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Full Name

Ross W. Byers


Human (1/8 Greek, 1/4 Irish, 5/8 Anglo-Saxon, with a twist of Franco-Germanic)









Special Abilities

Critical Thinking


Lawful Neutral


None. (I'd be more likely to believe if I could cast Flame Strike.)


Los Angeles, CA


English, Java, C & C++, Tech Jargon, Gamer Jargon


Software Developer

Strength 11
Dexterity 11
Constitution 15
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 9
Charisma 10

About Ross Byers

Ross is an experienced but mediocre DM who has run portions of the AoW adventure path, a myriad of pre-published adventures, and just about every free adventure on the Wizards of the Coast web site. As a player, he dragged a mad dwarven sorceror through the Shackled City (DMed by Brainiac, leaving when a giant's club ended the dwarf and real life ended his participation.

In addition to D&D, Ross plays Magic, plenty of video games, and dabbles in other nerdly activities, including a growing interest in Warhammer 40K.

In the late 2007, Ross was selected as a Top 32 contestant for RPG Superstar on the strength of his Wondrous Item 'Seer's Tea'. Of course, he was voted out in the second round, for his nation 'Terram'. His would-have-been villian can be found here.

In summer of 2008, he sold his first gaming article to Kobold Quarterly. Entitled 'Maximize Your Monk', it appeared in KQ #5. He followed this with 'The Black Art of Undead Creation', which appeared in KQ #7, and 'Legends of the Golem', which appeared in KQ #8. Ross also authored the 'Necro-lord of Urgathoa' in Wayfinder #1. They're pretty good. You should check them out.
'Legends of the Golem' was reprinted as 'Ecology of the Golem' in Kobold Ecologies Vol. 1.

Ross developed an alternate casting system for D&D 3.5, based on Roger Zelazny's work. It can be found here. He's also attempted to touch up the Alignment definitions from the SRD. His attempt can be found here.

If you have read any of his work, Ross would love to hear from you. He's a sucker for feedback. Find him at