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And the final tripline is disabled. Each Adventurer earns +250 Experience Points!

Character Sheet Human Bard 6 (HPs 42/52) | Init +4 | Passive Perc 17; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 15 | Saves: Str +0; Dex +6; Con +6; Int +1; Wis +1; Cha +7 | Inspiration 0/1

With the last(?) trap accounted for, Alisanne conjures forth a spectral, lace-gloved hand. She sends it forth to open the last door of the dungeon.


The door opens, and a ballista bolt embeds itself in the opposite wall.

+250 Experience Points

Flan Guide (HP via Roll20) | Init +1 | Passive Perc 16; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 14 | Saves: Str +5; Dex +3; Con +2; Int +2; Wis +2; Cha +0 | Inspiration 0/1 Mad Mardigan's Cheat Sheet | D&D Beyond
But will you drink the lobster beer?

I have. 0/10 do not recommend.

"Truly the makers here were utterly deranged. Thank you all for helping us emerge with as many limbs and eyes as we entered."

Character Sheet

Thanks for the inspiration! Woot!

Baghotir is ready to depart the island. "Yes, let's get our survivors too."

At the beach (if they make it that far), Baghotir asks for time to cast a ritual. "It will enable us to walk on water for an hour."

"By all means, we should take the boat. But if something untoward happens, we'll be ready."

If no one is opposed, he'll gather his energies and perform the ritual for the benefit of the party. He can effect 10 people, so the party and a handful of others just in case.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

When they head back up Belwick issues a quick command to his temporary retainer. "Bayleaf, to me. I bring good news in that we're all alive. And better news that we're going to leave this rock and head for Saltmarsh."

He pauses, then amends his order. "Actually, could you please fetch Odium and the others? I'd like to to ensure there is no dallying."

When (if) they reach the beach, the baron patiently waits as Baghotir perform his divine ritual. He scans the horizon looking for their ride.


Major Ursa is waiting for you all when you arrive back at the beach. It is nearing nightfall by the time you and your entourage return to the dunes. Piles of bones are scattered everywhere, but whatever dark magic bound skeletons to the sands is dispersed and no longer functioning.

Bayleaf is loyal, and returns with survivors in tow. He smiles slightly at the obvious haul of wealth and asks, "What did I tell you, Boss? Profitable, right? Would you care to settle up now or back at Saltmarsh?"

It takes two trips to get everyone back to Ursa's post and at the end, everyone is exhausted and ready for sleep. Ursa has food and a roof for everyone, and even takes a shift looking after the prisoners. The bulk of the next day is dedicated with ferrying everyone back to Saltmarsh and securing the cultists with the authorities.

It takes a full week for the Saltmarsh town council to verify the state of Abbey Isle. They do and the isle is free from monsters and an ideal location for a new lighthouse and a base from which to keep an eye on both The Sahuagin and The Sea Princes. The Party is awarded 2,000 Gold Lions and each party member earns 500 Experience Points for fully clearing the island of dangers.

What do you do during the week between your return and the reward?

1 Week of Downtime before you get the 2K and the XP Reward, and then you experience a quiet couple of weeks of rest and recovery so tell me how you're spending the next 2 Weeks of Downtime

You have completed The Isle of The Abbey originally for Dungeon #34 (1992) by Randy Maxwell.

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Character Sheet

Baghotir, feeling a little guilty, spends his first week with he guild. He catches up on the work due of him, and begins the process of severing a few projects that he just doesn't have time for anymore.

He'll meet with Manistrad Copperlocks, his ally, and call in a favor if he needs to in order to extricate himself from his daily duties. He feels he's an adventurer now, and wants to pursue that a bit in place of his guild work.

He worries about what the guild is losing, but reminds himself that he is but a cog in the machine. Another can be fitted in time. Still, he works hard
Work: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
He donates his income back to the guild to the widows and orphans fund.

The second week, he lives his new life to the fullest! He visits every pub in town, no matter how lowly. He's on the prowl for like minded individuals, no matter what they're so-called social caste. He knows you can't tell when the spark of friendship may forge itself - or with whom! After all, the party he's with is a strange group. And they've just gelled. Supporting each other like a good cross-beam.

So he carouses for a week, to see who there is in town to meet. I figure he's only looking among the middle classes to start as the wealthy likely won't have anything to do with him, nor will the very poor. He does spend some time with Manistrad Copperlocks however to maintain his alliance with her.
Carousing: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

Then, in part to purge the poisons from his system, mind and body, he devotes a week to the church. Obviously he prefers Clangeddin Silverbeard, but if a chapel is not to be found, he'll shop around someone like-minded.
Religious Service: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

Three weeks comfortable lifestyle -42gp, - 50gp carousing, -5 guild dues = -97gp for the three weeks.

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Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

When their feet touch the docks of Saltmarsh, Belwick retrieves his coin purse and pays Bayleaf the remaining 300 gold. "Probably some of the easiest coins earned, and I would say that you benefitted from our timely arrival. But I will not begrudge you what's owed. You were true to your word, and for that I thank you. May we cross paths again soon. If you choose to stay in Saltmarsh, it would be my pleasure to share a meal and a drink, so that we might talk about... literally anything else besides the Cult of Set. Perhaps the topic of magic?"
Belwick would like to foster a connection/contact with Bayleaf, in case he wants to hire them for something in the future.

Belwick then sits down on the dock, letting his feet dangle over the edge of the dock to get him close to the water. He digs around in his backpack, retrieving the conch shell he'd been given by Iliza. It feels like long ago, though he knows it's not. He activates the magic in the shell, then mentally sends a message.

Sending to Iliza:
"Hello Beautiful. I am back in Saltmarsh. Taking a break. I miss you. Can I see you somehow? Don't know how far you are."

He listens to any reply, then stands up and finds his way back to the group. "My friends, let's away to the guildhouse. I've no doubt Master Issac will be pleased by our return, and would likely be able to help turn the jewelry we found into coins."


