Dm Corerue's Wrath of the Righteous! The Worldwound Incursion

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Male Drow Demon Hunter [Ninja/Ranger]

"A demon is not a being. It is an idea. One that destroys from the inside outward. And to buy into such ideas requires one to accept less than what they pay for... Time to collect what's owed." ~ Cedeleon "Cid" Reave

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Doting, oh yes...I think Cid and Jaeger are going to be best friends. :)

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42


(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3


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The end of the Fourth Crusade or is it the Beginning of something Greater...

For decades, demons have ruled the Worldwound. Fearsome fiends of every stripe-their mottled skin harder than iron, teeth like serrated blades, and eyes burning with Abyssal flames-roam the ruined lands that were once
known as Sarkoris, leaving their mark wherever they go. Four crusades have attempted to cleanse the land, but each seems to meet a worse fate than the last. Were it not for the line of magical wards stones along the eastern and southern borders, the demons would have long ago overrun northcentral Avistan and beyond.

The Fourth Crusade hasn't really ended as much as petered out, yet some refuse to accept that. Amid crippling shortages and record lows in morale among the crusaders, the Mendevian war effort teeters on the brink of collapse. Though the demonic occupation of the Worldwound is growing, as is corruption among the crusaders, a dwindling minority of paladins and priests maintain that the Fourth Crusade is still vibrant and alive, and that the turning point in the war is only a few days away...

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

For several weeks, excitement has been building in Kenabres-Armasse is coming! Traditionally an opportunity for scholars and priests to come together to study the lessons of history from wars past, since Aroden's
death, this holy day has become more about training commoners in weaponry, choosing squires, and ordaining new priests. Over time, Armasse has grown to encompass jousting competitions, mock duels, battle reenactments, and other festival events. In Kenabres, the festival (which takes place on 16 Arodus) is eagerly anticipated, for it provides distractions from the horrors of being on the front line of the war. Smiles on faces normally marred by downcast eyes and furrowed brows do wonders for city morale in the weeks leading up to the event.

Armasse is a citywide celebration, but the majority of the event, including its jousting matches and other entertainments, takes place at Clydwell Plaza, just west of the cathedral. It is here that the campaign begins, with the you all in attendance near the cathedral's facade youve been lucky enough to get good spots to observe the opening ceremonies at noon.

Info on Kenabras:

Kenebras: The Fortified City
Kenabres is a city of glory, but not one of spotless virtue. The Mendevian Crusaders riding out from the city have slain countless demons, and many of them have been carried back to town on their shields to be interred in the catacombs beneath the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell. However, some of these same crusaders-many of them even immortalized in the Hall of Heroes-spent years hunting supposedly demon-tainted faiths and burning at the stake cultists and innocent Mendevians alike. The frequency and intensity of these pogroms have diminished, but the dark history of Kenabres remains ever-present in the minds of its leaders and many of its citizens.

Kenabres hosts camps of crusaders who have come from all across the continent to battle demons. Though many of these crusaders are pure-hearted and noble of spirit, others are little more than fortune-seeking mercenaries. Still, none can deny the good deeds done by the knights of Kenabres under the direction of their zealous, strategically brilliant leader Hulrun.


Until the First Mendevian Crusade, Kenabres was a small town perched atop a bluff overlooking the West Sellen River. The townsfolk of Kenabres were an industrious, innovative people who constructed a complex system to pump water from the river up to the safety of the town. The townsfolk maintained a fishery and quarry as well, and traded their goods with their neighbors in Sarkoris and up and down the West Sellen.

During the final dark days of Sarkoris, the people of Kenabres saw horrifying sights to the west. Foul, twisted creatures scraped their way across the land. The sky burned green, and plumes of acrid smoke drifted across the new wasteland. Hysterical refugees splashed across the river and sought safety behind the walls ofKenabres. At first, these refugees were allowed in unquestioningly. In early 4607 AR, however, a lilitu demon named Minagho entered Kenabres magically disguised as a refugee. Once inside the town's walls, she revealed her true form and slaughtered 62 citizens before vanishing in a cloud of greasy black smoke. After the Red Morning Massacre, as it was called, Kenabres refused entrance to any except those who could demonstrate direst need. Those admitted were forced to undergo protracted and painful tests to demonstrate their mortality. Individuals who fell under suspicion were turned away or executed on the spot.

Over the next decade, Kenabres became known as a safe but suspicious city to stop in when traveling through Mendev. The town swelled from 3,000 people to more than 8,ooo due to the constant inflow of refugees, researchers, and adventure-seekers. Many new citizens went to work at Truestone Quarry as the demand for worked stone soared. Demons, such as hezrous and omoxes, occasionally attacked the water pumps, the life of the city, and the leaders of Kenabres sent out messengers declaring that they would pay a handsome reward to anyone with the skill to build a shield for the pumps. A half-elven stonesmith named Sibella Morond came to Kenabres to claim the contract. It took the city almost 3 years to complete her vision; and thousands of tons of stone had to be transported to the river to build the rising columns around the pumps.

The demand for stone didn't end once the pumps were fortified. New districts and city walls rose to house and protect Kenabres's swelling population. In 4622, the Church of Iomedae launched the First Mendevian Crusade, and crusaders and knights poured into Kenabres. More than 2,000 people came to Kenabres in that single year. By the time the Second Mendevian Crusade began in 4638,K enabres had been established as a launching point for successful crusades. The leaders of Kenabres agreed to house one of the wardstones to guard against the demonic hordes pouring from the Worldwound. This act assured Kenabres's role as a strategically vital city, key to the defense ofMendev.

Strangely, Sibella Morond returned toK enabres that year. She had left with her reward after the pump's defenses were completed, and hadn't been seen in Mendev in the 18 years since. The leaders’ ofKenabres asked Morond to construct a fortification to house the wardstone. She agreed, and oversaw construction of the wardstone's fortress in the Ring District at the base of the center pump's structure. When the construction was complete, Morond presented the city with an oversized stone shield engraved with the city's sigil.

The next 50 years saw Kenabres swell to the size it is today, yet this growth was not always easy. The city's famed prelate, Hulrun Shappok, first gained the trust and admiration of Kenabres' citizens by organizing inquisitions against suspected demon-worshipers and witches. Hulrun and his force of elite witch hunters exposed dozens of cultists and spies-and, it is said, executed many more under suspicion but with no real proof. These events started the Third Crusade-widely accepted as the least effective and most self-destructive of the four crusades. Still, Hulrun roused respect and admiration in the populace as well as fear, and he agreed to guide the city as its prelate in 4682. Though Hulrun was forced to temper his obsessive witch hunts somewhat in his position as prelate, his inner zeal has only recently begun to truly diminish. Looking back on his actions has left him struggling with shame over how these events cast a shadow over Iomedae's church and the crusades for decades to come.

Kenabres sprawls across a series of graduated tiers that rise from the plains in the east to a cliffs edge in the west. At the base of the cliff, the West Sellen River roars past. The central and westernmost districts of Kenabres are the oldest, and those radiating out and to the east are the newest, built only in the last hundred years. These entries are in order form the oldest, highest district out to the newer and lower ones.

Old Kenabres: The original town ofKenabres perched on the edge ofthe cliff, looking down over the West Sellen. Many of those buildings now form the historic central district. The houses here are well constructed from heavy stone, with angled tile roofs and arched windows characteristic of architectural fashions popular hundreds of years ago. Houses and official administrative buildings-including the courthouse, city hall, and the garrison-make up Old Kenabres. The houses aren't the largest in the city and not always home to the wealthiest citizens, but the oldest families, who can trace their lineage back hundreds of years, live in Old Kenabres. Hulrun Shappok lives here in the Prelate's Manor.

