Savage Rifts and the Tomorrow Legion

Game Master Shadow Bloodmoon

The world ended and now you are a part of its rebirth and aftermath. The Tomorrow Legion protects the innocent from those who would harm, hinder or simply eat them. You are a part of the Legion, make us proud.


The world ended and now you are a part of its rebirth and aftermath. The Tomorrow Legion protects the innocent from those who would harm, hinder or simply eat them. You are a part of the Legion, make us proud.

In honor of GM's Day, I'm allowing myself time to start two (!) new campaigns, this one and a Pathfinder one. I am reserving a spot in this one for one of the players in another game here on the boards, so that leaves 5 spaces open for this one. I am not a stickler for time, as I myself am not the best of posters, especially when my wife and I go on vacation for weeks on end, but that being said, I expect some sort of commitment to once every other day if not more, even if it is to simply add to roleplay.

I am a story person more than a tactical gamer, so I hope to delve into each person's background during the game to make the game seem more real to each character.

Now, I have never run a Savage game, but the rules are pretty familiar to me and I have played in a couple of games. I look forward to exploring the nuances of Savage Rifts with you...

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to Dot in with a character idea and concept. And good hunting, Legionnaire, you'll need it..

. Dotting for Interest

Same here. I have never played Savage Rifts before, does it use pathfinder rules or a different set?

I made Gavrin Wyat for a savage rifts game that never got off the ground. I'd love the chance to play! RIFTS was the first TTRPG I ever played!


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Joseph Bonkers wrote:
Same here. I have never played Savage Rifts before, does it use pathfinder rules or a different set?

It uses the Savage Worlds system.

I was also in that game, though my plate is a little full for another game.

Just wanted to pop in and encourage folks to try out this game. SW is really easy to learn and RIFTS is infamous; everyone should experience it at some point.

As someone who is a fan of Rifts, and who lives within 100 miles of The Castle I have to dot this. :)

I'm thinking a M.A.R.S, but not sure what race. Human or Psi-Stalker maybe....

Most definitely interested. I'm leaning towards a dragon hatchling or a Tattoed man, if you don't mind well built homebrew stuff (I've found a pretty good conversion for them, but I would totally understand if you wanted to stick with official stuff).

Edit:Here is the link that I am talking about

I too was in the aforementioned game, here's my PC, ready to to - he's a Simvan(race) Mind Melter(class)...

Well now, I must say I'm encouraged that this thing even exists. I always had a soft spot for Rifts.

BTW - I *think* (the OP can confirm this) I'm the person the OP referred to as saving a spot for, so I should not count as one of the 5 open slots he mentioned (in case anyone's counting).

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Yes, That 1st spot is for Burgurk, so there are still 5 spots open. I read the Tatooed Man Rules and they look pretty well done. I did the GM Full Kit Kickstarter, so I have pretty much everything, but it's always nice when the work is already done ;-)

Rifts is probably my favorite post apocalyptic setting, just never was a fan as some of the rules... marrying to Savage Rules was genius and so I'm looking forward to running this one.

So far we have:

Sir Gavryn- CyberKnight
Burgurk- Simvan Mind Melter
Human or Psi-Stalker MARS

Edit: I have practically every Rifts book other than the very latest. If there is something in one of those you really want, let me know and we can work on converting it...

Okay, I'll get a Undead Slayer posted shortly.

Edit: Table rolls:
Narrative Hook: 1d20 ⇒ 15

M.A.R.S. Fortunate and Glory Table: 1d12 ⇒ 12

Three Rolls on Education, Training, or Underworld:
Underworld and Black Ops: 1d20 ⇒ 18
Training: 1d20 ⇒ 13
Training: 1d20 ⇒ 3

Two Rolls on any table except Cybernetics:
Underworld and Black Ops: 1d20 ⇒ 11
Training: 1d20 ⇒ 5

Starting Credits: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 3) = 14x1,000 credits=14,000 credits.

