The Fish's Hells Rebels Game

Game Master Scott Williams 16

you, trying to stop me
Current Battle Map

Mirais Boon's:
+3 bonus to all Charisma checks until sundown the next day

Talon Skyfall Boon's:
+1 bonus to all Charisma checks until sundown the next day

A Mothers note:
My dearest son, If you are reading this, what I have feared has come to pass and I am dead. For many years, I have belonged to the Sacred Order of Archivists and have worked to free Kintargo from Chelish rule. I have learned much about Kintargo’s secret history, and fear the time will soon come when the city needs the return of its Silver Ravens. You have likely not heard of the Silver Ravens—few have. Mentions of them have been redacted by the agents of House Thrune, but during the civil war, the Ravens worked to ensure Kintargo’s safety. They were heroes in their day, and I fear that Kintargo needs their kind again. Do not believe the government’s claims that Lord-Mayor Bainilus abandoned us! Darker things are afoot, and I fear that all who work against Thrune may find themselves in danger in the days ahead. The Silver Ravens maintained numerous hideouts within Kintargo’s walls during the civil war. I have located one such site—the chambers below a building known today as the Fair Fortune Livery. If you are reading this, I was unable to seek further answers there myself. Gather heroes to your side, my son, and search below the livery. There, if my research is correct, you will find something to teach you more of the Silver Ravens and their legacy. Do not let my death be in vain. Stand up for Kintargo. Bring the Silver Ravens back to life!

Hero Points