Gob Smash One

Game Master Tacticslion

They be goblins, you be food... why are they so weird, dude?

That's what the W.D.G.F.F. (Western Duchy Goblin Fighting Force) first Reconnaissance and Strike Crew, aka "Gob Smash One" (that's you) have been sent to find out, in the barren mana wastes beyond the edge of the Duchy near the border of Geb in an ancient abandoned outpost called Hightower...

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Alright! Listen up, you mamma-fed rug-rats!

What we have here, is a serious kind of situation!

There are goblins! I repeat! There are goblins!

Now, I don't know how "you people" think about them - wherever you come from - but 'round the mana wastes - yes, Reb, it is technically the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar - *mutters* spoiled brat politician's son *gumble*, that is some serious business! Goblins are to be terminated with extreme prejudice! And to make sure that if they do stay around, they ain't happy!

So you are now reporting for duty - because I said so, that's why! - that the militia of Shan-town - no, I don't care what it sounds like in Elven, Reb, shut up and get in line, or so help me - and it is your job to do whatever I say! What-ever I say! Immediately!

You may not have signed up for this, but I. don't. care.

Whether you wanted this or not, you have now stepped in it very well and good, and take a long, hard whiff right through the nose, ladies, because it's. not. getting. better.

I am now your lord-high god and commander!

I am the one who controls your destiny, your thought, and your bodily functions! You heard me right: you do not take a crap without my say-so!

If I say, "I shine my shoes", you shine them until I've got a new pair of blinding shields on my feet!

If I say, "Jump," you had best be jumpin' before I manage to finish my sentence with, "-rope are needed for your trainin'" - WHY AREN'T YOU JUMPIN'?!?! ... that's better!

If I say, "Stay here until I say otherwise." you will die before you leave that spot! Do I make myself clear?!



... you have a question, ... Reb?

Are you stupid?! Don't be stupid!! Goblins can't control minds! They're savages! Dumb, stupid savages! Dangerous, but because of their fire!

*grumble* deliver me from this mortal coil that I need not put up with such stupidit-

...*wheeze* that... that wasn't a command, Reb... *gag*

~ the last words of Drill Sergeant Q. Miller as Private Reb B. ran him through with a spear, as recorded by Stone of Recall during the Great Goblin Invasion of Shan-town, five weeks past

When Shan-town - on the very edge of the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar - was first assaulted by goblins, none thought it was too serious. I mean, really, they were goblins - good for killing, and not much else, though, sure, if you didn't kill them quickly, they could be deadly, sure. Even the fact that they looked a bit odd didn't bother too much - after all, the sky was blue, the water was blue, and the mana wastes produced mutants who may as well have been blue, too.

When the militia began murdering their commanders, however, things started to be taken more seriously. That, combined with the complete lack of fire-use or traditional goblin songs has led many sages to speculate that something exceedingly strange is afoot - about the only thing these goblins do similarly to how any expect is eat the dead.

In the subsequent weeks, the goblin-war has been a serious problem for the western edge of the Duchy.

It is because of this that people from all walks of life - even those passing through, and some of the Shield Marshals (though some have volunteered) - that seem to have any reasonable degree of competence have recently been more or less forcefully been drafted into the military and, though many are unhappy, they're getting fair wage, the ability to loot dead goblins, and promise of promotion or freedom after the war - looking, thankfully, brief - is over.

Fortuitously for the Duchy, Amita Narahari, a brilliant-if-slightly mad sage from Vudra, had rather badly underestimated the wild magic of the mana wastes, and has found herself stuck in the Western region of the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar (originally aiming for Jalmeray, she missed), and her vast knowledge of bio-alchemical alteration, training, and military strategy has been able to turn the Shield Marshals and recently formed W.D.G.F.F. (Western Duchy Goblin Fighting Force) - the latter of which was founded on her suggestion - into a viable enough force to fight off the strange goblins. (She's assured all involved that and strange effects are strictly temporary. She thinks.)

As it turns out, she's recently discovered that blue is the key to defeating blue... or something; though it's possible that she's just making it up, it's certainly seemed effective so far, and, as a result, everyone has been equipped with a small selection of cracked magical rocks, blue whinnis poison (despite the fact that the concoction is mostly a pale-green, she insists that it works), and special uniforms made from a strange blue material recently uncovered. (See equipment, below.)