Auriel Acherean
Framework: Tattoed Man (Soldier)

Combat Info:

Agility 1d8
Smarts 1d6
Spirit 1d8
Strength 1d6
Vigor 1d8

Charisma +2/-4 vs. Vampires and Splugorth
Pace 6
Parry 8
Toughness 8

PP 10

Tattoo Sword: 1d6+3d8 damage (regular or mega)

Race: Atlantean:

*Atlantean Transformation Immunity: True Atlanteans cannot be forcibly transformed by magic or other means.

*Attractive: True Atlanteans are the epitome of human perfection. Atlanteans have the Attractive Edge.

*Cyber Resistant: Atlanteans cannot take any Iconic Framework that includes cybernetics as an inherent ability (including the biocomp system needed to be a Juicer), nor may they roll on the Cybernetics benefits table.

*Hunted: Atlanteans are hunted by the Sunaj who try to capture or kill all Atlanteans on sight. Atlanteans suffer a −4 Charisma when dealing with all Sunaj and their Minions.

*Inherent Nature: All Atlanteans feel it is their place to stand against evil and thus have the Heroic Hindrance.

*Ley Line Sense: True Atlanteans are very in tune with ley line energy and can sense a ley line within 10 miles, and can automatically tell how powerful it is, in what directions it flows, where it meets other ley lines at nexus points, and other aspects as might apply (such as if a huge amount of its energy is being siphoned for some other purpose). They can also sense any nearby Rifts within 10 miles, and can automatically sense the eruption of a new Rift, or one opening anew, within 50 miles.

*Ley Line Phasing: Due to the True Atlanteans deep connection to the ley lines, they are capable of phasing into the energies for an instant, transporting to any other point along the line in the blink of an eye. They may take a full round to concentrate (taking no other actions, not even free actions), and on the next round they can teleport flawlessly to any other point along the same line. Though it costs no PPE, the Atlantean must make a Vigor check or suffer a Fatigue level (requiring four hours to recover). Each subsequent use of this ability imposes a cumulative −2 penalty to the Vigor check until the Atlantean has a full night’s rest. Ley Line Phasing cannot be used to transport others.

*Marks of Heritage: All Atlanteans receive two magical tattoos at an early age. They begin with the simple weapon and the vampire protection Tattoos.

*Multilingual: All Atlanteans are educated and literate in three or more languages and may speak several additional languages. Atlanteans begin with the Linguist edge.

*Racial Enemies: True Atlanteans and both Splugorth and Vampires have been at war for years. Meetings between the species start argumentative and get worse. Atlanteans suffer −4 Charisma with Splugorth and Vampires.

*Sense Vampires: True Atlanteans can roll Notice to detect any vampires within line of sight.


Climbing d6, Fighting d12, Intimidation d4, Investigation d4, Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Piloting d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d10, Survival d4, Swimming d4, Tattoo Magic d4, Throwing d4, Tracking d4


Code of Honor, Heroic, Loyal, Outsider, Wanted (Minor)


Arcane Background (Tattoo Magic), Assassin, Attractive, Brawler, First Strike, Improved First Strike, Improved Simple Weapon Tattoo, Linguist, Martial Artist, Master of Magic, Rapid Recharge, Strong Willed, Thief


Armor, Environmental Protection, Shield, Simple Weapon (Sword), Vampire Protection


Ley-Line Walker Medium Armor, NG-S2 Survival Pack, 14,000 credits. Climbing gear for a party of four.


Atlantean (Literate), American (Literate), Dragonese (Literate), Faerie Speak

Hero's Journey Rolls:

Narrative Hook: Nearly Done For. Your character was nearly dead, or staring down the barrel of an impossibly large gun, or otherwise facing the end of his journey when the tide suddenly turned and his fat was pulled out of the fire. Someone from the Tomorrow Legion rescued him, which not only leaves him with a debt, but an interesting story to tell.

