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Silver2195 wrote:
GM-JZ wrote:

Back to the NPC Index, there are three books in that line so far and each contains 110 statblocks for class-based NPCs between levels 1 to 20.

Warriors (Barbarian, Fighter, Champion, Ranger)
Spellcasters (Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard)
Specialists (Alchemist, Bard, Monk, Rogue)

They look very interesting. Now I'm curious if there's any plan to make equivalents for the non-CRB classes, and if so, what the books would be called.

I do have plans for those but they are longer term because some of those classes are directly impacted by the remaster and I want to see how that turns out.

I've been kicking around names but nothing concrete yet.

Something like Gunslingers, Swashbucklers, Investigators and Magus might be something like NPC Index: Mavericks (naming things is hard!)

Thaum, Psychic, Oracle and Witch could be NPC Index: Esoterics

I'm not sure how I'm going to group the other classes or name them yet but i will be working on more of these books toward the end of the year and into 2024

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vegetalss4 wrote:
Arcaian wrote:
Jamie Trollope also has an absolutely wonderful series of NPC codices on their Pathfinder Infinite store, like these Warrior ones. If you have regular need for NPCs, I'd recommend them! :)

The blurb mentions both guidance on making your own NPC's and a lot of premade ones.

Could you say a bit about what sort of NPC's the premade ones are?

Are they specific ones (Commander Examplius Hellknight of the order of the for instance) with backstories and personalities and such or more general ones (like Dark Knight commander)?

I'd also be interested in what their philosophy with regards to how "PC-like" an NPC should be.

Hi, I'm Jamie, the author of these :)

The NPCs in NPC Index are all generic. They don't have names or backstories and so on.

I do have a product called NPC Index: Firebrands which is exactly this. It is a much smaller book but the NPCs in that are fully fleshed out with backstories, personality traits and plot hooks you can use to integrate them into your campaigns. As well as the full statblocks across multiple levels of course. All the NPCs in that book are class-based too, but have a pirate/naval/ocean theme. There is a Sea Shanty bard, a Gunslinger, an ocean druid and so on.

Back to the NPC Index, there are three books in that line so far and each contains 110 statblocks for class-based NPCs between levels 1 to 20.

Warriors (Barbarian, Fighter, Champion, Ranger)
Spellcasters (Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard)
Specialists (Alchemist, Bard, Monk, Rogue)

The intention was always for these to be generic so GMs could just pick them up and put them in their games and flesh them out in a way that made sense for their campaigns. But if you need a level 17 cleric, there are four to choose from in Spellcasters. Or if you need a level 4 Barbarian, it is there for you in Warriors.

In terms of how PC-like, all of these were made using the numbers from the Gamemastery Guide and so should be balanced. They all get roughly the same amount of abilities as equivalent level NPCs or monsters and those abilities take the form of feats taken either directly from the class lists, tweaked to make sense for NPCs or just created by me.

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Amazing array of talented and wonderful people. I own products by just about all of them!

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NPC Index: Warriors

I just released The NPC Index: Warriors on Pathfinder Infinite.


You'll find in there over 100 statblocks for enemy Barbarians, Fighters, Champions and Rangers which should help a lot with prepping sessions or even coming up with encounters on the fly.

These cover levels 1 to 20 and it includes a simple system to add ancestries to the statblocks, exponentially increasing the variety of enemy martial NPCs you can throw at your party.

Check it out!

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Hey guys, I have just published my first release on Pathfinder Infinite. It's a ruleset for running ship to ship combat encounters in a 2e ocean based campaign, but also includes ship roles, feats, abilities, treasure and lots more.

Check it out via this link (I hope you like it!)

This started as a homebrew doc as part of a 2e Skull and Shackles conversion and became something much bigger.

Can I confirm something?

The book states with the materials scavenged from the garrison and the parts Aibretta has on hand, the PCs can upgrade their ship to tier 2.

Is this literally saying they can purchase any upgrade to their ship within their new BP budget? So eventhough there is no mention of a trinode computer in the garrison for example, they could scavenge one if it within their BP budget?

