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Hey all, I'm getting that itch to start a fourth PBP again, and I'd like to play through a few non-AP modules that I've acquired.

I'm a longtime PBP GM, with several long-running and successful APs. However, I've found that I've had a lot more difficulty with modules as my drop-out rate seems higher; I've called an end to two games before they were finished, both of them modules.

Considering this, I'd like to start us off with the 3rd-level adventure, Daughters of Fury (which features my first Paizo contribution!). Assuming we don't run into any problems, if everyone's interested, we'll keep going afterward, potentially all the way up to Level 17 or higher. I suspect we may not play EVERY level from 3rd to 17, skipping some between modules, but I'm willing to let the game flow dictate some of that.

I'm also interested in running the Harrowing and Witchwar Legacy, and can easily buy another mod or two to fill in the gaps between those three (since there are some big level jumps in there). We can discuss what other mods we'd like to play when the time comes.

I like a fast-paced game: I expect everyone to post 5-10 times a week (ideally daily, though I understand weekends can be tough). I believe very strongly that PBPs build on themselves. The more people post, the more they're going to want to post. If you don't post, I lose interest and am less inclined to post quick updates, which then leads to players losing interest. It can be a vicious cycle, so I really want people who are committed.

Player expectations:

* Read Painlord's Guide to PbP GMing: Make Your World a Better Place (you can read the follow-up posts too, which I think are very insightful, but definitely read the first post).

* As I said above, I think momentum is everything in PBP. The more you post, the more other players post, the more I post. I want people to post 5-10 times a week, hopefully at least one a day. If you're going to be away from your computer, I certainly understand, but please let me know. I'm expecting this to last 6-24 months, so I'll certainly be offline at times during that. Similarly, if you have to drop out for whatever reason, let us know. Players just disappearing is really frustrating.

* Communication is key. Whether it is letting me know of a vacation where you might not have internet access, questions about some minutiae of game play, or simple clarifications; communication is how I gauge how engaged my players are, and how I can tune the adventure so that everyone is enjoying themselves. If you don’t think it’s important to let the other players and GM know when you aren’t going to be able to post for a few days, this is not the PbP for you.

* Have fun! This is one of the most important, because if you aren't having fun, why are you playing? Of course, this applies to everyone else too. So, don't be a jerk. If you want to have fun, then this is the PbP for you!

Character creation:

Character Creation
Stats: 20 point buy, no stat higher than 18 or lower than 8 post-racial adjustments
Race: Core races only
Class: Any (published) Paizo class (sorry, no occult classes yet)
Level: 3rd
Alignment: Any non-evil
Hit Points: Max at 1st level, half die + 1 after that
Gold: 3,000 gp
Traits: I will assign 2 based on your background

Character Backgrounds
Backgrounds are the foundations we build to make our characters believable. They also provide hooks for the GM to engage your character more deeply in the story. Old enemies, lost relatives, and famous weapons make for terrific potential plotlines, which makes everyone the winner. I’m not asking for a short story or a novel here but this is also part of your chance to impress me with your writing. A few paragraphs would suffice. Make sure to cover any driving events in your character's life, specific enemies (if any), and future goals. Considering the nature of this PBP, I may weave more of your background into this game than I'm often able to with the Adventure Paths.

What I want from you right now
I want your character concept (race and class, focus, how you see your character progressing near term, though I certainly understand this could change) and background. I do NOT need you to do the crunch now (though if you want to, I'm not going to knock you for that). I also do not need it to be in its own alias at this point, though will want that when gameplay starts.

I also want you to give me 3 things:
* A list of driving forces, aspirations or secret desires. Basically, why are you adventuring?

* An IC post describing why you are on your way to Arwyll Stead, a small mining town on the border of Lastwall and Belkzen and Ustalav where Daughters of Fury takes place. It's possible you've received a request for help with some unusual orc activity on the town's outskirts or even supposed sighting of devils, but feel free to come up with your own reason (don't worry if you don't know the town and it doesn't match; we can change things if need be). Write it as if you are talking to someone else on the road with you (maybe one of your fellow applicants?); ideally it will be a "pushing" post (if you read Painlord's guide, you'll know what that means!). This is your other big chance to impress me with your writing skills, which is what I'm ultimately going to base my decision on.

* How long have you been playing PbP? New players are encouraged to submit. I'd like to have at least two relative novices in this group, because I know how hard it can be to get into a PBP (I started GM'ing because I got frustrated at how hard it was to get into a game that didn't end a week later).

What else?
Here's a couple examples of character pitches I really liked, both of which I'd probably have picked for my game: Senza Veshki and Poshment Abrilgado. Both had enough content that I wanted to tie my own character into their story.

A week's usually long enough for recruitment, so let's say you must post your pitch by 5 p.m. (Eastern) April 16. I'll try to have my decision made by the weekend if not earlier.

Silver Crusade

Well I did have an aasimar gunslinger/swashbuckler. But if it's just core races, I have a human gunslinger named Smith, would that be cool? This is like my first posting ever so gimmie a while to get it together since I'm totally new to the online proccess

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Andrew, human gunslinger's fine. Look forward to seeing your submission.

Silver Crusade

Alias and prefered name:Smith.
Birth name: Jonathan clockwork.