M.A.R.S Fortune and Glory Roll: 12 - Choose one of the above or roll on two tables of the character's choice (Spirtual and Determined).

Training: 3 - After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time, your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +5 Skill Points, which may be
spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing in any combination.

Training: 5 - Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge (or Improved Martial Artist, if he already had the former), as well as the Brawler Edge.

Training: 13 - There are a lot of broken elevators and overgrown mountain trails across the world, making trained climbers a valuable addition to any group. Your character is one of those folks who knows his way around ropes and clamps, granting him a d6 Climbing, or +2 to the skill if he already has it. He also has a good set of climbing gear for a party of four.

Underworld and Black Ops: 11 - Your character is inherently gifted at larceny, possessing the Thief Edge without concern for requirements. He also gains +3 Skill Points to spend on Climbing, Lockpicking, and Stealth as he chooses.

Underworld and Black Ops: 18 - There are many killers in the world, but your character is a wetwork expert with a particular set of skills. He gains the Assassin Edge. He also gains +2 for Fighting, Shooting, and Throwing rolls, but only to offset Called Shot penalties.


Auriel is one of many in his generation of Atlanteans who were raised on the glory of the Undead Slayers. He believed whole-heartedly in the eradication of the vampire species and everything they represent, so much so that during his coming of age, he swore the oath, underwent the training, and eventually received his tattoos that mark him as a defender of his people.
It was during his first mission that he ran into the pair of Sunaj assassins. They attacked when he was attempting to broker a peace between two warring factions to get them to focus on the vampiric forces who had pointed them at each other. The delagates from both sides were wiped out during the ensuing battle, and Auriel was nearly killed by one of the assassins, but not before killing one of the pair. Wounded to the point of death, he waited for the killing stroke....that never came.
Coming to several days later, he was being nursed back to health by one of the warring factions. Once he had recovered, he returned to his people, only to discover that the spaceship that had served as his training grounds had been attacked and no one was left alive. No one, that is, except for his dying master, Urtos.

Though he tried to save him, Urtos' wounds were mortal. He warned his student that the reason everyone was dead was that the ship which had brought the assassins, the rumored Sunaj, had used authorization codes that belonged to the clans. Clearly there was a traitor among the clans. Sensing his pupil's thoughts, he bade him return to the lands of his people's origin, Earth. This was a planet that needed the protection of the Undead Slayers even more than the Three Galaxies. Swear to me that you shall take up my dream of freedom for our homeland Urtos commanded. Given no real choice, Auriel did. Satisfied that he had saved even one of his students from foolish vengeance, Urtos died happily.

With a heavy heart, Auriel buried his master and made his way to Phase World. During the trip, he taught himself several of the most popular languages from the most populated continent. Once on Phase World, he sold his master's ship for supplies and a guide through the rifts to the city of Tolkeen.

And into the middle of a war.

He had no knowledge of which side was right (if any), but refugees look the same whereever you go. So, to protect life, he began escorting Tolkien refugees out of the warzone.

While protecting refugees, he learned of current events. It was also the second time in as many years that he came face to face with death, this time a Death's Head troop transport with only ground troops in a heavily wooded area. So he waged a 4 day guerilla war with the Coalition forces, damaging their vehicle from below on several occasions and forcing them to make repairs, then ambushing the repair teams. This worked to great effect for a while, until his luck finally ran out. Forced out of the woods and into a box canyon (it was the only defensible position for miles), Auriel again prepared himself for death, only this time at the end of a lazer rifle. And again, death never came.

Instead, a group of Legionaires from the newly established Tomorrow Legion were sent to investigate a Death's Head transport that had moved too close to their base of operations. When they arrived, they discovered 20 Coalition Soldiers pointing their rifles at a box canyon that the Death's Head transport was also facing, and a single man shouting defiantly at them from inside the canyon. Taking the opportunity to attack, it quickly became a rout.

For his part, when he discovered that the new forces began attacking the flying transport, he was relieved. As soon as the soldiers turned their back on him, he charged out of the canyon, doing his part to insure the safety of the refugees.