You lot have been thrown together in a haphazard fashion, "rigorously trained" for all of two days, in which you were temporarily hopped up on some rather powerful alchemical and magical enhancements and forced to read all you can about strike missions (through a magic ring shared between you), then, after a day of bed-rest, given a mission: go find the Hightower and ensure that it's been cleared of the goblin menace. Sadly, the alchemical and magical enhancements have faded and the ring was reclaimed by the forces that mandated you use it for two days anyway.

You don't really have much choice, considering you're both stuck here and kind of magically compelled to follow orders (and will be for another... week, from what you can tell, at least). Fortunately, your orders are at least somewhat vague - you just have to go, check for goblins, do your best to kill any goblins and stop any plans they have, and, after that's completed, report back, presuming you're capable of doing so.

Sounds easy. Looks easy. There's probably not even any real danger, since Hightower's been abandoned ever since a new Mana Well began spewing its weirdness out there... but that never happens anymore either. Probably.

Character Guidelines:
* 20 point buy
* any class whatsoever, preferably something fun (for you)
* for now, let's say you're starting at 2nd level, though I may switch that to 3rd level - we'll see (if several already-third-level characters come in, it'll be 3rd indeed)
* either way, you'll start with 3,000 gold; however, tell me what you're going for armor-wise/play style-wise, and I'll provide it as part of your enforced recent training
* we're not using an XP system, but we're going to be leveling according to adventure's completed ("at the speed of plot" in other words) - your rewards will be based on story, treasure, and non-tangibles
* don't worry about this being a "GM controls character" because other than, "go, find, kill/stop goblins, report if possible" you have no other strict commands and... well, let's just say it won't last anyway; despite the fact that there are some things that are planned, and this is for a relatively short set of adventures made for the lulz, this can be made more expansive and serious, if there's enough interest. I don't guarantee that there is.

To quote myself elsewhere,


If you want me to run a series of adventures, I can do that: the first would be little more than a couple of one-shot skirmishes that could (potentially) lead into more adventures.

1) A dark and stormy knight could (if you follow the clues/speak goblin) lead to...
2) ... a dry spell, that, in turn, could lead to...
3) ... a base of operations! (Though you might have to fend off a plague and/or some deep-earth critters, first.)
4) ... with a fond farewell and fangs for the memories!
5) (Optional: You quell a rising storm...)

Ultimately, it's up to you guys. This would just be for fun, not for keeps.

This will be set in the Mana Wastes.

It will be entirely up to the players if they want to continue.

Themes: goblins (lots of them! of all different types!), mutations, random magical events, the importance of a nice culinary experience, and the complete helplessness of a some folk without adventurers. Also a slowly mounting burden of leadership on all of you (though some of you may not quite realize it).

Over-all tone: fun! Silly! But with the potential for serious moments, and with genuinely serious consequences for failure... at least after the first one... Also, if you guys make the tone more serious, it will be more serious. There will always be a bit of surreality to the mix, but that won't be the focus if that's not what you want the focus to be.

... and maybe... just maybe... a touch of mythic. (Unless no one likes that, in which case, never-mind. :D)

There. The planning and prep-work is mostly done.

Also, be advised that I'll be importing older things - this is a blended game, based off of the fact that, hey, Mana Wastes amirite? - so there may be a few things that may seem a little unusual, but you probably won't notice. I hope. :D

If there's interest, I'll make a new forum.

I have no problem with more people showing up, either; just remember, if more players show up, the GM can always (well, almost always...) add more creatures, too. :D

To be clear:
* Beylinda EDIT: or a character made by the player
* Little Orphan Annie EDIT: or a character made by the player
* "Sunny" EDIT: or a character made by the player
* Snaglor EDIT: or a character made by the player
* Eolgrin Kalderon EDIT: or a character made by the player

... have first right. I'll be slightly tailoring this one to their over-all preferences. Example: it'll be in Golarion, unless you guys want something else. It'll be a little surreal, but it doesn't have to be goofy, unless you guys want it to be (that's just my natural tendency). Don't expect pure Golarion's goblins (which is, by the way, a plot point. You're welcome to the hint. :3) I'm willing to accept a larger group, third-party requires approval, and open-call for others.