For the first week back Belwick takes his leave from his friends. Not because he wants to avoid them, but more because he has a goal that requires him to operate in circles they simply do not have access to. Such is the nature of the class divide.

The Donnamoor name is enough to get him invited to various soirées among high society. He drinks some of the best wines Saltmarsh has to offer (all of them imported from afar), and nibbles on more canapés than he's had in months. Maybe even years. Tittering conversation, well-dressed ladies, and men of influence abound.

Belwick trades banter with the best of them, though he steers conversation to the surrounding lands near Saltmarsh. He tries to find out who owns what, whether there are deeds to be acquired, and if there's any plots of land potentially up for grabs to an enterprising individual.

But mostly he gets really drunk.
Carousing, spending 250gp to do so with the upper class. Also hoping to get a contact or any leads for a noble who, at some point, needs to establish a new manor or wizard tower for himself. Ideally by the ocean.


After a week the partying begins to feel a bit hollow, so he returns to the adventuring guild and sets about a new task: acquiring some magic that'll allow him to breathe underwater.

"Master Issac, do you have someone amongst your contacts from whom I might be able to procure a scroll with magicks that would allow a wizard such as myself to breathe water? It seems a prudent bit of magic to have at my disposal. If not a scroll, something else perhaps? I'm happy to do the leg work if needed, as I know this can be the sort of thing that a wizard might carefully guard."
Buying Magic Item? I know that, based on Belwick's current level, he only has access to 2nd level scrolls. Do I need to make a check for a 3rd level scroll? Regardless, Belwick is looking for way to be able to breathe water regularly, and I'm guessing I'd need to pony up the 100gp to get that started.


During the third week Belwick makes an inquiry with Issac again. "Have I received any letters? Perhaps bearing a royal seal?"

Regardless, he begins performing research on the Scarlet Brotherhood. He starts with the library present within the guildhouse, then consults other locations of lorekeeping when that one is exhausted. He's not forgotten the task that brought him to Saltmarsh to begin with.
If it's possible here, Belwick is willing to spend 100gp to perform research on the Scarlet Brotherhood. He's looking to find out whatever he can, but anything suggesting a historical presence in the region would be ideal.

Week 1: Carousing (250gp plus Persuasion: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17)
Week 2: Buy a Magic Item - Scroll of Water Breathing or something that'll let him breathe underwater. (100gp plus Persuasion: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 5 + 1 = 10)
Week 3: Research on the Scarlet Brotherhood (100gp plus Int check: 1d20 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 4 + 2 = 22)

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Complications, Baghotir week 1: 1d100 ⇒ 51
Complications, Baghotir week 2: 1d100 ⇒ 99
Complications, Baghotir week 3: 1d100 ⇒ 82

Cha Check: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Baghotir's week of work is exceptionally well received and not only covers his living expenses for the week, he earns 25 Gold Pieces in profit sharing with the mine.

Baghotir's carousing also bears fruit. You make two contacts: One is a shipwright who goes simply by "Uncle" Flatly. You and he hit it off when talking about construction techniques. You can call on him later if you think it might be helpful to you.

The other contact is none other than Captain Eliander Fireborn himself. Your work for the town and the dwarves is well known to him. He and Manistrad Copperlocks both press for your support for them--you learn about two competing interests in the town--the Traditionalists and the Loyalists. Captain Fireborn and Manistrad are LOYALISTS, and wish to see the development of Saltmarsh into a major port and trade center. The Traditionalists buck at the efforts of The Crown to, "Improve", Saltmarsh and worry that the mine, and further development will kill the fishing industry.

Your week of religious service isn't very pleasant or helpful. There is but one temple in town--One to Procan. The Folk of Saltmarsh aren't particularly pious, and Wellgar Brinehanded is the priest here. He's a salty old man with a sharp memory and one peg-leg. He's far more interested in things you consider superstitious, and in telling old sea stories and singing shanties. BUT... You do learn he can provide spellcasting services up to 5th Level Cleric. For a price.

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Human Fighter 6 | HP 58/58 | AC 19 | Init +2

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows across the cobblestone streets, Caelius emerges from the barracks, clad in his sturdy uniform adorned with the emblem of the town. With a firm grip on his heavy, heavy weapon—a polished sword, he sets out on his patrol as it had been far too long.

His footsteps echo against the quiet facades of buildings, the rhythmic clink of armor a reassuring sound to some and a foreboding warning to others. Each corner turned reveals a new vista, from bustling market squares alive with merchants to the quieter alleyways cloaked in mystery and shadows.

His gaze is keen, flickering from one side to the other, observing the town's heartbeat. He exchanges nods and brief words with the late-night workers, acknowledging the innkeepers closing up for the night and the solitary figures hurrying home. A cat, startled by his presence, scampers away, its soft paws making little noise on the stone pathway.

The patrol takes him to the outskirts, where the faint scent of wood smoke hangs in the air. Here, he checks the town's defenses—ensuring gates are secure and the outer perimeter undisturbed. The night air is crisp, carrying with it the distant sounds of the forest, a reminder that the town is nestled within a larger world, susceptible to its whims.

Amidst the routine of the patrol, Caelius remains alert. He peers into dark corners, his eyes adjusting to the dimness, listening for any irregularities that might disrupt the night's peace. Occasionally, a rustle or a fleeting shadow draws their attention, prompting a cautious investigation.

Athletics: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

★ -- ★ -- ★ -- ★

In the heart of the town, where the barracks stand resolute against the backdrop of daily life, Caelius gathers with the others for their training and drills. The training grounds, a patch of cleared earth surrounded by sturdy wooden fences, buzzes with disciplined energy.

At the break of dawn, the clang of metal against metal resonates through the air as guards begin their day. Some engage in rigorous sparring sessions, the clash of swords and shields reverberating in a symphony of combat. Others practice precise maneuvers, their movements calculated and rehearsed, a dance of martial expertise.