As the smoke from the battle cleared, the group from the Tomorrow Legion found themselves with a group of Tolkienese refugees and a unarmored man wearing a suit of ley-line walker armor that he was clearly not used to wearing (it was a gift from one of the refugees he had saved, and Auriel didn't have the heart to tell him that he didn't need it). The unarmored man introduced himself as Auriel, and he accompanied both groups to Castle Refuge, where Auriel swore an oath to the very confused leader of the legion, who gladly welcome Auriel after hearing the after-action report of the battle.

So After some basic training, Auriel was made a Legionaire, and here his story truly begins...

Wow.... that was a nice background read for Auriel... color me impressed.. We'll embellish the details in game, but otherwise looks good so far. I will fine tooth comb it later on today.

I'm thinking Rogue Scholar, but this may affect things. :)

Table rolls:
Narrative Hook: 1d20 ⇒ 13 (Black Market)

Three Rolls on Hero's Journey
Education: 1d20 ⇒ 5 Linguist
Experience and Wisdom: 1d20 ⇒ 19 Choice: (12) Travelled Far and Wide
Training: 1d20 ⇒ 3 Military/Paramilitary/Security training

M.A.R.S. Fortune and Glory Table: 1d12 ⇒ 9 Wealthy and Connected
M.A.R.S. Fortune and Glory Table: 1d12 ⇒ 1 A Mighty Weapon
M.A.R.S. Fortune and Glory Table: 1d12 ⇒ 10 Charming and Well Travelled

Most interesting.... a Rogue Scholar who previously made his way selling trinkets he found scrounging through ruins maybe?


hehe... Lara Croft much Arknight? Seriously though, would make an interesting addition.

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Interested. Let me submit a Glitter-Boy or Robot Armor pilot.

DM ShadowBloodmoon wrote:
hehe... Lara Croft much Arknight? Seriously though, would make an interesting addition.

LoL... I see what you mean. I swear it didn't cross my mind until you mentioned it.

Definitely would have a reason to work with the legion though. :) How much of an opportunity would have to drain some PPE if I went the Psi-Stalker route? I'd be taking the edge where only need to every three days (I think it is) but still...

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Rolls for my Glitter Girl proposal:
Narrative Hook Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 3
The Siege of Tolkeen. Her mother died in the siege, but she escaped with the Glitter Boy armor.
Training Hero’s Journey Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 10
Functional machines and technology often mean the difference between life and death in the world of Savage Rifts®. Fortunately for any group your hero runs with, she’s pretty good with tech, giving her a one die type increase for the Repair skill, as well as +1 on Knowledge (Electronics) and Knowledge (Engineering) rolls.
Ranged Hero’s Journey Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 5
Exceptional crafting and fine-tuning grants your hero a +1 Shooting with this weapon. This result may be applied a maximum of two times.
Training Hero’s Journey Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 16
Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other Edges (to take Improved Frenzy; your character must have Frenzy first). Combat Reflexes.
Underworld & Black Ops Hero’s Journey Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 5
She’s done more and traveled more than anyone, and she always seems to know someone, somewhere, she can call on for information or aid. Your hero has the I Know a Guy Edge, and she gains +2 on all Connections rolls to contact and gain assistance.
Education Hero’s Journey Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 8
The principles of technology are vital to building a future out of the catastrophes of the past. Your hero has the necessary foundation to be a part of that with a d8 in Knowledge (Electronics). She also gains +1 on any Repair rolls with electronic machinery.
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 4, 2) = 10 × 100 = 1,000 credits.