Although the challenges are several different levels (increasing in difficulty each time), the over-all length is a little less than a single AP entry. In fact, it's about as much as 4-5 very small one-shots. You can do things in between those, though.

I'd hazard a few weeks to a couple months, total, with plenty of places to stop before hand, if you're not interested in continuing.

Planning is effectively completed for generic parties, will be tailored to the specific party we end up with.

Due to the nature of the game I'm setting up (and location), participation will not disqualify you from this one. It's really as simple as a flash of magic...

So, let me know. I'll get my GM face on, if you like.

If you don't - no hard feelings in the slightest. I'm happy! :D

Currently, I've got three people (one of which is not listed above), but I want you to post one post as your primary Alias (mine would be Tacticslion, but, you know, I'm not a player, so woo-hoo! free bird!), and then post as your submitted character.

The final decision of whether or not you are in this game is mine, and mine alone, and reasoning is mine, if I do.

I don't particularly care to reject anyone, but I do have my limits, and I'll apply them, though probably regretfully, if I need to.

Do not be shy about placing a specific character here: there are plenty of potential reasons for a character to be here... and to suddenly leave. If you have a character you've made and you want o use them, but don't want to lose the ability to play them in another game... no problem. Seriously.

I will also likely be adding a couple of abilities or traits and items to the crew, tailored to the final make-up of the party and how important (or not) I deem it; if it helps the story, you guys'll be gettin' some stuff; if it doesn't, you won't.

And you're likely going to be slightly... scarred.

In a good way.

Regardless, peace, and I hope you're ready to have some semi-serious fun, because I know I am.

At work.

*Bounces to attention*

I be here! (^_^)

Will re-read through opening post when I can. (^_^)

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Just a note to the DM. Are you aware/familiar with the 'Wand rifle'? It was created/detailed in a module a while ago, though I admit to mot having seen it since.

Basically a stock who's trigger acts as a mechanical UMD for any wand locked onto it.

Also adds a +2 to hit with ranged ray attacks.

Again, am at work but though it worth bringing to you attention. You adventure being set in the Alkenstar area of Golarion. (^_^)

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Also...would you be against adding a 'stock' and fireing mechanism to 'Bottled lightning' (An alchemical thing in the SRD) to create a one shot at a time ranged weapon?

Sorry for the weird ideas but thought I'd post them and help a bit. (^_^)

I'd like in. I'll read the OP in more detail and come up with a character submission by Tuesday. Is that soon enough?

Sounds Good; EDIT: Work is a thing people do, I've heard. :)
Yes; EDIT: I've heard of it, but I don't know the details; I like the concept :)
No; EDIT: but you'd need to post it before final approval :)
Yes; EDIT: Tuesday is soon enough :)

in that order. EDIT: :D

I be all okeys fer yer game? I'll be adjustin' things when I can fer level an' stuffs when I can, but on tha' whole I be all okeys, yeah? (^_^)

well this is my primary alias.

and bcease I didn't get to play Lulu very long I will be submitting in that alias.

here is the alias.

I am sure there will be questions regarding the character and as soon as I can I'll try an answer them.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Well, this looks like fun. If you've got room, I'd think about entering (wasn't clear with three players already how many more you'd want?). And see if I could come up with a good character soon.

Deathquaker...If you can be a small race we could be friends...

even more fun if we were all small races....

Lighting just ate my post/turned off my power.
Short version
Sunny: no need to level down.
Could Sunny or Lulu hunt down and contact/PM those on the list for me? Thunderstorm and iPads makes that frustrating.
DQ, it's always a pleasure. Feel free. Nebulous number of players on purpose.

EDIT: sigh. iPad.

EDIT 2: this time with feeling!
EDIT 3/1: actually, I'm just making a new post instead of editing my above post.

Trying to add what I said before, but it's less eloquent (bad) and probably less clear (bad) but also probably shorter (very good!).

First, be aware that surreal or humorous else bee will be treated with deadly seriousness by those in the world... because it will be. See the quote in the first post as an example.

