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Hello all, we have recently lost a couple of players due to RL commitments, so our group is looking for 2 or 3 additional characters to continue Trial of the Beast, the 2nd part in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. We currently have a fighter/paladin, wizard, and ranger/rogue, and they are about 1/3 of the way through the adventure. Preference will be given to characters who fill class roles we don't currently have.

Here are the character creation details:
20 point buy
Core, APG, UC, UM, ARG (no custom races)
Two standard traits + one campaign trait (total of 3)
6,000 gp in wealth/equipment, no single item worth more than 3,000 gp
Characters should start at 5th level

Please include a short paragraph about your character's background and history. Taking the AP setting and themes into account is a definite plus (gothic horror, classic monsters, Cthulhu mythos, etc).

A character alias is not required for submission.

Let me know if there are any questions, I will check this thread at least once a day and respond as needed. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, August 18th at 6pm EST.

Dotting. Will have a character tomorrow for sure.

Dotting. Been wanting to run in this campaign for a while now :P I'll have something tomorrow for ye!


Which game is it that lost players? I notice you are running three.

How often do y'all post? Is it one of those breakneck speed threads where folks post all day long or is it more manageable for folks like myself who work during the day with no access to a computer during that time?

Lastly, would a Dhampir paladin be acceptable?

Is blood of Fiends an acceptable source? It's a player companion, I'm looking at the Legalistic Oracle Curse.

Javell DeLeon wrote:
Which game is it that lost players? I notice you are running three.

Group 1 - says so in the title, and if you look at that group's players, you can pick out the three remaining.

Also, I'm going to be rolling a Neutral Human Cleric of Pharasma - a caster and channel oriented cleric.


I would like to create a Cleric of Pharasma for this game. Uses positive energy and carries a morbid curiousity in the strange. He or she holds a dread fascination with the tales surrounding the Whispering Tyrant and is never shy about learning taboo or forbidden secrets.

More to come if you like this idea. Please let me know :)

Here is the character I am going with, I'll level him up, add a campaign trait and make adjustments to the background story later on, also if its not too much to ask, if you aren't taking evil PCs please tell me so I can move on out to here and leave you to your recruiting.

Nevermind with the Cleric of Pharasma entry - I'm going to pick something else instead (Since Darksmoke has shown interest in that, I don't want to do the same thing).


I'm going to be doing a metal mystery oracle. The basic premise is being the leader of the torch-and-pitchfork mob in Ustalav on a personal mission to get the classic gothic monster out of the local castle, except on a nationwide scale.

Still working on the nitty gritty, but my Human Theologian Cleric of Azathoth is coming along nicely. Praise the Sun and the Insane ;)

Are we allowed to craft items at a reduced price, given the feat or the appropriate skills?

On second thought I think I am going to pull out, you guys enjoy yourselves.

@ Javell: It's Group 1. I try to keep a one update per day post, but it slows down occasionally. A dhampir paladin would be perfectly acceptable!

@ Andiemus: I'm also fine with Blood of Fiends if your character creation leads you back that way. :)

For everyone, I should have mentioned that in the opening - I only allow a few books out of habit, but if you have another Paizo source you want to use, please ask me and I'll most likely allow it.

@ Darksmokepuncher: I think the idea has lots of potential for the campaign.

@ DM Crustypeanut: I applaud your creativity, but a cultist of Azathoth is going to have a really tough time in this AP.

Crafting items isn't a problem between scenarios, but please don't start with anything that your character made. I'll balance wealth after characters are selected - having characters come in with crafted gear skews the numbers too much.

@ Vincent: No problem, thanks for stopping by. :)

Ah no worries.. I can easily make something different. I just wanted to do something other than a relatively generic "I hate undead people" cleric, and instead go for a semi-insane, chaotic neutral cleric who loves burning peoples' eyes out with bright lights and showing just how destructive the sun can be. Granted, he'd primarily destroy undead anyways.. XD

Hmm.. lets see then.. back to ze drawing boards!

Alright, already got a new idea:

A CG Varisian Hedge Witch, aiming to become a Harrower (Prestige Class).

I see we already have most of the roles filled besides a divine caster/healer, and with that potentially being filled by Andie or Darksmoke, I've decided on going something that is a mix of healer and arcane caster / support.

Storywise I'll come up with something soon.

Had this character in a Carrion Crown game that fizzled, I really want to get an opportunity to explore her more. Can level her up if you like the looks of her.