Ring District: The second tier of the city, circling Old Kenabres, was also a part of the original town of Kenabres. More homes and administrative buildings, including the hall of records and the maintenance building for monitoring the water pumps, make up the Ring District. At the district's eastern edge, a steep switchback road makes the transition between the higher-elevation Ring District and the lower-elevation districts of New Kenabres and the Gate District. The switchback is called Davon's Ramp after the architect and philanthropist who designed and paid for the structure as the town grew to a city. Heavy iron gates safeguard the top and bottom of the switchback. For security, these gates are locked an hour after sunset, and a guard is posted at each. Persons wishing to use the switchback must make their case to the guards and hope their business is deemed important enough. Some citizens have special, expensive passes that allow them to move back and forth without question, and some say that the Wallers (see entry i4) have their own methods of moving beyond the Ring District after curfew.

New Kenabres: New Kenabres was built during the initial flood of refugees after the opening of the Worldwound. Buildings in this mostly residential district are stone, but the walls are thinner than in the older districts, and the houses are built in a more modern style, with flat roofs and square windows. New Kenabres also houses most of the city's warehouses. The eastern and southeastern sides of New Kenabres hold many of the largest manors in the city. During the construction of New Kenabres, many moneyed families chose to build new homes in the new district, as it offered just as much safety as the old city but without the claustrophobic density.

Gate District: A decade after New Kenabres rose, the Gate District followed. City officials realized that the new housing units wouldn't be enough to support the city's growth, and in response constructed the Gate Districtthe largest district in Kenabres. The Gate District includes a mix of residential and commercial buildings, as well as wealthy family homes. Temples to Abadar, Sarenrae, Shelyn, and Torag sit alongside smithies, stoneworks, and woodshops. The city's two gates, Northgate and Southgate, lead into this district.

Truestone Quarry: Truestone Quarry lies approximately 10 miles to the east. Caravans arrive weekly to supply Southgate with stone for constructing additional buildings and reinforcing the city defenses. Guards are always in high demand to protect these caravans from coordinated demon attacks, and to ensure the deliveries keep stone flowing into the city.

Kenabres's locations are famous to crusaders and citizens.

i. Alodae Amphitheater: Bradra Alodae helped defend Kenabres a century ago when the Worldwound opened. After an injury left her unfit to battle demons, she served as a city adviser. Alodae wrote a half-dozen songs about the Worldwound and the demonic invasion before she died, and the Alodae Amphitheater was named for her upon its construction. Her grandson, Nestrin Alodae, serves as the current high priest of the local church of lomedae and the Order of Saint Clydwell.

Alodae Amphitheater stands in Truestone Park. Plays and recitals take place in the amphitheater monthly, if not more often. The citizens of Kenabres, in desperate need of entertainment and distraction, nevertheless prefer to see somber tales of sacrifice and duty. Endings where good triumphs over evil, even at great cost, are always well received. The Chelish playwright Hatherelm Arir (male human aristocrat bard) is widely admired by the citizens ofKenabres for his work Dawn of the Crusades.

z. Cathedral of Saint Clydwell: In the heart of the central tier stands the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell. Also called the Grand Temple, the cathedral honors Saint Clydwell, a champion of lomedae who sacrificed himself to seal a horde of demons within an inescapable prison. The cathedral is a great stone building with a green copper steeple and stained-glass windows portraying the imprisonment of various horrific demons. Wounded warriors are taken to the cathedral to be healed, and the priests of the cathedral perform blessings on crusaders about to venture forth. Although the Temple of Iomedae serves the everyday needs of the people, the cathedral is used for important services and gatherings. Though Nestrin Alodae is technically head of both the cathedral and the Temple of Iomedae, demon-hunter and priest Eterrius Sunnestier takes on most of the leadership duties at the cathedral. Sunnestier is a more experienced warrior than Alodae and understands firsthand the horrific experience of battling demons. Adventurers looking to pledge their blades to Iomedae's service choose this cathedral over the temple, as do adventurers wishing to purchase healing items or pay for resurrections.

3. Clydwell Plaza: This open plaza just west of the cathedral served as the town's traditional festival grounds. Now, other areas in the city cater to the common folk, and this plaza primarily serves those living in Old Kenabres. In the city's current dark days, festivals are rare.

4. Crusader Camps: The constant influx of crusaders waiting for a chance to slay demons has created logistical issues in Kenabres. For a time, new inns opened daily to cope with the number of crusaders clamoring for rooms, but many of these "inns" were merely flophouses renting space on the floor for exorbitant amounts. Local law officers had their hands full examining and regulating these inns, and the close proximity of so many crusaders and disturbances every night. Eventually, the city declared that all crusaders were required to maintain their own camps outside the city walls, and designated an area against the city wall by Northgate for these camps. The area is now cramped with dozens of tents, small campfires, refuse pits, and horse pens.

Though one would expect crusaders to be able to regulate their own behavior and get along well with their neighbors, the unfortunate truth is that violence and petty crime aren't uncommon. Kenabres guards regularly patrol the camp and encourage the crusaders to settle small disputes before they swell into real problems. Captain Chun Dawei (male human), a Tian soldier who moved to Kenabres more than a decade ago, supervises guard patrols in the crusader camps and handles any major matters personally.

5. Defender's Heart: The largest inn in Kenabres, this business caters to mercenary companies and crusaders coming to the city. Inside this squat stone structure are dozens of rooms for rent, hearty food, and a wide selection of refreshments shipped in from across the Inner Sea. It's owner, Kimroth Otai (male human) was a mercenary fighting against the Worldwound until he lost his right arm in a clash with demons. Now he spends his time overseeing his staff and talking wistfully with other, more able-bodied soldiers who spend time in his establishment when back from the front.

6. Hall of Heroes: The people of Kenabres cling to stories of heroism and nobility to give them strength in the darkest of times. The Hall of Heroes immortalizes the most revered champions of Kenabres. Stone statues of laureled heroes line a central hallway. Behind the statues, plaques engraved with names of the dead cover the walls. The families of fallen crusaders often pay the city to display their loved ones' plaques more prominently, and cynical types doubt whether every name in the Hall of Heroes is truly one of a hero.

7. The Kite: An engraved stone kite shield 18 feet long hangs from the end of the centermost artery protruding from the water pump, its curved surface directing the sigil of Kenabres toward the Worldwound. At the city end of the artery, a two-story stone keep houses the wardstone that helps keep demons from ready to do battle caused fights overrunning the Worldwound's borders. The keep is heavily guarded at all times, with at least one crusader and one priest of Iomedae marshaling the forces within. Locals refer to both the stone shield and the keep as "the Kite."

8. Librarium of the Broken Black Wing Thirty-six years ago, a caravan returning to the city from Truestone Quarry was set upon by a gang of vrocks. The caravan might have been outmatched if not for one of the recently hired guards, a wizard named Quednys Orlun (male old human wizar). Orlun had spent years studying demons, and his spellcasting turned the tide of battle in favor of the caravan. After serving as a guardsman for another few years, Orlun founded the Librarium of the Broken Black Wing, pinning one of the preserved vrock wings above the entrance. The Librarium, often called "Blackwing" by locals, has since become the premier library for demonology and planar travel research in Mendev. In addition to being a library, Blackwing is a museum of demon skulls, talons, and other grotesque trophies. An aged Orlun still oversees the collection of tomes and scrolls and is always keen to acquire new research material for the stacks.

