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Full Name

Oterisk del Oktar




8 Fighter / 2 Champion




m, 7' 1"






Orc, Common



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Strength 24
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Oterisk

Grask Uldath has many sons. Oterisk is but one of many and has long strived for distinction. He was not stronger than his brothers, nor was he more persuasive. But he did have an intelligence that many of them lacked and he pursued that avenue. Since his father has opened the capitol of Urgir to the Pinkskins, Oterisk has sat with many of them and learned their craft and speech. He longed to know them as knowing things was his own path to greatness.

Their culture, while fragmented was unarguably the dominant force in Golarion. Oterisk believed his own people could learn from the pinkskins and surpass them in dominance in the region and quite possibly the world, but he had to study to figure out what their distinctiveness was. After a particularly spirited interrogation he had with a knowledgeable figure in their world, he received an invitation to return with her and spend time in the great city of Absalom, which he accepted. She was intelligent, but not strong, so he did not give her the honor of bearing him children.

He spent several years in Absalom before eventually he was asked to join their tribe. He had fathered only four boys with suitable mates in the meantime as most of his time was spent learning and training. He learned a new weapon, the Fauchard, which itself sounded like a weapon a woman would use, but was quite devastating in its damage potential and he made it his own. Armed with the new knowledge and the training he received, he felt it was ready to begin his master plan.

His learning in the Society was enlightening and provocative as he learned there was one main distinction between the pinkskins and the greenskins. He had discovered it when they were studying elves. “Elves and Orcs had one thing in common” said the instructor, “their distaste for Law.” It was an epiphany for Oterisk, and he spent the majority of the rest of his time there studying this Law to see what it could accomplish. He studied Abadar, Asmodeus, Irori, Erastil and Aroden. Gleaning what he could from them and his studies of his own people and himself, he began work on a system of laws for the Orcish nation he would build in his own name. He would bring this Law to the Orcs and transform them from their self destructive Chaos and bind them into a new strength that would rival all.

But in order for a plan such as that to work, he had to develop the power to realize his goal. He did some exploration for the Society and received their tribute and his power slowly grew. In the midst of one of his explorations they came upon an old temple of Asmodeus that interested him greatly. He helped with some of the translation work needed and discovered some latent inscription that told of a path few could take. When everyone else was asleep, he alone discovered the artifact hidden in the temple, which crumbled to dust when he touched it, but since then he had been filled with a new power he could not describe. Who was to say if it would help him realize his goal? Perhaps someday the world would tremble at the name of Oterisk.