Oracle with the Ancestors mystery. Think a Pathfinder version of The Ghost Whisperer.

Cancel my idea about the Harrower PrC - just going to stick with Witch.

Ok, the crunch is on this mythweavers sheet here.

Arthur is a native Ustalav and has lived there their entire life. He lived in a small village and lived a fairly regular life. They worked in a mine, they had all the usual celebrations that little villages have. There were events with the graveyard, as befitting Ustalav, but nothing that stood out particularly in terms of catastrophe.

His powers as an oracle first manifested as a response to being threatened by a skeleton that came up out of the ground. He created a mace with his metal powers and crushed it. Being in Ustalav, strange new powers meant that he was quickly run out of town.

Arthur met Professor Lorrimor making his way south across Ustalav, not knowing or caring where he was going, and saved him by chance from a rockslide, managing to manifest a longspear to cram into the walls of a fissure that had opened up beneath them, catching the professor as they fell.

Lorrimor mentioned the obvious-in-hindsight fact that the reason Arthur and people like him are feared in Ustalav is that the situation in the country is so hellish top to bottom and the history with Tar-Baphon mean that anyone who manages to claim power for themselves is a threat to any Ustalav they come across, regardless of intentions, precedent just isn't on their side. Thus began Arthur's journey across Ustalav righting wrongs and purging undead wherever he finds them.

Unbeknownst to Him:
Arthur has never paid much heed to where his powers came from, considering that they are the reason that the villagers drove him out, then the reason that he is able to wage his one-man crusade against the forces that drive Ustalavic people to be the way they are. The source of his abilities is in fact, a devil from Dis, working directly for Dispater, Archdevil of iron and fire.

I have a feeling that the character would be extraneous, but I do have a Rogue/Fighter/Aldori Swordlord from a defunct Kingmaker PbP if that would help the party at all. It would not be too much work to whip up some fluff on why she is so far west now...

It seems with the Switchhitter, the Sword and Board two weapon wielder and the Generalist Wizard you have a lot covered. Just missing a solid healer/undead killer and there are plenty of other folks floating ideas for that. I am at a bit of a loss for what would help most.

I would need to do the work up in Herolab (yeah, convenience!) for:
Iryna Cleric of Seranrae

Katerina Aldori Swordlord Apprentice

Vanya Starsoul Sorc

Rashka Shoanti Lorewarden (statted up at level one for a Shattered Star that never got off the ground...)

Mira A half breed Vudrani/Ulfen defensive tank

Odalys A semi-feral guardian of family and the wild

Some of the Characters do not have all of their backstories fleshed out, but hopefully you get the gist. Also, I am willing to adjust to make good clean fits into existing games.


Finalized my submission :) Sorry about the dithering.


Katerina is an adept melee combatant, flanking partner and has adequate skill in stealth to be a decent scout. Also, with her Intimidate and Dazzling Display, she can drop a heck of a debuff to slow down a lot of opponents! :)

As she was fully fleshed out for a now defunct Kingmaker, she still has the AP Trait, "Sword Scion" instead of one of the Carrion Crown Traits. I hope this is ok as the Carrion Crown traits were there to tie into Lorrimor's funeral. Also, this would be a second Carrion Crown PbP if that is important to you. Here is the linky to the other one. B'yelka's Game


Thanks DM Haldhin! I'll flesh it out and submit this evening!

Ok, so, I have three concepts:

1) A dhampir sorcerer with undead bloodline: son of an Ustalavian Vampire Count, is aware that his father passed to him a big power and a big burden. Personality heavily based on Slevin Kelevra from Lucky Number Slevin: having been persecuted by Pharasmins all his life even though he is not evil, and aware he is an oddity, he now takes a laid back and fatalistic approach to any danger, knowing that his fortune can shift at a moment’s notice.

2) A human oracle (either Occult or Ancestors mystery) who got his revelation when an old church of Aroden collapsed on him and now believes the ghost of Aroden speaks to him – he wanders around looking for signs of his incoming resurrection and is now in Ustalav studying Aroden’s battle with Tar-Baphon.

3) A gnome Cleric of one of the Eldest, the First World demigods (either Magdh or the Lantern King), believing he has been tasked to be the advisor of a great hero, thus fulfilling his role of “small magical companion” in the hero’s quest to slay the monsters. He is looking for a great hero now, in one of the lands more likely to have monsters in need of slaying – Ustalav.

Is any of them of any interest? Do you have a preference over which one I should develop?