Under the guidance of seasoned veterans, newer recruits are schooled in the fundamental arts of combat. They grasp wooden training weapons, their faces etched with determination and focus as they learn the intricate footwork and essential strikes. A grizzled instructor, marked by the scars of battles past, offers guidance with a stern but encouraging voice, instilling discipline and technique in equal measure.

In a corner of the training area, archers take their positions. Their bows creak with tension as arrows soar through the air, finding their mark with uncanny accuracy. Each shot is meticulously aimed, the archers honing their skills with relentless practice, striving for that perfect shot that might make all the difference in a crucial moment.

Amidst the physical training, mental exercises are also paramount. Caelius engages in tactical discussions, strategizing hypothetical scenarios, and refining his response protocols for various threats. He studies maps and layouts, familiarizing himself with the town's nooks and crannies, preparing for any eventuality.

Athletics: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

★ -- ★ -- ★ -- ★

As the week unfolds and the town bustles with activity, Caelius steps into a different role—one that involves interaction, empathy, and a touch of diplomacy. Clad in his uniform, he becomes a familiar sight amid the ebb and flow of daily life.

Approachable and steadfast, he weaves through the streets, his demeanor a blend of authority and approachability. He offers friendly nods and warm smiles to the townsfolk he encounters—a gesture that signifies not just duty, but a genuine connection to the community he protects.

At the marketplace, Caelius pauses to chat with vendors, exchanging pleasantries and sharing snippets of news. He lends a helping hand to an elderly merchant, assisting in unloading goods or offering to watch over a stall while the vendor tends to an urgent matter. These small acts of kindness forge bonds that transcend the uniform and evoke a sense of trust between the guards and the townspeople.

In the town square, children gather around Caelius, their eyes wide with curiosity as they listen to tales of valor and bravery. With a twinkle in his eye, recounts stories of past adventures, captivating the young audience and leaving them inspired by the tales of heroism.

As dusk settles, Caelius' role takes a more serious turn. He become a mediator in disputes, seeking resolutions that maintain peace and harmony within the community. With patience and impartiality, he listens to both sides, offering guidance and finding compromises that satisfy all parties involved.

Occasionally, a distressed citizen seeks him out for assistance—a lost child, a stolen heirloom, or a concern about suspicious activities. Caelius listens attentively, offering reassurance and swiftly mobilizing resources to address the issue, be it through investigation or coordinating with other authorities.

Athletics: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

Character Sheet

Pleased by the grace and generosity of his guild, he still donates his income from the week, and the extra 25gp, to the miner's orphans and widows fund. Every little bit helps.

He's otherwise very pleased with how things are going. He's moving in new circles now, and decides to move slowly so he can get his bearings.

He does of course support the Loyalists for he is a forward thinking young dwarf.

A little disappointed that the town isn't more religious, he's wise enough to understand he can't force it. Maybe he'll pay for some nice young priest to come to town and lead the people a bit. Certainly Wellgar isn't the guy. Certainly they can do better than Procan!

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Baron Belwick Donnamoor wrote:
When their feet touch the docks of Saltmarsh...

Belwick doesn't need to wait long for a response to his Sending. VERY quickly, he gets the reply: Look behind you silly boy!

He whips his head around to see Iliza with her arms crossed on the dock's edge, resting her head on her forearms. She smiles widely, turning big eyes on you.

"My Lord? You've put me into quite a predicament! How am I to maintain any mystique at all if I immediately answer to your summons? But you were so love sick for me, you were unable to find me even though I'm so close. I fear your feelings may have made you stupid."

You learn that she is the Emissary for The Merfolk and that she and her entourage are in nearby kelp beds while details of The Alliance against the Sahuagin are ironed out.


The week of carousing sees Belwick successfully making contacts among the wealthy and influential of this community. First you meet, rather than just encounter Gellan Primewater an outspoken Traditionalist. Gellan is well-spoken, very dapper, and dresses very fine. He's well known in Saltmarsh and he throws lavish parties every week. His wealth trickles down to the folk and he's very popular. He tries very hard to win you over to the Traditionalist side, and he spares no expense. You learn that you and your band are the talk of the town and everyone wants to be in with you.

You also meet Anders Solmor who is very hot right now, politically. He's a good egg--He is the youngest member of The Town Council and he sits in the middle betwist Traditionalists and Loyalists, concerned only with what's best for Saltmarsh. His mother died, suddenly and unexpectedly rather recently. He inherited her fleet of fishing vessels and he backs the local fishers for all he's worth. OF PARTICULAR NOTE... You learn Anders was the one to fund your initial quest into the haunted house and to the slavers. He hates pirates and slavery with a passion and does not mince words when it comes to The Sea Princes. He is young and brash with a smile that puts the dawn to shame.

Everyone can't help politick a little, but the main focus is on the Sahuagin threat, which has everyone's focus. Folk are shelving most political rivalries until that threat is dealt with.

Complications: 1d100 ⇒ 23... None.

Week 2... Shopping.

Issac is able to scrape together a Potion of Water Breathing and a jar of Keoghtom's Ointment with four doses. He apologizes for not being able to get more together but the adventure business is BOOMING in the wake of your exploits and he's having stock issues. 500 for the potion or 400 for the ointment.

He does shyly suggest... "Far be it from me to send someone to a competitor, but... The Quartermasters of Iuz might have what you're looking for if you're willing to make a... Literal... Devil's Bargain. I'm not sure how hard up you are."

Week 3... I'll post week 3 in a bit. It's a bit of an info dump.


Shopping Complications:1d100 ⇒ 9... OH DANG... Pending.


Issac darkens a little when he produces the flask and the jar.

"Huh. I hadn't noticed this bit before. That was careless."

He inverts the jar. On the bottom, etched in the glass is a cross, but each part of the cross is waved, like a flamberge.