9. Northgate: The northern city gate leads into a residential district dotted with small shops and temples, including the temples to Sarenrae and Shelyn. A large market district known as Northgate Market sits not far past the gates. Vendors hawking textiles, jewelry, housewares, art objects, fresh produce, and handmade furniture gather there. Like all entrances to the city, Northgate is heavily guarded at all times. Visitors to the city can expect to be thoroughly questioned and potentially searched.

10. Southgate: The southern city gate opens out into a residential district that's less prosperous than Northgate. Temples to Abadar and Torag border the main thoroughfare leading from the gate to Southgate Market. Armorers, weaponsmiths, animal trainers, sellers of enchantments, pennant designers, and scribes congregate at Southgate Market. A number of smithies dot Southgate, and the tang of iron and a haze of forge-smoke hang perpetually in the air. Caelda Halse (female aasimar) holds the reputation as the best swordsmith in the city. Rumor tells that she drips an angelic tear into the molten metal of each blade, imbuing it with special powers against demonic foes.

Her half-brother, Kael Halse, is a well known Crusader known for having strange and miraculous events occur when he is around. Like his sister their bloodline is fairly stronger than most Aasimar, however it is rumored that his bloodline carries more than just angelic blood. This is further reinforced by his pair of draconic wings that he clasps in front of himself like a silver cloak. He has a smattering of silver scales in prominent places on his body and has clawed hands and feet. However he doesn't rely on claws to win his battles as he is well known for his grace with a blade and mixing his combat style with magic.

However he carries little else in regards of protection, wearing little more than an armored kilt, wielding magic and blade against the demonic threat. He is the second most fawned over bachelor in the city, fawned over by gaggles of girls who swoon if he so much as speaks to them. He is seen from time to time near the Kite speaking with the ancient silver dragon that has defended Kenebras for decades, Terendelev.

11. Temple of Iomedae: The Temple of lomedae is the largest temple in Kenabres except for the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell. Nestrin Alodae oversees the services at the temple, which include blessings, wedding ceremonies, and funeral services for those who pass from natural causes, accidents, or other reasons not related to the crusades. Twice-weekly services call the citizens of Kenabres to prayer.

12. Tower of Estrod: Two decades ago, a historian and researcher named Niuna Estrod came to Kenabres to writea history of the crusades. Estrod constructed a tower of pale gray stone to hold the volumes of history he wrote, as well as other tomes and scrolls acquired from traders and returning crusaders. Ever since Estrod's death from food poisoning 2 years ago, researchers and wizards have occupied the Tower of Estrod for short periods of time, using it as a temporary library or laboratory. These temporary residents pay a small fee to the city in order to make use of the tower.

13. Truestone Park: The original Truestone Quarry once stood just south of the town of Kenabres, but after less than a year of operation, masons realized it was too close to the cliff's edge. A new quarry site was struck well outside the town, to the east. As Kenabres grew into a city, the old quarry site was transformed into an artificial lake. A local druid known only as Crocris keeps the greenery, flowerbeds, and trees surrounding the lake healthy and flourishing. Truestone Park is a favorite destination for crusaders who return from the front, looking for a place of peace where they can forget the horrors of war with the demons. A monument of granite and rose quartz stands in the park in honor of the victims of the Red Morning Massacre.

14. Waller Slum: A temporary district just outside the original city walls housed the first refugees to arrive in Kenabres. Over the years, a second wall was built to defend this district and the expanding spread of the city. Remnants of the original refugee camp still remain as a narrow slum between the central district and the outer wall of the city, overlooking the river. This slum houses the poorest and most desperate of the citizenry, those who have no option but to live on the edge of the cliff between Kenabres and the Worldwound. Individuals unlucky enough to make their homes in this district are called "Wallers" with a mix of derision and pity.

15. Warehouse Square: Kenabres' location is strategically defensible, but makes it difficult to bring cargo into the city via the river-not to mention the fact that it takes a brave group of sailors to wind their way up a river that borders the Worldwound. A massive, winched crane stands in southwestern Kenabres at the end ofWarehouse Street, and is used to lift cargo over the city walls. The largest warehouses fill up this yard, leaving plenty of open space to maneuver goods between them. Smaller warehouses sit on the sliver of land between the city walls and the docks, where they hold goods temporarily until they can be lifted up into the city. Kenabres has access to plenty of fish, fresh water, stone, and some agricultural crops and cattle, but must import lumber, ore, and textiles. The crane is therefore one of the most important structures in the city, and soldiers continually patrol the area. Julania Nalti, a former caravan guard, fought in the crusades for several years before winning an appointment to oversee the defense of the crane and warehouses.

16. Water Pumps: Three spiraling contraptions of steel and wood rise from the riverbed up the side of the Kenabrescliffs. Each of the three pumps draws water to a different reservoir: one in Old Kenabres, one under Truestone Park, and one in the north Ring District. Though it costs more to maintain three reservoirs, it also ensures the safety of the city's water supply if one reservoir becomes compromised. Each pump is sheathed in a stone column that buttresses a city wall, but can be accessed through cleverly concealed hatches. The hatches are secured with heavy locks and magical wards. Wide stone avenues extend out to each column, buttressed by a series of smaller stone supports. These avenues, called "arteries" by the locals, allow access to the pump mechanism and hold lookout posts.

Time for Introductions

More posts later, I am going to bed sorry. :( That was a lot to type...

Make Human 1/ Warlock (Hidden as Wizard)


Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Jaeger stands with his arms around Ethyra's waist his chin resting down on her shoulder. The hilt of a massive sword peeks over one shoulder, his red jacket a bright contrast to the normally somber colors of Kenabres. "What do you think they have planned for this years celebration?" He whispers into her ear as he gently squeezes her waist as he whispers. His lupine eyes seem to shine in the noonday sun catching and reflecting the light. Which only makes the marks over his left eye all the darker almost sinister.

He was happy he was with his beloved Ethyra and they were enjoying a leisurely day at the festivals. He had already shared a hot bun with her and won a small little fish brooch which Ethyra proudly displayed on her loose blouse. He was pretty sure nothing could ruin this day....

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

The colorful glass lanterns at the fair lent a whimsical ambiance to the stands. The scent of sweet breads baking, assorted fried foods, the chatter of people accompanied by the sound of music blew life into the town. Everywhere there were carts with colorful tops and vendors beckoning. Ethyra felt like she was floating on air. A deep and profound happiness nested inside her as she shared her blissful day with the one person she loved most, Jaeger. She so proudly sported her new brooch that he won for her. After several games he finally won her a silver brooch in the shape of a fish. The grin on his face when he won it she will never forget. After a while of sipping on warm cider, tea and sharing a hot bun they started wandering about. While he held her from behind like they always did while walking he asks her what she thinks they planned for the celebration. With a soft giggle because of his breath tickling her, she smiled. "Well my chevalier, I am not sure. I may be able to heal but I see not the future." she says to him in jest.

Human Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 1 RAGING!!! HP 9/20; AC 16, touch 13, Flat Footed 15; CMD 20; Fort +9, Reflex +3, Will +6; Perception +7; Initiative +4; Rage [7/8]

"Ay! Half a weight for a watered-down mug a' ale!? Tell ya, Cid, vendors at these festivals is 'bout as honest as damned highwaymen. Market thieves, the lot of 'em! Bird ain't bad, tho." Kieran Crane pauses his rant to take a massive bite out of what may as well have been an entire turkey, burnt and served on a skewer. He chews it down clumsily and rinses his mouth with a hearty swig of the local brew as he forces a path through the crowded plaza.