Okay, this is who I'm throwing out there.


His third trait is gonna be Indomitable faith.

This is the gist of him. He still needs a lot of mechanical work but can get that cleaned up if selected.

I've ran him in 2 other CC games. Both games died, obviously. The farthest I ever got was about halfway through the abandon prison in the first book. At least I think that's what it was. It's been too long.

How many might you take?

This seems like the perfect opportunity to make a Dhamphir Kinslayer!

This is Darksmokepuncher and I present Devi, a Cleric of Pharasma.

Devi is best known for her curious, yet cautious attitude toward life and anything unnatural. She specializes in defeating the Undead which she holds be the most profane sort of abomination.

Please let me know what you think. If accepted, I will flush out her background fully. :)

@ Rhia: When I first read your message, I misread what you wrote and thought it was "Horse" Whisperer. I was really confused for a few seconds. :)

@ Crustypeanut: Okay, sounds good.

@ Andiemus: Thanks, that gives me enough to work with, and I like his secret.

@ FireberdGNOME: Don't worry about switching traits, not a problem with multiple instances of the same game, but thanks for mentioning it.

@ Darksmokepuncher: Sounds good.

@ Airon87: Just personal preference, I like 1 and 2 the best. Based on the summaries provided, 2 would work best for this AP.

@ Javell: Understood, thanks.

@ bi0philia: At least 2, but probably 3. I might take 4. Generally speaking, that concept would work well in this AP.

DM Haldhin wrote:

@ bi0philia: At least 2, but probably 3. I might take 4. Generally speaking, that concept would work well in this AP.

Right on, I'd love to get in another game with Crusty so I'm rootin for ya buddy.

I'm a little worried about the whole negative energy affinity thing but we'll see how it goes.

He'll be a Kinslayer/Preacher/Sin Eater.

the 'sin eating' would be fluffed as blood drinking

@bi0philia: If it worries you, there is always this feat: Life dominant soul

Personally, I find the whole negative energy business quite the twist. I find it interesting/challenging/fun, etc. But that's just me.

"Are you *sure* this is the right place, Plumie? This is the one, is it?" Wren asks of her fine feathered friend, Plume, a colorful parrot that rests on her shoulder. She, herself, is equally bedecked in feathers, a fine 'armor' of woven feathers. The feathers seems a mismash of colors and sizes, some taken from the same bird, yet others taken from strange and mysterious specimens from all across Golarion.

"If you're sure, Plumie, I'll make acquaintances," the old elven woman curtsies nicely in her 'armor'. She raises her voice to address the assembled heroes and villainy in this recruitment thread. She seems unsure as to exactly who to address her comments, but she finds her voice and makes her case.

"Greetings All. I am Wren the Feathermage. As you may have guessed, I'm a, well, a feathermage. One who harnesses the power of feathers to unlock powerful magics unto the world. And this is Plume, my best friend in the world." Wren smiles a yellow toothed smile at the assembled patronage before continuing.


"Until very very recently I was exploring this strange castle looking for my good friend, Stitches. Sadly, the world itself crumbled...and I found myself floating in the Aether until Plumie told me that I might find a way back into that castle here. Well, here I am...and I want to go back. I want to find my good friend, Stitches. Oh, I know he misses me so. But I don't know where he's gone." Wren smiles again.

"Well, I also miss my friends...the ones who were helping me find Stiches. Oh, I'd like to find a new flock, I would," Wren nods earnestly.

"Maybe it would be easier if I wrote this down for you. And let you know what I've done. That would be easier wouldn't it?" Wren pulls out a huge plumed pen and a piece of parchment from her pack and begins to write. After about 15 minutes, she offers the note to those who would read it.

Spoiler Note:

Wren is a lvl 5 arcanist who has played through the first book and some of the second book before the PbP collapsed.

Haunting of Harrowstone with GM Thod
Trial of the Beast with GM Thod and GM Sloth

Wren is currently level 5 and can be adapted to fit the creation requirements.

We have gotten through a bit of the castle...about 2200 posts in.

As you can see from Book 1 and 2, Wren is an active poster who places a high value on roleplaying.

Some of Wren's greatest hits include:

Speaking to the Townspeople
Looking for the lost pinhead.
Crafting a Brooch to give to Stiches, a work of feathered love.