He glowers, but then shakes off whatever he was concerned about.

"Sorry. This... This isn't typical, but... Do you know of The Company of Seven? Adventurers from back when. Keoghtom, who developed this ointment, was a member. His formula got out though and since then, lots of different folk got their hands on it. I've seen this mark before but I'll be damned if I can remember. Gives me the willies. Everything's been cleared of nefarious enchantments though. It's safe as can be."


1d100 ⇒ 22

During his week of research, your best information comes from Captain Fireborn's personal library--You'd heard that he collects rare books but you were not expecting the rather impressive collection he has. You actually can't imagine a better stocked personal library, and unlike certain wizards, he's happy to share. Especially with

persons such as yourself:
Persons appointed by the crown.

Belwick learns the following:

1. The Scarlet Brotherhood refers both to a hidden Empire someplace near The Flanaess and the Monastic Culture that rules it. 2. The Scarlet Brotherhood believes in Suel racial purity and superiority, and are heavy into their caste system and eugenics. 3. They rules The Sea Princes at one time, but civil war within The Hold of The Sea Princes drove them out.


Caelius, that was a LOVELY bit of prose. You earn a modest lifestyle for all three weeks.

Your third week, you find a lost girl who is a granddaughter of Eda Oweland, the senior member of the Saltmarsh Town Council. You know Eda to be gruff, and she swears better than anyone else in town. At the time you didn't think much of it--the child wasn't in any danger, just wandered off. Eda thanked you with a nod and a steely glance.

BUT... When you are checking out at the end of your week, Captain Fireborn pulls you aside and give you a purse.

"You're a good sort, Caelius, and I know you won't accept a reward, generally. But Eda thinks you're underpaid, and insisted you take this. She didn't want it to feel like a bribe--trust me, it isn't. If you start treating her any different, she'll have our hides. But she's fond of the girl and you went the extra mile. Eda will sit in no-one's debt."

You're handed a purse with 25 lions in it.

In addition, for a great post I'm awarding you Inspiration. I'll do RP awards once everyone has posted but you have certainly done your part.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

At the sight of Iliza the nobleman jumps up and rushes towards his merfolk lover. He just manages to toss assign his backpack before jumping into the water, taking her with him. A few seconds pass before Belwick surfaces, but despite the water's temperature his face is flushed. When Iliza pokes her head above the water he smiles and says, "I have so much I want to tell you. So many more than twenty-five words per day, O Mysterious One."

"Oh, I've a present for you," Belwick says, hauling his waterlogged body back onto the dock. He fishes around in his bag of holding, the sound of clinking metal easily heard. "Found it," he says, pulling out a gold bracelet with a single amethyst embedded in it. He walks over to Iliza and gives it to her. "It's not better than the gift you gave me, but please consider it a token of my affection."

He, naturally, spends a lot more time by the docks during the three weeks.
The jewelry would be worth 100gp, and will come out of Belwick's share


Belwick is surprised at how much he enjoys his time speaking with the well to do in Saltmarsh. He's polite but noncommittal with Gellan when it comes to supporting loyalists or traditionalists, citing his own ignorance but making a point of being willing to learn and hear his take.

With Anders he's able sympathize, what with both of his parents also having passed away. He connect with the man, having been tossed into familiar responsibility at a young age himself. He thanks the man for the initial opportunities to help Saltmarsh, letting him know that if there are other tasks the group can help with, he's willing to listen and bring them to the others.


"I appreciate what you've found, Issac. Alas, dealing with the Pactmasters is out of the question. I have too much to live for to find that avenue one I'm comfortable with. But if you can help convert this jewelry into coins, that would be greatly appreciated."
Belwick facilitates selling off the jewelry they found, with each PC instead having 166.66gp... except Belwick, who gets only 66.7gp

He considers what items the man has found, knowing full well that he can only afford one of them. "Fortunately I have been doing some of my own research regarding water breathing magic. I'm close to making a breakthrough, so the potion can wait. Might be in the future I can make own. But I will take that ointment off your hands."
Spending 400gp on Keoghtom's Ointment. I will accept whatever complication you've found here. BUT... does Belwick recognize the Company of Seven?


Belwick thanks Captain Fireborn for granting him access, commending him on the quality of his library. He tucks the knowledge he's gained away for now.

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Character Sheet Human Bard 6 (HPs 42/52) | Init +4 | Passive Perc 17; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 15 | Saves: Str +0; Dex +6; Con +6; Int +1; Wis +1; Cha +7 | Inspiration 0/1

As soon as the group parts ways, Alisanne makes her way to The Empty Nest. She's grown quite fond of her new companions, but The Empty Nest are her people and she feels the need to be back amongst some ne'erdowells.

Alisanne crashes through the front door of the tavern. Alright, you a~*+$#%s! Who's ready for some real music!

She strides up to the open patch of floor The Empty Nest calls a stage and kicks Derrin Blombough of his stool. She keeps kicking him until he's cleared the space.

Kreb Shenkar pauses from wiping out the mug he's cleaning with a filthy rag. He grins and starts pulling more mugs down, ready to pour. He knows Alisanne can get a crowd rowdy and a rowdy crowd wants to drink.

Alisanne spends the week playing and drinking, burning off all of the energy and any chance of self-reflection she has after a successful job.

Week 1, Carousing
Persuasion(Cha): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18
Assuming The Empty Nest is lower class for 10gp

While half drunk most of the week, Alisanne takes a dislike to a brash, young fop who thinks "slumming" with his buddies at The Empty Nest will improve his cachè with them. He shows up most nights that week, tossing coin around and generally being an ass. His repeated attempts to proposition Alisanne finally spurn her into action.

She spends the next week partying with the young man and his friends, learning their patterns and hang outs. After a exhausting and distasteful week in their company, Alisanne enacts her plan to fleece him of his coin and embarrass him to boot.

