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SECTION SEVEN: In Armageddon's Shadow
The city of Celwynvian hides a terrible sin. For countless centuries the elves of the Mierani Forest have barred outsiders from the fabled City of Emerald Rains, in a desperate attempt to contain an ancient shame. The Drow.
In the battle to retake the ancient city, the heroes join in the final assault on the Drow Headquarters...

We just lost a couple of players (a Bard and an Inquisitor), so we need players to fill two slots.
The party currently consists of:
Eros, Half elf Ranger
Maelorn, Humban Cleric
Zane, Human Wizard
Bor, Dwarf Rogue
So the four basic food groups are already covered.

I need people that will check in probably at least once every two days so that we make sure to keep everything moving.

If you think the above is acceptable, phase two are the campaign standards
(click to view):

Character Creation:

All characters will be created with the “high fantasy” (20 point) purchase method (page 16 of the Core Rulebook).

All of the races and classes in the core rulebook and the advanced player's guide are allowed for play.

There can be no more than two characters of the same class in the party.

We will start at second level.

Max hp at first level. Roll for it at higher levels; but if you roll less than the average die you can take average +1 instead.

Characters will start with the average starting gold for their character class (according to the chart on page 140 of the Core Rulebook) plus 1000gp for being second level.

Players may purchase equipment from any Pathfinder source, with the approval of the GM (for example, some items may be rare in the Varisia region, and thus restricted initially).

No characters can start the campaign with an evil alignment.

Characters start at the maximum starting age for the class and race.

Characters can have up to 2 Traits.
Characters are encouraged to take a campaign trait; but since they were geared towards the very first level, it's not a requirement.

Third Party Sources
I have the Tome of Secrets as well, material from that will be considered on a case by case basis.

"Table" Rules

If a character has not taken an action in two day's time, and the character is in a situation where all characters need to take an action for the story to progress (for example, combat, though not limited to combat), that character reverts to the GM's control until the player's next post.

In combat a GM controlled PC is invulnerable to damage, though they die if the rest of the party dies. The only actions a GM controlled character will take will be to move and to provide an "aid another" check for other characters.

The GM rolls all initiative rolls.

If you need to "pass a note," either to the GM or another character, use the spoiler tag, addressed to the party you want to read it. For example:

Try to keep in character comments and descriptions of actions in normal font, and use the [ ooc ] brackets for "game" actions.

Finally, if you don't already have one, you need to make up a separate message board alias with the name of your character, and fill out the profile with all of the information that you would normally have on a standard Pathfinder RPG character sheet.

Before you make up your character, however, post in this thread, and give me a character concept.
I don't need pages, but I would like to have a character and not just a build to work with. Once the character sounds good, I'll give you the OK, and once the character is made up and has its own profile, you're good to go.

Could you give some details about the game (what's happened so far, the pace of the game, level etc.)

Writing is easy, especially at the pace you seem to be looking for.

I can replace the Inquisitor with another, easily. Won't even change the Deity.

Else, I have a Half-Orc "Master of the Sacred Mountain" that I can field.

If someone else makes a Barbarian, I'll happily work with them to have a Savage Skald at their side.

Scarab Sages

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I would be willing to play and like the person above I would be willing to play the bard and not even need to worry about channging anything :) or I could make my own.

With the four base classes covered, you can bring in pretty much any class you like (except one already present).

The game itself begins in Riddleport, the armpit of Varisia. A port town grown up from a pirate haven, crime is rampant, corruption is common and everything has a price. Shadowy crime cartels influence everything, if they don't outright own it. There is also the mysterious Cyphergate, a stony arch 350 feet in radius that arches over the harbor mouth. Carved with mysterious glyphs and of a supernatural hardness, it has attracted a colony of mages who study its mysteries exclusively (the Cyphermages).

The heroes showed up at a gambling tournament that heralded the reopening of the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall and Casino. The tournament was hit by robbers after the prize money. The heroes killed or captured the robbers except the mastermind, who got away (but without the money).
Saul Vancaskerkin, the owner, liked the cut of your jib, and offered you junior partnerships in the Casino (weekly pay plus profit sharing).
And that is where the story is right now.

Then in which case, my character offers stand, though I'm really hoping someone comes forth with a Barbarian.

In that case, I will make a barbarian. I like the idea of a barbarian and a savage skald who are each other's side-kick. Makes it just the much better that they have went to a gambling tournament in the city. That's just funny. Good thinking Me'mori.