This is Corsario's submission, I hope you like it.
The end was swift. One day her mother and she where safe on Tolkeen, after defeating the Coalition attackers one more time, and the next they were running for their lives in the middle of the destruction and murder of the fall. They tried to help as many people as they could, but quickly they realized everything was lost.
The last time she saw her mother, after she forced her to get into the Glitter Girl (she always called that), she was running towards a ruined building, looking for cover. The explosion painted her dark silhouette against a fire background that will appear in Jonis' nightmares for the rest of her life.
She barely make it outside Tolkeen, and went to look for her mother's friends, the Tomorrow Legion, to find a new place to life, a new cause to fight for, in honor of her mother, and in the name of all of her predecessors in her Glitter Girl, a long line of women, originated since the coming of the rifts, of Neeman women that decided to fight for good.
Young and naive, she will now depend on her abilities and charisma to continue the long line of heroes in her family.
I made her not only a good shoot on the Glitter Girl, but also a very charismatic "face" for the group, and a decent mechanic. The details are in the Alias.

Arknight wrote:
How much of an opportunity would have to drain some PPE if I went the Psi-Stalker route? I'd be taking the edge where only need to every three days (I think it is) but still...

With that Edge, you only need 3 PP every two days.

But, there's a *Mind Melter* already in the group. If you join, will you be able to resist feeding off him? And even so, your presence would make him more than a little nervous and distrustful...

Burgurk wrote:
Arknight wrote:
How much of an opportunity would have to drain some PPE if I went the Psi-Stalker route? I'd be taking the edge where only need to every three days (I think it is) but still...

With that Edge, you only need 3 PP every two days.

But, there's a *Mind Melter* already in the group. If you join, will you be able to resist feeding off him? And even so, your presence would make him more than a little nervous and distrustful...

I see your point. And if he was ex-Coalition, that would make it worse? :)

Although, suppose he was part of the epic bar fight (or another on) and he fought -for- Burgurk when Burgurk was obviously outnumbered and outweighed? Even if there was an uncertainty it seems like it would be possible to have some mutual respect for capabilities and a willingness to put differences aside to get a job done. (Not that there wouldn't still be that uncertainty until was able to prove otherwise....)


I like the submission for Jonis... I was hoping someone put a Glitter Boy Girl through its paces for this system. And she can fix it when it breaks!

As for the 'rivalry', if you guys can keep it civil, I'm cool with the whole 'don't trust the vampire, but he's good to have in a fight' kind of character interaction. It would make a more interwoven story that way...

I'm hoping to get this started this weekend, and I'll start with less than 6 if that's all we get. The subs are looking good guys and I'm really liking the histories and possible pre-campaign interactions between you, other than, 'you're all in the same SET, deal with it.'

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I'd like to try a juicer, but I won't be able to post it until tomorrow afternoon. Consider this a dot.

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DM ShadowBloodmoon wrote:
I like the submission for Jonis... I was hoping someone put a Glitter Boy Girl through its paces for this system. And she can fix it when it breaks!

I am glad you liked her!

Arknight - meeting in the bar fight sounds cool, I'm ok with that. And I (as a player) have no problem with a Psi-Stalker in the group, if you're ok with my PC not completely trusting your PC in-character.

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My Sav Rifts book just finished downloading!

Do I still have time to put together a Cyber by tomorrow??? =3

Plenty of time. I plan on finalizing character subs by Saturday morning and then starting either that evening or Sunday.

@DM: how complete do you need the submission? Looks like I have to leave out of state tomorrow for a family emergency and not sure how much I can get done tonight...

That's unfortunate to hear Arknight. I hope it gets handled well. As for your character, I'm not planning on starting until Saturday or Sunday, so hopefully that will give you enough time to flesh it out. For now, at least the stats so if I have to bot for a bit at the bare minimum.

5d8 ⇒ (3, 3, 4, 7, 6) = 23 x100 = 2300 credits => 5000 due to Rich


Body Armor: 1d20 ⇒ 18 +1 Pace in Armor
Close Combat Weapon: 1d20 ⇒ 12 Impact Hammer

This is Arknight's character profile.