Jonathan, or Smith as he prefers to be called, was born into a single parent household, his father had no secrets with him, he was the child of a barmaid with more greed in her head then sence, and his father fell for her like the fool he was. When Smith was born the maid took off immediately, the shock of responcibility proving to much for the sorry lass, in any case Smith's father, he never knew his real name, his father insisted he call him Da, or dad, was in fact a gunsmith, and quite the intuitive one at that, alwaystinkering with this or that, young Smith could remember his beard, often singed from the forge, and blackened from the smoke and explosions. When Smith was 8 his father made him his first gun, a small pistol, plain in look, but in little jonnys eyes beautiful. "A gun is a dangerous weapon Jon" his father told him "you must always respect it's power, if u draw this gun and point it at a person, u have to mean it". Johnny practiced night and day with that pistol, and considered himself quite proficient with it. as he grew older he joined his father in the family business; a gun store, one of very very few, clockwork Sr. Found his son shared his intuition and creativity, and decided to share his secrets with his son, and a good decision it was, for misfortune decided to take that time to visit the clockwork family. One night as father and son lay asleep in their beds, a band of bandits stole into the store, and captured the man and his son, they beat the boys father in front of him as they carted his guns out for use in their gang, the boy sobbed when they finally left, the old man dead in front of him, young jonny swore he would never speak his name again until he found his father's killers and made them pay. After smoothing out his affairs and insuring the store would live on, Smith found himself chasing down a thief, hoping it was a lead on his father's killers, he was lead to a gang known as the Dragon clan, and while it was not the gang that killed his father, careful words and clever negotiations found Smith not only alive but in control of the gang(it was an interesting game say the least) he renamed it the dragons guild and to instil his "loyalty" had himself branded on the forearm, hand, and cheek the image of a Dragon. Now with his dragons at his back and his father's legacy protected, Smith has chosen to leave his beloved city, as a new lead rears its head, word from the Dragon guild has driven him to a small mining town in the west.....where perhaps he can continue his quest to avenge his father

Dot for interest.

Dotting. This would be the character I would want to play, I will have to modify the background and to add the other things you are asking.

* I've been playing PbP for like 5 years, here in paizo Forum my (so far) longest campaign (as ap layer) have been running since august of 2013.

Looks interesting, will have to ponder if I can make up something good enough to play. Never played a PbP on this forum before.

Hmm... What about a... No maybe... Oh it's perfect for...
AAAGH too many ideas floating in my head!
Sounds fun, I actually like stringing together modules for my home groups. Let me finish putting together an idea or two. I'll have something in this weekend. It will have the crunch. I know you said that isn't necessary, but it is part of how I make characters. I can't seem to make anything if I don't look at the rules on how close to it I can manage to be with the rules.
I'm thinking this might be a good place for my guy that wants to be a shape changer (like shifter from Glen Cook's novels, but not quite that nasty). Either that or a dragon disciple. I've been looking for a place for both of them.

A couple of question

- The grenadier alchemist archetype gain a martial weapon proficiency feat, can I change it for rapid reload? I see my character more like a crossbowman than an archer (it fit more the nerd type)

- Something specific to have in mind for the background?, how much important would be personal goals in the campaign taking into account is a string of pre-generated adventures?

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Evans, let me think about the feat question.

I'm not sure I understand your second question, though. I think personal goals help define the character -- what does he want in life, other than blowing things up? Why is he adventuring? Plus, if I know the characters' personal goals, I can try to add elements of that to the adventures. :)

motteditor wrote:
Plus, if I know the characters' personal goals, I can try to add elements of that to the adventures. :)

I meant this, I was trying to ask if there will be chances to accomplish those goals taking into account we will be playing only pregenerated adventures.

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Ah. Truthfully, it will probably depend what the goals are.

It's not Kingmaker, so you're not going to become the king of your own country. On the other hand, if it's a showdown with an evil wizard, that could probably be worked in. :)

So,conservative and not that specific goals will probably be better.

Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Maps, Rulebook Subscriber

Dotting for interest. Also considering an alchemist. Never played one, but have been reading up on them for another submission that I did not get accepted on.


Yes, I'll work something up, I think.

Silver Crusade

If you've room for another, I'd love to play. I've really enjoyed modules lately. I'm happy to play whatever class/role the party needs. I'm also a frequent poster in my PbP games.

Thanks for setting this up!

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RD, I'm planning to pick five players, so there are plenty of spots and you have until April 16 to submit an entry. I'd like you to submit a specific character, though.

I would like to submit a notice of interest as well. Though it is humbling to be applying for a game led by such a versed user, I will endeavor not to disappoint!

Ingrid was raised in the archetypal dwarven society - dark, traditional, and community-oriented. Always looking to please her betters, she became a paragon of these facets, perhaps too much so. Her studies in the faiths of the dwarven pantheon were of endless hours, her father being a cook at the local temple. Her mother was a respected engineer, and she pushed her daughter to succeed at the more detail-oriented areas in life. Ingrid did both, her social life slipping away from her into blackness as she became more learned and progressed in her achievements.

Donning the mantle of the clergy, she became a priestess of Torag. However, her precise and exacting nature led her to point out various mistakes made by the priesthood - usually points of minutiae that made even the stodgiest cleric roll his eyes. Yet she insisted the traditions be done to the letter, escalating her grievances. Though she was always technically right - the best kind, she would say - many of those around her avoided her out of scorn, disdain, or even fear of erring in her view. Her mother was tolerant of the name she was making for herself, but her more clay-hearted father wished she would not make such an outcast of herself - for her own good.

This pattern continued for decades. Eventually, during an important ceremony with the passing of rulership, Ingrid noticed an error in the yet-to-be annointed ruler's speech. She rose to her feet to make a protest, but High Priest Rorshpock had suspected such antics from her as he had dealt with her for many long years; the magical silence he'd prepared worked wonders. Furious, Ingrid blasted him with a scathing tirade when it had worn-off after the ceremony. It was at this point Rorschpock knew she had to go. Ingrid was a narrowly-focused woman, but she was full of merit and potential. He called on his contacts in Druma and secured her a place there as a judge.

Though well-respected, Ingrid worked many long hours. A nation of enterprise and trade, there were innumerable disputes that came to her office. She was happy to discard her previous devotion for a fervor in Abadar's stripe, his church much more concerned with progress than ritual. Yet there was much new print to learn, and the hours she worked took her toll on her; one day, she overlooked a clause in a property agreement when she made a ruling. A month later, the furious victim of her mistake came back with something Ingrid never thought she'd see: a counter-write from a higher judge. In disbelief, she flipped through her texts, looking for a way to exonerate herself, but there was nothing. She had made a mistake, and she had wasted that person's time and money.