...and my axe!

Alright.. so let's talk coordination.. What manner of Barbarian were you thinking of? Since I can work the Skald with just about any tradition, but I was thinking that the Moon, Axe, Hawk, or Spire Clans would seem the easiest to tie into the theme of the game upfront, with them being close enough to the area that a reason won't have to be contrived.

Oi.. a pair of Barbarians.. I'm spoiled for choice, it seems. Then this is something I'll leave up to the DM... assuming it is their intent to work with the Barbarian-and-Skald idea.

Since I already play a barbarian in Lamplighter's game I don't mind Bofgar Morarr getting the seat.

I was kind of joking, I really like this character, but he would need to be re-worked for the campaign. Also not sure if my alchemist is going to get into the CSI Absalom game...I'm only looking for one game to play in right now.

*raspberries at the both of you* ..way to be decisive.

Well in that case.. :) Me'mori, since the barbarian I play in Lamplighter's game as you well know is Axe clan anything but that. And I am thinking that he wields a massive earthbreaker, has shoulder-plates that looks like klars, is ogrish big and is bald besides a knot of black hair on the top. He is tattooed around the eyes, and his torso is almost completely covered with tribal tattoos. He is not very bright. The skald would definitely be the brigther of the two.. the skald would be the talker/planner, and the barb would be the bodyguard.

He wears hat and duster to blend in with the city-folk.

A barbarian with a savage skald companion could be very interesting.

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You are selected to join our game. Come on down to DM Camris SD Shadow in the Sky!
Take a couple of days to review the game so far and work up your characters. We'll see you in game!
The Discussion thread is HERE.
The Game thread is HERE.

To those not selected, thank you for your interest, and don't give up hope! New games open up all the time.

*pokes TGAMPA*

Should we hash out character specifics here or there?

Go ahead and do characters in the Discussion thread.

Let's hash 'em out here and surprise pop into the Discussion thread to greet the other players with ready to play characters.

I think it would be better to head over to the OOC thread at the DM's request. See my post there, please.

Have put up a post there.

Are there still any slots available in this game? I have yet to be able to play a Second Darkness campaign.

Sorry man, the two slots have been filled, so we're full up at six.
Feel free to lurk though, people have been known to drop out on occasion.

Alright, best of luck in your adventures, folks.


A slot has opened up in this Second Darkness campaign; we're looking to recruit!

Our current team is made up of:
Female Human(Shoanti) Skald 7
Female Elf Ranger 7
Zane Argentus
Male Human Wizard 7
Zephram Taranis
Male Sylph Investigator(Empiricist) 7

The players currently have a full fighter type, a full arcane caster type and a couple of half rogue/half arcane types. They could probably use a Divine caster of some kind, but any build will be considered.

Situation: Second Darkness; Book 3, The Armageddon Echo.
The heroes have uncovered a conspiracy of evil dark skinned elves trying to recreate an ancient super weapon. The trail has led them to sign up with the Elven forces trying to retake the ancient elven capital of Celwynvian from the drow forces that hold it now.

Build: is the twenty point buy, two traits, one of them campaign.
Character Level seven, 23,500 gp to outfit yourself, no more than half on any single item.
To Generate Hit points; Max hp for first level, roll for hitpoints (plus con plus toughness plus whatever), but reroll if you get less than half+1.

Just a brief paragraph as to your basic build, personality, appearance and how you would fit into the combat team. A detailed background can wait until you're selected.

I'm looking for a fast turnaround, so decision by Wednesday (hopefully).

Second Darkness!
Second Darkness here!
Not first level!

Hi there, DM Camris.

How would you feel about an Aasimar (Azata-Blooded) Oracle of the Wood Mystery? He would have the "Scion of Humanity" trait but instead of making him look like a human I would go with looking like an elf.

The character concept is a bit vague at the moment but I can put it together if you think this would work.

Peet: I see nothing objectionable there.

Sovereign Court

Greetings! I tried out for a Second Darkness game but didn't get picked with Cherry Razarin, tiefling rogue. This character would probably multiclass as either a swashbuckler (to work as a skirmisher and improve the group's combat abilities) or potentially in a spellcasting class (to add support casting), and this would also keep her distinct from the group's "main" rogue.

You can see some of the character's interactions over on the prior recruitment thread, which the other DM opened for soft role-play, here.

Dotting for interest.