There are going to be a great many strange and weird events that are likely to occur. Some of which may well impact your character - permanently, or temporarily, it's probably up to you. If you want to keep the change, roll with it and it makes solid RP, otherwise, there will be ways of changing those elements.

While those events within this game can be considered canon for your character history, there is going to be enough plausible deniability and random chance that any character submitted here can show up elsewhere.

The only things you definitely need to have are your characters' stats mostly (not fully) banged out - again, yell me what general kind of armor/clothing/etc you're after, so I can give you specific things along that line that you don't have to pay for (examples like "I'm thinking light armor Locke chain and buckles" or "I was thinking heavier armor to maximize my AC despite low dexterity" are fine, but "I'd like a mithril breastplate" will not, in fact, get you a mithril breastplate; reasoning and general idea rather than specifics :) - and how you ended up near Alkenstar. BEFORE YOUR FINAL STATS ARE DOWN: I will give you a few final boons.

I forgot to mention: you gain two free additional skills that must be craft, perform, or profession.

Were you born there? Did a random magic storm suddenly envelope you to deposit you there? Did you come to study the gun works or mana wastes? If you traveled, did you come through the Mwangi, Nex, the sea, or (somehow) Geb?

Are you a volunteer for the W.D.G.F.F., or we're you drafted?

IF YOU ARE A GUNSLINGER: are you a shield marshal? (If so, you likely volunteered, though it's possible you were legally re-assigned to the W.D.G.F.F.; which was it?)

Submitting to change my son's diaper...

Uh... and older, un-edited version of my post, seems to have been saved in my post-box in the computer.

No, I don't know why this version specifically.

Anyway (with apologies for the bad English in the post title)

what I would have wrote:

Feel free to submit if you like, DQ! I'd love to have you!

My point is that the players listed above were first priority/vote.

How many players is left up in the air on purpose: that crew gets to decide how many more they want (I pre-accepted someone else based on the chat in another thread), though if they don't have a particular preference, I'm a "the more the merrier" kind of guy.

It's kind of their show, as I liked their character concepts in another thread (though they're free to use different characters here!), I'm just running it for 'em. :D

Sunny, your character works. You don't even have to de-level her, if you don't want - that was the nature of my "iffy" status on 3rd level. If you do start at 3rd level, everyone will simply level up one additional time before you do. (Having level 1 in three different classes isn't likely to overpower anyone else's build in any case. At all.) So just as you are, works. :)

(Also, hey, Lulu or Sunny, would you mind tracking down and contacting/PMing some of the others on that list for me and link this thread? They can let me know whether or not they're interested. I'm actually stepping out soon, running out of time to handle a few things, and don't know when I'll be back on today, so....)

Oh, and one important note: your characters will go through really odd things. Sometimes they may (at least temporarily) come out changed. You can always find your way back out of that, should it happen to you, or you can choose to alter and adapt.

The most important thing, here, is fun.

There will be very silly things occurring, and being taken deadly seriously by those in the game... because, at the same time, they're deadly (and thus serious) - see the quote at the top, for an example.

Also lots of nuggets and references for those who care to find them in that first post. :)

I'm going to roll a Goblin Ranger named Ooze Flearin "Kinslayer". He is very upset about the strange behavior of these traitor breathren.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to submit
Gnome Experimental Gunsmith
Vitreous "Darling" Drimplegatto

Profile is partially complete, will get full stat block with feats and skills later tonight.

Why am I in Alkenstar: Well the best place to find parts or idea for building the perfect gun/woman(see profile) would be at the gunworks.

For "armor" I'd like a kind of duster made out of a material like darkleaf for armor. Gunslinger in the desert totally needs a duster, especially if he's only 3 foot 1 inches tall and moving at 15 foot will be even tougher since standard armor coats are medium armor. Goggles would be a necessity as well, they don't need to be particularly fancy.

Arrived in the wastes 73 years 2 months and 17 days ago , in a barrel labeled "Explosifes Hardled with carts". No one can really say how it got there and Drimplegatto isn't telling.

Drafted? More like abducted.
Gunslinger archetype that attempts to stay off the Shield Marshall's radar as it were.

