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Posting Expectations:
I expect players who can post once per day on average.

I care a lot more about moving the game forward with those who are posting and interacting with the story and each other than waiting for everyone to have their say; expect me to follow the two votes rule, especially for non character driven choices (e.g. Left or Right?).

I will try to make at least one substantive post/day as well as reactive posts as appropriate.

If I am going to have a protracted absence for some reason, I will post to let you know that if at all possible.

If you disappear during combat or other decision points and hold things up I will skip you (or bot you if sufficient botting instructions are in your profile) and move on. If you make a habit of this I may take further steps, and will certainly be less likely to pick you for future sessions.

I run combats via block initiative, resolving actions in the order in which they were posted. If you have an action that requires more specific timing, just indicate that in your post and I'll make it work.

On concealment/other percentage chances, the low roll is the miss. (e.g. If you're invisible and I roll a 34, I missed.)

If I need to know whether or not your character has passed or failed a save in order to continue with one of my baddies' turns, I will roll for you, but otherwise I'll leave it to you to take care of.

I condense Starship combat a little to get it running more smoothly. The goal is to be able to finish at least one starship combat round every 24 hours.
To facilitate that, I'll roll the piloting checks for 'initiative' each round for both parties. Once those are done, each player should declare their crew action (order doesn't matter: helm, engineering and gunnery phases can be done simultaneously) and I'll try to decode them in a way that makes sense. After 24 hours are up, I'll resolve the actions that both sides have taken + provide 'initiative' piloting rolls for the next round. As in normal combat, I'll skip anyone who doesn't post within 24 hours of the round starting, unless they've specifically given me botting instructions.

Countless Pathfinders stand ready in a large stone room
deep beneath the Grand Lodge. A ragged tapestry covered in
clashing colors and abstract symbols rests on an inclined slab
in the center of the room, surrounded by scaffolds and ladders.
Scholars frantically rush along the scaffolds, studying a flurry of
rips appearing on the tapestry.

A harried oread woman approaches. “I am Master of Spells
Sorrina Westyr. I won’t mince words—the situation is dire.
This cloth is the famous Hao Jin Tapestry, an ancient relic the
Pathfinder Society acquired in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament six
years ago. It contains a vast wealth of locations, treasures, and
peoples torn from Golarion by the sorceress Hao Jin. We have
explored many regions of the tapestry, struggled to keep the Aspis
Consortium from turning its populace against us, and devised a
means to use the tapestry for fast travel across all of Golarion.
But now, it has begun to unravel. We must act quickly to repair
the tapestry—and that means sending agents into the demiplane
itself. Our former Master of Spells, Aram Zey, knows more about
the tapestry than anyone here. He is preparing a formal briefing.
In the meantime, familiarize yourself with your team, discuss any
previous experience you may have with the Hao Jin Tapestry, and
gather what information and resources you can.

"One more thing, and this is important: you will be able to retreat
safely from the tapestry to Absalom. However, we cannot risk
damaging the tapestry further by sending groups back and forth.
Be sure that you gather everything you need before entering the
tapestry, because once you return to Absalom, you will no longer
be a part of this mission."

There are a number of important tasks that must be accomplished before everyone plunges into the tapestry, but the first thing is to Assess the Damage!

Each of you will be able to do so using Appraise, Disable Device, Perception, or Use Magic Device. You may aid instead, but can only aid someone else using the same skill

Rubaani 2, Nigel 2, Raeng-Woo 1, Hamaria 1

[dice=Bad Guys]d20+2[/dice]