Week 2, Crime DC15
Stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24
Thieves Tools: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
Deception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Satisfied with her skullduggery, Alisanne spends the last week keeping her nose clean. She heads to either The Snapping Line or The Wicker Goat to perform and earn some easy coin.

Week 3, Work
Performance: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Comfortable lifestyle for 3 weeks, -28gp (42gp minus the week worked, -10gp carousing, -25 gp for Crime, +50gp for partially successful crime


Complications?: 1d100 ⇒ 50, Complications?: 1d100 ⇒ 25, Complications?: 1d100 ⇒ 96

Alisanne makes 1 Criminal Contact from The Empty NET. Do you want to create one or would you like me to do so?

Week 2 you've. got a handle on.

Week 3. 1d20 ⇒ 9

Nice post! Good details.


1d20 - 1 ⇒ (19) - 1 = 18, 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (19) - 1 = 18, 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Belwick thinks back to what he knows about the Company of Seven...
History: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

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Legendary adventurers. Many of them became Demigods, all of them have magic items or spells named after them:

Zagig Yragerne, a master wizard who joined (some say formed) this adventuring group early in his career.

Keoghtom, a jack of all trades who mastered magic, hunting, alchemy, and the Old Lore of the bards. Keoghtom was Zagig's closest confidante and the most inventive of the group.

Murlynd, a paladin of Heironeous and an insatiably curious artificer. "A Gunslinger", but you're not sure what that is.

Nolzur, a skilled illusionist and alchemist who applied his magic to his incredible artistic ability, creating pigments and paints that allowed him to perform wonders.

Quaal, a ranger of Flan descent whose interest in useful spells and magic, as opposed to sheer arcane power, served the company in good stead.

Heward, an accomplished bard whose mastery of both song and spell allowed him to channel powerful magic and incredible music through his instruments.

Tasha, a young apprentice wizard with a morbid sense of humor.

Flan Guide (HP via Roll20) | Init +1 | Passive Perc 16; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 14 | Saves: Str +5; Dex +3; Con +2; Int +2; Wis +2; Cha +0 | Inspiration 0/1 Mad Mardigan's Cheat Sheet | D&D Beyond

While he's grown to care about his newfound ka-tet, Venn's need for time alone grows to a point where it cannot be denied. He bids his farewell to the others, and makes a few stops before retreating to the solitude of candle and book.

First, he stops at a grocer. Restaurant food makes one fat when one eats too much. Additionally, restaurants are cursed with interesting people, and now is not the time.

Second, he stops by to buy a bottle of Elven wine. He does his level best to conduct his business in the eldertongue. It's proficient enough for most, but not for Venn.

He spends the week in quiet study, breaking out only to practice what he's learning. By week's end he gives himself a test, asking the sommelier out on a date of sorts, conducting himself in the manner of the elves in mannerism and language. He gauges his test by how the date ends...

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Female Fairy Rogue Swashbuckler (4) /Duelist Fighter (1) | HP 39 | Init +8 | AC 17 | Passive Per 14

Three weeks of downtime would be misery to Roberts who's energy levels are those of a child on Halloween.

Priority #1: Commission or inquire about the acquisition of some proper enchanted armor.
"A small thing I be .. so need something to keep me backside a bit safer.."

Priority #2: Start her land pirating, first her ship. Commission or inquire about the acquisition a custom wagon or 'ship'. It needs sails.
"See, I gets to thinking why pirate ships just on water? I mean lot more people on land. Doesn't need to be a huge galleon thing. I think fast be the key. Someday I put some proper fairy magic on it and skip the ground-touching-part entirely."

Priority #3: Drink, fight, thieve. In any order.
"What, like else do ye do?"

Drink: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15
Fight: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14
Stealth: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (2) + 11 = 13
Thieve: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11


Venn successfully learns the Elven language. Well done.

Embers... You hit up Issac for info on some enchanted armor.

"Sorry Captain. Enchanted Armor that is sized for someone such as yourself and that leaves you freedom to move is too rare and precious. We'll not find it being brokered anywhere, even with the Quartermasters of Iuz. But if you agree to pay me a finders fee, I might be able to get you a lead."

If you pay 50 Gold and spend a week of downtime, Reveal:
"The Elves of The Dreadwood would have this kind of magical protection. They won't sell it to you, but they may trade it for a service."

Complications?: 1d100 ⇒ 84 None.

Land ships... Carriages, Carts and Wagons are listed in the PHB. The more expensive, the better. You can easily purchase any of those. If you want one with a sail, we can talk about some customizations. No downtime needed.

Charisma Check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Complications?: 1d100 ⇒ 19 None.

Roberts spends a week carousing (drinking) and another week, "Pirating"... You take a job for Kreb Shenkar and mug a fancy-pants merchant who's passing through town. You manage to steal 50 Gold after your cut to Kreb is made. You can list Kreb in The Empty Net as a contact, and you pocket 50 Gold.


The first week you're back, life is relatively normal. A group of fishers take to harassing dwarves and merchants as they pass through town. Thankfully it doesn't escalate beyond jeering and cruel comments.

The Militia is called into service, however, when a tribe of gnolls moves into the area and starts attacking, seemingly at random. Security tightens up and the people of Saltmarsh bristle under Captain Fireborn's new rules and regulations.

Tensions are tested even further when the town gossip turns to rumors that the new Dwarven mine is failing and The Crown is going to award the Copperlock Dwarves rulership of Saltmarsh as compensation.

The following week [week 2], Gellan Primewater, in an effort to cool tempers (and play the Hero), imports a large number of fresh tropical flowers and fruits. His party that week is especially grand. The folk of Saltmarsh celebrate and sing his praises! The mood of the town turns however, when after the party and acting on an anonymous tip, The Guard conducts a search for smuggled contraband. Many goods are confiscated and three well loved local fishers are arrested and jailed. Gellan Primewater uses this as an opportunity to rally against, "tyrannical", measures by Fireborn and vows to make Saltmarsh great again.

