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Diruk Glaive who Needs No Weapon | Might 13 (3) | Speed 14 (1) | Intellect 7 (0) | Armour 4 | Damage (fists) 4

Hi Dad!

Lady Human A Foolish Jack who Exists Partially Out of Phase | Might 11 (0) | Speed 13 (0) | Intellect 6/8 (1) | Armour 1 | Damage (buzzer, razor ring) 2

Stone That Speaks, is that you? I am forever by your side.

Male Human A Strong Jack Who Fuses Flesh and Steel

Clutches his robe tightly as the wind whips it across his exposed bulky mechanical arm.


M Human Mutant An Inquisitive Glaive Who Controls Gravity

As the shadowy figure inches through the darkness, occasional beams of light emit from cracks in the ancient superstructure. His eyes are not identical to those of a normal man, but they still recoil from the sudden brightness. There is a putrid stench of dead and dying mutantkind, mixed with a hint of rotting seaweed. But he cannot smell it, for he has no nose.

Stepping over a prone body, the figure mutters to himself, "Dead, or just sleeping?". He stumbles in the darkness, catching his meagre boots on fragments of rocks and broken pottery. "It is past time for my flight from this place, before I end up like the rest of em." His mumbling is barely audible. His beard is not identical to the beard of a normal man, but it still obscures his barely moving mouth.

Finally he emerges from the darkness, shivering as he is enveloped by the first fresh, cool air that has touched his skin in months. "Never again shall I hide amongst the broken and rejected mutants of this world. When I was young, I was weak and easily cowed by the predations of others. Yes, I am different, but no longer will I hide. Soon, the world will tremble at my name! My fellows in the mutant nest told me to be wary of the world outside, but it is the world outside that should be wary of me. Reggie - a name to strike fear into the hearts of men!"

With that Reggie unfurls his beard of tentacles, hefts Bertha over his right shoulder and strides out into the unknown.

Male Human A Strong Jack Who Fuses Flesh and Steel

OK so this is for OOC stuff right.

Anybody know how to do this?

And if you add you descriptors to your classes/levels tab in your Paizo profile it'll come up as a subtitle when you post.

Scarab Sages

Male Dhampir Sandman 2 / Lore Warden 2 / Oracle of Lore 1 | HP 36 | AC 18, T16, F12 | CMD 14 | Fort +4, Ref +9, Will +5 | Init +9 | KnAll +13, KnNob +17 | Perc +5 | Diplomacy +19

You have done it. See it sits just above your picture?

You can edit that line if you go into your alias. We'll figure out what might be useful in there. As an example I've posted with one of my Pathfinder characters. You can even use code in there.

Male Human A Strong Jack Who Fuses Flesh and Steel

Strength: 1d20 ⇒ 13

Male Human A Strong Jack Who Fuses Flesh and Steel

OK I think I got that, that was just for testing
1d20 ⇒ 10

M Human Mutant An Inquisitive Glaive Who Controls Gravity

Hey Guys, I would like to try to use my gravity control powers on lifting the crates. But reading page 43 of the Numenera player's guide doesn't clarify it. It lists 6 different tiered powers, but none of them involve lifting things specifically.

I would guess that I would make an intellect roll to attempt to use my gravity powers to lift the crates, then if I am very successful, they would levitate, and float off the boat.

If I am middlingly succesful, then I just make them lighter and pick them up with one hand, clearly not straining myself, and if I fail, then I can fall back to a might check.

How does this work?

It looks like at your current tier it only affects you, but sounds cool. ALLOWED!

You won't need to roll, you'll just need to spend a point of intellect to activate it, it'll last 10 minutes as well.

M Human Mutant An Inquisitive Glaive Who Controls Gravity

Alright, I will spend a point of intellect to impress my companions.


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