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Lucas Hathcock message to Yass:
So, after all this time, I think I've finally decided where I would like to see Lucas go as far as character-growth/progression. Initially I had built him to be the perfect sniper, and gave him everything I could think of within wealth by level (ish. I think I gave him the final gun for free) and 20 gestalt character levels, but aside from kinda writing his Earth-side life, I never gave any thought to his in-world past or future.

So there are a few things to note about where this idea is going: First, I made his deity Szuriel (even though he is Lawful Neutral and Szuriel is Neutral Evil) which is the PF Horseman of War.
Second, after our first level up, I never used the first +1 level or +1 personal progression (I did use the feat).

So what I'd like to do is kind of flesh out his past. Reading back through the story so far, I haven't even really figured out what kind of world we're on except for the like two posts about it being Azeroth from Warcraft. That being said, I'm picturing him as a Mercenary Warlord with only two rules: First, "If you're good at something, never do it for free." Second, "One shot, one kill."

Maybe that's why he was imprisoned on "Earth" in the first place. He grew too bloodthirsty, eventually taking contracts from both sides of a conflict and picking off whomever he wanted on a whim. Drifting from Neutral into Evil. And it was hoped that a peaceful, nonviolent rehabilitation life would pull him back from whatever figurative abyss he had been staring into, at the very least to curb his bloodlust.

Now, even though he remembers none of this, he is falling into place as an aggressive fighter. Sure, it has been warranted whenever he's fired his weapon... so far... But now he has seen GODS fight, and although he was never a God-fearing man on Earth, he's learning that he could be waayyy out of his depth in conflicts of that level. So I want to have him level into a divine warrior, or in this case, a divine sniper. I want him to delve into researching the divine, specifically with a way to kill them. Not because he wants to wage war on them, he just wants to be able to do so, if it is required - such as if one or more of them break their non-interference agreements and get too handsy in the mortal world.

This, almost by necessity would lead him into worship of Achaekek, Norgorber, and/or Calistra, moving away from Szuriel as he's finding a focus for whatever bloodlust remains after his imprisonment.

He'll want to find the Starstone (if it exists in this world) and study it as one source of divinity, though not necessarily to become a full deity himself. Can divinity be manipulated? Can we take it apart? Put it together again? Mold it like putty? Can it be forged or crafted? Can it be destroyed? And if any of this is a path that a mortal can tread, can he accomplish it before the gods send Achaekek after him?

And OOC, does any of that apply in this world? lol


So. All of that being said, we go back to my second point above, and combine that with the end of this current mini-arc. Do I level up with everybody else and do we get the same bonuses as we did on our first level-up (+1 class level, +1 feat, +1 personal progression)?

If so, then for the personal progressions I would like to gain a mythic tier so that I can turn my weapon into a Legendary Weapon (eventually an artefact) (Legendary Item Universal Path ability at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 to have both my sniper and ghillie suit as Artefact Items :D). But I know you said that Mythic Tiers are also going to be story rewards so I don't want to usurp those if they're story-dependant.

As my level ups, I would like to take two levels of Slayer (Vanguard).

And Craft Magic Arms and Armor for my feat (as a pre-req to the epic version later so that I can keep building on my weapon and armor).

light and vision:

Candle - 5 ft. 1 hr.
Everburning torch - 20 ft. Permanent
Lamp, common - 15 ft. 6 hr./pint
Lantern, bullseye - 60-ft. cone 6 hr./pint
Lantern, hooded - 30 ft. 6 hr./pint
Sunrod - 30 ft. 6 hr.
Torch - 20 ft. 1 hr.

Continual flame - 20 ft. Permanent
Dancing lights (torches) - 20 ft. (each) 1 min.
Daylight - 60 ft. 30 min.
Light - 20 ft. 10 min.