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I will add the required background choices for the Doomsday Dawn Part 1 (DDP1) later when I'm at home. For now, just go ahead and start discussing and building Level 1 characters!

I'm aiming to start swiftly as we need to catch up to the current Playtest period. :D

Yay, so as I said in chat. I'm thinking of an Ulfen cleric. I've no idea of traits and stuff, with the usual couple of God's, Cayden or Callistra.

Human of course.

I dunno wut.

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@Treppa: Weren’t you wanting to do a Barbarian? Or was your statement about something else?

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For your reference, here are the Character Background choices for The Lost Star, Part 1 of Doomsday Dawn. These are also located in the Campaign tab as well.

The Lost Star Character Backgrounds:

During character creation, players each select a background for their characters. In Doomsday Dawn, players must select from the following unique character backgrounds while creating characters for “The Lost Star.” See pages 38–39 of the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook for more on backgrounds.

Budding Osirionologist: The secrets buried in the seemingly endless sands of the nation of Osirion have long intrigued you, even though you’ve never actually visited the nation. Some day, you hope to correct that.

  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You gain the Terrain Stalker (rubble) feat, and you’re trained in the Ancient Osirion Lore skill.

    Esoteric Scion: One of your family members belongs to a semi-secret society called the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. You’ve long held an interest in perhaps some day joining the order and have studied strange topics in preparation for that day.

  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Intelligence or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You gain the Quick Identification feat, and you’re trained in the Esoteric Order Lore skill.

    Family Friend: Your family has been friends with the Deverins of Magnimar for a generation, and you’ve grown accustomed to hobnobbing with the aristocracy even if you have little or no interest in such matters.

  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Charisma or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You gain the Hobnobber feat, and you’re trained in the Nobility Lore skill.

    Goblin Renegade: You had been working with a gang of goblin burglars, but that new leader was no good. It took a lot of guts to stand up to him, but you survived! Now you’re stuck with the longshanks, but maybe you can get back at the old boss.

  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You gain the Quick Repair feat, and you’re trained in the
    Criminal Lore skill.

    Mind Quake Survivor: As a child, you once woke from a particularly harrowing nightmare, and this nightmare has plagued you ever since. You’ve had strange thoughts and knowledge that you always felt weren’t truly your own.

  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You gain the Dubious Knowledge feat, and you’re trained in the Dominion of the Black Lore skill.

    Pathfinder Hopeful: You’ve long wanted to join the adventurous Pathfinder Society, a world-spanning organization of relic hunters. This aspiration has led you to take up the dangerous life of an adventurer eager to make a name for yourself and gain the attention of the Pathfinder Society.

  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Strength or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You gain the Additional Lore feat, and you’re trained in the Pathfinder Society Lore skill.

  • Dot!

    I take it someone might choose to play another spellcaster & will learn 'Aura Read' & 'Detect Magic'? Just making sure not to double up on spells.... which is tricky, the pdf is terrible to flick through for spells.

    And wow, Divine spells are not great. Other than heal that is.

    Ancestry: Human (Ulfen), (2 Free Ability Boosts) Wisdom, Cha.
    HP: 8
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 25'
    Languages: Skald
    Ancestry Feat: Natural Ambition (+1 Class Feat) [Deadly Simplicity (+damage) or Healing Hands +1d8 to all healing]
    Background: Probably Mind Quake Survivor, but alternatively the usual Family Friend.
    Ability Boost: Wisdom, Cha/Int
    Feat: /Hobnobber biscuit feat, how nice
    Lore Skill: /Nobility

    Four Free Ability Boosts: Wis, Dex, Cha, Int

    Class: Cleric
    Class DC: 14 (pg290)
    HP: 8+Con
    Class Boost: Wisdom
    Proficiencies: Perception (T); Fort (E), Ref (T), Will (E)
    Signature Skills: Diplomacy, Medicine, Performance, Religion & Deception/Athletics (Which I'll spend skill points to be trained in)
    Weapons: Simple & Deity [Whip/Rapier] (T)
    Armour: Light, Medium, Shields
    Features: Divine Casting - 2x1st (Magic Weapon, Heal) & 4 Cantrips (Chill Touch, Light, Message, Prestigidation) [forbidding ward]
    Deity: Calistria/Cayden
    Domain: Passion Spell Points:~3 for Charm Touch
    Channel Energy: (3+cha)~6/day for Heal

    Background: Rising from the rumpled bedsheets, sleep eluding them with any fragments being spoiled by the incessant nightmares. X walked to the balcony and past the fluttering gossamer curtains. The wind of the steaming sea held a warm note of sweet sand in stark contrast with the briny industrial smell of the port. Nothing like the Northern climes they were brought up in, before the Ulfen wanderlust took hold.

