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Wren the FeatherMage






AC 20/15/15;F6,R10,W10;Appr11ww/Cft12/Arc22/Dung22/Eng11/Geo11/Hist14/Loc23/Na t20/Pln22/Rel22/Ling11/Spell22; Perc +15



Special Abilities







Feather Jeweler, Charms and Talismans

About Wren the FeatherMage

Bedecked almost entirely in feathers, Wren's plumage reflects his animal companions looks in humanoid form. Her 'armor', seems to be handcrafted flowing garment of woven feathers, full of color and pattern. Looking more closely at the outfit you might identify several mundane feathers among the weaves: owls and ravens, hawk and raptor, lark and robin...however, there are a few more curious and rare sample as well: vrock and roc, owlbear and pegasii...and Wren herself will tell you that she always seeks to collect more feathers as a means to unlock more of her magics.

Outside of her feather 'armor', she has a few pouches, and a spell component pouch at her waist. Wren is of elven origin, however, does not spend much time around the elves any longer. She has brown hair and green eyes and stands no more than 5' 6" and has medium build.

Her companion (and source of many of the feathers in her 'armor') is Plume, a parrot. She (Plume) is shy and speaks only in the language of birds.


Like any accomplished FeatherMage, Wren is absorbed in the study of her craft: the magic of feathers and birds and constantly seeks new ways to imbue her magicks into feathers. She is curious and intelligent, but, like most birds, mostly unused to being around humaniods and sometimes her actions can seem out of place. Like some birds, she can be distracted by shiny objects or things of beauty. She is sometimes seen stalking the forest with her birderfly net, seeking new specimens and feathers.

If given a willing ear, Wren would gossip from sun up until sunset, however, there are few who can tolerate her bird prattle for more than a little while. She manages to keep herself abreast of happenings and frequently knows things that might surprise others that she knows, or, as she calls it, "a little birdie told me".

If Wren is without food for too long, she tends to become a bit peckish...and even less enjoyable to be around. She will smile and make jokes even as she is unaware of how often they fall flat. Ever the gossip, Wren will happily engage folk in discussion.

Since leaving (or as she called it 'migrating North') her elven woods in Nirmathas Wren has lived near the town of Ravengro, outside the city proper in a crudely built nest/shelter. She has never been fully embraced by the Ustalav people: both because of her elven heritage and history, but also because of her inability to work well with others...which eventually lead to her fleeing the city after some unfortunate misunderstandings wherein she was blamed for cattle dying and the daughter's mayor getting pregnant (no, it didn't make sense to Wren either).

Rather than face the forces of gossip turned against her, Wren fled the country and migrated south with the seasons. She has been moving here and there for the past year, eventually boarding a ship in Mediogalti bound for a destination wherein she could continue both her feathermagery and her jewelrycraft.

A talented crafter, her feather jewelry is at least somewhat appreciated by those who have had a chance to purchase it. She supports herself with the sale of fine feathered charms and trinkets.

Wren's Book of Feather Lore:

Level 1:
Animate Rope (feather from a seagull's nest built upon a pier)
Comprehend Languages (feather from a speaking thrush)
Endure Elements (feather from a penguin or a tuft of goose down)
Grease (feather from a duck's belly)
Identify (feather from an old owl)
Mage Armor (an eggshell)
Stumble Gap (feather from a quail)


Arcane School Spell-Like Abilities (CL 12th; concentration +19)
. . Constant—detect scrying
. . 10/day—diviner's fortune (+6)
Diviner Spells Prepared (CL 12th; concentration +19)
. . 6th—chain lightning (DC 24), disintegrate (DC 23), mage's lucubration, true seeing
. . 5th—fire snake[APG] (DC 23), overland flight*, prying eyes, telepathic bond, wall of force
. . 4th—acid pit[APG] (DC 23), detect scrying, dimension door, extended heroism*, greater invisibility*
. . 3rd—fireball* (2, DC 21), haste* (2), heroism** (2), tongues
. . 2nd—acid arrow, darkvision, glitterdust (2, DC 21), scorching ray* (2), see invisibility
. . 1st—feather fall, grease, identify, mage armor*, magic missile (2), stumble gap[APG] (DC 20)
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, mage hand, open/close (DC 17), prestidigitation