Or are they limited to the actually listed items in the garrison like the heavy laser cannons?

I don't know if any of you are going to see this post.

I just wanted to say hello and that I hope you, and your families, are doing well.

Things have started to calm down a little for me although this has been the hardest year of my life.

I'm starting to get back into gaming on Discord, I just find it a more manageable, more accessible, more immediate and all round better experience and all those things have helped me get back into playing this amazing game.

I wanted to reach out with good thoughts and positive vibes and I very much hope to play with you all again some time in the future.

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Any idea on this one or plans to implement them in future?

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Hi, I know there has been some discussion on this and while I haven't gone through all of the threads, was there ever an official response as to why Starfinder APs don't have interactive maps available with them?

Will do.

Thank you all. You're an amazing group of players, and people.


We hope to be back... one day

Hi guys. It's with a genuine heavy heart that I write this post.

The past few days I have spent with my Dad who, I think I let you all know, is in really poor health. He has Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia and the degenerative nature of these diseases has been incredibly hard to see over the past year especially.

His health has been in even steeper decline recently and that, along with some real high pressure stuff in work, has meant that my time for much else has become really squeezed. You've seen this in the dramatic slow down of this game.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to go on an extended hiatus from all my games. The mental effort it takes to get into the frame of mind to post anything of high quality has become really hard and I honestly I value your time as much as my own, so I don't want to just grind through with a couple of three line posts once or twice a week.

Playing this amazing game with you and connecting as friends over the past few years has been brilliant, a genuine pleasure.

And I hate when things don't come to an end, especially after the effort we have all put in.

So I am going to put this game on indefinite hold. I really hope you understand and that if this is the last time we chuck dice together, that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Thank you all and I wish you all the best to you and your families.


Skum are the most prolific and successful of the countless races created by the aboleths to serve as slaves. At the height of the aboleth empire, skum were legion and their armies waged many wars upon the land, yet now that the aboleths are in decline, skum have been set loose to manage on their own.

For the most part, the skum have been less than successful at this endeavor, and today they exist in a shadow of their previous multitude, most of them dwelling deep underground in slowly crumbling ruins left standing only because their enemies have lost interest in pursuing the now-won war against these fish-like humanoids. Skum have even lost their own name—only the most erudite and wise of their kind remember that they were once known as the ulat-kini. Today, most identify themselves with the racial epithet applied to them by surface-dwellers—“skum.”

Skum do not age, and barring death by violence or disease, they can live forever. Unfortunately, this near immortality is crippled by the fact that skum are incapable of reproducing among themselves, for all skum are male. The aboleths did not want their slave race to prosper without their permission. Yet terribly, this does not mean that skum cannot breed. Originally created from human stock, skum can impregnate humans, and the children issued from such unholy unions are invariably deformed. Those who are not born skum undergo gradual transformations throughout their lives, and when they would normally die of old age, such hybrids instead go through “the change,” shedding their wrinkled flesh and transforming into one of the ulat-kini. While most skum tribes lack the drive to perpetuate their race and would prefer to languish in their hideous sunken ruins, tribes settling offshore of remotely populated coastlines seem to be on the rise. Some such communities raid villages for breeding stock, but a few more insidious tribes form alliances with these desperate folk, providing protection and bounty from the sea in return for wives.

Kaz eases open the door.

This small chapel contains a simple altar of green stone at its far end. A mosaic on the wall above the altar depicts a creature that appears to be a mixture of fish, frog, and human. The air is thick with the smell of rotting fish.

Knowledge nature DC 12:

The monster in the mosaic is a skum

Knowledge religion DC 20:

You know that these creatures are not norally venerated as part of the Gozren faith

Ok let's not worry about discord then.

Roll 20 is a real pain in the ass on mobile, I agree with that.

I'll keep the next section in it and we can see how it goes. if it's too problematic we will continue as we are.

Thanks Hazel.

Does everyone have Roll20 accounts? I am considering switching map-making to that.

