GM Aram Zey's Reign of Winter for PFS part 1 (Inactive)

Game Master SwampTing

Master of Spells Aram Zey has heard of a noblewoman who has gone missing near the Taldan village of Heldren. Kidnapped by bandits, is the rumour. Whilst a rather minor noblewoman in her own right, her disappearance coincides with the appearance of a curious pocket of winter reminiscent of the eternal frost that covers the land of Irrisen.

Intrigued by the opportunity to gain allies for the Pathfinder society amongst the Taldan nobility and to discover the reason for this strange phenomenon, the Master of Spells has decided to teleport a team of pathfinders to Heldren to look into the matter.

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1. I'm on GMT+8 time. I will check rather regularly and will use the discussion thread to let players know when to expect me to respond (so we don't get stuck in a limbo wondering where the GM is).

Players must be able to post reasonably regularly through the week. If we wait on 1 player for more than 3 hours whilst in combat, I reserve the right to declare an action or a delayed action to keep things running if we are only waiting on 1 person for a long time, or if we wait on 2 people for an even longer time. If you expect that you will be gone for more than 3 hours AND we are in the middle of combat, feel free to post a series of 'if X, I will do Y'.

2. You must have a level 1-2 PFS character for this part (it's the rules). Preference to level 2 characters, since this is rather battle-heavy. Also preference for combat-oriented characters (by spell or weaponry) and characters well-equipped to handle cold terrain. Aram Zey has some idea of what to expect and is not going to send in pathfinders obviously ill-suited to the task.

If you are level one, remember that you can retrain before the first time you play as a level 2 character. I highly recommend you tweak your build for combat and cold-climate-survival for this path, then retrain after this module. Not that I recommend abuse of the re-train rules, but there will be a significant amount of combat and I don't want first-level deaths on my watch. I won't fudge the rules for you, but I will point out that you can use this rule to your advantage. =) Gloves will be off for the next parts though.

3. I will make all perception and knowledge checks to keep things running smoothly. The exception to this is of course perception checks initiated by you, say, if you are searching a room. If you want a standing decision that you will take 10 on either type of check, declare it and I will have you take 10 when circumstances permit it.

You will roll your own saving throws. However, to keep things running, I will post what happens if you succeed/fail. Roll the save and take the entry that applies to you.

4. For part 1, if there are sufficient applicants, I reserve the right to invite people based on what I feel will make a well-rounded group. For instance, if there are 5 warriors and 1 mage, the mage is almost-certainly going to be selected. Unless he is so poorly built he obviously has no idea what he is doing. I don't mean to be harsh to newbies...I just don't want a TPK on my hands. Returning players are always guaranteed a spot in the subsequent games, and will be given up to 4 weeks to get to a suitable level if they are under-levelled for the next part.

The tiers for the first 4 books are:
Snows of Summer: 1-2
The Shackled Hut: 5-7
Maiden, Mother, Crone: 8-10
The Frozen Stars: 11-13 (So really, only 11, since PFS characters retire at level 12. You could get 2 scenarios at level 11 before playing this for the last game though.)

5. Be polite, be professional, have a plan to kill everyone you meet. (ahem...oops wrong crowd) I mean...have fun! =)

To apply, make a post with the character's profile. It must have your full character stats, including equipment, AC/saves/skills/feats etc all nutted out. Post a summary of your character, what you bring to the group and what time you are on (with reference to GMT - e.g. GMT+7).


For convenience, a total tally of all the gear you have found/looted thus far:

3671gp 5sp 6cp

Cold-iron longsword (cannot be sold, must be returned) [Exiel]
Masterwork Longsword [Exiel]
masterwork chain shirt [Badr]
composite longbow (+1 Str) with 12 arrows [Badr]

+1 animal bane arrow x 2


Misc treasure (for selling)
Lady Argentea Malassene's signet ring

elixir of hiding
potion of invisibility
potion of pass without trace
potion of spider climb
three oils of magic weapon
potion oflesser restoration

scroll of endure elements
two scrolls of magic weapon
scroll of unseen servant
three scrolls of lesser animate dead (2 HD)

10 flasks of alchemist's fire
tanglefoot bag
green blood oil (3)
a healer's kit (5 uses remaining)

Cold weather outfit
trail rations x 3 days
snow shows [Exiel]
half-full hip flask of strong applejack
crow bar
grappling hook
mwk thieves' tools x 2
silk rope (5o ft.)

A pitch-black icon that looks like a shield, or perhaps a smooth, featureless mask, with a white 8-pointed star where, if it was a mask, the left eye would be
spell book (contains alarm, chill touch, expeditious retreat, feather fall, identify, locate object, and ray of enfeeblement)

Magic Items
cloak of the yeti (Constant endure elements effect in cold weather, +1 natural armor, +2 Intimidate)


For the GM's use::

Perception checks
Exiel: [dice]1d20 +3 [/dice]
Badr: [dice]1d20 +7 [/dice]
Mu: [dice]1d20 +3 [/dice]
Shu: [dice]1d20 -1 [/dice]
Guilford: [dice]1d20 + 6 [/dice]
Eldanar: [dice]1d20 + 8 [/dice]
Ted: [dice]1d20 + 8 [/dice] (Scent)
Pu: [dice]1d20 + 5 [/dice]

[b][dice=Exiel:][b] 1d20 + 5[/dice]
[b][dice=Badr:][b] 1d20 + 4[/dice]
[b][dice=Mu:][b] 1d20 + 2[/dice]
[b][dice=Shu:][b] 1d20 + 3[/dice]
[b][dice=Guilford:][b] 1d20 + 7[/dice]
[b][dice=Eldanar:][b] 1d20 + 4[/dice]
[b][dice=Beastie:][b] 1d20 + ?[/dice]