As week two ends, a well armed courier arrives with a crate filled with gold bars stamped with The Crook of Rao and a scroll case. In the scroll case are two beautifully penned letters addressed to Belwick. One is a thank-you from Aubreck and the other is from Belwick's sister. Issac takes his promised cut and the rest is yours.

The Party gains 10,000 Gold Pieces worth of gold trade bars.

The courier is an unsmiling man with a shaved head, well dressed with a Furyondy accent. You definitely do not want to Eff with him. He has you sign a receipt and leaves.

The third week sees a sharp uptick in pirate activity. The Hold of The Sea Princes takes a number of ships. Everyone is tense and on edge until fortunes turn: Captain Fireborn leads the militia into the Dreadwood to put down the Gnolls. The action is successful, and Caelius distinguishes himself against the demonic creatures. The additional security measures are eased with the swift and decisive defeat of the Retchtongue Gnolls. Also... The fishing is outstanding this week, and the council calls for a day of feasting. Political enemies have a chance to mend fences and turn towards... The Final Enemy!

The Party earns 250 Experience Points for Roleplaying--Downtime posts were great across the board.

Bonus XP Opportunity: Write out and post one of the letters or you can react post to any of the town events. Might earn you some XP. Anyone can post Aubreck's letter, but check with Chapman before you post anything from Belwick's sister.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Belwick opens the letter from Rosamunde, letting the others read the letter from Aubreck. The nobleman takes a deep breath and begins reading.

Dear Brother,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. It's been far too long since your last letter, and even longer still since you visited.

When Aubreck returned with the deed for our home I was overjoyed. When he told me that you, of all people, recovered it from the shipwreck I was shocked. What are you doing slumming about in Saltmarsh? Should you not be trying to curry favour at court? I don't need to remind you how father would feel about it, but I will: he would be mortified. Were he alive, it'd have sent him to an early grave!

I don't know what you're up to, and I'm sure you won't tell me. It doesn't matter that I've been an adult for over a decade and can handle myself just fine. So I won't pry. But please stay healthy, Belwick. You may not think so, but I miss my big brother. You're overdue to visit, and I'll make sure the guest quarters are immaculate when you arrive.

Lastly, please don't fret about Donnamoor Manor. I'm making sure that Aubreck sorts out the debts, and he's hired people to renovate the west wing. He's promised to back it to its former majesty. I'm just looking forward to having a library again. One that is once more stocked with books to read. I miss what we had, but I know you did what you felt needed to be done.

May Berei be with you, guiding you to our doorstep. Come home soon. Love you, Bel.

Your sister,

P.S: I thought you might be interested in knowing that your old teacher paid a visit recently. Still an odd fellow. He sends his regards.

Belwick reads the letter three times before folding it and stowing it in his backpack. When he looks up he asks, "What did Aubreck have to say?"


Belwick earns the party 250 Experience Points.

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Character Sheet

Backtracking slightly if that's OK - I forgot something. Baghotir will translate some of his wealth into diamonds. 300gp worth for now, but he makes it clear to the merchants he's on the hunt for more.

If he can't get that much, he gets as much as he can for now. Let me know.


Totally, any shopping like that is fine.

Once Venn, Caelius and Embers level, something will happen.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Per Slack, Belwick also has Issac acquire a scroll of Mage Armor...

Belwick thanks Issac, passing him the coins needed for the scroll he'd found. "Now, I simply need some special inks and I can get to work adding this bit of knowledge to my book."

DC 11 Arcana check to Scribe Scroll: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21
Success. 50gp to find the scroll, 75gp to buy it, and 50gp to scribe it to his spellbook

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Character Sheet Human Bard 6 (HPs 42/52) | Init +4 | Passive Perc 17; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 15 | Saves: Str +0; Dex +6; Con +6; Int +1; Wis +1; Cha +7 | Inspiration 0/1

Alisanne opens the letter, and in her best Aubrek imitation she reads,

Dear Belwick,

I hope the payment of gold finds you and your friends well. You were worth every ounce.

My meeting with the Church of Rao went smoothly and I am back in the good graces of your sister. We’ve moved back into Donnamoor Manor and are working towards restoring it to its former glory and beyond. There are still some minor issues left to resolve with the estate and finances, but those should all be handled soon. Paperwork and bureaucracy; time will bring an end to it promptly. I have several new ventures I’m excited about capitalizing on.

Your sister misses you dearly. If your travels ever bring you homeward, you must come by and stay. We’ll have rooms waiting for you, always. If you’re amenable, I wouldn’t mind bending your ear to some of those opportunities and hearing your thoughts on them.

Until we meet again, good luck in all of your endeavors. And be safe. Your sister would be inconsolable if anything were to happen to you.

Best wishes,

Aaaaw! Belwick! Widdle sister misses her big brudda so much! Ha! Sounds like they're doing alright! To our good fortunes, the first round in on me!

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Belwick chuckles. "Aye, dear Rosie is turning into a softy. But enough of that, let's have that drink!"

Human Fighter 6 | HP 58/58 | AC 19 | Init +2

With his sack of gold in hand Caelius secures it in is footlocker with a clasp. Practising a speech in his head he knocks onto Captain Fireborns door. "Sir, are you in?" He awaits a response before entering and offering a salute. "Sir, I know I have only been with the company a short while now but I feel that I have proven my worth. I would like to take on more responsibility and take a test for promotion to earn my plate armor among the guard. I have the gold to try."

Flan Guide (HP via Roll20) | Init +1 | Passive Perc 16; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 14 | Saves: Str +5; Dex +3; Con +2; Int +2; Wis +2; Cha +0 | Inspiration 0/1 Mad Mardigan's Cheat Sheet | D&D Beyond

Taciturn and solitary as usual, Venn spends his time wandering around and watching. When Primewater's flowers and fruits arrive, the ranger turns sour. A man's demonstration of 'mastery' over nature by pulling her from her home to flaunt elsewhere.

