GM Aram Zey's Reign of Winter for PFS part 1 (Inactive)

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Master of Spells Aram Zey has heard of a noblewoman who has gone missing near the Taldan village of Heldren. Kidnapped by bandits, is the rumour. Whilst a rather minor noblewoman in her own right, her disappearance coincides with the appearance of a curious pocket of winter reminiscent of the eternal frost that covers the land of Irrisen.

Intrigued by the opportunity to gain allies for the Pathfinder society amongst the Taldan nobility and to discover the reason for this strange phenomenon, the Master of Spells has decided to teleport a team of pathfinders to Heldren to look into the matter.

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Ditto here - great DMing! Looking forward to the next!

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Yes thank you for the amazing game!

I´ll definately be in part two! Not sure if with Eldanár or someone else though, like i said.

Also i propose we could do the second part as "homestyle" onlinegame, which you still get PFS credits for, only we could play the whole module and also take more time for it.

Will GM be closing this thread so it doesn't show on current games? Unless we will use this same one for next run?

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Thanks for playing, guys! I don't know if my schedule will allow a "homestyle" online game, but will look into that possibility. I enjoyed running it as well! =)

Incidentally, is it better that I close this thread for now?

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Yes. If it's not active, no need to add to players lists of campaigns. Thanks again for running, and let me know if you start up something else!

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