For once in her life, she apologized profusely, offering to pay the man the costs he'd suffered. Though he accepted curtly and left, it was not his manners that had bothered Ingrid; instead, she'd failed to meet the bar she'd set for herself: perfection. Though the rational side of her knew it had to happen sooner or later, the bottled-up emotional part of Ingrid's nature did not allow her to forgive herself. The guilt manifested in her accepting a request for arbitration in nearby Lastwall; there existed a boundary dispute about the area near Belkzen and Ustulav, and Druma was known for being the most impartial moderators about. She accepted the journey to Arwyll Stead, seeing the trip as a penance of sorts, but also an opportunity for advancement - Druma didn't care for non-humans in the highest council positions. There was also a nice bonus promised as she was a dwarf - their stonecunning was indispensible in a mining town, and mineral veins had a funny way of working their way into property boundaries.

She had been trained to defend herself as all dwarves were but brushed-up on her martial skills on the way to the Stead. Ingrid's steps into the world were fateful ones, full of purpose and resolve...

Driving Desires:
Ingrid is a practical person, but for all her years of legal expertise, she is inept at making friends and the like. Firstly, though she would not admit it to anyone, she longs for companionship - romantic and otherwise. Next, she disguises this loneliness under a very real veneer of focus on career advancement; her desire to amass personal wealth and status is real as is usual for those of her race. Lastly, though she doesn't know the first desires play into it well, she seeks to impress her parents. They are her family after all, and she - an only child - loves them dearly.

Posting history:
I've been on the boards for 6 years now. You may wish to look at Harakhty Suntooth or the more recent Dalton Barrowwheel (though Dalton is currently "dead" right now and is in PM sessions with the DM) for examples of posting caliber. I'm a teacher, so I will mostly post during the evenings.

Character Class: Gnome Sorcerer, Sylvan Bloodline with a Gorilla animal companion

Character Background:
Tinerspunt hails from the Grungir Forest in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings where humans, gnomes, and fey live side-by-side. From an early age, Tinerspunt showed the classic signs of the wonderlust. He would travel deep into the forest, much to the chagrin of his parents, but his innate magical talents and charm could always get him out of trouble. This is until one autumn day, he traveled farther than ever before and was on his way back when the first of the great winter storms hit. The snows came fast and soon became a furious blizzard. All would have been lost if a group of pixies had not happened upon him. To this day it is unclear to Tiner whether they know the full ramifications of what they did, but they beckoned him forward. As he followed, the cold lessened, the trees changed, and he began to see all kinds of creatures he had never seen before. He soon found himself in what could best be described as a tropical forest. Having saved the young gnome, the pixies flew off in delight. Having grown up around the fey, he soon realized where he was: the First World.
He was ecstatic as this was the kind of adventure he desired. It was only later that he realized he might not be able to make it back out again. He was trapped in a world as mercurial, alien, and dangerous as the fey themselves. However, Tinerspunt’s countless adventures in the Grungir Forest had prepared him for such an occurrence his usual mix of charm and magic kept him alive. He soon befriended a young Gorilla by the name of MorningWindRufflestheLeaves (roughly translated from gorilla) using the gnomes’ innate magical ability to speak with animals. With the help of Ruffles, as Tiner would teasingly call him, Tiner was able to trick a Redcap into showing him the way out of the First World. Unfortunately, the easiest way out (and thus the path the Redcap took) led to the Mwangi Expanse. MorningWindRufflestheLeaves followed Tinerspunt into the material plane and, ever optimistic, Tiner vowed to continue to view the experience as a grand adventure vowing to travel the world and eventually make his way back home.
However, two things now haunt the intrepid gnome. First, he is afraid a certain Redcap has not forgiven him. Second, in his travels, he found out that creatures of the First World are undying when remaining in their home plane but have no chance of afterlife when in others. He has thus vowed to find a way to return Ruffles to the First World.
This adventure finds Tinerspunt midway through his journey having made it onto Avistan, traveled through Andoran, Isger, Molthune, and into Nirmatas. Though he purposefully avoided Cheliax, he does regret not having seen a devil. And so when he hears the rumors, he finds himself traveling to Arwyll Stead. He has always wanted to see a devil.

My PbP history:
This would be my first PbP experience though naturally I have played a lot of tabletop pathfinder and 3.5

No submission yet, but I would like to put in a *interested* blurb!

I will figure out what I want to play and get back with a submission in the next 24 hours! :D

This sounds like a great opportunity. I'm hoping to play my Elven Rogue 4/Alchemist X I've had built for a while.

Character Advancement:

As stated above the advancement will be Rogue 4/Alchemist X, but as this is a slightly odd character, there will be several archetypes.

Underground Chemist

Inspired Chemist

I hope the high amount of archetypes doesn't dissuade you from considering this character, as these archetypes are actually integral for the type of character I'm trying to accomplish. This character will focus on splash weapons and poison, which obviously aren't incredibly effective strategies. I've been working on him for a while and I think I've made it work with some of the new options that have been made available lately. These options include The new Bomber talent and the afformentioned Underground Chemist archetype. I do have the crunch completed up to a pretty high level and will post it if you need it.

More Character Info:

This character will be focusing heavily on crafting alchemical items and poisons, and will most likely also be brewing potions. This won't require too much downtime, but I'm hoping there will at least be enough for me to craft some weapons and make some healing potions between modules/missions.

Background, personality/appearence, and Desires:

Since a very young age Alistair has been interested in alchemy, and has held it above all else. As an elf this was a very interesting decision that made most of the others in his village see him as a less than desirable character. Some even began treating him as they would a mad scientist, shunning him to his lab where he spent day and night studying alchemy. Years later Alistair left his village in search of a place he could call home, where he could study alchemy and share his knowledge with others. Traveling the world Alistair found new alchemical creations and ingredients, he used these to fund his exploration by crafting and selling a wide array of items. Unfortunately he began drawing in the wrong crowd, acting more as a travelling poison and alchemical weapons fence than a scientist. Eventually he embraced his role in the world and began scouring the world for the rarest of poisons and weaponry, selling them to the highest bidder. Now wanted in several cities, Alistair has become one of the most well known fencers of illegal items in (golarion i assume?).