"Don't you even eat? Been on the road near 16 days from the River Kingdoms and I don't think I even saw ya sniffing on that bread Nore baked you. Ha! She'd be mad as hell if she heard 'bout that. What? Ain't as good as the mushrooms er spider eggs er whatever cave scrapings you're used to eating, eh?" He laughs and gives the drow a playful jab with his elbow.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

Lasciel's smile reflected her love of Armasse. Her favorite holiday growing up, the citywide celebration meant a lot to her. It meant that the constant danger and darkness that loomed over Kenabres couldn't quell the ability of the people to find joy and reason to celebrate.

Strolling through the plaza, the exceptionally beautiful young woman takes in the milling excitement in the plaza, enjoying the advantage of knowing the best vantage points for city celebrations.

The perfect weather a compliment to her good mood, she notes the outright stares of some of the other bystanders as her skin glistens in the sunlight, the metallic gleam calling to the eye, the backless dress she wears exposing the shimmering blue symbol that took up most of the expanse of her back.

She was used to the attention, and on a day as good as today, she welcomed it.

Male Drow Demon Hunter [Ninja/Ranger]

Since his emergence from the Underdark, Cid has had much trouble adjusting to the culture-shock of the surface world. Though he has breached before, it was not to revel in celebration, but rather to conduct reconnaissance or carry out an assassination of a rogue drow leaving the homeland below. The day being a holiday was especially alien to him. Everyone was enjoying each others' company, and no one felt paranoid or worried about plots against each other. It's near instinctual for Cid to analyze peoples' behavior, a constant game of chess and wondering what their true intentions are. With much irritation, he could not find reasons for his instincts here on the surface-world, and the feeling of relief and "safety" (despite the country of demons close by) was pleasing and discomforting at the same time. He looked to his friend and supporter, having few of either since he came above. There is a great contrast between them (quite literally), but a bond has still been formed. In the drow-world, companionship often came with an ulterior motive, and Cid grew to enjoy this sense of trust and comradery.

Hidden under his hooded cloak, he tried his best to hide his heritage, though his kind is highly unknown to the human-world. If it were not for Kieran's sister's knowledge of nature, he would have been discarded in the woods, wounded, and left to die.

Cid: (Undercommon) "There was no offense intended to your wife. I simply lack the mass that requires an appetite such as one you possess. I have nothing but good things to say about surface cuisine... there's a lot more, (Common) how you say... grease?"

Taking the humans' bewilderment at one's lack of appetite, in order to assimilate more accurately, he orders a "leg o' bird" from a server, awkwardly.

Cid: (broken Common) "Hark! A... uuhhh... leg... a leg! Please. A 'leg o' bird'. Aaaand uuuh..... some watered down ale?"

He's still learning...

Question, Cori. Do we all know each other? I know Kieran and I have a merged backstory, but I'm just assuming we all have because we're all sitting next to each other, unless it is just a coincidence.

Human Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 1 RAGING!!! HP 9/20; AC 16, touch 13, Flat Footed 15; CMD 20; Fort +9, Reflex +3, Will +6; Perception +7; Initiative +4; Rage [7/8]
Cedeleon "Cid" Reave wrote:
"There was no offense intended to your wife. I simply lack the mass that requires an appetite such as one you possess.”

”I’ll say. Might be that girlish appetite a yours is why you’re built like my sister.” Though it was said in jest, there wasn’t much of an insult behind it. Myra was surprisingly strong for her stature and Cid was even stronger. Liken to silk rope, the two of them were graceful, dense and unexpectedly resilient; but Kieran was 250 lbs of coiled steel chains by comparison.

Standing a few feet behind and chuckling while Cid makes his order, Kieran chews blissfully away at his meal. The vendor gives the ale first but when he aims his hands at a grizzled piece of meat, Kieran leans in and points his own skewer at a more sizable offering. ”No-no-no-no. This one here is looking t’put on a little weight. Give him something bigger like that piece, there. Yeah, that one. Obliged, friend.” He gives the man a courteous nod before they start down the plaza again.

”You’re not like to find a better time than holiday festivals. Meat. Beer. Jousts n’ tournaments. Ay! N’ don’t you forget ‘bout all the pretty girls! Jus' look at the blondie in the dress over there.” He points his skewer at a particularly stunning young woman in a backless dress, innocently turning heads and dropping jaws as she passed through the crowd. ”Neither of us will soon forget why we came here but, Hell! Enjoy the sights while they last, brother.”

If you guys want to start out knowing each other or having met say on the road to Armasse thats fine. Or not knowing each other at all is good too. >:)

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

I like the way it's playing out now, some know each other or don't all part of a crowd until something happens.

Male Drow Demon Hunter [Ninja/Ranger]

I can dig it.

"To be fair, my large friend, your sister is built quite 'handsomely'. In fact, she may have more facial hair than I, considering I have none." Cid has picked up on some surface-humor, though his delivery is sometimes too obvious.

"I'm... I'm not sure I can eat all of this." Cid nibbled lightly, then observed Kieran's eating behavior and tried to mimic him. He opened his mouth as wide as it could go, and bit into the tender, succulent, greasy meat. He's eaten surface meat before, but only little.

It seems the way something is eaten can enhance the flavor... no wonder kivvil have a tendency to gorge. The Underdark has no competition in food abundance, so such practices are not seen. I will have to enhance my skills at 'gorging'.

"The lady is tarril, indeed. But, as I am sure you know, I prefer those of my own kind." Within a micro-second of finishing his sentence, Cid bites a huge chunk of meat off of his bird and chews it with parts sticking out of his mouth.

Lasciel wrote:

Lasciel's smile reflected her love of Armasse. Her favorite holiday growing up, the citywide celebration meant a lot to her. It meant that the constant danger and darkness that loomed over Kenabres couldn't quell the ability of the people to find joy and reason to celebrate.

Strolling through the plaza, the exceptionally beautiful young woman takes in the milling excitement in the plaza, enjoying the advantage of knowing the best vantage points for city celebrations.

The perfect weather a compliment to her good mood, she notes the outright stares of some of the other bystanders as her skin glistens in the sunlight, the metallic gleam calling to the eye, the backless dress she wears exposing the shimmering blue symbol that took up most of the expanse of her back.

She was used to the attention, and on a day as good as today, she welcomed it.

The sights are many as Armasse is a widely popular event and helps to turn the downward glances and worried frowns into smiles and excitement all across Kenebras. It is possibly the one time every year that people can truly enjoy themselves in Kenebras and the electric feeling of this pure excitement buzzes in the air around you as you take in the sights. Several events are on-going as well, some of which are carnival like in nature and many are a test of skills among the crusaders. A large crowd has gathered and cheers as several men clash against a single opponent. Kael Halse...

If you watch the fighters clash:

Half a dozen men are limping off the field as you make your way through the crowd; apparently Kael has been fighting most of the morning. His corded muscles glisten with sweat as he wipes his brow before the next set of fighters comes forward to face him. Seeing him up close like this puts the rumours to shame, as he appears to have been crafted from the finest marble and inlaid with silver scales to accentuate the perfection of his form. His face was more draconic in appearance; patches of scales cover his shoulders and neck, with some creeping their way up to the back side of his jaw and cheeks. A pair of short horns winged the sides of his head just above his temples and curved straight back. Each part of him appeared perfectly symmetrical and his build is beautifully proportioned. His hair is short and copper toned, while his eyes are two different colours altogether with one being green with a copper tone at the center and the other a violet colour.