    Constantly being drawn south away from the homelands, was this fate or their Gods will? Contemplating upon the balcony above the city, their glistening body in the hoary moonlight. A sudden chill runs up the spine causing a shiver, an omen or simply lack of clothes?

    Looking back at the figure on the well-appointed bed, face-down amongst the silken sheets. 'Done the job.' X thinks simply, before pulling on a fur cloak and descending the stairs outside.

    I think I've done that right, with a couple of indecisions. I'm leaning towards Calistria, since I've not played a worshipper of her yet.

    Now, I'm not sure how effective they'll be in combat.

    The chill touch cantrip seems... OK? But if you are in melee, 2 attacks would be better than 1 spell for 1d8 - maybe.

    The weapon rapier or whip has some utility, but might not be too great especially since AC will be 14-15 with Hide armour. I haven't really checked out flanking, but that might be my PC's job if it's like 3.5/PF. Alternatively a crossbow is always OK.

    Alright gonna try this again since the site appears to currently be working.

    I think Mahorf said he was looking to bring back Silva, so we should have another spell caster there. I'm leaning towards Monk.

    Yeah, I'm thinking of bringing back Silva, but the available backgrounds aren't really a good fit for him. Might give something else a try, but I'll probably stick with sorcerer.

    Spirit of Pinvendor wrote:
    @Treppa: Weren’t you wanting to do a Barbarian? Or was your statement about something else?

    No, we were talking about doing our old characters, in which case I'd be a fighter/barb.

    But I would LIKE to play a rogue.

    Female Helmet Cat

    I'll do a monk. Watcha!!!

    F Goblin Barbarian 1

    I think Ziska's just about ready, I'll look her over again tomorrow and hopefully make sure I haven't missed anything.

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    Wow, just checked out what 'Hobnobber' feat actually does, (other than having a stupid name). "You can attempt twice as many Gather Info checks per day during downtime."

    Wow, what GM actually runs Gather Info exactly that prescriptive way? (unless you are going for a 4e 'skill contest' thing with "Make 4 successes at DC15, before 3 failures")

    Wouldn't most GM's generally just say make a G.I. roll, to find out stuff? Or 'what do you want to know? 3 things? (where to find X, who X is, who're their friends) make 3 rolls....

    It just seems pretty rules lawyer-y, to actually know you can make Cha# G.I. rolls to find stuff but with the feat you can make 2xCha rolls. Plus wouldn't that invite 2 times the number of potential failures. I know if a player said, "I made 4 checks but failed 2" I'd be more likely to put bad stuff than "I made 2 checks but failed 1". Especially if there's only a finite amount of info I could give out.

    Personally, I'd much rather have a +2 to the roll, or say G.I. is bumped up a training level, or even (in 5e parlance) give it advantage....which seems to be the implication of the Feat text, but without thinking it through. Even then it'd be a weak feat.

    I will build a rogue (already started and stupidly lost everything). Glad I started building before whining about how we don't know the point buy so how can we get started.

    So, I'm about ready if we want to start :)

    Even if we don't have all the mechanics we could at least RP?

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    F Goblin Barbarian 1

    I'm also eager to go.

    Ingrid, I took a peek at your stats, and I think you might have shorted yourself on your perception bonus and Fort save.

    Looks like you may not have added your level to your perception for being trained. 4 for wis 1 for trained at level 1 would be 5

    and may not have added the extra +1 to Fort for expert rank. 1 for con, 1+1 for expert at level 1 would be 3.

    I could be wrong though or just missing something.

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    Initial post is up. Plus more info going into the campaign tab.

    EDIT: The playtest recommends I advise you from the get go you will not be playing the same characters throughout the scenarios, but these characters you create for The Lost Star are considered the primary characters and will generally be the ones played during the parts of the ongoing scenarios' critical moments.

    Ephemeral GameMaster

    Since it seems our other playtesters weren't able to make it after all, I'll go ahead and close this down. :(

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