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I'll run a lottery for recruitment late Sunday night, so post here before then with the character you want to help capture the fire from Kassen's Crypt.

My expectations are in line with most of the games I've seen, but here they are:

I expect players who can typically post once per day.
I care a lot more about moving the game forward with those who are posting and interacting with the story and each other than waiting for everyone to have their say.
I will try to make at least one substantive post/day as well as reactive posts as appropriate.
If I cannot do this for some reason, I will post to let you know that if at all possible.
If you disappear during combat or other decision points and hold things up I will skip you (or bot you if sufficient botting instructions are in your profile) and move on. If you make a habit of this I may take further steps, and will certainly be less likely to pick you for future sessions.
Please no dice only posts. It sucks the fun out of this for me.

Have Fun & Roll 20s!

Grand Lodge

signing up with this toon...just fjnished second game...need to update gp and gear...

Liberty's Edge

"I'm told there's work for able Pathfinders," says Ilyaleh. Her voice is quiet, the crackling of a late night campfire, and her posture is, undoubtedly, straight. Her expression, however, is unreadable. One couldn't be sure of what she's thinking.

A small fox nuzzles at her face from its place around her neck and atop her shoulders. The ifrit strokes his fur as she awaits a response.

Scarab Sages

First level characters, I suppose?

I'm in!

1st or 2nd level characters are welcome, though you can only play this module once with a level 2 character.

Classic Campaign btw, since I forgot to specify Classic vs. Core.

I presume the reason he's asking is that he doesn't know it's a PFS game and there's nothing in your original post to demonstrate such :)

Since it's in the title of the thread, and you're the first one to post not as a current PFS character I'm not too worried :p

Good to add to my spiel for next time though.

Grand Lodge

"Kuukuru ready for first mission"!!!!!

Liberty's Edge

"Let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

Signing up.

Scarab Sages

"Reporting for duty."

Scarab Sages

"Always ready to come to the aid of humanity (and others)."

Have played this before at level 1 with other PFS characters, but not at level 2 and not with this one.

Grand Lodge

"Are my blessings required?"

Been quite a while since I played her, will need to update her and change race as I never did get to level 2 before Aasimars phased out. She'll likely remain an oracle though.

Dark Archive

"I hear it's a simple back-country celebration; sounds quaint. I could use a bit of a break."

Sovereign Court

"I heard there was some danger afoot... or a hand... or some other body part... any-who... something may be running amok...will there be mead and pay in this gig?"

Liberty's Edge

I'd like to play this! sign me up for the lottery!

Dark Archive

"Kassen's ritualistic veneration of this 'Everflame' merits investigation. Consider my services offered."

Grand Lodge

This sounds interesting. I've never played in a module. Add me in the drawing please.

Dark Archive

I have this 1.1 lvl cleric I could send.

Grand Lodge

Brand spankin' new char I'll have to write up if I win this lottery. I'll probably create something that fits whatever need there is in the party. But I gotta try an evergreen I've never played before.

Silver Crusade

Sign me up for the lottery! :D

I have a couple other level 1s I could switch out for depending on party makeup.

Liberty's Edge

After a long moment, Ilyaleh frowns, her hand stilling. "Is there no work then?" she asks. She seems a bit uncomfortable - nervous, perhaps?

well, hope it's not too late ... i'd like to enter the lottery for this -

Dark Archive

The beloved of calistria is happy to lend his skills to this adventure.

Sovereign Court

(Posted in the wrong thread; I'm offering Dorinta de Foche for this one.)

Scarab Sages

Withdrawing; got into another Everflame game.

There is indeed work in the offing!

Miklos: 1d1001 ⇒ 530
Ilyaleh: 1d1001 ⇒ 418
Erhun: 1d1001 ⇒ 843
Kuukuru: 1d1001 ⇒ 276
Dorinta: 1d1001 ⇒ 25
Tidus: 1d1001 ⇒ 172
Aroden: 1d1001 ⇒ 529
Lady Mae: 1d1001 ⇒ 384
Kolris: 1d1001 ⇒ 192
Brynnith: 1d1001 ⇒ 399
Imojin: 1d1001 ⇒ 137
Aviram: 1d1001 ⇒ 537
Kalak: 1d1001 ⇒ 247
Caelhal: 1d1001 ⇒ 895
Dr. Alan: 1d1001 ⇒ 9
Krstani: 1d1001 ⇒ 830

Our lucky winners are:
Erhun Gabarris
Caelhal Lantherian
Miklos Therinor
Aroden Reincarnated
Aviram Ocella
Ilyaleh Kajij

Go ahead and report to the discussion thread shortly, and I'll go ahead and open up gameplay for your dots

P.S. Ilyaleh Brynnith, you're first on the alternate list, so I'll PM you if a spot opens

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