Let me know if you have any questions. I know there is already a wizard, but as a roleplayer, that just makes things more interesting.


level 5 human (Cheliaxian) magus (bladebound), AL LN
hp 38. ac 10, Init 4+, F 6+, R 1+ and W 4+
str 16
dex 10
con 14
int 17 (14+2+1)
wis 10
cha 10
spells prepared
Cantrips Ghost Sound, Light, Open/close and Mage Hand
level 1 spells 2 Vanish and 3 Shocking Grasp
level 2 spells Glitterdust, Frigid Touch and Alter Self
spells known, level 1 enlarge person, Chill Touch, Grease, Corrosive Touch, True Strike, Unseen servant and obscuring mist.
level 2 spell known Invisibility
Arcana pool 4 points
blackblade arcane pool 2
feats Improved Initiative, Exotic weapon profiency bastard sword, Power Attack, Cleave and Weapon Focus (bastard sword).
traits friend in every town, Outcast's intution and on the payroll
skillpoints per level 7 Intimidate 8+, spellcraft 11+, knowledge arcana and the planes 11+, use magic device 8+, Sense Motive 9+ and diplomacy 9+.
have not decided on equipment just yet
favored class bonus 1 extra skillpoint per level

Sarvin Dantios, champion of the Hellfire Cabal:

Sarvin Dantios is a champion of the Hellfire Cabal, he is an agent entrusted with a blackblade. His duty is to defend and assist the Hellfire Cabal in any way required. Sarvin has recently been given a mission by the Cabal, his task is simple: establish new cells in Ustalav and investigate the ones that have gone silent. Along with this mission a letter came detailing the funeral of the Professor an old "associate" of his. Sarvin has gone to investigate Ustalav and complete his mission.

the Hellfire Cabal:
The Cabal has existed for over a millenia and is House Thrune's secret rival in Cheliax. The Cabal is made up of several thousand members and commands great arcane and divine might in addition to its other resources. They have established a series of "cells" across the continent in their search for an advantage against House Thrune. Ustalav is exceptionally imporant, its cells have been uncovering impressive secrets that have made a great difference in the shadow war between Thrune and the Cabal. However they have been silent for over two weeks and the three person council of the Cabal has sent Sarvin to find out what has occured. Sarvin is what the Cabal calls a "champion" an agent given leave to use whatever means are nessecary to protect and expand the Cabal's interests. As such he can for his own issions requisition the support of any cell or Cabal member. His blackblade is perhaps his greatest tool though, the weapon has many uses along with a searing personality...

Sarvin's personality:
Sarvin is a Cheliaxian at heart, he is capable, well trained and relentless. As a champion he is vested with the authority to do what he wishes so long as he does not endanger the Cabal. Sarvin is also power hungry he has an immense desire to become one of the members of the council and to this end he has accrued a small following among the Cabal. At this point his political influence is small however it is growing and may eventually get his the council seat he desires.

the blackblade:
The blackblade speaks with Sarvin regurely and like him it desires power. In its case though it wants Sarvin to have power because it views his rise as essential to the Cabal's survival. It is not impressed(it wants to kill them) with the current council and it wants Sarvin as a member of the Council, it views him as a creature of action and power. The type of man who can lead the Cabal to victory over Thrune and assist the blade in doing what it was created to do:protect the cabal and expand its (collective) interests.

The Professor:
Sarvin's relationship with the professor is...complicated. He has both assisted and thwarted the man, as a junior agent in the Cabal he was deployed to act as the man's "bodyguard". He also was responsable for ensuring that the professor did not find out anything concerning the Hellfire Cabal, in every other respect though he acted as a dutiful (and well paid) bodyguard. He has breathed a sigh of relief when the man had left Cheliax, the professor could only be kept distracted for so long...

gm your opinion?

Javell DeLeon wrote:

@bi0philia: If it worries you, there is always this feat: Life dominant soul

Personally, I find the whole negative energy business quite the twist. I find it interesting/challenging/fun, etc. But that's just me.

Agreed, I had looked over that feat, and I think the sin-eating will be a nice flavorful way to restore some hit points (2d8+5)

Here's the beginnings of my inquisitor, I decided to take a different approach to the character appearance/personality(Making it a her, sticking with the standard dhampir) to differentiate the submission from Morbury up there.

I'm mainly working on the gear for my Witch still (along with the background, of course!) - I'll get his profile up shortly though so you can see what I have so far.

@Haldhin: Do you need a 5th level build to look at mechanics wise? If it's necessary for you to get a somewhat clearer picture of him then I can get that done.