However before the fight begins each fighter bows their heads in prayer. As Kael bows his head and closes his eyes the nearby church bells ring out in perfect unison and a faint halo appears above his draconic crown. The crowd ogle at the sight and some bow their heads in prayer as well. However he doesn’t appear to notice the affect he had on the crowd…

The moment is short lived though for when the ringing bells quieted the combatants began to make their initial moves. Despite their weapons being blunted it was obvious that serious injury could occur, yet the only person who was unarmoured was Kael, fighting in nothing more than an armoured kilt and with a wooden practice sword in one hand. Out of all of the combatants only one weilded a strange weapon, a thick chain which they had part of wrapped around their hand. As the fighters began to circle one man spoke loudly through a closed visor. "The victory is as good as ours boys! Don't worry Caelda we won't hurt him too badly!" The man salutes Caelda, who is standing off to the left of the crowd and appearing very anxious as she watches the fighters square off.

Being this close you could bear witness to just how strong and capable Kael was, almost frighteningly so as he stood alone in the fighting ring that had been painted on the cobblestone. As the ring of challengers stepped in he instantly took up a defensive stance, spinning his wooden blade with a flourish as he readied for the first strike.

four of the five combatants moved in as the one with the chain slowly circled, looking for an opening. Those that closed carried sword and board or a combination of a one handed weapon and a heavy shield as they closed and tried to flank the powerful looking Kael. He kept his wings tucked in and tail flicking on the ground until they closed in. Then with staggering speed he struck out with his wooden blade, staggering the first combatant with a ringing blow upside their helm. He takes a strike in the shoulder from a blunted mace and spins as his blade deflects off the first ones helm and he uses his continuing momentum to slap the other opponent in the side. As the ring of chainmail filled the air he took another hit from a blunted sword and barely dodged a third strike.

As the staggering fighter stumbled, their weapon hand raised to their helm like they were trying to block out a dreadful noise. The chain wielding combatant was still jockeying for position as Kael lashed out at those who surrounded him, he spun slapping the staggering fighter with his thick muscled tail and knocking them flat on their back as he struck the second man again hard across their chest. His wooden blade splintered as he slid it across their chest and slapped the third opponent with a ringing blow. However the blade snaps under the monstrous hit, leaving Kael defenceless and encouraging his opponents to close in tighter.

He weathers the string of hits with raised forearms and responds with well-placed punches alongside tail strikes up until the one wielding the chain finally makes their move. They whip out from behind Kael with the chain, wrapping it around his throat and yank it back hard synching it tight. The entire fight the crowd is giving shouts of encouragement to both sides, enjoying the spectacle as no one has yet drawn blood…

As Kael is yanked back he takes a hit in the stomach that brings him to his knees. His wings angle out slightly as he is winded and for a moment a hush falls over the crowd as the combatants continue to hammer down on Kael. The one with the chain keeps him off balanced by pulling on the chain and forcing him to scramble on one leg. After several long seconds you notice that the hits aren’t doing much to him, in fact they may have been doing little to him this whole time. Like a rising storm he stood, outstretching his wings and knocking the two men closest to him out of the fighting ring. Disqualifying them and leaving him with only two left to deal with. The one with the chain appears to be straining to hold Kael, who’s muscle seem to have become more defined as he strains against the suffocating chain. The last close range fighter tries to hit Kael but gets a floored by a powerful kick and leaves only the chain wielding combatant who now appeared to be panicking.

Kael took hold of the chain and started pulling the last opponent towards him, hand over hand, which relieved the pressure from the chain around his neck. He grumbled at the man, who was trying to get the chain unwrapped from his gauntlet. ”Your enemy isn’t going to indulge your poor tactics like I did, if you can’t wield a weapon well then don’t use it. You’ll just end up a corpse!” Each word brought the man closer until Kael grabbed him by his chainmail shirt and head-butted him, driving him down into the cobblestone. They were slow to recover as Kael leaned back, using his tail for support and wiped the sweat from his brow taking little notice of the trickle of blood from his forehead. As the crowd burst into cheers Caelda hops the fenced off area and moves quickly to her half-brothers side speaking to him quietly. The cheers makes it difficult to hear what they are saying…

Perception DC 20

If you continue to look around:

The festivities are in full swing; several groups move around and enjoy the fine foods. Entertainment and other festivities that appear only during Armasse! Crusaders and regular citizens alike appear to be enjoying themselves immensely. The antics of a loud pair of diner’s catches your attention as an overly large man is trying to get his shadow skinned elven companion to eat a massive leg of meat. The elf appears to resist at first and then digs into it with a delicate savagery, more forced then natural at first.

I know one is a little shorter then the other but I had more description for the other. So don't blame me. :P

K we will play with the some know each other but as a whole the group has no real organization... Yet >:)

Jaegar & Ethyra

Explicit situation:

Had much worse verbage but I took a Wheel of time approach and toned it down. However these men are trying to be as insulting as possible. So exchange what words in their speech for the worst thing you could be called... If it gets too much I will tone it down more or cut it out entirely. Let me know.

Despite being in the open and enjoying the warmth of the day, it's not long before a couple of men wearing the symbol of Mendev step up with sneers on their faces. One of them circles around you with his hand on his mace hilt and he bumps the bench your sitting on roughy as the first one speaks. "Well boys look what we got h're. We h'ves a little filth blood and his traitorous wench."

"Ya whats the matter wench, couldn't handle real men? Must be a low born piece to want trash like that eh?"

The third one laughs darkly as he leans against a nearby statue and watches the others harass you.

The first one looks to Jaeger. "If'n your smart ya'll leave this city today and not come back. She can stay though..." He gives Ethyra a cruel smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

Options not normally thought of in a city setting. You can always call for the guard. It's just an option and not a suggestion by any means. :) Good Luck you two.

Bluff 15:

While the first two men's words drip with Malice the thrid one appears to be nervous, sweating profusely beneath his chain coif and keeping his eyes downcast as the others harass you...

Kieran and Cid

You hear the cheers and shouts over near the jousting and fighting rings, coupled with the excited laughing and sights of children where the carnival activities are taking place. A warm breeze carries the scents of more foods and lovely scents of parts unknown in Kenebras. Your antics get you a few looks from the locals, nothing bad as they all appear to be smiling at the antics of the strange pair of travelers. All save one elf who, the moment she loocks eyes with Cid, stands up and leaves with her highborn elfin face angled up and away as if she smelled or seen something foul...

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Are these just normal men or some sort of constables? Because of the symbol.

Apologies as you both live in the city, I will elaborate.

These particular symbols of Mendev mark these men as Crusaders but doesn't denote rank or what faction they hail from...

K-Nobility DC 15:

These Crusaders are part of a small time group called the Fellblades of Ashluin, a group only recently formed under a noble whos name escapes you... DC 20 K-Check Nobility will reveal it.

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
She speaks up before Jaeger has a chance. Hoping to avoid a violent confrontation, on this a holy day.
"No no, you boys have it all wrong. The other men couldn't handle me. Now I know you didn't mean anything by those hurtful words." She says calmly despite the horrendous things they were saying.

"After all this is the adoptive son of Gared di Angelo."

Dipolmacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Bluff: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18
Intimidate: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

Jaeger steps slightly to the side and not subtly sets his feet for a charge in case the three trash heaps try to attack. Sensing that the man in the back is more than a bit uncomfortable with this ruse he decides if it comes to blow he's the target most likely to break at the first sign of violence.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 20

The two men chuckle at Ethyra's one of them turning to the third one and gesturing at her like she made some sort of joke. "Ya mean the one that left his men to die in the Worldwound and ran away? That Gared di Angelo? Yeah we heard of him."

