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Last but not least, for those submitting characters, please come up with idea or event that made you an adventurer. If you already have, you're solid. Also I apologize for the delay in responding to questions, since my Internet and phone have been acting up the last couple of days.

Oh PS Spelljamming (for those of you old enough to remember it or have heard of it through the ramblings of grognard 2e D&D players), exists as well. So does Sigil, aka the City of Doors made famous in 2e's Planescape setting, the Torment PC game and its spiritual sequel, and multiple books over various editions. So don't forget to learn the chant, berk!

Lambda-42 Manticore wrote:

Ok, this is Ouachitonian's submission. I'll add a picture when that works again. Lambda-42, called Manticore by his friends and shipmates, is an Aberrant Aegis Warforged. As an Aberrant Aegis, he is constantly tinkering with his own form, adding or removing various parts (usually mechanical), hence his nickname. His standard configuration is built for life at sea, with enlarged, flipper-like feet and elongated arms and fingers for climbing rigging (ie, he has the Swim and Climb customizations). He is durable, and capable of using any regular weapon, though he prefers a boarding pike (or slam for those foolish enough to try to get inside the pike's reach).

Basically, he's a fairly generic martial. He can use any weapons or light armor. He'll be using customization points to improve his fighting capability, for example by adding tentacles, stingers, enhanced ability scores, natural armor, DR, etc. Eventually he'll be a bit of a natural attack nightmare*, and still able to carry a pike for reach and naval flavor (as if tentacles weren't good naval flavor too). The background's lighter than I'd like, I'm wholly unfamiliar with Greyhawk. I've also slightly reflavored his pair of spring-loaded wrist sheathes to be compartments built into his forearms (holding a pair of daggers currently). And those Swim and Climb customizations give him a Swim speed of 30 and a Climb speed of 15. Get to the Crow's nest? On the double, captain! Get that man overboard before the sharks smell him? On it!

*GM permitting, an Aberrant Aegis can get 4 tentacles, a stinger, body-mounted "armor" spikes, Improved Unarmed Strike-equivalent, and more spikes he can fire at range, all with customization points. And warforged get a natural slam. And there's warforged feats for a bite and an extra slam. That's what, 8 natural attacks plus the choice of IUS or Armor spikes as a "manufactured" weapon? (Or just...

Sure. 4 tentacles as secondary, a stinger as secondary, a bite, and the two extra arms. A slam would take up an arm attack. But that's no different from a synthesist summoner, the warforger (warformer?) from Complete Fighter, wild shape, or any of the vivisectionist alchemist wereboar skinwalker shenanigans, or paying for fleshwarped arm grafts and so on. And then you have improved size, powerful build, etc. However, all of those cost more points out of your customization pool, and leave you less for other things.

As for selecting adamantine, you could always act as a ship anchor, a catapult rock, or a small tugboat.. rings of free action are always a nice touch

In addition as an FYI for the group, don't worry if you submit a "standard" character and think it can't compete or won't count for a submission. I treat all submissions with equal weight to get into the game, since I know that some people get concerned with non-standard races outshining the big six or just being taken for non-RP purposes. That's not my goal in running this. My GM style is that heroes can come from any form of background or race/ancestry, and that actions shine more then words.

Also, I like what I have seen so far for people selecting gods like Dalt or Xerbo. The Greyhawk pantheons have 6 major human groups, all of the standard non FR or Eberron gods, and more besides. I'm a big fan of divine interaction, so beyond the normal "worship god, goddess, philosophy, ideal, get spells routine, " I'll often have servants, avatars or even the deific being itself communicate with divine peeps.

As for psionics, Greyhawk (or Oerth) has mind flayers, aboleth, planar travelers like the gith races, Xan Yae the goddess of psionics and monks, her servant Zuoken that defeated an entire army through martial and psionic prowess, derro, and more. They're rare in many of the eastern lands (Greyhawk flips the traditional West/East Earth separation so European lands are in the east and Northern Africa/middle eastern lands are in the west), but in Bakluni (Arabic/Persian/Bedouin) lands such as Esbit, Zeif, and so on, they are known as Edel, the hidden power. Zuoken vanished from Oerth about 89 years ago, but his divine servants still receive spells and try to find out where he ended up.
Xan Yae searches for her servant and acts as another source of support for Zuoken's faithful.

Jereru wrote:

I've picked two traits for the character, let me know if they're okay for the setting.

One is River Sniper, though the "reflavour" should be something like Canal Sniper, probably, since the character pilots a boat through the canals in the Merchant district (and sometimes Shadowshore).