Also - and this is perhaps a little more out there - do you all use Discord? I have recently been playing in a game run on Discord via text. It's a bit of a change from traditional play by post but I have to say I am massively converted to it. Things move so much quicker, it's easy to have side conversations for rp, dice rolling is all taken care of in there, easily share images of monsters or NPCs etc

Would anyone be interested in something like that or is too much change?

No undead present and there is one exit from this room, it is just a small side chapel. The exit is likely to enter into another room east that you have seen a door to in the previous room

Check the map and you'll see what I mean

You do detect the presence of magic however, likely weapons and armour belonging to the priests

A small ship’s bell mounted on a ship’s wheel sits atop a small altar of green stone at the far end of this chapel. A mosaic on the wall above the altar portrays a sea captain on the deck of a ship in the midst of a raging storm.

Four priests lie in simple cots, seemingly asleep in this chapel. If any of them noticed the door open, they did not show it.

Ok I will bot Kaz actions by the end of the day if I haven't heard otherwise.

Yeah things have been crazy for me too. I hope to get back to a good pace soon.

In the meantime, Zed and Kaz, what are your intentions here?

The door is not trapped and you hear the sound of snoring beyond

Meanwhile, as you search the room around the priests, you detect a series of secret doors - effectively a false wall, at the back of the room

Warped wooden pews stand within this central meeting hall, decorated with a decidedly nautical theme. A wooden statue of the same mermaid depicted elsewhere in the temple stands at the front of the hall, though she holds a strange octopoid creature in one hand rather than a conch shell.

Four men stand in the hall, apparently meditating before the statue. They are dressed in deep green robes or gaudy appearance. More doors lead north and south from here.

For the first time Kaz lays eyes on the strange depiction of Gozreh and realises his suspicions about the statue are correct, it is a subversive version of the Demon Lord of the Sea.

In the next room, two leaded stained-glass windows to the north and south display images of the same mermaid depicted by the statue outside. Two doors and an open archway lead to the east.

Map updated

Ok, Zed and Kaz go in stealthily, the rest outside and likely available to react if necessary

With their forms at first shimmering and then disappearing completely, Zed and Kaz slip in through the doors of the Church which, even at this late hour, is not locked up for the night.

The inner portico is extremely quiet, with only the sputtering of a candle to break the silence.

Will get a map up.

Zelda is able to describe the depiction in great detail and to Kaz' dismay, it sounds very much like the Demon Lord of the Sea, Dagon!

While the depiction of Gozreh is strange, Zelda cannot think of any explanation for it.

Zelda wait patiently, but similar to when Zed and Hazel went inside, the service continues in near silent solemnity for the next hour and shows no sign of abating.

Then, the citizens finally stand and make their way out but the priests remain in prayer.

She comes back and reports what she has seen.

Zelda scuttles in through the main doors, following quickly after one of the priests.

This open, colonnaded portico faces the dark waters of Lake Encarthan. A stone statue of a mermaid with long, flowing green hair holding a trident and a conch shell stands in the middle of the portico, also looking out to sea.

An open archway to the east leads inside and she takes it.

Two leaded stained-glass windows to the north and south display images of the same mermaid depicted by the statue outside. Two doors and an open archway lead to the east.

This room is empty save for several pairs of shoes, obviously removed by the parishoners. Unable to open a door, she heads through the open archway.

Warped wooden pews stand within this central meeting hall, decorated with a decidedly nautical theme. A wooden statue of the same mermaid depicted elsewhere in the temple stands at the front of the hall, though she holds a strange octopoid creature in one hand rather than a conch shell.

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30

Zelda notices that the flowing locks of hair on this statue look almost like writhing tentacles, and her face has a decidedly more fish-like appearance.

Four men stand in the hall, apparently meditating before the statue. Three parishoners pray in silence behind them.

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

They don't appear to notice Zelda, but with closed doors leading away from this central chamber, where does she go from here?

So Zelda is going in disguised as a rat?

1d20 + 12 ⇒ (18) + 12 = 30

Vala tries to call forth an image of the Vizier, but she cannot penetrate the mists and the spell fails.