Venn makes note of each of species and where they're from. Nature: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22. Once he's completed his list, he writes a short note:

Reynard Yargrove of the Sheldomar Valley,
I am remiss for not checking in with you first, but Obad'hai's winds have taken me afar. Your reputation of disdain for Beory's gifts being used for flaunting is known, but apparently not to the locals here. I've enclosed a list of species if you'd like to take action. I apologize on their behalf, and offer this skin as recompense. The meat was nourishing.

Venn will spend whatever it takes to hunt, butcher, skin, and tan a deer. He takes one meal for himself and gives the rest to any local rangers and Old Faith initiates.

Character Sheet Human Bard 6 (HPs 42/52) | Init +4 | Passive Perc 17; Invest. 12; Insight 12 AC 15 | Saves: Str +0; Dex +6; Con +6; Int +1; Wis +1; Cha +7 | Inspiration 0/1

Oh, dear DM, who did Alisanne find as a contact during her carousing?

After the weeks have passed and the group has settled in to dinner some night, Alisanne offers a toast.

We are well and truly the gems of Saltmarsh. To us and our continued success!

She drinks down her full glass of wine.

Speaking of which, what are we up to next? Do we know the current disposition of the sahaguin or the new coalition? Or are there some other fortunes for us to find? Perhaps a visit to a sister pining for her brother?

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet
Alisanne wrote:
Do we know the current disposition of the sahaguin or the new coalition?

"Allow me to speak with Iliza on the topic of the Sahuagin. They are a menace, and one that we need to ensure does not trouble the waters of this area."

DM - Unlikely that this would have come up in their previous conversations... Or would she have told him something?

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Caelius Burningseeker wrote:
With his sack of gold in hand Caelius secures it in is footlocker with a clasp. Practising a speech in his head he knocks onto Captain Fireborns door. "Sir, are you in?" He awaits a response before entering and offering a salute. "Sir, I know I have only been with the company a short while now but I feel that I have proven my worth. I would like to take on more responsibility and take a test for promotion to earn my plate armor among the guard. I have the gold to try."

Eliander Fireborn is still impressive, despite his advancing age. His intelligent eyes regard you and he waves you inside. He hobbles a bit and for the first time you notice that he doesn't walk particularly well. And you suddenly realize that it's always been a bit off--he's just normally hiding it better than this.

He leads you into his impressive library and over to his desk. He opens a box and produces two brown rolled cylinders that smell of spice and tobacco. He offers you one.

"Bite the end, but not completely off. Taste the smoke but do not take it into your lungs. Sit with me awhile."

He offers you flame from a strange stick and a light, but does not think ill of you if you refuse.

"Lieutenant... I've already completed your writ. I'm officially here as an advisor and an observer, and have taken command of the guard over the protestations of many. My loyalty is to my King first, and these fine folk a very close second. But Keoland comes first. So..."

He produces for you a writ, endorsed with his own seal.

"Here. Give this to the forgemaster at The Dwarven Anvil, the Saltmarsh town smithy. Your armor should be ready now. I've been preparing for this. The promotion will come soon enough--sooner than I can tell you right now--and I'm ashamed to say that it will come with provisions. The town council will tell you about it."

He gazes off into the smoke. He suddenly turns to you and asks,

"Where is your loyalty, Lieutenant Burningseeker? To King Skotti, and Keoland, or to Saltmarsh? If steps need to be taken to protect and serve The Crown, will you follow my commands?"

You have the writ which will permit you to purchase a suit of Full Plate Armor, regardless of how you answer.

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Alisanne Skullfist wrote:
Oh, dear DM, who did Alisanne find as a contact during her carousing?

You meet a gal named Dash. Pixie haircut, though she's anything but manic--she's RELAXED, and she likes to boast. She boasts that her ship, The Forerunner, can outrun anything in the water, be it Sea Prince Pirate, Keoland Navy Frigate, or Sahuagin Monster. After a bunch of drinks, and an awkward and unsuccessful attempt by Kreb to talk both of you into a joint romantic adventure, you learn that Dash is a smuggler and adventurer for hire. You can call upon her if you wish.

Human Fighter 6 | HP 58/58 | AC 19 | Init +2

"My loyalty are to the citizens themselves. I serve the King and Keoland as long as they still serve the people first. If steps need to be taken to protect and serve The Crown against the people I shall serve that purpose as sometimes people need saved from themselves as well." He turns a bit red. "Sorry if that seems confusing but it is not a simple question." He folds the writ up into his pocket.

Caelius Burningseeker wrote:
"My loyalty are to the citizens themselves. I serve the King and Keoland as long as they still serve the people first. If steps need to be taken to protect and serve The Crown against the people I shall serve that purpose as sometimes people need saved from themselves as well." He turns a bit red. "Sorry if that seems confusing but it is not a simple question." He folds the writ up into his pocket.

Captain Fireborn smiles sadly and drops his gaze.

"The World would be a better place if all men were as, 'confused', in their answers as you. Thank you. The Council will summon you and your companions soon. Cheers."

Human Fighter 6 | HP 58/58 | AC 19 | Init +2

"Thank you Sir!" Caelius offers another salute as he departs with his writ in hand. In the back of his mind he wonders if his answer was sufficient enough. Either way it is the only answer he would be able to live with himself with.

Purchasing Plate Armor.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Still drinking with the others, Belwick retrieves his prized shell. To Alisanne he says, "Let me pose the question about the Sahuagin to an expert of the sea."

Activating the magic of the sending shell with a whispered command word, Belwick speaks with Iliza.

Sending to Iliza:
"Love, a question: what are the Sahuagin up to? Do I need to rally my friends to fight them? Thanks, you Beauty of the Sea."