The other is Tropical Upbringing - being Sasserine in a tropical area, I thought this one would fit a native.

They're not pirate or sea related, but I think they work fine. Do you agree?

Both of those would work fine.

In fact, undines are an interesting choice.

AGamer70 wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Final: 13,17,15,17,11,15 interesting - all odd. I'll have to make a strange character lol

Whatever work AGamer70. Aquatic races can work pretty well in this campaign, whether a merperson that can get legs without sacrificing something to a caecaelia (aka Ursula from the Little Mermaid) to a reformed sahaugin.

Can I get a quick answer for this when you get the chance:

Storm Dragon wrote:

Edit: Would you allow the Psionic Knack trait, even though it's not an ocean themed trait?

Perhaps better, would you allow Prestigious Spellcaster to work under the Psionics/Magic transparency rules?

Sure the feat is fine.

Jereru wrote:

Arg, 15 minutes too late to edit post, sorry xD

Just wanted to ask, we're not using background skills, are we. Cause I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but it's so common an alternate rule that I thought maybe everyone just took it for granted.

Nope I'm not using background skills for this one since we have a lot of alternate rules in play already.

Ouachitonian wrote:

I'm actually thinking a Warforged Aberrant Aegis, refluffed a bit to say that he's constantly tinkering and trying to improve himself. I just checked, Swim Speed is an available customization. So I can be a swimming robot. I'm so doing this.

I've seen more than one conversion of warforged to Pathfinder. Do you have a particular one you prefer?

This one is what I normally use Standard Warforged Conversion, but the alternate armor features can be done as the 3.5 feat equivalents if you wish. This one allows the warforged to wear armor rather than having to have themselves enchanted, but I'll leave it up to you.

Ouachitonian wrote:






2)1d6 Seriously?


Ok, so that's:

18. 16, 15, 13, 13, 10 Nice.

Race questions:
Are Skinwalkers or Warforged allowed?
(Warforged might be a hilariously bad idea in a nautical campaign, but I like Warforged. I'll just stock up on life preservers. lol)

Sure. Warforged/Forgeborn/Wyrwood are all available, as are Skinwalkers. A wereshark skinwalker might be interesting.

Not too late at all. The recruitment time ends on March 1st, simply due to both the amount of material available, any lack of familiarity with Greyhawk (which is pretty easy given that Sasserine is well away from most of the main areas), and the fact that there are usually more players then there are GMs/DMs these days.

Jereru wrote:

Yes, yes, a blaster wizard/sorc, but that's not really the feel of what I'm looking for.

Warlock, is that class allowed? Where can I find it?

Anyway, I'm still combing through the pdr pages. Will find something I like, eventually. [/QUOT

Complete Arcane or the Vigilante archetype in Ultimate Intrigue

mittean wrote:

It is in Bastion Press's Spells & Magic, p. 8. It is called Dragon magic, or Trove magic.

Translating roughly to PF rules, you'd need Spellcraft 9 ranks, Kno (arcana) 6 ranks, Kno (dragons) 6 ranks, be able to cast 1st level spells and have gone through a trovebond ritual.

Thanks mittean. It's been a while.

Jereru wrote:
Maybe you guys can help me, since I have close to zero experience with psionics or the other 3PP books cited as available on the original post. I feel like making a blasty, ranged character, either throwing things or having something similar to an Eldritch Blast. Is there a way to do that with these rules? Rolls were fine enough to permit a certain amount of MADness.

Vigilante warlock, stock 3.5 warlock, or Wilder work well for that, as does unchained rogue/master thrower from 3.5

Spazmodeus wrote:
Goblin ok for race?

Yup. As long as you don't set the town or the nobility on fire, the populace doesn't really care who you are.

Iorskan wrote:
What prestige class is this? It sounds interesting.

I'll see where I can dig it up. It was in an old book by Bastion Press back in the days of early 3e, called Magic. Essentially it allowed characters of various backgrounds to draw strength from treasure they hoarded, depending on their class background. It was designed to allow dragons/other PCs to take advantage of all that stuff they collect and never use (kind of like how people never use expendables in video games, ever...)

Storm Dragon wrote:

Let's see what the dice come up with.


[dice=Reroll stat 2]1d6
[dice=Reroll stat 2]1d6

[dice=Reroll stat 4]1d6

[dice=Reroll stat 5]2d6

[dice=Reroll stat 6]1d6

So if I'm reading this right, stats are:


I don't know if rolled stats have ever been so kind to me; I even liked the pre-reroll spread.