Scarab Sages

I will dot as well, How do you feel about any of the crafting feats? I will go ahead with a cleric probably, maybe something of a multi class but I havent worked it out in my head just yet.

Interest level in this unit equals high. Current submission

Brontia of the Dire Wood, a changeling shaman versed in the ways of fire (fire shaman). Being born of a greenhag coven, in which one of their sisters was reborn as a witchfire after local elves caught her violating one of their wandering men in order to engender a child of elven beauty and greenhag cunning and then set her aflame, Brontia was raised to be a living weapon in spreading the rot the greenhags wished to inflict upon the haughty lords and ladies of Kyonin. However, after her magical birth blessed by the fiery spirit, the elves rooted the hags out and burned them all with holy fire laced with the positive energy of Sarenrae. The goddess was merciful to the changeling, and the elven hearts were moved with forgiveness that day. Brontia was raised in the ways of the fire spirit that blessed her, and swore to end all corruption coming from the spirit of Treerazor and his foul machinations.

Build Changeling fire shaman stock , no archetype
Personality Fiery, focused, no nonsense
Combat-Blaster support, battlefield control, healing, buffs, raise the murder hobos back to life, divination

Dotting with interest. I'll work on getting her updated.

TheNine: It is unlikely you will be able to find the time to use any crafting feats other than making potions. It's not forbidden though.

Sovereign Court

DM-Camris, any questions for me re: Cherry Razarin?

Do you allow Quicken Spell to work with Sacred Geometry? I'm thinking of making a cleric, and that's a good way to get room for low-level buffs.

I'd like to submit an elven enchantress for consideration.

How Ansha Fits:
Ansha is another arcane caster, although she specializes in one of Zane's opposition schools. She is primarily a controller caster in combat, and a social character out of combat.

Ansha is a tall, slender elven maiden who looks to be no older than a human girl of eighteen or nineteen winters, with long legs and an hourglass figure. Her long hair is a strikingly pale blond bordering on platinum, brushed meticulously and often bound into a long, elegant ponytail by a simple blue hair-ribbon; when unbound, her hair cascades over her shoulders like a cloak reaching just past her butt. Her almond eyes are a deep emerald, bright with intelligence and often twinkling with amusement. Her voice is charmingly soft and velvety, with the melodic sound common to all elven voices.

She is achingly beautiful and her features, much like her frame, are delicate, with a small, perfectly formed nose and lips that are quick to curve into a disarming smile full of unspoken promises. Her skin is smooth porcelain, and is barren of tattoos or other markings. She walks with the grace and poise of a noble debutante, and has a confident air about her, as if she is used to getting what she wants.

She most commonly dresses in a green bodice and underbust corset, with a matching side-slit skirt. Black fingerless gloves that end just beneath her elbows cover her arms and she wears similarly-dyed leather boots that end just beneath the knee. Her pointed ears are pierced with a pair of platinum studs through each arch, each holding a small jade carving of a camellia flower; and pendant earrings of gold dangle from each ear, clasping a small emerald in their raindrop-shaped frames. She wears an intricate choker at her throat, silver chains holding in place a gold frame inset with a larger emerald; additional silver chains drape across her bare neck; dangling among the chains is a small gold disc etched with the elven rune for the first two letters of her given name. A larger gold disc inset with three small teal tourmalines hangs from a chain connected to the smaller disc, and another chain falls from that disc into her cleavage. She wears three gold bracelets on her right arm, two of them loose hoops and the other worn tighter against her wrist; and several gold and platinum rings adorn the fingers of her right hand.

Ansha is a flirt who uses physical and magical charms to get what she wants out of life. She is flighty, impulsive, inquisitive and loves being the center of attention. A true hedonist, she is extremely open to new experiences and is willing to try almost anything at least once.

In the wake of her adoptive parents' deaths, she has slowly had her memories return, and she realizes that in addition to the fact that she can never go home again, she has been living a lie for years. Although her primary motivations are pleasure and power (and the pleasure that comes from having power over others--particularly their minds), she is also aware of the numerous enemies she has, and has found it in her best interest to surround herself with people willing and able to aid her should any of those enemies catch up to her.