The other man pips up. "Don't worry..." It was then he noticed her garb and laughed. "Desnian, we can handle ya... Isn't your goddess about love and s&*(? Only good for one thing if ya asks me."

The third man raised his head and looked at the last speaker with a mix of shock and anger his neck turning red. "Do not speak ill to one of the Great Dreamer, especially if you don't know her at all."

The two men stop and laugh as one gestures at their companion. "Lookit him? Ya worship that s*( too eh Conrad?"

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

"You two talk big for a couple of mooks, but here I'm thinking the only one of you with the slightest bit of sense is you, He says gesturing to the third man. Now run along like a good dog before I have to beat you. In front of all these people."

He says as he draws Abyssion from its harness and sets the blade point down on the ground leaning his arms across its guard. "Come on which of you mooks is first!" He says with a slightly crazed smile that seems to cause his eyes to glow red.

Intimidate: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

"Who knows maybe when he's done knocking you out I'll pray for Desna to send you a good dream." She says overly sweetly. "Did you forget she's also the Goddess of fortune? Good luck, and looking towards Jaeger break a leg honey and by leg I mean theirs."

Male Fetchling (Kayal)- Outsider (native) Warlock/1

He followed her through the crowd, as usual, keeping a close eye on any who seemed to pay her too much attention and sending dark and dangerous looks towards any who seemed inclined to pursue or, very foolishly, make an improper advance. He noticed the big human checking her out, but his attention and intentions seemed harmless enough. Besides the human seemed much more interested in teaching his cloaked companion how to eat properly.

Lomar heard the sounds of fighting, and saw the large crowd of spectators. For a moment he considered veering to take a look. At that moment though another kind of confrontation caught his attention and he was compelled to investigate. A brief, uncomfortable thought of losing Lasciel in the crowd flashed briefly through his mind, but he was able to dismiss it with ease, as he always seemed to just know where she was. He knew he could find her again easily.

The tiefling was familiar to him, there were very few tieflings in Kenabres after all. Yes, Jaegar was his name, and while he and Lomar were not exactly friends, they had always been friendly towards each other. They shared the trait of both being, literally, Outsiders, and therefore quite different from the sea of mostly human people around them. As well, Lomar had always appreciated how easily Jaegar dealt with his differentness. His ease, self confidence and flippancy made him one of the very few people who could almost always garner a smile, however sardonic, from Lomar.

Lomar was much less familiar with Jaegar's human companion, whose name escaped him at the moment, but he had definitely seen her before. Stepping up to the potentially expolsive tableau, Lomar nods greeting at the tiefling and human couple but turns his attention to the bullies. Placing himself in a position to flank with Jaegar, dark energies beginning to swirl around his clenched fists, he too seeks to end the confrontation before it begins "I'm quite sure you boys have somewhere, somewhere less dangerous for you, to be off to, yes? Now run along like good little boys before you get spanked. Off with you!"
Intimidate Aid another: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10


Wow, just wow! 20 first roll no modifiers, lmao! XD

Caelda and Kael:

Caelda sounded very worried as she spoke to Kael. "Are you alright Brother?"

Kael had leaned his head back and was smiling as the cheers rang out. "They were a little more troublesome is all Sister. You worry too much..."

Caelda was insistent, her metallic colored hair gleamin in the sun as she brushed it back. "You did it again though..."

Kael looked at her, narrowing his eyes in thought before he asked. "Did what?"

Now Caelda's worry was being tinged with frustration as she stammered quietly. "How could you not notice, ever bell in the city rang out as one. Your manifesting again brother, so much so that people are starting to talk..."

Kael chuckles quietly. "Let them talk. Let them see a brighter tomorrow, rather then this dreary duldrom of worry that overcasts eve..."

He is cut off as Caelda shock a finger at him briefly when no one was watching, or at least she thought no one was. "You should be more aware of your actions Brother! False hope is worse then no hope. We're not ang..."

Kael's eyes froze his sisters words on her lips as he arced an eyebrow at her. "Angels? Please don't mock me sister, I don't know why the bells ring or halos form and I don't care. With her guidance I am finally understanding where I belong and it isn't here. It's out there. He pauses for the briefest moment before saying in a firm voice. "I've officially signed on with the Order of the Flaming Lance."

Caelda look shocked and taken aback by her brothers words. "You can't be serious? Out there! Brother..."

Kael clenched his clawed hand into a fist. "It's decided, we won't be discussing anymore Caelda. The next march I will leave Kenebras and find the answers to what happ..." It's then he notices that their conversation has carried on too long. He merely shakes his head puts on a smile and stands up, his tail whipping back and forth as it worked out cramps or possibly out of irritation. "If you have nothing further I will speak with you later sister." He wipes the blood from his forehead and prepares for the next set of challengers. Completely dismissing Caelda, who stands there looking as if she were at a loss.

Finally she nods. "I will see you tonight then. Brother." He gives a small nod and she quickly starts making her way back to where she hopped the fence. ONce she was back on the other side once more she quickly dissappears to the back of the crowd...


Are you attempting to demoralize or Influence the first guys attitude? Unless I missed it you can only demoralize or influence one at a time. Please Let me know. :)

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

Seeing the battle unfold, Lasciel had to admit that the shirtless Kael was quite a joy to watch. As if the man's flawlessness wasn't enough to give most women pause, the moment before the fight was almost unbelievable. Not only did he clearly show evidence of Silver Dragon blood, but he had a celestial heritage as well.

She should probably expect that Kenebres would attract all sorts of interesting backgrounds, she knew that for a fact, but seeing someone with a similar lineage as hers was still a shock.

As the battle continues, she is distracted for a moment as a familiar ringing sensation, a sudden awareness of another's presence, signals her brother's presence somewhere nearby. She smiles slightly, the sensation of his presence comforting, knowing that he was in the area. It had been that way most of their lives, the link something they both experienced ever since the early years at the orphanage.

A burst of cheers brings her back to the present as the chain-wielding man'd unconscious body falls backward like a puppet with severed strings.As the glistening warrior, stands triumphantly wiping the sweat from his brow, his sister moves towards him sayings something. Though the crowd's cheering was raucous, years of practicing to focus her magic had also granted Lasciel the ability to sometimes isolate what she was focusing on to eliminate substantial distractions.

Figure that's a good explanation of a Nat 20

The conversation between the siblings was as tense as it was fascinating. The thought of other people like herself or Lormar made her feel....not as alone as she did in her quiet moments. This was someone the people respected because he was something different, rather than simply stared at or shunned. And like her he was willing to let people see who he was. Lormar openly showed people what he could do as well but usually only as a challenge or a treat. The idea of inspiring hope was a new one.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;
DM Corerue wrote:


Are you attempting to demoralize or Influence the first guys attitude? Unless I missed it you can only demoralize or influence one at a time. Please Let me know. :)

Demoralize, make them think they've bit off way more than they can chew.

At first the 'leader' reacts poorly to Jaeger's attempt at intimidating him, placing his hand on his sword hilt for a moment, however when Lomar steps in the man raies his hands. He plays it off with a laugh. "Lets go boys, da freaks are gatherin' today... We won't forget this freak's!" With that the man beats a hasty retreat, followed soon after by the second one.

The second man points at Ethyra and smirks as he blows her a kiss. "Next time wench." He too scuttles off after his retreating companion.

