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About GM bigboom

I believe in providing a good time to my players by presenting challenges for their characters to face. After all, it is through overcoming adversity that heroes are born and memorable "Oh wow, that was AWESOME!" moments are formed. I ask players to work together and inclusively to make the game an enjoyable experience for everyone.

This being said, I'm still new to GMing, so please bear with me if I hit a few bumps along the way. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, let me know - it would be much appreciated!

Also, I like to laugh so I tend to inject a bit of cheeky comedy into my games whenever creative inspiration strikes - with varying levels of success. So if you join one of my games, be prepared for an extra layer of cheese on top. Moreover, bad puns are welcome and wholeheartedly encouraged at my table. You've been warned!

Expectations & Posting Frequency:
The expected posting frequency is a minimum of once per day, ideally. Of course real life intervenes and our availability to post may get hampered once in a while, which is fine. If you know you'll be absent for a few days or more, please let us know in the discussion thread along with any instructions regarding how you'd like your character to be handled in your absence. If I know I'll be absent, I'll be sure to inform the group as well!

Out of combat, if a player has not posted within a 24 hour period, I'll assume their character remained silent and took no action, then I'll try to move things along as best I can depending on the situation. In some cases, if it helps move things along, I'll roll perception or other 'mandatory' rolls for the group (such as saves). When taking any action, if you believe a roll may be relevant, go ahead and include it in your post. If it applies, I'll definitely take it into account!

In combat, the goal is to have at least one round of combat finish every 24 hours. Therefore, if a player does not post within a 24 hour period, I will bot the character. If you have any specific instructions with how you'd like your character botted (especially with respect to spell or consumables usage), please list them in your character sheet. Otherwise, I'll bot your character using my best judgement.

Starship Combat:
With starship combat, the goal of completing at least one round every 24 hours remains the same. To keep things moving along, I'll execute the piloting 'initiative' rolls before each round. Over the next 24 hours, each player should declare their crew action and take their rolls. Once that's done, I'll string together and list the outcomes of the engineering, helm, and gunnery phases, as well as provide the piloting 'initiative' rolls for the next round. As with normal combat, if a player does not post within a 24 hour period, I'll bot the character per character sheet instructions or using my best judgement.

Rule of Two:
In general, if two people in a party agree to a decision, then I'll proceed with that decision. This is to help keep things moving along. Of course in cases where major decisions arise where all party members should provide input, I'll pause so that everyone can weight in. But short of these major decisions, the rule of two will keep our momentum up.

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And lastly, should it become necessary for me to bot a character, I'll generally do so using my botting assistant: BOT-EE-licious!!!