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"Look, I know it looks like I belong here. But I didn't volunteer for this, I've got things a brewing back home. Special experiments that will change the uni.. umm... things." Shouts a gnome with masterfully coifed mustache and shockingly blue hair running down the hallway. His smoked goggles hanging around his neck, show many years of explosive use. "... and where the heck are my clothes?!"

It appears that this gnome was abducted by recruiters while he was in a drunken stupor. He apparently woke up right after they took his clothes and were attempting to stuff him in a uniform. He managed to escape the dressing room completely naked except for his goggles and run at top speed right into Amita Narahari.

"Why hello, beautiful! How do you feel about replacing that arm with a nice new mechanical model? I have just the thing right here." Darling turns about in circles searching for his backpack then realizes he is stark naked and blushes a deep purple all over his body and then covers himself...


Adding more; ... lowering the list to make easier reading

EDIT 2: linking for ease

Because there's been a great deal of interest in the small races thing, and I can use that for story-purposes, allow me to present a semi-comprehensive (to the best of my knowledge) list:

* gnome (or svirfneblin; ask about this option first, please)
* halfling
* goblin (or goblin monkey)
* grippli
* kobold
* ratfolk
* wayang
* gathlain

SPECIAL: ask about these first, please
* kitsune (variant)
* android (unique)
* aasimar/tiefling (choose another race on this list - you look like the other race)
* ghoran - ask about this first, please
* wyrwood - ask about this first, please

* dwarf (or duergar) - presume minimum possible height, in this case; I will work with you

This is my usual avatar. My suggested and in-progress character Layla the Twin-Blade will appear below...

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Ooh ooh, pick me! I can help! Lemme at those murderous scum! My twin blades will make short work of 'em! ... Short. Heh.

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*Laughs brightly, enjoying the gathering of teh cute folks. (^_^)

I'm interested but how will being in the Mana Wastes affect a spellcaster? I've been shopping around a witch character that I'd like to play but I understand if the setting would just make that too impractical.

It will be a bit more pressure on casters due to the potential wild magic/primal event/etc results, but you should be able to play a witch just fine. In fact, casters are especially welcome, as they make the story a little more interesting, if you don't mind the occasional low-potential of maybe turning semi-permanently blue, purple, or green (or something). :)

(In other words, any character you bring to the table will be effective; I'm not going to be running a character-ruining game, but I might have a character-changing game, and there are always ways to reverse the effects in-character, if you feel strongly enough about them.)

Grand Lodge

Hey. I was wondering about traits as they weren't mentioned in the creation part. Might work up a variation of an old 2ed character of mine.

Oooo...thas' a point. I'll has ta' be seein' how 'Ki' points pan out,an' all.


I forgot about traits! My apologies!

They were intended.

Updated Guidelines:

Character Guidelines:
* 20 point buy
* any class whatsoever, preferably something fun (for you)
* for now, let's say you're starting at 2nd level, though I may switch that to 3rd level - we'll see (if several already-third-level characters come in, it'll be 3rd indeed)
* either way, you'll start with 3,000 gold; however, tell me what you're going for armor-wise/play style-wise, and I'll provide something similar as part of your enforced recent training
* we're not using an XP system, but we're going to be leveling according to adventure's completed ("at the speed of plot" in other words) - your rewards will be based on story, treasure, and non-tangibles; potential level is up to sixth
* don't worry about this being a "GM controls character" because other than, "go, find, kill/stop goblins, report if possible" you have no other strict commands and... well, let's just say it won't last anyway; despite the fact that there are some things that are planned, and this is for a relatively short set of adventures made for the lulz, this can be made more expansive and serious, if there's enough interest. I don't guarantee that there is.
* two traits
* two additional skills chosen from craft, perform, or profession; these are in addition to your normal skills for your class and intelligence

I have a question across the board, for the players to answer:
Mythic: yes/no/maybe/Other: <explain>? (Choose one that applies.)

EDIT: Also, let's mandate that those who are not grandfathered in be required to have a small-sized character. That'll make the choices easier. As mentioned before, the players with potentially grandfathered races (those listed in my first post up top) can instead choose new characters; however, let's make these new characters small-sized, too. If you know of creatures I missed, let me know.

