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Starship Actions ; Fate of the Scoured God ; Fleet Locations

Looks like Sovokolok is signed up for Solar Sortie. I'm playing it now and it's been pretty fun! I'll probably eventually GM that one but not until sometime after Outpost.

Aaz, that'd be pretty tough. You'd need a group of dedicated PbP speed posters to get it done before Outpost. You'd probably be better off finding a VTT game.

However, if you are mostly interested in just getting that 1 XP and not so concerned with earning credits or reputation, then you can partially complete it then stop before Outpost starts. Like other Pathfinder Quests, Into the Unknown consists of multiple individual quests that tie together. If you do just one quest, you'll get 1 xp, but not the full 2 fame and not the full credit rewards also.

So my point is, if you get a group of people who are all willing to do just one quest, you can get that 1 xp before Outpost but you won't earn the full fame or credit rewards. Into the Unknown is repeatable though, so you can always go back and do ALL the quests on a different character.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

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Yeah, I'd like to get the evergreens done on every character. There are only so many scenarios out there so far. The catch is that Into the Unknown is only level 1.

If I am GMing a game of it and that game ends before yours does, can I apply the GM credit chronicle sheet to the character before the other one is issued?

Starship Actions ; Fate of the Scoured God ; Fleet Locations

I don't fully understand your question, Aaz. Can you give an example of what you mean?

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

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Thanks for running the game Bigboom! You were a monster at keeping the game's pace going at an incredible clip.

I'd join one of your Outpost games but I'm already fully signed up. Hopefully I'll get to play a game under you again in the future.


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I agree with the others, Bigboom. You did a great job keeping us on pace. I apologize that I might have slowed things down a little, I'm a deputy sheriff and the weather has been very uncooperative lately where I live so I have been keeping super busy at work and at home with myself getting sick and my boy.

That said, the Chronicle looks great and I had a fantastic time. Thank you very much for running this! I would love to jump into the other games, but I think I'll pass for now as I just don't know if I'll have enough time with this crazy weather to maintain a good posting rate, but thank you for the invite.

Starship Actions ; Fate of the Scoured God ; Fleet Locations

No worries Myr'iad. Your posting was fine! With the weather being what it is recently, stay safe out there!!

Everyone, the session has been reported and I'll set this game to inactive in about a day but feel free to hit me up if any questions come up!!

Was a pleasure running this for all of you!

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