Afternoon All,

Celeador here.. I'm considering applying with this character. I previously designed him for a Return to Castle Ravenloft campaign that was build to incorporate part of the Carrion Crown AP. I think he has a lot of potential. As you can see he is tied directly to the Cthulhu mythos. I build him around the concept of "un-words". I know that Crusty is a great player and that would be a large reason why I would apply.

Background and personality are included in the character sheet.

Lol looks like my mere presence is bringing in more players. ;) That feels wierd.

Honestly I'm still having trouble with a personality for this character - statistically he's sound, but I'll admit I'm not great with horror-type backgrounds, unless they have to do with insane people.

I'm awesome with insane people.

But I would like to add that both Celeador and Bi0philia are excellent roleplayers as well - even if I don't end up getting picked, the DM won't be disappointed with either of those two should they be picked.

Alright, heres Crusty's character - still working on the background stuff, but I'm assuming he's going to be somewhat of an outcast wanderer, healing people he encounters on the side of the road and at the edges of towns.

As for what role he's going to play, he's going to be part healing support and part debuffing, good at both roles but not very good at outright killing things. Except when he's flying 30 feet up in the air and uses Strangling Hair to pull someone up there with him before dropping them after he's obtained a higher altitude.

He's.. a little bit creepy (Which explains the 7 Cha), even if he means well.

I changed my mind again.

Presenting Bej Vanskian, Hexcrafter Magus from Irrisen, who can be a decent support healer in addition to everything else. He does not like animals.

Bej was born in a small village east of Algidheart, in the Baba Yaga realm of Irrisen. Life was hard for those without magical talent or a special connection to the occult, and Bej worked hard and studied a lot to be accepted as an apprentice in the Zorkovia Sabbath, a powerful cabal of winter witches. Harsh was the training, countless the dangers and humiliations the young apprentice had to endure at the hands of the cruel witches: but finally he was gifted with a beautiful white raven named Porys. The animal allowed him to tap into the power of nature and cast powerful spells: finally he would have been able to protect his family from the dangers and evils of Irrisen.

Sadly, that was not the case. After a few weeks, he woke up to the sound of screaming and battle. He grabbed his staff and called Porys, desperate to commune with him to gather his magical energy. Unfortunately, when he got out of his house, he saw a couple of members of the Zorkovia Sabbath raiding his village, kidnapping all the children. When he saw Yelena, his little sister, being taken, Bej threw himself at the assailants, but without his magic was easily defeated. As he laid in the ground, he saw Porys landing casually on the shoulder of one of the kidnappers “Craaaa! You failed! Craaa!” mocked him the treacherous bird. The winter witch gently caressed the Porys on the beak. “We were going to kill you on the spot, but we decided this would have been more fun! A dirty Ulfen peasant like you should know better than to try and join us! This should be a lesson for you and all your peers.” the witch stroke Bej with a bolt of lightning and left him to die.

Too stubborn and angry to comply, Bej survived. Betrayed by Porys, he was now able to use very little of his witch training: still, it was a beginning. His quarterstaff never betrayed him, unlike the bird, so he decided to become better at breaking people’s heads with it. He also decided to regain the lost magic, but this time his mean would not be something thinking and conniving with feathers, but a reliable inanimate book. He crossed the Kodar Mountains to Varisia and studied fighting techniques and arcane magic. His story was peculiar enough to attract the interest of a traveling professor called Lorrimor, who asked him about the treachery of his former familiar. The two bonded over a common interest for weird studies, and parted ways a few months later on very good terms.

When he came to know that Lorrimor had passed, Bej traveled to Ustalav to pay his respects, and has now joined a group present at the professor’s funeral in Lepistadt.


Bej is a tall and lanky man, around thirty years of age now. His hair is already starting to grey and recede, but his beard is a well-kept bush of ash blond color. He covers a comfortable traveling and fighting equipment with a long coat and a coonskin hat he made out of an evil witch’s racoon familiar. The only visible weapon on him is his quarterstaff made of veined birchwood and magically treated to be strong and resistant.


Bej is untrusting in nature, as are most people from Irrisen and most people who had their life shaped by a betrayal. He has a dry, cynic sense of humor, and seldom smiles genuinely. He hides a few true dislikes under a surface of general gruffness: his real idiosyncrasy are adventurers who rely on animals, be they familiars, animal companions or bonded mounts. He will openly distrust those beasts, and will warn their master of the incoming betrayal “Little pest will turn on you. Be careful.
He is much more open towards those who learned magic through a reliable book, or that put their faith in a solid weapon. Objecs don’t betray you.