I still have to buy gear, and do skills and Advances, but shaping up well. :)

I would love to play in a Rifts game. :) Assuming you're cool with it, here are my rolls for a Techno-Wizard:

Narrative Hook Table: 1d20 ⇒ 18

Automatic Techno-Wizard rolls:
Education: 1d20 ⇒ 16
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets: 1d20 ⇒ 18
Magic & Mysticism: 1d20 ⇒ 10

Custom Techno-Wizard Rolls:
Cybernetics: 1d20 ⇒ 14
Experience & Wisdom: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Geeze, I think I just burned through all the good rolls I need in my 5e game. ^_^;;

Okay, so far we have :

Ser Gavryn Wyat, CyberKnight
Burgurk, Simvan Mind Melter
Auriel Achearean, Atlantean Tattoo Soldier (Vrog)
Therun Dahr, Psi-Stalker Rogue Scholar
Jonis Witta, Glitter Girl Pilot
Juicer (WhtKnt)
Cyber (Atlas2112)
Techno-Wizard (Aloha-Shirt-Samurai)

Looks to be a pretty well rounded group. Want to get final submissions in by tomorrow so we can get started this weekend... Thanks for all your work everyone, I'm looking forward to this game!

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Hi there!

Character submission from Atlas2112! =P

I'm still polishing it out, but the basic framework and most of the chrome is set.

Some rolls!:

The book says we don't have to have Narrative Hook rolls if we don't need them. (That's in the next section. ;)

Hero's Journey! (Training): 1d20 ⇒ 13 = +2 Climb!
Hero's Journey! (Training): 1d20 ⇒ 10 = +1 Repair!
Hero's Journey! Exp. and Wisdom!): 1d20 ⇒ 10 = Alertness! +2 Notice

Filthy Rich! (Cyber): 1d20 ⇒ 19 = Anything (Choosing built-in weapon - Automatic Grenade launcher)
Filthy Rich! (Cyber): 1d20 ⇒ 10 = RDS (1)
Filthy Rich! (Cyber): 1d20 ⇒ 18 = Armor +1 (takes cyber to Armor (2)
Filthy Rich! (Cyber): 1d20 ⇒ 11 = RDS (2)
Filthy Rich! (Cyber): 1d20 ⇒ 16 = SME (+4)x1

Um, Jonis, I kinda borrowed you for my backstory. Heh. No, you don't have to do anything. I just think it would be a really neat character arc for a terminator to fall in love with a Robotech pilot. =3


I'm choosing both Juicer Uprising and Tolkeen siege.

Jack Powers wanted to believe.

He...didn't actually know what he wanted to believe -in-. But he knew once he found it he'd know!

At first he thought it was Government. He joined the army in the name of the Glorious Name of Emperor Karl Prosek. He was given training and gleefully marched in the name of the Campaign of Unity!

Many filthy Shinies (their name for the magic-touched) did he bring salvation to. (All souls call out for salvation--though the currently preferred method was death.)
His first real test came at the Netwon Incident, also called the Juicer Uprising. He personally guarded the left flank while the Doomsealer panzers crashed against the command squad of the enemy.
Although he was no where near Newton when it went critical, the "outsider involvement" did inflict heavy casualties against his unit. Only the quick action by the apothecary saved his life.

His body--once a meat-packed specimen of pride--was now metal and ceramics. They took away his name and gave him a new designation. He liked it. It sounded impressive. The power of the new body was...intoxicating.

He reveled in the new upgrades! Able to run almost without fatigue, and carry a massive amount of gear, he re-joined his re-built unit as hero!

He continued in the Campaign determined that he had found his cause!

For another four years he brought glory and honor to the name of the Emperor, until...

He was on the front lines at Tolkeen. Chiefly engaged in mobile-reserve and suppression of counter-attacks, he ran all over the battlefield, making sure the dirty, dirty Shinies received the salvation they so richly earned!

On the last day, when both flanks collapsed and the glorious army moved forward...he saw...her.