That screams to me I should play something turbo MAD so maybe I'll finally bite the bullet and make my Metamorph Psion. Takes a while to come online though, and I know the pre-Pathfinder Paizo APs can be hella brutal. Maybe a Psychic Warrior then?

Or a Champion of the Enlightened...choices, choices.

Edit: When you say "Psionics Unleashed" do you mean all psionics or is eg. Ultimate Psionics material not allowed? I actually don't own a copy of the initial book so I'm not 100% sure what's Ultimate Psionics and what's Unleashed.

Sorry I should have been more clear on psionics. All psionics by Dreamscarred Press/3.5 are fine (aka stuff that didn't get converted over). I just didn't want martial maneuvers or their version of incarnum because it's harder to balance encounters with them. PFSRD20 has most of the stuff by DSP at this point. Metamorph psions can be fun.

Jereru wrote:
Maybe you can consider to use ABP for everyone. Might be easier to follow advancement if the rules are standardized.

That's not a bad idea, Jereru.

Ok, we'll use automatic bonus progression for everyone. Consider it part of a being a PC and having a mystical link to destiny. Stock magic items such as rings of protection and so on will still exist, but ABP allows for some more focus on your choices of how you deploy your bonuses. Plus it also means I don't have as much work to change out stat blocks....

Iorskan wrote:

If it is all the same I’ll go with ABP. The way I did it before was assuming that his share of the treasure was just hoarded away, never to be used or spent. It felt very Draconic.

Then again that campaign only lasted until Lvl4, so it’s not like he ever got *that* much of a hoard.

[dice=Starting Gold]1d6

That's fine by me lorksan. There is also a prestige class that allows a PC to draw strength from their horde, whether draconic or not, and ABP allows for some better exploration of items people don't normally use, such as iron bands, instruments of the bards, or apparatuses of Kwalish.

pad300 wrote:
pad300 wrote:

Ok, disregard previous - it's doing goofy things rerolling things that it has already rolled, when I try to edit in the re-rolls...

first Ability: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 6, 6) = 17

second Ability: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 6, 3) = 18

third Ability: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5, 6) = 19

fourth Ability: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 4, 5) = 17

fifth Ability: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 2) = 15

sixth Ability: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 1, 6) = 17

[dice=rerolls for the first ability]=1d6

[dice=rerolls for the third ability]=1d6

[dice=rerolls for the fourth ability]=1d6

[dice=rerolls for the fifth ability]=1d6

[dice=rerolls for the sixth ability]=1d6

Edit final results
first Ability 17
second ability 15
third ability 18
Fourth ability 17
fifth ability 17
sixth ability 16

This is in fact categorically insane.... does the GM think I should re-roll this lot?

If you want to reroll, you're more then welcome to. I'm well aware the stat layouts will come as a surprise for those more used to point buy or the standard 4d6, take the best 3, but I don't mind high stat characters. As a little background on myself as a GM/DM

I've played RPGs starting with the D&D Basic Mentzer Red Box in 1984 at the age of 8. I've run games from BECMI to 1E Pathfinder, Paranoia, Marvel Super Heroes via FASERIP, Mekton, Rolemaster (, Middle Earth Role Playing, Rifts, all of the remaining Palladium Books series of games, Cyberpunk 2020 (man did they get the tech advances wrong), Runequest, Classic World of Darkness, most of the main d20 systems such as Mecha d20, Lone Wolf the Adventure Game d20, and more. My GM style is to adapt to the PCs, since the players are the one I like to see driving the story, rather then being railroaded into one quest line (cough Reign of Winter cough). I decided on Savage Tide and Greyhawk because they're both interesting adventure settings that don't get much attention these days with Golarion and the Realms dominating the typical fantasy campaigns. So yes, when you cast Acid Arrow, it's Melf's acid arrow, and Mordenkainen made his faithful hound for the masses.

Iorskan wrote:









Str (17) Dex (14) Con (18) Int (9) Wis (12) Cha (19)

Very good rolls. Only played a taninim once before, as seen with this alias. It was a blast, and was really sad to see the campaign end when it did. I’ll rework him into this one. Race: Taninim /// Class: Taninim Exemplar. Would love to be in a party with more than one flying lizard.

When playing a taninim can I use automatic bonus progression? Because a dragon with a cloak, a headband, an amulet and two rings just sounds...strange.

Sure, or you can accessorize as you like. Dragons love their bling after all.

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:

Are taninim (the playable dragons) allowed?