EDIT 2: Also, psionics is allowed, if desired. I'm well aware of the arguments, and fairly versed on the rules. Thanks! :D


Ooze Fleain Kinslayer
Goblin Ranger 2
CE Small humanoid (goblinoid)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7
AC 18, touch 16, flat-footed 14 (+2 armor, +4 Dex, +1 size, +1 deflection)
hp 24 (2d10+4)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged composite longbow +6 (1d6+2/×3)
Special Attacks favored enemy (goblinoids +2)
Str 12, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 4
Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD 17
Feats Deadly Aim, Precise Shot
Traits big ears, reactionary
Skills Climb +6, Handle Animal +2, Perception +7 (+9 to hear noise), Ride +13, Stealth +17, Survival +7 (+8 to track), Swim +6; Racial Modifiers +4 Ride, +4 Stealth
Languages Goblin
SQ combat styles (archery), track, wild empathy -1
Other Gear leather armor, composite longbow, mask of stony demeanor, ring of protection +1, 390 gp
Special Abilities
Big Ears Your massive ears are your pride and joy, and other goblins claim you can hear a flea scream as it falls off a goblin dog. While this might not quite be the case, you gain a +2 bonus on all Perception checks made to hear noises. Additionally, you can
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Deadly Aim -1/+2 Trade a penalty to ranged attacks for a bonus to ranged damage.
Favored Enemy (Goblinoids +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Favored Enemy (Goblinoids).
Precise Shot You don't get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into melee.
Track +1 Add the listed bonus to survival checks made to track.
Wild Empathy -1 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

Ooze, like most goblins, is an evil being, hellbent on destruction. Fortunately for the peaceful folk of Alkenstar, he his exclusivly genocidal against his own kind. Who knows what foul mutation caused him to be so reproachful of the race of his birth, but Ooze won't stop until he is the only goblin left, believing that he will gain the strength of all the foes he fells in combat.

He is in Alkenstar to deal with the Goblin threat and has volunteered for the W.D.G.F.F.

Light armors, and anything with a "hunting" or "destruction or goblins" theme. Uses bows and will take any weapon or magical item that further increases his martial aptitude or his ability to find/kill his bethren.

Yes to Mythic! Goblin Champion here!

If the pre-accepted group is happy to take one more, I would like to join up as well. I have a character concept in mind- a kitsune ninja/bard if that combination of race and classes is okay. I'm thinking she's a performer by evening, and then a stealthy, magical thief by night. Those pesky goblins, however, stole the night from her- forcing to get up in the (gasp!) morning to fight them. She has bloody vengeance on her mind. If that sounds good, then I'll post the character as an alias later this evening.

Oh, right, we pickin' stuff?
I want some light armor I can move okay in, like maybe studded leather or sumat, and, a' course, my twin blades!... light, maybe short swords... definitely identical to each other... definitely sharp and shiny ...Gotta love 'em! :)
Hey, while we're askin', can we all have rings o' sustenance? It'll keep us go in' against the gobs!

Suthuri, I PM'd you. Please respond so we can get something built! :)
EDIT: Asking nicely will get you... the armor that I'm making for your style of play rather than the armor you're looking requesting. :)
Outside of armor, you buy your own stuff at present. :D

GM do you need the stats for Lulu's race?

it is from the Heroes of the Jade Oath book from Rite Publishing.

when I put it together with the race builder it comes out to be a 12 point race.

I'd love that as a PM, Lulu. I was, in fact, just looking for it right now! :D Great timing, really.
mythic "yes" 1
mythic "no" -
mythic "maybe" -
mythic "other" -

EDIT 2: Okay, until the other "auto-in" people weigh in, no more submissions at present. If they opt-out, then I may accept more. Thanks!

EDIT 3: What I mean by that is that if you've made a post in this thread (or are on my list in my OP), you are okay to submit a character. If you have not yet posted in this thread, you may post here, but no further submissions of characters at this time.

People who have been grandfathered in, submitted posts, or similar. These people are effectively accepted until or unless they drop out.