An older female, probably her mother, helped her into a panzer...a suit of power armor the glory hounds--or "Glitter Boys" as they called themselves--used. The panzer ran to the South, while the older female rushed into a building, for some reason. He ran after her, but the air strike had already been called.

Jack was caught in the explosion.

When he regained consciousness the world had...changed. Or rather he had. Many of his memories were like displays caught behind foggy glass.

As we walked to join his unit, he feet turned south.

He had found something to believe in.

He found out her name was Jonis. He didn't know that she would at Castle Refuge, but the tide of refugees from Tolkeen was heading there.

So was he.

I like it!
It is the time of the Beauty and the Beast, after all.

I am certainly looking forward to this game as well!

Almost finished, forgot my cash roll though:

2d4 ⇒ (2, 2) = 4 = 4000 Creds

I am going to allow Aloha to finish the Techno-Wizard and add them as a 7th to the game, but other than that, I am closing the recruitment. I am a glutton for punishment, so we will see how we can do with 7. I have the discussion thread up now, so you guys can finalize your characters and I will get a Gameplay start later on this afternoon. Welcome:

Ser Gavryn Wyat, CyberKnight
Burgurk, Simvan Mind Melter
Auriel Achearean, Atlantean Tattoo Soldier
Therun Dahr, Psi-Stalker Rogue Scholar
Jonis Witta, Glitter Girl Pilot
Assaultmech Atlas 21-12, Combat Cyborg

Also, Vrog, I didn't see a link for Auriel, so as soon as you have one, let me know so I can link her to the Campaign Info...

I may have a couple of minutes tonight and tomorrow to finish Therun up and provide a bit more background to him (other than the AWOL Coalition hunter who helped Burgurk in a bar fight. :) )

Thank you so much for the patience! This is Aloha's character. I went a little crazy on the backstory.

Her crunch is on the profile, but I'm still going over it and double-checking all my math and making sure I didn't give her anything extra for free. I'll be prettifying and slotting her derived stats and skills into the header once I'm sure I got everything right. :)

Half a year ago:
"I'm," She let the first word hang in the air, as if she was afraid to say the second one and break the spell. "I'm walking." Her legs were shaky, eyes blurred with tears, back straining and spasming, but she took another step. "It's a miracle."

"It's better than a miracle," said Paul, smiling and lighting his pipe. "It's tech."

Three years ago:
She slipped from her father's Wingboard. She could hear him calling, screaming at her to come down, she shouldn't even be able to fly that. The earth and sky spiraled around her, and when she hit the ground, she felt something in her neck go crunch.

A year ago:
Jaz lay in bed and listened. She needed to pee, but if she called her mom in, she wouldn't be able to listen. They still thought she couldn't hear when they talked in the den downstairs. "Got a couple new books today," said her dad. "Nerve damage is tricky stuff, but there were certain spells..."

"Spells?" Her mom said quietly. She could hear the strain of the silence in the room, even from up there. "You can't heal her, Harry. We need to take her back."

"We can't go back. You know we can't."

"This is our daughter's life we're talking about." The strained silence resumed for a moment.

"So what, we just waltz back to the Coalition States? Sorry I committed treason and used magic, boys, but my daughter's real sick and I just thought--"

"If that's what it takes!" Her mom said loudly. The next moment, there was a booming knocking at the front door. Jazz could hear the sound of their chairs being pushed back from the table. Very, very quietly she could hear faint whispers, and then a little less quietly, her father muttered "Holy hell, is that a Glitter Boy? Go check on Jazz."

Loud thumps echoed into her room as her mom came thumping up the stairs. She did a bad job of hiding her breathing, her throbbing vein in her temple, but the care was genuine as she came into the room. "Hello Jazzy," she said, smiling. "Do you need anything baby?"

Biting back the urge to ask about the knock, Jazz rolled her eyes up and down, her equivalent of nodding her head, and said quietly, "I kind of need to pee."

Two days later:
The downstairs chair wasn't nearly as comfortable as her bed, but obviously, Jazz didn't have much choice in the matter. Her mom spooned food into her mouth. At least she could still chew, for the most part.