The third one looks downcast and presses off of the object he had been leaning against. He approaches Ethyra and bows deeply. "My sincerest apologies Fair Wanderer, I don't beg forgiveness and may your travels be blessed always."

Human Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 1 RAGING!!! HP 9/20; AC 16, touch 13, Flat Footed 15; CMD 20; Fort +9, Reflex +3, Will +6; Perception +7; Initiative +4; Rage [7/8]
Cedeleon "Cid" Reave wrote:
"The lady is tarril, indeed. But, as I am sure you know, I prefer those of my own kind."

"Horse-s#$%! 'Experience makes the man' I tell my boys. Ain't gonna learn nothin' if ya don't try something new every now and again." He gnaws a few odd chunks of meat from his skewer then tosses it into a nearby alleyway. As he's wiping bits of skin and grease from his beard he starts chuckling to himself and gives Cid a light pat on the chest with the back of his hand. "Hey! Ever tell ya 'bout the time I had me a dwarven maiden? I tell ya, WORST night a' me life! HA! Well, to be fair, can't tell you much 'bout the goings on of the night but the morning was absolute HELL! HAHA! Don't drink that Old Law s&$* no more, no sir. Bad example, but all I'm sayin is variety is the spice a' life. Nore's got me by the short hairs now, and I love her for it, but a young feller like you ain't likely to find another a yer 'kind' any time soon. Not up here, at least. Try sampling the local stock a bit, might find you'll actually enjoy it."

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

"Why are you with the. When you so clearly don't agree with them?" Men like those two think others are beneath them and worthy of contempt."

Dipolomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Jaeger shrugs his shoulders as the two men leave and sheathes Abyssion with a flourish. "Thanks for the assist Lomar," He says with a nod to the warlock.

Male Drow Demon Hunter [Ninja/Ranger]

Cid responded to the pretentious "highborn" elf with a glare, though now was not the time and place to engage in an ancient blood-war.

The kivvil-darthirii think too highly of themselves. They wouldn't survive the Underdark for even a moment. They'd starve first, and then find a knife in their back from a supposed loved one... how dare she raise her chin at one who is magnitudes more powerful and hardened by the nethers of Har'dro.

Cid never expressed his anger recklessly. It emerged in the form of a plot; a thought-out strategy to exact revenge on one who has wronged him, like he did in the Underdark to his own House. Though the kivvil's attitude disturbed him, she had not caused him direct harm.... she will be spared.

His thought was interrupted with a slap on the chest from his large friend, Kieran. It hurt more than he would like to admit.

Kieran was all like... wrote:
"As he's wiping bits of skin and grease from his beard he starts chuckling to himself and gives Cid a light pat on the chest with the back of his hand. "Hey! Ever tell ya 'bout the time I had me a dwarven maiden? I tell ya, WORST night a' me life! HA! Well, to be fair, can't tell you much 'bout the goings on of the night but the morning was absolute HELL! HAHA! Don't drink that Old Law s$*! no more, no sir. Bad example, but all I'm sayin is variety is the spice a' life. Nore's got me by the short hairs now, and I love her for it, but a young feller like you ain't likely to find another a yer 'kind' any time soon. Not up here, at least. Try sampling the local stock a bit, might find you'll actually enjoy it."

(Undercommon)"You speak wisely. Though I may grow to open my mind to other races, I doubt other races will grow to admire mine. You must understand, I'm virtually from another world. Unless a surfacer is infatuated with the color 'black', it may be a lonely road I walk. The crowd here seems variable enough, however. There are many races here, all of which I am very unfamiliar with, save for the tiefling." His expression turns to a glare when he points out Jaegar. "There kind are not to be trusted.... and did you say 'young'? A young 'fellar'? Mr. Bull, I am more than twice your age." He produces a rare and subtle smile. "Come, lets go find some more meat. I'll one day make you some fine cuisine of the Underdark and you can shave a few pounds."

Cid isn't literally going on a side-quest to find some meat (unless it grants XP), but is ready to continue and will be walking in the direction of the other party members. Also, here is the translator I am using. Translator.

Male Fetchling (Kayal)- Outsider (native) Warlock/1

Lomar dismisses the thugs with virtually the same disdain and unimportance as he would something unpleasant he had stepped on. As the energies fade from his fists he returns the nod to the tiefling "No thanks needed Jaegar, I'm sure you could handled them quite easily on your own. However their kind of racism and bulling needs to be stamped out, hard, any and everywhere it exists."

Then turning to the human female he says "Forgive me, I know we have seen each other before but I do not recall your name. As you know, I am Lomar." While his words and expression are polite, the fetchling does not reach out his hand to her, nor does he smile; he simply waits for a response.

If/when she gives her name, he nods again saying "Well met. I shall leave the two of you to enjoy the rest of the day then. I must go, my sister has moved on ahead and, with the amount and kind of attention she always receives, I do not like to leave her unattended for too long in a crowd like this. Good day to you both." and with a final leave, he departs. Moving quickly but not seeming to hurry, he makes a bead along the direction he senses his foster-sibling to be.

Human Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 1 RAGING!!! HP 9/20; AC 16, touch 13, Flat Footed 15; CMD 20; Fort +9, Reflex +3, Will +6; Perception +7; Initiative +4; Rage [7/8]

One of Kieran's gold teeth glimmers through the brambles of his beard signifying a great smile hidden beneath. "Ay! N' toyin around with bare steel in the streets ain't buying him no favors. Then again, ain't the drow (Undercommon) 'not to be trusted' (Common) neither?" His accent was atrocious. The winces Cid made every time he attempted Undercommon was all Kieran needed to confirm the suspicion. Nevertheless, he pursued the foreigner's language amicably; though, in his defense, he comprehended it far better than he spoke it.

After watching the pretty boy who had been but two steps behind the blond in the dress defuse the situation with a glowing fist and a few words, he exhales relief to the drow beside him. "Y'see? Our angel's shadow set the little lizard straight. No need to get mixed inta any a that silliness fer now."

"Said something about food?"

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Hey now, I'm all kinds of trustworthy I just don't like ignorant fools insulting my wife. That's a quick ticket to the hospice. Understand? :p

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Excitment Bump!!

Ethyra di Angelo wrote:

"Why are you with the. When you so clearly don't agree with them?" Men like those two think others are beneath them and worthy of contempt."

Dipolomacy = Successful

Conrad grimaces in response to the truth and pulls off the medal indicating his chosen legion. "The other groups wouldn't allow trash like me to join them, I came to fight. Not to sit idle and become penniless. I hadn't realized how mercenary I had become until recently..." He drops the medallion on the ground and grinds it into the cobblestone with his thick heeled boot. "Don't get me wrong..." He looks to Jaeger, clearly distrustful of his inhuman appearance but more polite about then his former companions. "... I agree somewhat with their sentiments but if we oust every crossblood for their appearance or some other mundane excuse. Then shouldn't we oust everthing that is inhuman? When would the intolerence end, with words? Pain? Death? It goes against the dreamer and despite my wariness I am open to the possibility that anyone can be a force for good. Even those two..."

Lomar, Ethyra and Jaeger

Less then a minute after Conrad finishes speaking, you see the Kenebras city watch come tromping up at a face pace. Clearly someone tipped them off as to what was going on. Leading them is a man that Jaeger is all too familiar with, a Captain of the city watch and close friend to his father. Denison Redding, a no non-sense type of soldier in his late fifties who is able to outfight men half his age.