Due to his past Alistair is very secretive and quiet. He only speaks when necessary, giving accurate information on whatever topic comes up before returning to silence. He stands just under 6.5 ft in a tall black overcoat lined with hidden pockets and alchemical vials. Need a poison? Alistair has you covered and will jump at any opportunity to make a sale.

Alistair only desires one thing; To discover and master every alchemical item and process known to the world, and then create his own to become THE master of alchemy. He will do anything in his power to complete this goal, no matter how illegal or immoral.

Roleplaying History:

I have been gaming for most of my life but am relatively new to pathfinder. I have been a part of a few non-pfs campaigns but only one has been able to make it to the end, and that was none-other than your Fire Over Blackcrag mythic campaign. Because of this, I would love to be a part of another of your campaigns as I trust you as a GM to be very efficient and reliable. My posting rate is very high as I'm sure you saw in the previous campaign, and there really isn't a time that I'm not available to make a post.

In Character:

Alistair walked towards the orc territory, nervous as to what might happen in the near future.
Another big sale, they may be orcs but I need the coin. I'm sure the locals can defend against these monsters even with the them chugging potions, but what if they can't? Maybe I'll offer my services to them as well, I can handle these orcs quite easily especially with the help of the mercenaries the towns are no doubt hiring already. This is it, I'm right on the edge of the orc territory, the guide should be around here somewhere.

At that moment an orc stepped out from behind a nearby tree, and then another, and then one more. Alistair was surrounded.
"Come." the lead orc shouted.
"Lead the way." Alistair grinned.
The orcs led him to their village and into the large tent at the center. The orc chief stood to "greet" Alistair as he entered.
"Welcome human, do you bring potions and firebombs?" the chief said.
"I do indeed, the best alchemy in the land no doubt, but do you have the funds to purchase them?"
"Bring the chest." the large orc commanded.
A pair of orcs left the tent and soon returned with a large wooden chest, throwing it to Alistair's feet.
Alistair leaned down to open the chest, revealing several hundred gold worth of gems and other treasure.
"Does this please you?" the orc asked.
"Very much so Chief, Gromtusk was it?" Alistair said as he pulled a small sack from his waist and poured the contents onto the ground, an array of alchemist fire and potions of cure light wounds. "Do we have a deal then?"
"We do." Gromtusk said motioning towards his guards to retrieve the items.
"Excellent," Alistair said as he began emptying the chest into his sack. "I hope you don't plan to betray me, you know the power of my bombs don't you Chief?"
"I do. My gourds will escort you safely back to the road. Leave now." Chief Gromtusk said, returning to his seat and waving to his guards.
A pair of orcs escorted Alistair out of the village and back through the forest, then suddenly stopped and turned to him.
"Gromtusk thinks you strong, but you are puny and weak. We will take back treasure and get praise from chief." One orc said drawing his weapon.
"I wouldn't plan on it," Alistair said pulling a small stick from his pocket.
Alistair dropped the small stick to the ground, creating a large smoke cloud around him. The orcs shielded their eyes from the smoke attempting to see their enemy in the cloud.
"You really should have just taken me back." Alistair laughed as he hurled alchemical vials out of the cloud, killing the orcs in a quick blast of fire and acid.
"Every time, damn orcs." Alistair chuckled to himself as he made his way back to the road.
"Hopefully I can make some more coin from this village, these orcs shouldn't pose a problem for me let alone a group of mercenaries.

Thank you for your consideration, can't wait to see what others have put together.

So, the DM will choose the traits based on the background, but what about the extra trait feat?

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You can choose yourself for the Extra Traits feat. I imagine I'll pick the others in consultation with people but my thought process is I should be able to pick the traits based on the background you each write up.

Also, all, please don't forget the in-character post I asked for.

missed that part, will work on it soon.

Here is Julio for your review.


Julio is a human rouge on the run, but not from the law. He is a lover, not a fighter, but can handle himself if he has to. Diplomacy and Bluff are high on his list of talents. He enjoys the high life but has hit hard times. He is going to have to find another stream of income. Adventuring sounds better than working. I see him as the spokesperson of the party. He is willing to stand out front and keep the enemy talking while the rest of the party sets up the ballista to attack.


Julio grew up the only child of wealthy parents. He lived life to the fullest. "Wine, Women, and Song" was the motto that he lived by. He was very popular in school and everyone wanted to be around him, until the day he was summoned to the head masters office and was quickly thrown out. It seems that his parents had made a series of bad investments and had lost everything. His father was soon sent to prison by his debt collectors and his mother had fled back to her parent's estate in Varisia. Julio soon found out that his popularity was based on his money and not his charms.

He went to his father's associates and tried to find work. Most of them would not even see him. When he went to see Lord Harparin, Julio was greeted by Lady Harparin. He explained his situation and she hired him to help around the grounds of the estate. They soon became lovers and just as quickly Lord Harparin became suspicious. Lady Harparin gave Julio some gems to help him get back on his feet and told him that she would find him in the city when things died down.

It turned out that Lady Harparin bragged about his prowess in the bedroom to her high society friends and invitations to several parties and galas began arriving. It seems that his charms had found merit.

Why he is headed to Arwyll Stead:

As Julio was getting dressed he heard a rustling from the bed. He turned and saw Lady Faran smiling back at him.

"You really should be resting dear, you have had a long evening." he whispered. Lady Faran giggled like the schoolgirl she had been many years ago, "When Lady Kalton and Lady Martel both told me how good you were I thought they exaggerating but it is all true. These past few months have been amazing."

Julio smiled thinking back on times he had spent getting to know all the lonely older women in the city, well not all of them, just the rich ones. He had developed quite a reputation and now he was in high demand. He never expected it, but his lovers often gifted him with jewelry and gems for his services.