Bej Vanskian
Male Human (Ulfen) Magus (staff magus, hexcrafter) 5
N Medium humanoid (human)
Initiative +2 ; Senses Perception +6

AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (+2 dex, +5 armor)
HP 36 (5d8+10)
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +6

Speed 30 feet
Melee quarterstaff +7 (1d6+5, x2)
Special attacks spell combat, spellstrike

Magus spells prepared (CL 5th, concentration +9/+13)
1st: infernal healing, chill touch, shocking grasp, shocking shield,
0: touch of fatigue,

Str 14, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 8
BA +3; CMB +5; CMD 17

Feats: Combat casting, Quarterstaff master, Weapon focus (quarterstaff), Extra Arcana, Weapon specialization (quarterstaff), Arcane strike (+2)
Skills: Climb +8*, Fly +8*, Knowledge (arcana) +10, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10, Knowledge (nature) +9, Perception +6, Sense Motive +5, Stealth +5*, Spellcraft +10, Swim +8*
*-1 armor penalty
Languages: Common, Skald, Draconic, Aklo,
Traits: Two-world magic, Subject of study (animals)
SQ: arcane pool (6), spell combat, spellstrike, hex magus, magus arcana (Hex: Healing, Hex: Flight)

+1 quarterstaff (1300 gp)
+1 chain shirt (1250 gp)
Magus’ kit (22 gp)
Explorer’s outfit (10 gp)
Furs (12 gp)
Masterwork cold iron dagger (332 gp)
Masterwork silver dagger (304 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1000 gp)

Spellbook and various scrolls (to be decided if picked)

I know he does not fit perfectly with the profile of the required character, but nonetheless he is the one who I am more eager to play and I think he can be a great fit in this campaign.

@ Wren: thanks for the submission, I followed Thod's game, and I remember seeing your name.

@ Viluki: interesting approach with the reason he's in Ustalav. Have to think about it, but I can probably make it work. :)

@ Javell: If you've got a 5th-level build, then great, but don't do a bunch of work if you already have a character created and you're tweaking the backstory to fit this AP.

@ Celeador (Dmitri): Thanks for the submission, I think the character would work just fine.

@ DM Crustypeanut: Whenever I have trouble getting into a character's backstory or personality, I just surf around on the TV Tropes site. Gives me lots of "oh yeah, I remember that!" moments that usually help me figure out something. Just a thought. :)

@ Airon87: No problem on the change, and the submission looks fine to me.


Just as a general statement, I put out creation guidelines, but if people are giving me characters that they have created at some point in the past, and those builds meet 95% of what I'm looking for, that's fine with me. I hate asking people to make new characters for every single submission, so I try to be reasonable and flexible.

Cutoff is tomorrow, so please have everything finalized by then. Thanks for everything so far, we've got a huge range of classes and personalities, so making the choices is going to be tough.

I can shoot one up in herolabs easy enough. I'll get it copy/pasted on Morbury's sheet by tonight, no prob.

Will let you know when I get it done.

Okay, I got it done. Morbury

The updated version is unspoilered. Still unsure on the last trait. Was thinking Indomitable faith but I seen a couple more that looked kinda interesting so I'm not real sure at this point.

I'm also short a feat.

Outside of that, that's pretty much it. If chosen then I'll get it all settled.

Do you know when you'll announce the newcomers? Will at be tomorrow with the cutoff for entries or a few days later, or what?

note GM on the Cabal they are not actully inept, however the sword has been in existence for nearly a thousand years it has seen leaders of FDR quality, the current Cabal leaders while they aren't bad are simply not FDR quality. Which is the sword's (lofty) standard. We will also need to device a commuication method between the Cabal Council and its champion.

Here is my application for the game: Male human flowing monk 1 / inquisitor of Pharasma 4.

Profile should be complete, except for the exact money left after buying equipment.

Let me know if you have any question.

Ok just need to know your rules for handling HP, everything else is done.

Wren finishes preening her feathers, then moves on to preening Plume.

"We need to look nice now, Plumie. Now hold still, this won't hurt a bit," Wren begins to straighten and fluff different feathers, each according to their color and spot on the bird.

"I think the selection is soon. I do hope we are chosen. We need to help Stitches. Poor dear has me worried sick."

Wren finishes the preening and returns to the waiting patiently.

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