless they are obviously illogical as the combat progresses.

Also, let me know if you need to take a short break from the game for any reason.

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Just signed up on the spreadsheet.

Long time Pathfinder Society player (and 4 star GM) in 1st edition, and just enough 2nd edition when it first came to have a level 5 PC. But I've played VERY little PFS since the pandemic started, and the local stores stopped holding in person events. Kept up with a 1st edition campaign with my friends online, but no PFS, and no 2nd edition.

Also, did some PBP years ago, but haven't done that in 4 or 5 years, either.

So hopefully, you can all bear with me as I try to remember how to play 2nd edition, how to play by post, and also how to play my specific character. I believe the start date for playing isn't actually until March, so hopefully, I'll have everything figured out before then, and be ready to dive right in when we actually start playing.

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While we're on the subject of me being clueless, is there a relatively standard format that most people use for their PC stats online? If there's a form I could cut and paste to enter my stats on the site here, that would be helpful.

And apparently, I didn't level up my character after the last time I played him, 3 years ago, so I may post asking for advice on what to take at level 5 for my champion.

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Everything sound good to me.

I am not usual player in PFS-2 these days and genearally I know old lore better rather than new.
PF-2 riles seems not hard and usually logical if you pay attention to tags etc. I will try to track everything but not much pre-buff or other similar stuff necessary in this edition.

I like some narrative, some written acting (roleplaying, you know?!:) and some challenge. I am pretty old player and may come out interesting solutions.


I am gonna bring one of my favorite chracters - a person (archetype) from wilderness who's struggling to become more civil.

Armagile is a half-human Druid (animal) who born in Mwangi and raised mostly in jungles. In another incarnation (PF-1) he shares consuming Deskari heart with his T-rex.

Now it is Magic Warrior so better known as the Hunter. But some related Pathfinders may know his name.

Horizon Hunters

On my tracker, I've listed Repeat a spell as Salaish's Exploration Activity. It'll either be Dancing Lights or Detect Magic, whichever she deems most necessary at the time.

Welcome to those of you who are new-ish! Thanks for letting us know; we'll be happy to help you get more comfortable with the system.

Regarding character sheet templates, this folder has each of the pregens' character sheets, which you can copy and tweak for your own use. It can also be found in the header for the Cottonseed Lodge.

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Sorry, but I think I need to drop out. I don't even remember how to play 2e or update my PC, let alone put everything online for a PBP game. And I just don't have time right now to focus on figuring it all out.

Horizon Hunters

That's fair. Good luck! :)

Grand Lodge

Yep, thanks for letting us know.

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Since there was a drop on this one, any chance I could step in his place still?

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Sure jump in, Doc

Envoy's Alliance

Just realized Doc was already Admired by Grand Archive, so I'm going to use this alt for this one instead. Level 5 bard. I'll dot in now and update the sign-in sheet.

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