He finished dressing and was looking at the jewelry box next to the mirror. "Please take the pearl necklace, Julio." Lady Faran said from the bed. Julio pulled it from the box and held it up to the light, "Didn't your husband give this to you as an anniversary gift last year."

"Yes, but it is gaudy and I have nothing to wear it with so you might as well have it."

Slipping it into his pocket he moved to the bed and kissed her goodbye. As he moved to the window she said, "You might not want to go out that way. My husband and his friends are waiting for you at the end of the alley."

Julio glanced back at the bed and raised an eyebrow, "I guess I will have to leave by the kitchen door." Lady Faran shook her head and said, "Lord Kalton and his friends are waiting there." Now Julio raised both eyebrows. "That just leaves the front door." Again Lady Faran shook her head and said, "Lord Martel and his friends are there. " Now Julio began to sweat thinking of what was soon to come.

"I will miss you Julio"

It's going to be a long night.

It all came crashing down that night. Julio had escaped the wrath of the three lords, but not without injury. Everywhere he turned there were men looking for him. Not just those three lords, but a dozen of the Vigil's high society were after him. He had tried to return home but there were men waiting for him. Every Inn and tavern had someone watching for him.

He ended up spending the night in a stable. In the morning he traded his fine clothing for the stable hand's garb. Then he went to see Vanion the Jeweler. The man had always given him a fair price for the trinkets he had brought in to sell. Vanion knew Julio was in trouble and only gave him half value for the pearl necklace. No honor among thieves it seems.

After that Julio purchased a horse and supplies to get out of town. He left the city through the north gate and rode up out of the valley. He looked back at Vigil to say his last goodbye and spotted two dozen horsemen galloping from the gate. He knew who they were and wondered how far they would actually pursue him.

PbP History:

I am new to PbP. I was introduced to it by a friend that I tabletop game with.

He posts under the alias Quinn Kestrel in your Reign of Winter PBP.

My first attempt at submitting a character was in GM Bigrin's Giant Slayer campaign under the alias Philgor Longhammer . While I did not make it into the game DM Bigrin taught me a lot about building a character for PbP. I did make it into a campaign call Scouts of Lastwall.

I am on my computer, tablet, or phone all day long. I check for posts 6-8 times a day to see if the story is moving. Scouts of Lastwall is very slow moving and I think we have already lost a couple of players. I would love to be in a game that I could post multiple times per day.

As for sticking to things that I start I once spent 5 years playing a MMOG called Trible Wars. In the end I was the leader of the winning tribe and the #1 player in the game. I will never get those 5 years back.

Silver Crusade

Hey I think I covered everything in my last post, but if u want I can post again with an in character bit.

Very interested in this. I am all about fast paced games on pbp, I just find them to be self-propagating and all the richer for it if you have a dedicated group.

I'll have a think about concepts today and get something drafted up.

My first instinct is to submit my happy-go-lucky halfling bard but he isn't really optimised for combat. He can certainly contribe of course but I was wondering what ratio of combat to RP do you run in your games?

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Dragonfire, I would appreciate an in-character post.


I certainly try to include plenty of role-play, GM-JZ. I definitely don't feel my games are ones where you need a lot of combat optimization.

I'm trying to mutually tell a story and have fun, not kill all of you (which isn't to say I won't if the dice and your actions result in that, but I do try my best not to). I think I've killed three or four PCs in my games, two or three of which we hand-waved so the character could come back (and the fourth time, which was the second time for that character, the player decided he'd met a suitably heroic end and instead introduced a new character). I probably could have had a few more kills if I were so inclined, but I tend to think that's not a lot of fun for people. I won't say I go all "YOU KILLED BLACKLEAF!" when my own characters die, but it does usually bum me out.

I tend to agree. It's difficult to strike a balance between being suitably deadly so there is a real challenge to be overcome and just flat out killing everyone and derailing the story.

One last question, what kind of tone are you shooting for? Fletch is a pretty light-hearted, humorous character with a penchant for using classic rock tunes for inspire courage. He wouldn't really fit in a Carrion Crown table for example! And if that isn't in keeping with the tone I have plenty of other options to consider

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This page has what I think is a good example of my play style and what I like. There's a mix of role-playing, comedy and combat.

I especially like how the comedy becomes more serious role-play afterward...

Silver Crusade

"Aurora! Where are my Dragon breath rounds?" Smith trudged around the dig cite, trying to get together supplies for the journey ahead. A young boy came to him with his Dragon pistol on a belt with a collection of Dragon rounds."Thank you Jimmy, where is auroral?" "Shes at the forge with tannor and rose, getting ur pistols fixed up

"Thank you, now get back to work." As his Dragon lieutenant ran off Smith considered briefly if he should throw away his mission and stay home in his city, but even as he did so he remembered the sadistic laughter of his father's murderers and his blood boiled with renewed fire. He found his head alchemist and apprentice Smith at the on camp forge and retreived his pistols. He was quite proud of his load out. He boasted his collection of 9pistols often, never in public, but he enjoyed them none the less. As he strapped them to his trench coat little rose with her too-big Dragon pistol looked up at him with watery eyes he knew were just to get him to. Stay. "Why cant I come with you if u have to go Smith?""Because this is my mission and I need someone to watch the guild while I'm gone, make sure aurora doesn't blow up the shop while I'm gone."

"Hey! It was just one time....."

"I know but still, I have to go, there are rumors of something going on in a little mining village called arwyll stead, and it might just be exactly what, or rather who, I'm looking for.

Tannor decided to speak up, which was rare"just try not to get distracted again Smith, you can't save every little poverty stricken sob story that comes ur way keep ur head on straight.

"I understand tannor, while I'm gone keep the mines runningand the forges burning, there are still plenty of Dragons to arm, and still plenty of dragons to kill. I'll be back don't worry.