Like your father he was once a well respected crusader, having fought since the third crusade and it was during the end of the fourth crusade that your father met him. He too was the only survivor of a brigade that took on the demonic forces of the Storm Lord and Denison was left for dead when the demons slaughtered his entire brigade. Stories vary on how he survived. He and a handful of men returned to Kenebras, broken but alive, and have worked to train the cities guards in how to fight demons. They are hard but fair defenders of the city, well respected by the citizens and known by the crossblooded for their fairness despite the racial intolerences in the city.

Seeing it was you at the center of the distrubance Denison gives an exasperated sigh. "Dammit boy, what are ya doin? Especially during Armasse you draw your blade? Come now ya know better!" He looks to conrad and your wife, looking like he understood what was going on in an instant. "Good Day Ethyra, this fella here bothering ya'll?" Conrad looks downcast under Denison's scrutiny, the old soldier had a stare that would turn most men's guts to water.


The appearance of the Kenebras guard hastily leads to Lomar being outed by one of the onlookers of the recent confrontation. The guard approach, you knew them to be fair. Hard but fair, even for the strangeness of your sibiling. Denison was no stranger to you both, he had been there while you were growing up, he got you out of trouble many times, especially Lomar.

However as they closed in on him, preparing to give him a pep talk or possily remove him from the area, Kael approached the rails. Leaning heavily on the rails as he hailed the guardsmen. "Is there a problem here?"

One of the guardsmen moved away from Lomar and approached Kael, appearing completely at ease around the Aasimar. "We were told of a disruption here, supposed shadow magic was being used."

Kael regards the guardsman with a curious look before shrugging his massive shoulders. "If you believe everything your told we still be jumping at shadows. It is Armasse isn't it? Can you overlook this and allow them to enjoy the day?"

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27

The guardsmen's hardened look softened and wordlessly the man nodded and moved back over to his fellows as they hemmed in Lomar. Through this Kael watched quietly, wiping away the sweat from his brow and looking relaxed as the crowd murmured quietly.


You were hemmed in, three guardsmen from Denison's squad who you knew well enough. One was called away by Kael and after a few moments of quiet conversation with the seemingly dragon blooded aasimar he returns. Their hardened expression gone, replaced by a more patient look as they began their questioning. "Good Day Lomar, now whats this we were hearing you were using magic in the street? Some say dark magic but we know better. So tell us what happened?"

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

"Hey Den, I didn't start anything, this time." He quickly added along with a lopsided grin when he sees Dennison's raised eyebrow. "Some wannabe crusaders can't seem to realize that birth doesn't make one evil, but my new friend Conrad here doesn't seem all bad. He even defended Ethyra when they insulted was only then that I drew steel. Besides I wouldn't have left them seriously injured."

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

"Besides Desna is a big girl she could handle them on her own." Ethyra says as she places her hand on Jaeger's upper arm.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

Lasciel catches Kael's eye as the guard walks off, mouthing a grateful "Thank you", before making her way through the crowd towards her brother's side.

Cid and Kieran

The coming of the guardsman is no surprise, they efficently and swiftly hem in those involved in the recent confrontation and so far things appear to be going well enough. Some of the guardsmen appear to know those who were involved in the confrontation, leading to a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Your waitress returns with another round of drinks, on the house for you both, accompanied with another round of large turkey legs and stuffing. As she moves away once more things around the square begin to liven up some...

Male Fetchling (Kayal)- Outsider (native) Warlock/1

Lomar sighs quietly as he clenches his jaw to keep his temper. He did not like being hemmed in like this, and being accused and accosted like he was some common street thug or at fault here. Yet he knew some of these men, and knew they were not bad sorts, really. They were just doing their jobs to the best of their limited ability and understanding.

He is about to speak when on of the guards is called away by the asimar Kael. Lomar notices his sister then, and catches her look begging him patience and temperance in this situation. Rarely able to refuse her anything, Lomar wills himself to calm even more. Thus by the time the guardsman returns and begins questioning him there is hardly any annoyance at all in his tone as he sighs more loudly this time and says "I have told you before" Here he holds up his hands and allows his power to begin to gather for a brief few seconds, once again shadowy swirls of energy and force gathering around them "This is not magic, this is power" and he puts his hands down and dissipates the energies around them. "That is likely what your ignorant informants saw. I did not use my power however, merely threatened with it in the aid of an acquaintance and his wife" as he glances and indicates with is chin the group around Jaegar "who were being accosted by three racist mercs. I suggest you find and question them, the walking waste sacks who started this whole annoying mess."

At this point Lasciel reaches his side and he briefly puts his hand on her shoulder, his eyes unconsciously lighting up with pleasure at the sight and nearness of her. "If that will be all then gentlemen, I intend to enjoy the rest of Armasse with my sister. Good day to you."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

Lasciel and Lomar

????: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16

You easily gain Kael's attention, he looks you in the eyes and appears completely stunned. After a few moments he recovers and smiles warmly. Breaking eye contact he closes his eyes and nods slowly in acknowledgement of your appreciation. "Anytime." He watches her leave for a moment, not in a leering way but as if he were entranced, after a moment he appears to shake it off and returns to the fighting ring. You catching him slapping his cheeks a little as he walks away from the rail...


"It's not about them it's about you. Call it what you will Power, Dark Magic or Showing off when did the Witch Hunters ever differentiate Lomar? Give them a reason and we won't be able to do anything, even Denison would be powerless. We sit on the edge of the war and people are as people will be so all I ask is keep it under control, please. If you have to defend yourself, fine. But unless words turn to swords then keep your cool." The man was remarkably patient and to the point. However your dismissal goes completely ignored, for a moment a frown appears on the guardsmens face as he takes your tone rather negatively. "Thats it for now, but I am serious about what I said."

He tips his helm at you then your sister. "Apologies for the trouble Lasciel, Lomar, now please enjoy Armasse." That was the last thing Guardsmen Tedren ever said to you both...


Denison shakes his head at Jaegers explination. "No excuses Jaeger, ya drew first and their affront will be dealt with if I find them. But next time keep your sword sheathed unless actually threatened, that is unless you weant it peacebonded. Again." He points a finger at Angelo, bringing his full glare down on the younger man.

"No excuses from you either. I heard about your boys comment about Garret De Angelo. Ya'll crossed a line and if you see them again ya tell them there ass is mine. As for you, Get Out Of My Sight." Conrad swallows, hard, as Denison was a hard man and even Jaeger remembers the first time he crossed the line with the survivor of two Crusades. It wasn't a good memory...

He looks back to you both, focusing on Ethyra. "Keep your boy on a shorter leash, at least he had the good sense to marry you... To bad thats all the good sense he has." He smiles broadly meaning it as a hard joke but only as a joke. This moment was forever burned into your collective memories...

Kiedren and Cid

This time when the buxom waitress comes around she seems to hang around Cid, obviously more friendly then before. "So where are you from tall dark and handsome~" She smiles broadly at him before pausing, looking towards a platform that had been erected in the plaza for Lord Halrun to speak...

Your heads throb with thunderous headaches. Your ears are ringing. Your all having trouble breathing. After a few moments, the sounds of rocks clattering, coughing, and moans of pain, as well as the choking smell of dust, become apparent as your senses seem to return, but it remains pitch black. Feeling around in the darkness, you can feel rubble all around, and realize that your bodies are covered in dirt and filth. Despite the general aches and pains, none of the you are injured. You are all in pitch black, no light sources whatsoever...

For those of you with darkvision or a light source...:
You see that you are in a large underground cavern, one wall of which is an enormous mound of rubble. The air is filled with dust, and now and then small rockslides of gravel tumble down the mound...

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