* Edward Sorbel: Lulu Yordle Little Orphan Annie
* Sunset: "Sunny"
* Gridlock god of Rage: Snaglor (or a different character made by Grid for this game)
* Algar Lysandrius: Beylinda Chumana (or a different character made by Algar for this game)
* Jon the Unlucky: Eolgrin Kalderon (or a character made Jon player for this game)
* Gobo Horde: Stone (or a different character made by Gobo for this game)
* Viskous: Vitreous "Darling" Dimplegatto
* Bane88: Crunch
* Suthuri: (character in progress)
* Death Quaker: character in theory
* grimdog73: character in theory
* Larkos: character in theory

At potentially twelve characters, we've quite a few!
With this large a group (if all respond), we're going to be running things a little differently. I'll post more on how, when necessary.

Dagnabit! I had just finished a PC. :(

I choose Mythic yes but not sure which path for Lulu

aslo should I level up Lulu to 2 or 3?

Two for now.
Also: sigh. I'm softie sucker. I may regret this, but post your character, Andrea1 - let me see it. :)
EDIT: but make it quick!

At work.

Thumbs down to mythic.

mythic "yes" 1
mythic "no" 1
mythic "maybe" -
mythic "other" -

Yay! Here is Groot!


Full Name : Groot

Race: 1/2 orc

Classes/Levels Rogue 2 (hp favored)

Gender M

Size M

Age 18

Special Abilities : Darkvision 60 feet,Orc blood,+2 intimidate,Orc Ferocity 1/dayProficiant with falchions and greataxes

Alignment: CN

Languages Common.Orc

Occupation : Leg-Breaker

Strength 16 (14+2 Racial)
Dexterity 12 (+1)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13(+1)
Charisma 14 (+2)
Height: 6'4" Weight: Hair:Black Eyes: Grey
Favored Class: Rogue(hp)
EXP: 0
Hit Points: 18
Spd: 30
Init: +5
AC: 15( 4 armor shield)/Touch 11/FF 13)
BAB: +1
CMB: +4
CMD: 15
Saves: Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +1

MW Greataxe +6 1d12+3/x3
Dagger +4 1d4+3/19-20 10 feet
Sap +4 1d6+3 nonlethel

Skills: Survival (2+1)3,Intimidate (2+2+2+3)9,Stealth (2+1+3)6,Swim (2+3+3)8,Perception(2+1+3)6,Climb(2+3+3)8,Acrobatics,(2+1+3)6,Escape artist(2+1+3)6

Feats: Improved Init
Special Abilities:Sneak attack(+1d6),Trapfinding,Evasion
Talents:Weapon Focus-Greataxe
Fighter's Kit (9 gp)
a bedroll
belt pouch,
flint and steel
iron pot
mess kit
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)
+1 Studded Leather 1025 gp -2 ACP
MW Greataxe (320)
Dagger (2)
Sap (1)
CLW Potion 4(200)
550 gp

You're coding's a bit off fixed, I'm afraid happy to say!
But as for the character, you're a half-orc: we're doing small races at present (except for those who wish to be grandfathered in), so that's a non-starter, I'm afraid.
PM me with your pitch/wants for a half-orc, and we'll see if we can work something out.

You still recruiting?

Mythic Maybe - I'm really fine either way.

I know it takes a bunch of work on the GM side of things and if you haven't really prepared it mythic characters destroy regular content, which I discovered the hard way.