As Smith began his walk, leaving his home behind, he repented of his words and hoped he really would come back... . "Simple enough I guess. I just have to kill everything that gets in my way"as he walked, he loaded his pistols with determination plastered on his face

Any famous thieves organization in golarion?, something like the shadow thief of forgotten realms maybe?

I'm still trying to find a character concept that feels right for the situation. I'm not very good at RP'ing, most of my skills lie in strategy. Just letting you know I'm still around and may submit if I can come up with something suitable.

side question: how is necromancy viewed in your games?

Julio' submission should be complete. Let me know if it needs anything else. If nothing else it was fun to make. Thanks.

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Zlefin -- I suppose I tend to think of necromancy as evil, but if you can convince me with a character concept that it's not, I'm willing to consider it.

That said, I suppose I do have a bit of a bias against having a half-dozen extra skeletons/critters to keep track of for PBP purposes. I tend to only pick a single class that has a helper animal companion/eidolon for my own sanity, so if the concept is a ton of undead minions, that could be a slight con for a character concept.

Twigs here, I've been PbPing since early 2012 and we've played a few PFS games together in the past and I've been popping into your Reign of Winter game rather frequently (Malavarius is a lot of fun and a big influence on Archibald.)

Applying for a Serpent's Skull game (that I was narrowly edged out of) I settled on what I think will be a really fun concept, especially with the amount of variety different modules would provide. I'd be in it for the long haul, my PbP games have petered off one by one and while I'm still lucky enough to have a few active games my campaign tab is much quieter than I'm used to and I'm just not getting my fix. I post from GMT+10 in Sydney at all hours of the day (read: whenever I get a moment with my phone) and really enjoy the text-heavy RP style that the boards provide.

Ignore the contents of my alias for now, just a quiet dot for now before my full submission.

Gnome Rogue or Rogue/Wizard/Arcane Trickster
Concept: Bullheaded outdoorsman and gentleman adventurer, emulating the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Mustrum Ridcully from the Discworld novels.
Focus: Fulfilling the rogue/skillmonkey role, Shackleton will sneak attack with touch-spells (through major magic or wizard levels) and debuffing enemies with disarm, the thug sicken ability and butterfly strike, and lots of consumables. A big bag of tricks out of combat and a number of ways to support the heavy hitters in melee.

Edit: Thanks for the heads up for Painlord's new PBP guide. Spectacular read!

Liberty's Edge

Very interesting pítch for a campaign, both the way of making It (module based) and the recruitment rules. Let me see if I can get something interesting.

"Ahhhh, taste that morning air! Isn't it bracing!?" the gnome booms, to nobody in particular. The gnome surveys the horizon, admiring the sunrise over distant Lake Encarthan, before reaching into his pocket and conjuring a small spellbook. Nose buried in the tome, Shackleton begins his morning stretching regimen, limbering up for his morning job as he prepares his spells before jogging a half mile up the trail and back again, careful not to stray too far from the roads.

The rest of the caravan begins to stir as the gnome returns to camp, he's long since stopped trying to coax the Varisians to join him on his morning run. After splashing his face with water he strikes up conversation with one of the caravaneers. "Where do you think we're bound next? Back toward the lake? I'd hoped to get a spot of fishing in while I was in these parts, I hear the pike are the liveliest in all of Avistan." the gnome says, with a grin. "Arwyll Stead, you say? I daresay the pike would make better sport than orcs. Less likely to lop your head off of your shoulders for starters..."

The gnome pauses, surveying the hustle and bustle of the caravan, dozens of brightly coloured wagons encircle the meadow, with goats, ponies and horses grazing nearby. Children playing rough-and-tumble games underfoot as the teamsters bicker about wobbly wagon wheels and loading cargo. The elders whispering dire portents by the remains of yesterday's campfire. "Well, I suppose there's nothing for it. Somebody has to bloody-well look out for you this close to the border. The pike will have to wait, I suppose."

Rogue (thug)/2, Diviner (Foresight)/1 into Rogue at 4th. From there either straight Rogue or into Arcane Trickster once I've gauged his effectiveness. Starting Feats: Combat Expertise, Weapon Finesse, Scribe Scroll and Improved Feint, branching out into Improved Disarm and Butterfly Sting.

  • Born in the Sanos Forest with a deep love of the outdoors, Shackleton moved to Magnimar at a young age.
  • Tutored in magic at his parents behest, Shackleton proved quite adept, but was ill suited to academic life, instead being tutored privately by his extended family.
  • Shackleton has lived almost an entire human lifetime, working on a fishing trawler in the Varisian bay, selling flowers, as a library clerk, in the offices of the Pathfinder society and eventually as a fully fledged Pathfinder.
  • In this time, he sired a daughter, a firecracker of a sorceress Tess with whom he has been perpetually out of his depth ever since.
  • With his out of control daughter come of age and begun adventuring herself, Shackleton has left the walls of Magnimar behind for a long sojourn into parts unknown.

  • Drive:
    Possessed of a unique, gnomish zest for life, Shackleton thunders through life with seemingly endless vigor. Maintaining a loose affiliation with the Pathfinders, Shackleton adventures more for the sport of it, and loves to fish, hunt, box, and play badminton. Shackleton believes in the virtue of hard work and living life strenuously, and staves off the Bleaching with a constant regime of exercise and activity.

    Consider my interest piqued. :)

    I'm statting up a human inquisitor of Pharasma for your consideration. I should be done by the end of the day.

    {{ sniff }} Self smell lies on you. Self no like smell lies. Mayhap self show magic branch. Brandishes greatclub very near the man’s face. Much magic branch. Each time Self uses branch, no smell lies. Want Self show you now? Tell new story. Story not smell lies.

    Much gooder story. Smell like spring wind of home. Self like part with dogs. You no worry. Why simple man want staff? Simple man not use. Simple man no get in tower. Self go get food. You want share roast goat? Walks away happily in the direction of the cattle market.
    Of course I am not a simple man. I really DO want a staff that changes the wielder into a Royal Naga! I’m quite sure I can learn to use it. Plus I happen to have a skeleton key and the means to fly to the tower roof. Hmm… I wonder if it will be bright moon tonight?!?

