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New member here,

Having recently purchased some of your digital product via the Humble Bundle having become curious about tabletop RPGs and the newest edition of Pathfinder in particular, I have tried to download some of the product from my account. I was able to successfully download 4 items without issue but upon trying to download further items I repeatedly get the message the Chrome has blocked the download as it "may be dangerous".

I feel fairly certain this is a false flag and that I would be able to turn off download protections in Chrome to get these files and all would be fine, but I suspect I am unlikely to be the only one affected by this problem so perhaps this could be looked into for future convenience? I would prefer not to have to turn off download safeguards at all if it can be avoided just for the sake of general online safety, and there is always the slightest chance this might not be a false flag warning.

Many thanks in advance.

Customer Service Representative

Hi Benzil,

Thanks so much for your patience. I have moved your thread to our Website Feedback forum as our web team is better equipped to answer your inquiry.

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