Qstor's PFS #10-04: Reaver's Roar (7-11) (FULL)

Game Master Qstor

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Liberty's Edge

male PFS VL in MD

The party clears up there area and some hours later return to Roslar’s Coffer with the helmet and with news of the red reaver’s defeat, the towsfolk of the outpost are ecstatic. They begin collecting the red flags from the trees, pinning them to their tunics over their hearts and draping
them from their windows.

As the day wears on, the flags are pulled down and set alight in a huge bonfire in the town square. Talk abounds about reclaiming old homes and contacting old neighbors and family who left the area. The people declare the day a new local holiday to be celebrated every year.
Gorm greets the the partys outside the inn. He shakes the
your hands, and after receiving the helmet from the party he
treats them to a great feast at his expense. He also rewards you handsomely in gifts for the helmet, and gazes at it
often during the feast, examining its markings, occasionally
making notes between bouts of merriment.

After a night’s rest at the Toothless Pike, the party receives
word from Ollysta Zadrian. She is working with Shevar Besnik
to bring a number of refugees from Roslar’s Coffer back to the
area along with a number of soldiers from Three Pine’s Ford
and should arrive in a few days to begin securing the Bastion.

The End

Dark Archive

male Elf Alchemist 10
|AC 19, T 14, FF 15|HP: 60/60|F +9, R +12, W +3 (+4 vs poison/+2 vs fear/contact disease/+1 vs inhaled disease/poison/stench)|Init +4, Perc +17|CMB +8 CMD 22|18/18 Bombs, 1/1 Mutagen, 10/10 Healing, 1/1 Tattoo

To some of the others' surprise, Dr. Vitruvian attends the feast. He eats better than you've seen him do so thus far, but that's saying very little indeed. A change appears to have come over him; his punishing exercise regimen seems to be through, and his high-strung demeanor has given way to an unnatural serenity.

He retires early from the feast, but rather than head to bed, he heads outside, ostensibly for a bit of stargazing.

That night, there is a fierce blizzard, and none of you recall seeing him return before then...but when you set out in the early morning after the storm has subsided, you need not search very far. He is still there just a few strides from the front door, chest-deep in virgin snow, watching the sunrise with a sanguine expression on his face.

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