    Concept is a guy that doesn’t much like who and what he is. But doesn’t admit that even to himself. He tells himself it for the power or ability the form gives him. Need to get into a dwarf town without attracting attention – change into a badger and pretend to be a wandering pet. Need to fight change into a dino. Need to move far and fast – soar as an eagle. Need to infiltrate a ship – rats are all over the river front. Etc…

    Hates the family that failed him. Doesn’t have many friends, but is incredibly attached to those people that have proven trustworthy). His middle class shop keeper parents tried to always do ‘right’ as the government proclaimed. That included sending their child to the priests for ‘book learnin’ rather than helping in the shop. While every year the tax gatherers took even more. His parents were obsessed with class and duty. They never challenged or did anything to try and change the situation. Eventually they died destitute still not able to figure out what went wrong, since they always did what they were told.
    Ran off before he could be sold off, managed to get himself taken in as a house boy to a minor adept. Managed to learn a little magic by watching from a hidden spot. Immediately realized the potential rewards and has been pushing his capabilities ever since.
    He might have an older sibling. His parents wouldn’t talk about it, but they had another child that ran away shortly after his birth. If the fortune teller was as honest and talent as he professed, he has a much older sister that serves a ship navigator. But he is very much afraid the old man was a fraud.

    More than a bit paranoid. Especially untrusting of ‘authority’ figures. But rather than openly rebellious, he just wants to keep track of those that have wronged him and get even later when they are not expecting it. Maybe next month the judge will find a giant scorpion in his bed, but no one will suspect me.
    As so much of the shape changing/polymorph magic is nature and animal related, he pretends to be very primitive, uneducated, and stupid. But that is pretense: he is well educated, thinks about things very carefully, and tries to always have the correct spell/shape/gear for a given situation.

    Not completely sure. I am still looking at possibilities for polymorphing. Nothing in PF really fits the concept in my head precisely. I’m thinking about something like Glen Cooke’s Shifter from the Black Company series. But obviously earlier in his career before he became so vile and power mad. Druid / Feral Hunter with Wild Shape or Arcanist with the Polymorph spells all have plusses and minuses. Currently I’m leaning toward a human Feral Hunter. Obviously, at 3rd level, none of them have much polymorph ability, but that is where he is heading.

    RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32


    What I want from you right now

    I want your character concept (race and class, focus, how you see your character progressing near term, though I certainly understand this could change) and background.

    Alchemist, focusing on bombs more than extracts. A 'mining engineer' or 'demolitionist' by training. My first thought was a dwarf, but I think just a regular old human makes a lot more sense for this character. Taldan by ethnicity, but possibly Andoren by nationality. Grew up in a middle-sized mining community adjoining the Five Kings Mountains, learned alchemy in an apprenticeship instead of a university.

    Huh. Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and Knowledge (Engineering) are NOT alchemist class skills. How'd that that happen?

    Maybe take the Mindchemist archetype. The Trap Breaker archetype might also be appropriate, particularly if we don't a Rogue in the party.

    * A list of driving forces, aspirations or secret desires. Basically, why are you adventuring?

    As with most Int-based classes, there's the drive for knowledge and lore. Better living through (al)chemistry.

    Largely, though, he's motivated to see a job well done - a plan that comes together, the payoff of painstaking research, and particularly the cascading explosions of a properly set-up demolition.
    Which leads to why he's adventuring - there just isn't that much need for an explosives-and-demolitions expert in a world like Golarion. He could become a more general alchemist, but he likes seeing things go boom way more than he wants to brew his hundredth healing tonic. He could be a more dedicating mining engineer, but that means actually just being a miner for way more time than he would like. Instead he travels, being hired as a troubleshooter by mines and builders all over Avistan. Lawful neutral.

    * An IC post describing why you are on your way to Arwyll Stead, a small mining town on the border of Lastwall and Belkzen and Ustalav where Daughters of Fury takes place. It's possible you've received a request for help with some unusual orc activity on the town's outskirts or even supposed sighting of devils, but feel free to come up with your own reason (don't worry if you don't know the town and it doesn't match; we can change things if need be). Write it as if you are talking to someone else on the road with you (maybe one of your fellow applicants?); ideally it will be a "pushing" post (if you read Painlord's guide, you'll know what that means!). This is your other big chance to impress me with your writing skills, which is what I'm ultimately going to base my decision on.



    Argus cringes as the stevedores load his crates into the southern-bound wagon. "Can you not read Taldane?!" he shouts. "Volatile! Inflammable! Fragile! Do you want to blow us all up?" A moment later, "No, Inflammable is not the opposite of flammable." Sigh. "Just be careful with it!"

    Of course, he's taken precautions. He's done this before. The road is going to be bumpy. The fuse charges are individually packed in straw. His laboratory glassware is all carefully wrapped in paper and cloth. His reagents are all sealed in shatter-resistant vessels (and many of those are still knotted inside of animal bladders, just in case.) The most impact-sensitive products were broken down into safer salts or left behind entirely. But that doesn't mean these laborers should be rough with them before the caravan even departs.

    And hopefully to make them respect the XXX POISON XXX stenciled across the barrel of grain alcohol. Wouldn't be the first time the workmen decided to drink all of his solvent.

    He looks down again at the letter in his hand - back inside its envelope, but the end cut, the wax seal (a badger's toothsome visage stamped in ruddy wax) broken. "Arwyll Stead." he reminds himself. His next port of call. Usual deal - local mine needs a new tunnel blasted. Perhaps glean some useful alchemical knowledge off of him. Modest 'consulting' fee, plus expenses. A small 'travel advance' had accompanied the request. It would be tight pressed to actually cover his travel expenses, but it was 'earnest money' all the same. Always a good sign, that.

