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Full Name

Bahram al-Urgug




Bard (archaeologist) / 5 HP 33/33 | AC 18 F 15 T 12 | Init +2 | F +5 R +9 W +7 | Perception (+7) | Darkvision 60'












Common, orc, draconic

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Bahram al-Urgug "Jack"

Bahram Al-Urgug
Half-orc Bard(Archaeologist) 5
HP 15
AC 18/15/12
Fort +5 Ref +9 Will +7
+1 vs poison and disease
CMD 14, Init +2
Perception +7
Darkvision 60'
17 Years old
Alignment: CN
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16

PFS#: 340520-1
XP: 39
PP: 24

BAB +3
+1 Greataxe +7 (1d12+4) x3
Shortsword +5 (1d6+2) 19/20 x2

Short bow +5 (1d6) x3

---Special attacks---
Arcane strike +1 dmg
Archaeologists luck +2 10rds/day

Arcane Strike
Weapon focus (great axe)

---Special Abilities---
Archaeologists luck +2 10rds/day
Sacred Tattoo - +1 luck bonus to saving throws
Rock Climber +1 acrobatics and climb
Clever explorer + 1/2 lvl to DD
Uncanny dodge
Trap Sense +1
Shadow Duplicate (rogue talent)
Lore Master 1/day
Fate's Favored +1 to all luck bonuses
Trapfinder +1 disable device and it is a class skill
Orc, Common, Draconic

Acrobatics +7 (2 dex, 1 rank, +1 rock climber, +3 cs)
Appraise +6 (2 int, 1 rank, 3 cs)
Climb +7 (2 str, 1 rank, +1 rock climber, +3 cs,)
Dipomacy +10 (3 cha, 4 rank, 3 cs)
Disable Device +12 (2 dex, 4 rank, +1 trapfinder, 3 cs, +1/2 lv)
Knowledge +4 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 Bardic kn., 3 cs)
kn. Arcana +8 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 Bardic kn., 3 cs)
Kn. Dungeoneering +8 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 Bardic kn., 3 cs)
Kn. Engineering +8 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 bardic kn., 3 cs)
Kn. Geography +8 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 bardic kn., 3 cs)
kn. local +10 (2 int, 3 rank, +2 bardic knowledge, 3cs)
kn. nature +8 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 bardic knowledge, 3cs)
kn. religion +8 (2 int, 1 rank, +2 bardic knowledge, 3cs)
Perform oratory +8 (3 cha, 2 rank, 3cs)
Perception +7 (0 wis, 4 rank, 3cs)
Spellcraft +7 (2 int, 2 rank, 3 cs)
Stealth +7 (2 dex, 2 rank, 3 cs)
Use Magic Device +8 (3 cha, 2 rank, 3 cs)

Spells known: 6 0th, 4 1st, 3 2nd
Spells per day: 0th: 6 1st: 5, 2nd: 3
Spell List:
0th: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Disrupt undead, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation
1st: Cure light wounds, Silent Image, Grease, vanish
2nd: Heroism, Mirror Image, Shadow anchor

+1 Greataxe, Shortbow, Quiver w/ 20 arrows, Shortsword, +1 chain shirt, mw buckler, Dawnflower Sash, clw wand 2/5, clw wand 40/50, Brass patronage ring of Al-Sahba High priestess of Saranrae (spins in hand), Wayfinder, Robe of resistance +2
pack: chalk, thieve's tools, 3 Trail rations, 2 water skins, scroll of hide from undead, scroll of protection from evil.
gp 4749
Carrying Capacity: Light Load-58 lbs, Medium Load-116 lbs
Current load: 55lbs

Bot me:
If within range of his great axe, Bahram will step up and take a swing, flanking if possible. If it looks like a tough opponent, he will use a round of luck bonus, granting him +2 attack and damage. If it is too far away, he will move up.

PFS statistics:

Scenarios completed:
#5–01: The Glass River Rescue
#9-01: The Cost of Enlightenment
The Prince of Augustana
The Confirmation
Delirium's Tangle
The Consortium Compact
The Horn of Aroden
Blazing Dangerous Trails, Part 1
#7-14 Faithless and Forgotten, Part 1: Let Bygones Be
Faithless and Forgotten part 2
#7-18 Faithless and Forgotten 3
#10-14 Debt to the Quah
Down the Verdant Path

Boons available:
Initiate's Edge: Restorative Wand

Visions of the Void
Before rolling a skill check, you can cross off this boon to add 1d6–2 to your result.

High Priestess' Patronage
+2 Diplomacy in Qadira and vs. Sarenrae worshipers

Explore, record, cooperate
Society mission augury

Friend of Janira Gavix
+1 kn. in grand lodge

rescued the minotaur prince
+1 int and cha checks in absolom

Inside knowledge
+2 kn. vs. Aspis Consortium

Lord Avid's Recommendation
+2 cha skills vs. nobility on Isle of Kortos

Chalice Champion
+2 chase checks

Elemental Investigator
Resisting the Gossamer King
Heroes of Magnimar

Infused Extracts

Being born of a Keleshite mother and Orcish father, Bahram's coloring is rather interesting. His Bronze human and green orc hue create a dark ruddy green. He wears baggy white bohemian genie pants that are tight at the ankle. He wears no shirt, just a leather jerkin covered with mahogany wooden plates. His bare arms are covered in black tribal tatoos that are difficult to discern against his ruddy skin. He also sports two smears of ink below each aye, akin to an American Football player. He has a black pointy beard that matches his dark hair.

Bahram was born of a Keleshite mother and orc father.
Bahram's life started while his mother was working as part of an archaeologist team, digging up an old ruin when an orc war party fell upon them. Some time later, His mother, having given birth to such a painful reminder of the harm done to her people and an affront to the Garundi heritage, had to fight hard in order to protect Bahram. Things were especially difficult for Bahram since his mother insisted on him knowing of his orcish lineage as well as her own. He was raised under her skirts and worked hard in helping her on her archaeology digs.

As Bahram became older, and stronger, the humans surrounding him became less tolerant of his presence. In a final attempt to shelter her ill begotten son, his mother declared Bahram a full fledged archaeologist in his own right and assigned him his new life's quest. He was to go forth into the world and search for the ancient artifacts once belonging to the Osirion people.

Bahram was not long into his journey before he began to wonder if his mother's "glorious mission" was nothing more than attempt to free him of his human counterpart's reprisal. Or perhaps he truly his meant for greatness in restoring Osirion to it's former glory.