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I'll be running PFS-Sanctioned Module: Daughters of Fury for the following four players:

GM Red
Lady Ladile
Karmic Knight

Play will begin on or about December 20, though posting might be slow over the holidays.

Scarab Sages

Do I just express interest here?

Will this be in normal or campaign mode?

Grand Lodge

Thanks for your interest, Lucian, but this is a closed campaign for a handful of folks.

If you're new to PbP, I suggest you stop by the Flaxseed Lodge's Recruitment Thread, post in-character as a "new" Pathfinder seeking his or her first assignment. Then keep checking for opportunities. It's a great way to learn the PbP ropes. (That's how a lot of us got started.)

A couple examples:

Gitano Frallino wrote:

A swarthy young Varisian bravo with dark hair and twinkling green eyes winks at his new best friends, "Gitano Frallino, ladies and gentlemen. Pleased to make your acquaintance. My rapier, my wit and my song are yours. I have some skill with the first. As for the rest... Well, I reckon we're all a work in progress, aren't we?"

With an eager and encouraging grin, tugging on his soul patch, Gitano says, "Tell me a little about yourselves, before we're off."

"Oh, do any of you happen to know exactly what sort of adventure this will be?"

For the ignorant and uninitiated, how do you get the stats to show up just below the PC's name when you post? Is this sort of thing best handled under the discussion tab?

Mishka Krieger wrote:

As was his early morning habit, Krieger stood in Skyreach’s Great Hall, cup of steaming jasmine tea in one hand and absently grasping his mother's zoic fetish in the other. He was leaning over the Atlas Tableaux, poring over its illusory map of the Inner Sea region as new Pathfinder reports came in.

Hmmm. This report from the River Kingdoms sounds interesting. A request for assistance from a half-orc scholar named Ulisha. A druidic relic of some kind. My mother would find that intriguing.

If I want to get myself assigned to this team, I'd better get moving. He flipped through the scant document and focused in on the administrative data on the report. The reports officer is listed as GMG Magabeus. I seem to recall that no-account whoreson Gitano Frallino was assigned to him recently.

Krieger glanced down at the object in his left hand. Hwang Fei had crafted the small charm out of twined braids of her own hair and a lump of black granite, an abstract representation of a dire bear, symbol of the Bearpelt following, the people of his Kellid father, the Mighty Kuldor. His Minkaian mother had told him the fetish was enchanted with powerful druidic magic.

Krieger was an impressive figure, 6'4" tall and weighing some 14 stone. His mixed heritage made it difficult for most to place his origins. His formal bearing hinted at military service. If fact, he had served in the army of Po La the Bureaucrat, the Tian leader of Icestair, the largest settlement in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, wedged against the wall of ice that marks the edge of the Crown of the World.

Letting go of the fetish, Krieger scratched his chest through his noble's attire, a gift from Taldor's Princess Eutropia for services rendered. The signet ring on his forefinger, another gift from the princess, bore the sigil of his new, noble house, the clawed paw of a dire bear. The wicked scars on his body, a constant reminder of his initiation into the Bearpelt following, were concealed by the fine silk shirt and satin waistcoat.

"Woe unto the foe who sees these scars," he whispered, a grim determination furrowing his brow.

All the best!

Merry Christmas!

GM Lorenzo

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