Sending To Belwick:
The response is serious and focused without a hint of play, which is unusual for Iliza. It is laced with anxiety.The Enemy is building forces. You and your companions will be summoned. Dangerous Mission. I can't say more. I will look different. We will talk.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Belwick relays what he hears back from Iliza. "Well friends, it appears that we'll be getting a summons soon, specifically about the sahuagin. Apparently their forces are gathering, and we will be called forth for a mission with some danger."

He takes another sip from his drink before adding, "So it seems like we can afford to enjoy these tasty beverages for a time, knowing that we'll be called away for yet more adventure."

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Female Fairy Rogue Swashbuckler (4) /Duelist Fighter (1) | HP 39 | Init +8 | AC 17 | Passive Per 14

Embers sits at a table (where ever the party is), mulling over the gold she now sits upon. The glint is pretty, but the getting was the good part. Now it's just heavy and boring.

And then it dawns on her, she knows exactly what to do with it!

She grabs several bags of coin and overloads herself (she's no where strong enough to handle all this easily) and first goes to Belwick "fer ye tower or what ever" and tosses him bag (1K) without waiting for any response.

She then takes the rest out to edge town and waits till a little darker to do some proper stealthin'. She flies all over the place. Hiding coins on people, around homes, shops, ships ... basically anywhere and everywhere (1.5K).

She can steal some back over time or maybe a monster will kill a town folk, take the gold and she'll then kill it adventurin'. Oh, maybe a pirate will take some and can have a proper sword fight, winner take all!

Oh the gettin' could be very good.

Human Noble Wizard 6 (HP: 32/32) | Init +2 | AC 12 (15 w/Mage Armor) | Passive Perc 10; Invest. 14; Insight 10 | Saves: Str -1; Dex +2; Con +1; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2 | Inspiration 1/1 | Buffs: Mage Armor | Character Sheet

Belwick blinks for several moments, simply too flabbergasted by the gesture from the pirate. The pirate. Who simply gave him a treasure chest's worth of gold coins to a nobleman. Most people want wealth to flow against the tide, and here it was... flowing into a Baron's pockets.

It's only after Embers in the Sky has flown out to perform whatever deeds she gets up to that Belwick finds his voice. It's little more than a whisper. "Thank you."

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I award Heroic Inspiration and 300 Experience Points to each of you for roleplaying.

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The days that follow are filled with gossip about the unexpected coins that show up here and there. The children of Saltmarsh are particularly delighted, finding coins in shoes, in pockets, in pantries... Many families who were stressed about making ends meet get an unexpected and welcome windfall, and many children find extra for sweets. Indeed, squeals of delight seem to echo through the town for days. Tales of helpful firey fairies will be told in town for a long, long time.

Gellan Primewater is clearly annoyed. The gesture by this unknown benefactor overshadows his parties and mad acts of generosity. He, unsuccessfully, tries to take credit for it and that attempt is just kind of ignored by everyone.

You six are summoned to a special council session. You arrive at the council chambers and are greeted by the council: Eda Oweland, Gellan Primewater, Anders Solmor, Eliander Fireborn, Manistrad Copperlocks.

Also in attendance are two Lizardfolk Knights whom you met during your previous adventure to their lair: Garurt and Vyth. You remember them as being serious and taciturn, but don't know anything else about them.

The Locathah are represented by a hunter named Sakith. He's a bipedal fish and is as readable a person as that sounds.

You are all surprised to see standing for the Merfolk, both figuratively and literally, is Iliza. She is upright, as if on legs. A long skirt covers her below the waist and sweeps the ground, which she fidgets with. She does not visibly react to your entry into the chamber.

It is Anders Solmor who speaks first, greeting you, his smile is infectious.

"Ah! The Champions of Saltmarsh have arrived. Thank you--Lieutenant Burningseeker and companions, for coming before us this day. Saltmarsh, and the Coastal Alliance have need of you again and ask for your aid. The Merfolk, The Locathah and The Lizardfolk of Othokent are ready to end the Sahuagin threat that we all face. The Lizardfolk have sent Scaleshields, Garurt and Vyth, and their dozen soldiers to Saltmarsh. They have made camp nearby and their numbers will grow by the day. The Locathah and Merfolk both have similar camps in the coves surrounding Saltmarsh as well. We intend a joint-strike operation that will end this threat. In order to effectively and decisively attack and end the Sea Devils, we need intelligence. That is what we have summoned you all for. Salvager Iliza?"

Iliza speaks, her tone is matter-of-fact.

"Thank you, Councilman Solmor. Yes. In order to plan this attack, we need to know more--The Sahuagin have shut themselves in and are preparing something, but we can't know what without getting inside. My people have scouted the seas surrounding the Sahuagin fortress, and we've determined that the only way into their stronghold is by land. The Tribe of Othokent is gathering and preparing for the assault, and The Merfolk and Locathah can't approach from the shore. This task, this reconnaissance, must be done by Saltmarsh. Your champions are the only hope for success."

Captain Fireborn speaks now.

"Champions. We need you to determine the strength and disposition of The Sahuagin. How many warriors, lieutenants and other battle-worthy troops they can muster."

Manistrad Copperlocks adds, "Aye. And what defensive measures the devils have taken. Traps, other unexpected surprises they may have. What areas of the fortress are particularly nasty or harder to crack. And what are the weaknesses?"

Eda Oweland interjects, "I'm no strategist, but we should know where their King..."

The Locathah trills out, "Baroness would be closer. Sahuagin are led by their females, and don't swear to any Monarch but Sekolah."

Eda continues, "%$@&... Fine, Baroness then. Where their bosses are is the point."

Gellan Primewater pipes in, not to be outdone, "Oh! And what preparations they have made for us! What kinds of SURPRISES will be unleashed by these unholy Sea Devils! Gastly!"

Anders retakes the floor and he finishes. "So... Champions of Saltmarsh. Can we count on you all for this quest?"

The Coastal Alliance awaits your response.

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