From the Legend Lore, you learn that Vizier Albor Voltiaro is a High Priest within the Church of the Recondite Order of the Indomnitable Sea. However, the Church is not all that it appears and it's connection to the sea may be more sinister than the worship of Gozreh.

Kaz keeps an eye on the church but there are no unusual comings or goings that he can see. Several dozen parishoners make their way in and, after a couple of hours, out again for morning prayers and this is repeated late in the evening.

He does see around half a dozen gaudily-dressed priests in flowing green robes enter and exit at varying times of the day.

Ok so we've got suggestions to check it out at night or in disguise. Lay the plan out for me

Not sure if Constantin is busy, everyone please feel free to read the spoiler so we can move it on


You cast your mind forward into the misty depths of the future.

It is dark there, and shapes are formless and faceless but you are used to this by now. You wade out as a man might wade out into the sea and let your head go under the waves of what is, what was and what might be.

The weight of it is crushing and you suddenly feel yourself gasping for air where there is none. Panic sets in and your lungs are suddenly afire as you breathe nothing but cold water.

And yet it is not drowning that terrifies you. It is something that begins as formless but suddenly takes on a visage of something altogether unseen but terrible still - a great darkness carried on wings of evil fills your vision and yet..... yet something else.... something even worse dwells in the darkness where not even the light of divinity can penetrate.

Sorry guys! What a crazy few days. Man it doesn't feel like I've even taken a breath.

Thank you for your patience

Ok rp this out for me. When, where and how

"Yes, yes of course.I can draft something. In theory Sherif Anders will recognise it's authority should it come to that. I say in theory because he is one of the Vizier;s followers but if you find evidence of wrong-doing there then you can expose it to the whole town."

"I'm so relieved you'll help." the mayor says with a sigh.


"I suppose about 2 weeks ago now. We’ve had a turn of bad luck lately. The fishing boats haven’t been coming in full for the last few weeks, and folks are starting to get nervous and some are blaming the Watcher. I wouldn’t say it’s a crisis yet, but I expect folks’ll look anywhere to blame something."

"The Vizier of the Order says there’s nothing to worry about—the lake has always provided for us, and it always will, provided we respect it and keep to the old ways. Things’ll turn around; they always do. But like I said, it wouldn't surprise me if he was involved in all our troubles somehow.”

"Well the Neighbours, they’re from a little settlement out in the wilds down bay; so small it doesn’t even have a name. Never been down there myself, and I don’t know many who have, but they’re good people. Folks around here consider them a kind of good luck charm for the town. I suppose there’s some trails that lead to their village or what have you, but they mostly just come to town every once in awhile when they have business to attend to."

"As for the Church, they are dedicated to Gozreh. But I'm sure it's not all it's meant to be on the surface."

"I can't say they are behind these disappearances for certain but there is something going on."

He says, wringing his hands.

“It’s true, we’ve had several people go missing recently—over a dozen so far. The sheriff and his deputies haven’t found hide nor hair of any of them, not a single clue as to what might have happened to them. It’s like they just up and vanished. People say it’s part and parcel of the bad luck we’ve had recently, but I’ve got my own

He goes on to describe the people who have gone missing. There is a mix of age, gender and social standing. Given that Illmarsh is so small they have similar routines but no one knows where they disappeared from. In some instances they didn't come home, in others they disappeared from their beds without a trace.

I'm in as long as you guys are :)

The mayor looks you all over as of trying to make a decision, chewing his lip as he does so.

He takes a deep breath and says;

"All right, I’m going to come clean with you. Something’s going on in this town, and I can’t sit by any longer and watch it slowly die."

"The Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea—it’s our local temple, and most of the townsfolk are loyal churchgoers. It’s no secret that the Order pretty much runs this town. Oh sure, I’m the duly appointed mayor, but it’s the vizier who pulls the strings. And I think he—or someone else in the Order— may be behind the disappearances of some of our townsfolk, I think that's why people have been suspicious of you. They've never liked outsiders and when people have gone missing they come to the conclusion foreigners are behind it."

I don’t have any proof, only suspicions, but I can tell you that temple is not all that it seems to be. Like I said, practically everyone in town is a loyal follower of Father Voltiaro, including the sheriff, so there’s no one else I can trust."

