End Of Discussions: An epic fight between martials and casters

Game Master ElMustacho

Stop arguing about power difference between classes and prove it in this arena!

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Avoron wrote:

I'm fine with starting now.

If someone else wants to join in (Goddity?), feel free to speak up, but I'm skeptical of our ability to find two more participants before the internet dies of old age.

I'm fine with going one on one again as well. Seems like the ability to recruit has died drastically after the initial interest. Not sure if bumping the recruitment thread would even make a difference at this point.

If you want us to roll initiative in the gameplay thread just holler. :)

Whatever. You can start.

Definitely shortest fight ever.

Okay, now I am a little angry that I spent as much time as I did crafting that character. I mean if you just wanted a target dummy in there, you certainly could have let me know ahead of time.

I understand you, and I also apologize. However I couldn't let you build a character knowing that he was about to be instantly killed (or else people would have screamed "Schrodinger's Wizard"). At first I expected to have a 2v2 fight, where probably one of the party may have lost a member on the first round, but not the entire fight. But bad stuff happened. Consider that if you were first in initiative, on a failed saving throw Aaron was likely to be instakilled too.
Both of you had margin to be better.
A potion of heroism instead of a heightened awareness would have provided a smaller bonus to initiative, while increasing a lot of other throws. (Aaron)
Invisibility was the only defensive spell you had active. If you had mirror image, invisibility and nondetection, Aaron shots would have been hardly effective. (Kaboom)

Does anyone want to be a DM for a fight? I really want to test myself.


I guess that this is over.

Totally agree. The arena ran its course, and, I do believe, actually served to prove the point that the power of Pathfinder is in magic, and that if a character wants to be able to persist through mid to high levels, they will need access to it in some way, shape, or form.

Thanks to all those that participated. On to other things. :)

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