4d6 [dice=Rerolling 1 and 2]2d6 10

4d6 15

4d6 [dice=Rerolling 2]1d6 14

4d6 [dice=Rerolling 2 and 2]2d6 10

4d6 [dice=Rerolling 1]1d6 11

4d6 15

10, 15, 14, 10, 11, 15.

Tannimim are allowed. Who better to defeat (or manipulate) the forces of evil then a dragon? As for rerolling, that applies to any one or twos you get out of the stat group you roll. The stats may seem overpowered, but Savage Tide is designed to go through 20th level and deals with some powerful classics of the Greyhawk setting. Plus, this particular stat generation technique allows for MAD characters.

Greetings and salutations, fellow adventurers. The noble family of Stormcrow has invited you to participate in a tale of wonder, pearls, pirates, demons, and death, all in the ye old world of Greyhawk, using the Savage Tide AP converted to Greyhawk. Savage Tide takes place in the city of Sasserine located on the coast of the Amedio Jungle, north of the Isles of the Sea Princes. It is the year CY 596, 2 years after the defeat of the Cagewrights and 1 year after Kyuss was sent back to slumber in his wormy dreams. Sasserine is a city that survives on sea trade and large plantations of tropical vegetables such as coffee, bananas, sugar cane, and so on.

You will start in this city of religious ferment and the power of the sea, plagued by pirates, and the tide of the ocean grows ever stronger...

An example campaign of Savage Tide, including links to the city proper (provided as example, not my game)


I'll update the players guide to Savage Tide tomorrow to Pathfinder standards. I also have Pathfinder conversions of the Greyhawk deities available.

Master list of greyhawk deities here
Greyhawk Deities list

Pathfinder domain list and rank here
Greyhawk deities with domains

Numbers of players sought 5
Starting level 1

Character Creation
Standard starting gold
Stat generation roll 4d6, take the best 3, reroll 1s or 2s
Two starting traits related to the sea, pirates, urban, etc

Allowed races-All stock Pathfinder races plus 3.5 equivalents, such as aarocrocka, avariel, and so on. Catfolk are replaced by tabaxi, tengu by kenku, and others. No trox or noble drow, though common drow are allowed. Normal feat rules apply. Sasserine is very cosmopolitan and accepting of non-standard races/humanoids, so it's not just the big six.

Allowed Classes
All Paizo classes
All Paizo prestige classes
All 3.5 Prestige classes other then Tome of Battle
3.5 spells and magic items on request.

3rd Party is limited to Dreamscarred Press' Psionics Unleashed, The Grimoire of Lost Souls (binding magic update from the 3.5 Tomes of Magic) aka binders, In the Company of Series for monster classes by Rite Publishing (subject to GM approval based on the region), and that's it.

Recruitment starts today and will end the 1st of March.

Well I am sorry that a new post took ap long to get out, but I won't be able to run this campaign any longer. Work has become increasingly heavy in this last month, so I can't keep posts timely enough to make this last. I apologize for the long delay and cancellation of this campaign, and I appreciate everyone's responses and fun with it. Have a good day and if I get more time to run something else, I'll ping you all first

With great regret,

A cloaked and hooded figure runs accross the next set of buildings to the west, its head turning this way and that as if trying to sense the wind. The Black Merlin is about 50 feet away from her, while Io finds that the quickest way up to the top of the building would be either the stairs or going out the window and scaling to the roof.

@the Black Merlin, roll for init

I want to apologize for the lack of timely posts this last month. Depression and work demands have become a daily battle. I'll be better tomorrow, and things will resume on a daily or two day basis. It's not fair to you guys and gals that you wait so long for posts after playing with me for a year and a half. Thanks for your patience.

The Black Merlin sees a woman hopping away from the rooftop to another building away from him. Headsman touches Miss Sabor, but she doesn't seem to wake at all. Yanis' keen eye notices the bed has some imprints on it that make it seem someone just left recently.

Machaera feels no resistance as she touches Trinia's body. In fact as she looks at it, it's really not there! Black Merlin, please roll a Perception Check.

Stupid website keeps giving me issues. Anyway, Machaera and Yanis, plese roll a Will save after you reach out to Miss Sabor's body.

The door bursts open, revealing a two bedroom flat covered in art supplies. On a bed lies a young woman with blond hair dressed in a red tunic with blue leggings. She appears to be asleep, with tear stained cheeks from crying.

Machaera tries to open the door, but it seems to be stuck.