    Time to go talk to the caravan foreman. See which wagon he'll be riding in. Maybe look over the caravan manifest - see if there are any consignments he might want purchase a bit of. Reagents, magical raw materials, exotic flora (or extracts thereof). Or even just saltpeter. He's running low.

    * How long have you been playing PbP? New players are encouraged to submit. I'd like to have at least two relative novices in this group, because I know how hard it can be to get into a PBP (I started GM'ing because I got frustrated at how hard it was to get into a game that didn't end a week later).

    My earliest PbP games on the Paizo forums are dated to 2008. I played before that on, but it's now too defunct to check dates and none of those games lasted very long anyhow.

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

    Are unchained classes possible? It´s semi published somehow.

    RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

    Sorry, Hayato, no unchained classes yet. That said, I don't foresee a huge problem with reskinning a character once it is out.

    And, actually, I have to admit I don't even know the publication date -- Hmm. April 29? I was planning to start before then, but depending on what the group wants, I could be persuaded to wait. Part of the reason I'm starting this now is my wife is about to leave for two years of medical school in the Caribbean, so I figure this will help occupy my time. She leaves May 1, so ... short story long, I'm planning to spend much of my free time with her especially that last week and may have slow posting rates anyway. I have to admit, the blog tease about some of the skill systems appeal to me -- particularly the background skills since I often find it frustrating having to choose between combat-useful skills and a profession skill that suits my character.


    I will roll up a spell caster of some kind. I have wanted to play Daughters of Fury.

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
    motteditor wrote:

    Sorry, Hayato, no unchained classes yet. That said, I don't foresee a huge problem with reskinning a character once it is out.

    And, actually, I have to admit I don't even know the publication date -- Hmm. April 29? I was planning to start before then, but depending on what the group wants, I could be persuaded to wait. Part of the reason I'm starting this now is my wife is about to leave for two years of medical school in the Caribbean, so I figure this will help occupy my time. She leaves May 1, so ... short story long, I'm planning to spend much of my free time with her especially that last week and may have slow posting rates anyway. I have to admit, the blog tease about some of the skill systems appeal to me -- particularly the background skills since I often find it frustrating having to choose between combat-useful skills and a profession skill that suits my character.

    Having had a distance relationship, i recommend you delay the game and thouroughly use the time. It´s really worth it and might be regretted later if not done.

    I have two relatively crazy character concepts in mind, both probably halflings. One is greatly pushed by the unchained rogue.
    Those skill tricks are also really worth it^^
    Reskinning later sounds pretty fine to me though anyways. That´s not much time into the game i think. Thanks for the consideration.
    I´ll choose one and write the story down (in time hopefully, have to look up that timezone again)

    Please rest assured that I AM very interested in this recruitment. I've had an awful weekend with a sick dog. I will post a character soon. Thanks.

    RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

    Hayato, thanks for the advice. She's still working so it's not until that last week of the month where I expect I'll be spending most of my free time with her (of course, my work sometimes affords me opportunities to post as well).

    Tanner, sick dogs are the worst. My recent vet appointment revealed my girl is starting to get some arthritis. $700 later, she now gets various joint supplements and fish oil morning and night...

    Evans, to address your question. I think Golarion tends to be better known for its assassins guilds, but here are some potential options (forgive me for not linkifying them): (you can search for guild in this one)

    Nubkin, please don't forget to give me an in-character post.

    The crunch for my character has been worked out--I'll have to come up with a good backstory & introductory post in the morning.

    Liberty's Edge

    This is my character submission.
    The big woman wears a loose fitting robe, and a scarf around her head, covering almost all of her face.
    Back coarse hair pour behind her, to her shoulder, in an irregular cut.
    Her eyes and forehead show determination, as well as her step.
    The greataxe on her back show she is dangerous. She is tall, maybe to tall for a woman. She is strong. Maybe too strong.
    But her voice is feminine, almost sweet, as she reach the group of travelers.
    "Hi, my name is Teva. Care if I walk with you? I have been traveling alone for a long time, and I would like the company."
    She turns out to be a good walking companion, willing to hear and ready to talk about herself.
    "I was born there, you know, I am a Steader. But I left with my mother long ago, when I was only a baby."
    Her eyes show a tear when she is asked about her mother.
    "She passed away, I am afraid, not long ago. She asked me to go to her old town, and present myself to the rest my family."
    If asked about her family, or why she didn't came back before, she excuses herself.
    "Sorry, that is a private matter. Maybe if when we know each other a little bit better... What brings you to Arwyll Stead?"
    Any other submitter that want to roleplay with Teva a little?

    Perception DC 12:
    Even if she looks human, and could pass for human most of the time, the orc blood in her veins in undeniable, if subtle.

    General characteristics:
    Female Half Orc Barbarian, with the "Pass for Human" feat. Only when she rages she shows for what she is, but tries to hard not to let anyone know her true blood. Her true anger. Her true self.

    Driving forces, aspirations or secret desires:
    she wants to belong, don't we all? Her mother didn't send her here. In fact, she left town after she got pregnant. It was consensual, but her mother didn't have the courage or means to deal with her pregnancy, so she ran away. She made everything in her power to raise her daughter as a human, trying to suppress the orc blood in her, with some degree of success. Except when Teva gets angry. Teva, after her mother's dead, is returning to her mother's old home hoping she will be accepted, and loved, by a family that doesn't know she exists (but maybe they suspects). Even if she has to lie about her real self for the rest of her life.
    Will she be accepted by her old family?
    Will she be able to hide her orc blood from the town?
    Will she "blow her cover" by using her barbarian powers? When?
    Is her father alive? What will he think of her long lost daughter?
    Will she come to "like" her true self as an half orc barbarian? Or will the orc blood prevail? Or her human blood?

    How long have you been playing PbP?
    I won't be competing for one of the "new guys" places. I have been playing RPG's since last millennium, and PbP via email since more than 10 years ago... but who is counting!
    I then to post daily, from México (I normally speak Spanish, so if I make grammatical error that is the reason!).

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