Ansha is the only daughter of Lord Elroth and Lady Elizaera Saeralyan of the noble House Saeralyan, native to Iadara in Kyonin. The House was rather inconsequential in matters of politics, though it does manage to maintain a level of wealth suitable to their station, and it was precisely this inconsequentiality that lead the morally-bankrupt enchantress Elizaera to form a pact with Our Lady in Shadow, Nocticula, the patron of succubi: in return for increased powers of seduction and enchantment, Elizaera would bring the entirety of the House under the demonlord's sway. She succeeded, the whole family came to worship Nocticula secretly and the family's fortunes rose. For her part, Elizaera became the mastermind behind the family, and she was granted a measure of a succubus's power: an otherworldly beauty that could cause those around her to stare in fascination without regard for their surroundings.

When Ansha was born, she shared this same otherworldly power as her mother, but it was decided that she would not be told about the family's pact with Nocticula until she was older, for fear that she might accidentally let something slip, as only a child might. So she was raised as a master manipulator in her own right, and she grew up to be a young elven debutante who knew how to get what she wanted from most anyone. Despite this, she never quite shared the moral degeneration of her mother--probably in large part due to the friendships she formed with other more goodly aristocratic elven children, like her friend Inari Gloamingdusk.

The end of her childhood came early for the young Lady Ansha when her parents decided that she was old enough to reveal the family's dark secret and to include her in the pact with Nocticula. But Ansha stumbled upon them in the midst of a profane ritual several days before her parents were ready to reveal the family's secret to her, and she fled home. Pursued by a summoned succubus, the young Lady Saeralyan was captured and subjected to defilements that shattered her mind and left her with a form of trauma-induced amnesia called dissociative fugue.

But before she could be returned to her family, she was rescued by the married elven adventurers Baelyth and Sahtara. The married pair, for their part, took the elf in and cared for her much as if she were their own daughter. Eventually, they settled with their ward in the wilderness of the River Kingdoms, living in a secluded cottage far from the eyes of any pursuers Ansha may have had.

Life on the frontiers of the River Kingdoms was hard, but it was the only life that Ansha knew now--though occasionally the feeling that a fog shrouded part of her memory gnawed at her.

In the end, it was simple bandits that destroyed Ansha's newfound home life. While away from home, a group of bandits stumbled upon the cottage and attempted to intimidate Baelyth into giving them the family's valuables. A fight started, and though her guardians fought well, Ansha arrived home just in time to find Baelyth dead and the sole surviving brigand fighting with Sahtara.

Ansha cried out, and Sahtara looked up at the sound. The brigand capitalized on the distraction then to run Sahtara through, her unarmored body collapsing onto the forest floor. Tears clouding her vision, Ansha then burned the man to death with a fan of flames.

Overwhelmed with grief, the elf paid her respects to the guardians whom she had taken for mother and father. She knew she couldn't survive in the wilderness alone, so she began making preparations to leave for Restov. It was while gathering supplies for the journey that she stumbled across an old chest. Opening it, she found a pool of fine greenish cloth among a pile of clothing. She lifted the pool up, and it flowed down into the shape of an evening gown...and her vision began to swim as forgotten memories surged up from her unconscious mind.

She re-lived the entirety of her life in Kyonin in a moment, right up to the night that a summoned succubus had subjected her to such defilements of mind and body. She remembered who she had been, and what had been done to her. Baelyth and Sahtara were not her parents--she was not their daughter. She was Ansha Saeralyan, and her mother consorted with succubi. Shaken, and her very identity in crisis, Ansha took to wandering the world.

As time has gone on, Ansha has increasingly felt drawn to understand who she had been. Despite the dangers her family poses in Kyonin, she is still an elf--and an elven noble, at that. So it was that she came to Celwynvian.

Okay, so this is Anna Verriendes, an aasimar cleric of elven heritage.

She's kind of old, well into middle age. As for her role, she's a pretty archetypical cleric of Desna, she has some divination stuff, some evil-blasting stuff, and healing on tap.

She also has a fair bit of melee-related abilities. That's partially a product of me believing that the cleric works best as an off-tank, and partially because I like the idea of this lady who's a fortuneteller of Desna who also happens to be a fairly brutal fighter, in medium armor and wielding a mace.

Would you allow a Caligni? He'd originally be an outcast from his kind pushed to the surface by the Drow when they moved troops to Celwynvian.

DM-Camris wrote:
Peet: I see nothing objectionable there.

DM Camris:

I am sending you a PM with some stuff about the character that will need to be approved - I don't want to make an alias for the character yet. I haven't bought mundane gear or done the fluff yet but the build is done I think.

