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It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet | (Completed Rise of the Runelords)

Level 16:

HP +10
Ability boost +1 Str
New spells +4 boost from Ruenforge spellbooks
true seeing
create demiplane
transfer tattoo
K. arcana
K. history*
K. planes
Linguistics* (Aklo)
Use Magic Device x2

Retired to Taldor?

level 16:

14 lvl rogue
HP + 8
+ 1 BAB, Ref save, dexterity
Advanced Rogue Talent: feat: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
+ 1 to skills: acrobatics, disable device, escape artist, knowledge: (dungeoneering), (History), (local), perception, perform, sleight of hand and stealth.
+ 1 to hero points

It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet | (Completed Rise of the Runelords)

Can't check the map right now, but Izomandakus has 20' reach with his bite attack (others are 15').

Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

Ahh gotcha. You get an AoO on the draw then, for she expected a 15' reach and doesn't have a magical pack. :)

Silver Crusade

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M Half Orc Cleric 16/Init +1/ HP 131/ 131 // AC: 29/ 22/T:14/FF:21 - Percep: +15/ F 16/R 13/W 21 /CMB 14 - CMD 25

I will be out of town for a week. Bot me if needed.

Retired to Taldor?
GM Euan - Rise wrote:
Feel free to try things if you wish, but the knowledge you seek is unknown in Golarion. Perhaps the knowledge exists on other planes of existance.

Back to Leng?

Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

Technically you are in both Golarion and Leng currently...

Yes there is a chamber you've skipped (two actually), but neither will teach you how to destroy the sphere from here. To save you a little frustration. :)

My last in game post referred to spells like contact other plane, legend lore, etc. For the most part.

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It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet | (Completed Rise of the Runelords)

After GMing this campaign for my friends in recent years, it was fixed in my mind the desire to play a wizard and explore all the goodies of Thassilonian magic. I remember myself toying with the idea of some of the wizards in the Runeforge escaping into the world (in fact Izomandakus is a name taken directly from the book). So when Euan asked me if I could create a melee combatant instead for it seemed the group would be lacking in that respect, I challenged myself to stick with the wizard idea and find out how to make one viable in melee, researching on the guides and boards to make it work.

I am more than satisfied with the end result, Izomandakus will probably stay as one the most memorable characters I have created and played, and the company around completely enhanced the experience and turned it into a shared success.

Three years. Three years of roleplaying, epic moments and vibrant fights.

Rise of the Runelords was the first AP that I enrolled in when I started playing on these boards. That was 9 years ago. The character was a ranger that finished his days dying at Mokmurian’s hands after 7 years of a campaign crawling to a halt.

I have finished long campaigns before, some of them Adventure Paths, but it is the first time I do it as a player, and playing the same character from level 1 to the end with the same roleplaying group.

If you had told me that could be done in PbP in such a short time, without worsening the quality of the roleplay or cutting significant sections, I would have not believed it.

It speaks to the truly outstanding interest and talent that has been playing for this campaign. The ungrateful labor of the GM is often singled out as the reason for an adventure to succeed or fail, but I want to highlight, it is ultimately a collective task, and the world of complicities and the inter-party dialogue the players build, is the main engine that pushes the GM to keep going and doing to the best of the GM abilities and free time.

In that regard, I want to thank the Kasts, Seamuses and Megs/Valenas for their care and devotion to this little epic story we have made up together. The number of evenings, and nights, that you filled with good gaming, camaraderie, fun and good narrative, are countless and worthless. They have by sure contributed to keep my stability and joy at healthy levels at dire moments when the end of the World seemed to be descending upon us. I want to also give a mention to Kitty, Hasslo and Rastaf for their perhaps smaller but still positive contribution.

Finally, I cannot thank Euan enough for his leadership, patience, consistency and stability. It is going to be strange for a time not to have those regular posts available to indulge in the roleplaying hobby. Not everyday one has the chance to play a dragon and a pig on the same campaign, and here you let me play way more than that. Thanks a lot for that chance Euan!

Life changes, and with my current situation I would lie if I said I am not grateful for that liberated 15-45 minutes a day. It comes in a moment of much need. But I hope things will change in a year or so, and I can have the chance of another adventure with all of you.

But well, let’s not be too sad, we are going to keep playing elsewhere or at some other time in the boards. So long life to Sandpoint’s club of the Sihedron! For many hours of wine drinking and, maybe, some secret kisses.

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