The big guy's arm was in a sling, his head was still bandaged, and the scar over his eye looked fresh and shiny and pink, all ragged along the edges. "Thank you again," he rumbled, "For your hospitality." Her dad chewed his eggs, awkwardly looking him over.

The power armor (not a Glitter Boy as it turned out, to Jazz's immense disappointment) lay in the corner.

"Listen Paul, I'm not gonna ask where you're coming from, or why you crashed in our yard," said her dad finally. "But we usually stay pretty undisturbed out here, so..."

"Nobody's coming to bother you, if that's what you're asking. I, ah, I deserted," said the big man awkwardly. "From the Federation. The Captain wanted me to... I saw some terrible things. Decided I was done, only they said I couldn't be. Tried to shoot me down with a boom gun when I flew. Reckon my wingboard's busted."

"That's a safe bet," her father said, casting an eye to the scorched pieces in the corner of the room. "How'd you live?"

"Well, I could still glide a little ways, and the armor's strong. Plus I have some extra tricks up my sleeve. I've been playing around with cybernetics, for one."

"Cyber, huh?" Jazz's father glanced in her direction, his gaze lingering on her withered limbs.

Four months ago:
Paul put his hand on Jazz's shoulder. The little electrodes on her temple twitched, and the apple lifted off the table. "Good, good," he said. "Before long, you'll make it into apple sauce." She smiled, letting it drop back down. She stood and stretched, relishing the mobility in her fingers, her nerve endings seeming to buzz with the leyline energy flowing through them. The pieces of Paul's busted Wingboard channeled right into her back. Not exactly an elegant fix, but she could move.

Her father slammed up against the door a moment later. Weakly, he twisted it open. "Coalition," he said, then, his eyes glancing up at Paul, "Federation, too."

"By the Authority of Captain Shrike, Harold Greyjune, you are placed under arrest..." Came a voice from an amplifier. From the other side of the house, a leyline crackle started up and then a magically-enhanced voice answered.

"By the Authority of the Federation of Magic, stand down. We have tracked an outlaw and deserter to this location." They continued to trade authority back and forth over the megaphones.

"Well," said Paul, brushing off his pants legs and rising. "Hell of a day then."

"Get her out," said her father. "My old Wingboard's out in the shed."


"Jazz," he said, tussling her hair. "I'm sorry I'm putting you through all this. You need to go, okay?"

"Why do I have to go? Why aren't you coming?" She asked, and then the windows burst.

Everything from there was a blur. Spells, cannons, people in power armor, the wind whistling in her ears as she pushed the Wingboard to the limit. The leyline energy flowing through her, exhilarating her, tempering her fear. Paul's words as he put his power armor back on, cracking his neck and his back and tensing up his barely-healed arm. "Get to the Legion, girl. They'll keep you safe."

Jazz was sure they would. But that was a whole lot of Coalition between her and them. From below her, she heard someone shouting and pointing up, and a spell went whistling past her shoulder. She took a deep breath, turning, and let the leyline flow through the board, up through the pieces set into her spine, into her finger tips, and out into the air, scorching a line down from the board to the Federation unit below.

"Leave me ALONE!"

Two months ago:
"Damn, you were torn up," said the doc above her. "Is that a Wingboard in your back?"

"Yes it is," she said, opening her eyes. The doctor nodded down at her.

"Huh. You're custom-built then," he said, sniffing. "Your arms are busted from that fall you took, but you should heal up fine in our care." He washed his hands at a sink in the corner. Jazz took stock of her body--he wasn't lying about the arms, but even the feeling of pain was better than nothing.

Plus, whatever drugs he'd given her were pretty great.

"Now, young lady," he said. "Who are you? Why exactly are you here?"

"My name is Jazz Greyjune," she said. "I'm here to join the Tomorrow Legion."

Liberty's Edge

Thank you DM ShadowBloodmoon


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