Never mind. No unspiration for small PC

Updated Stat Block for level 2


Vitreous "Darling" Drimplegatto
Male Gnome Gunslinger (Experimental Gunsmith) 2
CN Small humanoid (gnome)
Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +9
AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 14 (+3 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size, +1 dodge)
hp 20 (2d10+4)
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions
Speed 20 ft.
Melee dagger +3 (1d3/19-20) and
dagger +3 (1d3/19-20) and
dagger +3 (1d3/19-20) and
switchscythe +3 (1d6/×4) and
wooden stake +3 (1d3)
Ranged masterwork pistol +7 (1d6/×4)
Str 11, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +1; CMD 15
Feats Deadly Aim
Traits self-taught scholar, unblemished barrel
Skills Acrobatics +7 (+3 jump), Bluff +1, Craft (alchemy) +9, Diplomacy +1, Knowledge (engineering) +5, Knowledge (local) +5, Linguistics +5 (+6 to decipher unfamiliar language), Perception +9, Sense Motive +3, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +7, Survival +6; Racial Modifiers +2 Craft (alchemy), +2 Perception
Languages Common, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Sylvan, Vudrani
SQ deed: deadeye, deed: gunslinger's dodge, deed: quick clear, experimental firearm, grit, innovations (vial launcher)
Combat Gear cold iron firearm bullet (50), antiplague, antitoxin, oil (10); Other Gear studded leather, alchemical cartridge (paper) (20), black powder (30), dagger, dagger, dagger, adamantine firearm bullet, silver firearm bullet (4), masterwork pistol, switchscythe, wooden stake, handy haversack, bandolier, bandolier, bedroll, belt pouch, bottle, cauldron, crowbar, earplugs, earplugs, flint and steel, folding chair, grappling hook, gunsmith's kit, hammer, hooded lantern, portable alchemist's lab, powder horn, powder horn, powder horn, prosthetic arm, saw, sewing needle, shovel, folding, signal whistle, silk rope (2), snorkel, masterwork, soap, teapot, thread (50 ft.), vial (5), waterskin (2), wrist sheath, spring loaded, 102 gp, 8 sp, 4 cp

I know you're going to have a lot of players submitting for this, so it may be hard for me to get in. But I'm going to apply anyway--this looks like a heck of a lot of fun!

This is my primary alias, and I'll be submitting the prideful and arrogant sorceress Eris Kaddren below. She's just about ready to go, though I'll need to finish spending her gold and bring her up to the campaign level (either 2 or 3, whichever is decided upon). Oh, and I'll need to add her bonus skills, probably Perform (Writing) and Craft (Calligraphy).

Please check out Eris' profile to see her personal letter to the W.D.G.F.F.!

Fair 'nough, Andrea! Sorry! Maybe next time.

Vitreous, your point is well-taken. I am (I hope) familiar enough with mythic to make it work anyway. Perhaps we'll see!

Azaelas, the answer is "maybe". Check the character creation guidelines here and here (or just... scroll up), and PM me your idea.

mythic "yes" 1
mythic "no" 1
mythic "maybe" 1
mythic "other" -

So far is mythic "maybe" which will mean that it's up to me. I ahve my own leaning, but I'll continue to wait interested in the responses in general.

Grand Lodge

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Eris strides cockily into the main room, sparing a glance and a snort for the other recruits. "Hrumph."

She folds her arms and glares around the room. "Listen up, troops! My name is Eris Kaddren, and I'll be your squad leader for this mission. Now, first of all, you'll want to know what my favorite--"

"What? Oh, yes, I'm aware that a squad leader hasn't officially been named yet. But it's obvious, isn't it? Who else has the poise, the confidence, the aura of command? I'm clearly the only reasonable option."

Eris nods, her logic self-evident, and heads for the mess table. Then she pauses, doing a quick double-take at the gathered recruits. "Um. I'm sorry, did I miss a memo or something? Why are you all so short?"

(Pfft-Hahah! "Medium". Heheheh!) Uh, what? Nothing. Carry on, citizen. (Heehee!)


Eris and Sunny, semi-spoilers, none other, please:
Definitely Eris, maybe Sunny - depending on your response - is likely going to have a few relatively unfortunate incidents in the "training" part of this game, leading to a... "short affair" oh, puns! with a rod of wonder (or, at least, the "short" part). If this is acceptable, we're good to go. If this is unacceptable, let me know, and we'll work something out. Eolgrin, so long as he's the minimum height a dwarf can be, would not be necessarily be part of this process. If this is acceptable to you, Eris, welcome aboard! Sunny, you have the option of opting out. It's smei-permanent, but, as mentioned before, there are always ways...

EDIT: Your PM suggestion is also a possible consideration, Eris. Please respond via PM or spoiler. Thanks!

The PM should be away shortly.

Hmmm... I think a husband is in the doghouse for completely forgetting his wife on the character list above... ;)

Received and responded, Azaelas.

Also: urg. Forgot to list Layla the Twin-Blade before.

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