Are you using Background Skills? If so I would take craft (carpentry) and perform (wind) but I can't afford those skills under the normal rules.


*baits for Shoanti, just in case*

I'm bowing out, I think. I've been keeping tabs on the IC & ooc, and if that's the current pace, I'd need something more frequent than that, I'm afraid.

This character is an elf life mystery oracle, originally created for a game focused around reclaiming Tar-Urkatha. She was a spy for the Lantern Bearers in a party of dwarves (plus a human paladin of Sarenrae); she mostly healed folks and acted as party face. I'll probably dip a level or two in swashbuckler or something similar to make her a better secondary combatant, though.

Studious and clever, albeit more gregarious than the stereotypical bookish recluse, Cynara had always intended to be a scholar, but the Fates had other plans. Her Mystery chose her in her 105th year, just before she reached adulthood. For some time afterward she was despondent over the effect of the curse on her vision--it made reading fine script extremely difficult. She could no longer easily follow the tomes and scrolls she had loved, so the path of the scholar seemed to be closed to her. In addition, oracles of her sort are quite rare in elven society--the deities associated with her Mystery are not those typically worshiped by elves. So despite the generally positive reception given to elven oracles, she had very few peers. It was at that time that she was recruited into the Shin'Rakorath (Lantern Bearers), a shadowy group of elves devoted to standing against the threat of the drow and their allies, and concealing their existence from the rest of the world. Because her Mystery is one favored by Sarenrae, she was sent to Katapesh by Swallowtail himself some forty years ago. Since then she has worked as a healer while keeping her ears open for any sign of dark elves in the lands south of the Inner Sea, and maintaining part of the Lantern Bearers' intelligence network. Over the years the Shin'Rakorath have given her a purpose she thought she'd lost with her vision, these many years ago, and she is a true believer in their mission. With the revelation of the existence of the drow in Riddleport, though, the Lantern Bearers have recalled some of their agents to Kyonin for reassignment--hence her presence near Celwynvian.

In personality she is quiet but incisive, and dryly sarcastic in a not unkind way. You can see how I played her in her posting history.

Question: would you allow fractional BAB & save bonuses for multiclass characters?

I think It's actually been a bit stalled while we're waiting on the new character to be developed and picked.

Jesse Heinig wrote:
DM-Camris, any questions for me re: Cherry Razarin?

No questions so far. Looks fairly straightforward to me.

TwelvePointFivePercent wrote:
Do you allow Quicken Spell to work with Sacred Geometry?

That's a dangerous combo if ever there was one. But if you think you can make it work, I have no objection.

Cuan wrote:
Would you allow a Caligni?

Caligni are allowed.

Peet wrote:
Are you using Background Skills?

I'm afraid that only the Unchained Classes are allowed from the Unchained book. So no.

Cynara wrote:
would you allow fractional BAB & save bonuses for multiclass characters?

Again, I'm afraid that only the Unchained Classes are allowed from the Unchained book. So no.

DM-Camris wrote:

Cynara wrote:
would you allow fractional BAB & save bonuses for multiclass characters?

Again, I'm afraid that only the Unchained Classes are allowed from the Unchained book. So no.

OK, no problem. I've started to update her as a life oracle 6/inspired blade swashbuckler 1; haven't gotten any equipment, though.

First I would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in our game. I am grateful for the real effort you all made to create a character in order to join and I hope you'll stick with us in the future as we continue to explore the mysterious dark elven threat.

That said, I would like to invite to our game:

Cynara Eruthiel (John Woodford)
Fem Elf Swa1/Ora6

Congratulations to you all!

Now, recruits complete your builds and report to the Discussion board. We'll see about your game entry there.

This recruitment is now closed!

Thanks for picking me, and I'll be right over.

Although I note that your day has closed yesterday I wonder if you would like to see if you might be interested in adding a sixth being a human cleric 1 of Erastil (community and growth domains)/Barbarian 6. He follows the splinter faith of Erastil that wishes to keep communities small and dislikes the cities of the world so is not particularly fond of Riddleport or its people, but finds himself having business there due to his sister who owes one of the crimelords some amount of coin, for which he must pay to get her out of debt or see her fall into terrible problems. I have played this up to book three but stopped prior to four with a home group and would just love to finish it is all, and would introduce my were rat rogue/assassin to finish it for him, but I feel he wouldn't fit in too well (lol) If not I will keep my eyes glued for another shot later.

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