Apparently, I can't catch a break even while on vacation, as I have been under the weather with a bad chest cold since Friday the 22nd. I'll get the next post up tomorrow. I apologize for thebdelay.

Good afternoon players. I'm going to be out on vacation from 3/14 to 3/23, so my posting will be reduced or non-existent. Things should resume normally after that. Thanks for understanding.

"It should be the second door on your left".

The young man appears to be lying...

"Oh she was never part of the troubles. Not like those rioters in Old Korvosa or that mad bard Gaspard. Crazy fellow, dressed up like a pelican and said he was the White Pelican. He said he was going to be the vengeance of the night and bring down pelicany doom upon his enemies. If you want to find Trinia's room, she was upstairs on the third floor. Maybe something is left up there fo you to find her. And if you find her, tell her Horatio says hello.

Does the party want to take any actions?

The young man says "Oh, Trinia? She headed off to Magnimar once the troubles began after the king died. She was a fun woman to know before then, but things just went badly for her when she was painting the king's portrait."

All is quiet.

The next floor yields nothing of interest. The third floor, however has more young people coming and going. One looks at the oddly well armored and armed group and says "Bounty hunters?

More doors appear in the hallway, while stairs beckon the party up. Headsman doesn't see any doors decorated beyond some paint or a hanging of holly.

Chirp? Anyone out there?

The Black Merlin is able to count about 15 people or so based on his observations.

The Black Merlin sees little traffic coming out of the tenement, but there does seem to bee some people in the second and third floor windows. Yanis knocks on the next door, but there is no response.

"Nope, don't know nothing about any blond parchment woman. Sounds like one of those protesting artsy types who live upstairs. Make all sort of racket and praise about leading the charge to destroy the barricades with the sound of angry men and women. Young people, always wanting to change the world without any sense of how to do it. That reminds me of the time King Eodred decided to start a bank anyone could invest in without balance limits. It lasted a week before someone burned it down in the name of the workers. They found a group of young anarchists hiding near the University, and the Hellknights plus the gold crossbowmen put them down quick enough.

The old man nods. "There are some here and there in this section of the Shingles. Some are workers, others mothers, or others killers. You never know which is which these days, especially with that nonsense about the queen being in charge. It's a devilish cult that's behind the king's death. Probably Serpent people or reptilloids. I encountered some near Garund one time, back in my youth. Scary humanoid snakes with teeth that eat rats and speak like men...

Machaera detects the scent of tannin oil and charcoal coming from the man's clothes. The Black Merlins sees nothing but people going in and out of the tenement, birds flying around, etc.

"Trinia Sabor"The old man says. "Never heard of her. Is she your squeeze or pesh dispenser? What happened to you, guts boy? You smell like I do after a day's work, but with more crap on you. Did you fall down a sewer and encounter one of them things crawling out of them the pointy ear is talking about?

"As for you pointy ear, the streets are always something else when you get new pants on the seat of the throne. This Queen may have a finer looking seat to set on that throne then the old King did, but she's definitely got more issues then a sack of rabid kittens thrown at a dragon.. The old man wheezes, and then says to Yanis: Them crow masks always come with doctor types. You got any harlot sweets or brainburn to aid with a nite with the wasp walkers?

Korvosan tenements usually don't have apartment numbers, just tax records..

Yanis knocks on the door of the first room the group comes across. An elderly man, wearing a wine splotched green tunic, answers the door. He's still somewhat fit, though his arms have started to show the flap of gravity. Long strands of white hair are gathered in a top not, held by some sort of leather. He smells of lime, urine, and some random scent (roll Craft Alchemy to determine if you have the skill). "NO deliveries available today, chums! I'm still working on the last batch of rot hides for Lester over in Ridgefield. Besides, you crows never pay on time."

So what is the party doing?

The group arrives at Moon Street. Above them lies a complex filled with links to the Shingles. 42 appears to be an old tenement building, complete with lines of laundry hanging from clothes lines hanging from its three floors. Some people kill about, kids in hushed play, parents observing, a couple folding blankets after the dirt has been beaten out. All seems quiet, waiting for the beginning note of a composition not yet begun.

The party finally arrives at Moon Street, some smelling like roses and others smelling of what the dog uses to make the roses grow.

In ages past and present, cities have made deals with offal and carrion eaters known as otyughs. They are intelligent predators who love eating garbage and dead things. They usually lair in sewers, disgusting dungeons, and up and coming boy band concerts. Korvosa has an agreement with several of them to patrol the sewers and help prevent the spread of disease from nasty things getting in the water, but these two apparently took their duties a little to far.

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