"I need your help. Normally you would be suspects as strangers in town, but I’ve had you watched since you arrived—don’t look at me like that! You can never be too careful with strange folk hereabouts! Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’re not involved at least and in these troubled times, that’s my only certainty. You look like professional sorts who know your way around the business end of a blade, and I need someone from outside to look into this for me. Therefore, against my better judgment, I’m asking you to solve these disappearances and bring whoever’s responsible to justice."

"I’m beseeching you on behalf of the good people of Illmarsh to go to the Order’s hall and take a look around. I’m sure you’ll find the priests are hiding something. If they’re behind this, you’ll be removing a blight from this town, and earning the gratitude of its humble citizens. I assure you, you will be well rewarded from the town’s treasury. Fish isn’t the only bounty we take from the sea. There’ve been enough shipwrecks and whatnot over the years that we’ve got some gold amassed—surely enough to gain your services for a short while. And if that doesn't persuade you.... well I may know a little more about that rider than I let on earlier. If you help me, I’ll tell you everything."

He looks at you anxiously.

Sense Motive DC 10:

He is genuinely anxious and worried about what is happening in town

Yeah I hear you Hazel. I reduced my games in January from 8 to 2. It just takes so much time, effort and mental capacity so I completely understand why you needed to take some time off.

It's great that you have decided to stick with this one of all your games!

Having said that we've been ploughing through this for the past 3 years or so - how is everyone still feeling about it?

You think he probably knows more about the rider than he is letting on. And while he is deeply worried about something, it's not you

What else do you ask him?

1d20 ⇒ 19

Zed you discern no lies in what he just said

"No sir, no one like that has come to town lately. In fact, you’re the first foreigners we’ve had through here in some time."

He smiles with a wide, thick-lipped mouth that makes him seem immediately unpleasant.

"Sheriff Anders tells me you've been staying with Croon the Crackpot. Why, you can’t believe a word he says! Everything’s a conspiracy to him or has something to do with 'the Watcher', whether you’re talking about the weather or the latest grand invention he’s got his head caught up in. It’s a wonder he hasn’t blown up himself yet. Or worse, the town! Good-natured fella, though, as long as you don’t take him too seriously."

He changes the subject rather quickly and when Kaz presses toward his thoughts he picks up a jumbled mess that is hard to sort through but all indicates he is deeply concerned about something - possibly your presence in town, possibly not.

He claps his hands and smiles with wet lips.

"Great! What can I do for you?"

Sorry, I swore I updated this

"I've heard you have been asking questions of our fair townsfolk. Perhaps I can be of help. The sooner you conclude your business the sooner you can... say farewell." he replies, quite cheerfully.


You get a sense that he is nervous about something


The man dies not with a scream, but with a gurgling hiss. He doesn't stir out of his near-unconsciousness but evenso you feel you have delivered a mercy

The sheriff and his men lead you through the town, if anything attracting even more attention from the locals than the previous day.

You head back through the town square, past the statue and toward the large Townhall.

Throughout it all the sheriff says nothing.

Eventually he knocks on a solid door inside and you are led within.

Mayor Early Greedle is a scrawny man with oily skin and red-splotched cheeks, dressed in a formal, though somewhat shabby, coat and top hat. He appears slightly out of breath and has a gasping manner of speaking. He introduces himself and says;

Thank you Sheriff Anders, that will be all. My name is Mayor Greedle and I'd like to formally welcome you to town! he says cheerfully.


Under cover of night you fly silently across the expanse of the Bay toward the Tern rocks. As you get closer, the soft moans of a man begin to rise up to you over the swell of the waves and the drifts of the wind.

The man is scrawny and blotchy. His hands are lashed to the rocks by thick, but rusted, iron chains. It is very obvious that he is near death. His eyes are glazed and milky from exposure and and his lips cracked. Blood has dried on his scalp and the rock where he has bashed his own head against it and you can see that where his feet dangle into the water, that flesh has begun to be chewed away by myriad small sea creatures.

He is barely conscious when you land on the rocks.

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