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Game Master Kip84

Follow in Kassen's footsteps and retrieve the Everflame!

It's that time of year again when the sleepy little town of Kassen calls upon four young adventurers to journey to their founder's tomb to retrieve the legendary Everflame. What could possibly go wrong?

I am looking for four players to run the quintessential Pathfinder dungeon crawl Crypt of the Everflame. Enthusiasm, writing style, and the ability to post at least once a weekday rank high on my list. Experience with Pathfinder or play-by-post is basically a non-factor, in fact, I encourage beginners to apply.

Character Generation:
Sources: Core Rulebook
Point Buy: 20 points
Classes: Core, no archetypes
Races: Core
Traits: None
Alignments: No evil
Starting Gold: Average

Don't worry about creating an entire alias just yet. If interested, post me a one or two sentence pitch that gives me an idea of what kind of character you'd like to play. The only story limitation is that the character should be from the town of Kassen.

One more thing that might play a part in whether you're interested in the game: I intend to use ditzie maps extensively throughout the game. If you'd like to play, please click this link and play around with the map to make sure you can access the site.

I will keep recruitment open through the weekend and will make my selections Monday morning after 9 a.m. CST.

I propose a straightforward human fighter who uses a greatsword. High Str low Chr nothing fancy. I just posted almost the exact thing in the temple of elemental evil thread except that is a 15 pt buy, 2 traits and max gold. It would be easy to make changes. Thanks for running this.

Oh I can see the map with my tablet but can't move anything, probably won't be able to check with my pc until tomorrow.

I would be interested in getting in on this, I am completely new to both Pathfinder and play by post, but have been a long time PnP player. I have a half elf ranger I would be wanting to play if selected.


I'm interested in this. I would like to play a rogue with high CHA to use bluff for added sneak attaks. So he would be a toe-to-toe rogue build. I have only just started playing PbP.

There is something appealing about core-only, after so many weird races and archetypes.

I would like to submit with this character (I can easily adapt him to your character creation criteria if you accept him). He's a cleric of Shelyn fashioned like a Franciscan friar (you mention that the characters need to be from Kassen, but I assume it's okay if they are recent returnees). All of his spellcasting and channeling are fluffed as him singing beautiful medieval-style chant. He lives simply, is soft-spoken and kind, but has recently begun to despair of the cruelty he sees in the world (fueling his desire to return home).

After first level of cleric, he would develop as a bard for awhile, with all his bardic magic and abilities fluffed as provenance from Shelyn. He is a healer and buffer, using a lot of channels and his bit of luck ability, along with bless spells. Plus, he carries around a glaive for when the bad guys get too close.

Here is the rogue I was talking about.

How about a Halforc Draconic Sorcerer to provide some blasts and battle field control? A young man trying to prove he can fit somewhere in the small community he grew up in.

I'd like to propose Rhoswen, an elven fighter specializing in deadly use of the elven curved blade.

Being elves, Rhoswen's family is not native to Kassen (I think - I'll admit to not being familiar with Golarion population distribution). Her family has encouraged her martial studies, and she is looking forward to an opportunity to prove her worth - not to her family, but to herself.

I appreciate all the interest. Please let me know if you are able to see and manipulate the ditzie map that I posted the link for. It is my strong preference that all players are able to do so.

Yep, Ditzie is workng for me.

Me too.

Checked with my pc at work and the map works fine, probably will work with my pc at home as I have basicly the same set up.

Using my IPad I can only view the map it seems... Using my computer I can move tokens.
Can you normally resize them? What browser do you use? I was using Crome.

Nadab was left as a baby on the steps of the local temple and later as a child indentured to Jaren as a laborer for the blacksmith. Jaren has always been kind to the young Half Orc yet Nadab has always felt an outcast and unaccepted perhaps a result as being given up by his parents.

Being physically bigger than most of his peers and generally disliked by them for his Orcish features he has developed a pattern of bullying others to get what he wants.

The beginnings of the crunch are in the profile.

EDIT: (Kip84

Never mind I read the instructions... Ditzie is working fine for me.

I'll have access to my computer all day.

Very interested

Yalandra Lyithron
NG Ranger
Elf ranger bow user with survival skills, female
Lived in the wilds, all her life, as a hunter of all things evil and tainted that seeks to bring darkness to the wild lands.
Her long bow, long sword always and her hunting dog. Will aid any party

Liberty's Edge

Zane is a human ranger, made for Falcon's Hollow game. From my understanding both Kassen and falcon's Hollow are fairly similar, so I guess I could easily update him if needed.

Well now I'll have to make a full Elf Ranger Alt to stand a chance, some one drops a fully made alt that failed to get in another game, ya have to up your game, and get building.


Liberty's Edge

GM Capt Wombat wrote:

Well now I'll have to make a full Elf Ranger Alt to stand a chance, some one drops a fully made alt that failed to get in another game, ya have to up your game, and get building.


Mate, sorry if you feel that this was not "fair" from my side, I will revoke Zane's nomination with no issues. This board should be for all of us having fun, and I'd hate to ruin anyone's fun :-)

Sorry to come down like that Zane, just felt as the GM kind of said
Don't make a full PC just 2 lines etc.
How about this, pop down as two lines, same as the rest of us then let the best ranger win. I feel you still have a right to a fair crack of getting a PC in like any one should.



Hi. I am interested in playing a paladin of shelyn. A young girl that is unusually gullible and innocent. She wants to be an adventurer cause she is decided to be a hero like the ones of the old farytales.

Mechanically probably nothing fance since is core only, maybe an archer.

GM Everflame > what kind of posting schedule are you thinking about? Also, since Thanksgiving is just a few days away, when do you plan to start? Interested in possibly a Dwarven cleric-type. Thanks!

Lia Neve. Half-Elf Sorceror, Draconic Bloodline (white).

She plays up the haughty and aloof character-- or at least is trying, since everyone knows her and grew up with her. So, her personality is more an affectation that she's trying (in vain, mostly) to maintain. She's the elegant, precise, and sharp type of personality that could easily be nobility.. Except she's from Kassen.

I'll throw down here as well. We just post a brief synopsis of our character, right? (Also, yes, I can use ditzie peachy, judging from my playing around with it.)

Ford Benett, Human Sorcerer, Draconic Bloodline (Bronze)

A hopeless womanizer, egotistic and defiant orphaned street urchin, Ford is on a perpetual journey to learn more about his history, since he knows virtually nothing about it, and thus, himself. Ford, unlike most spell-casters, is unafraid to get up close and personal with his foes, literally ripping them a new one with his dragon abilities. His ego-centric boasting and typical bumbling behavior belies a very dedicated and loyal friend to those with enough patience to work with him.

@hedgeknight - I know Thanksgiving will be a busy time for everyone, so we won't likely start the game in earnest until the following Monday. I do, however, plan on using the next week to facilitate character creation and give you all time to put together some sort of shared background (seeing as you're all from Kassen, right?).

The following people have expressed interest so far:
1. Ghost1776 - human fighter
2. Bowen Fitzcairn - half-elf ranger
3. Cyrus 9553 - human rogue
4. Venedictos - human cleric
5. Kip84 - half-orc sorcerer
6. Signboy77 - elf fighter
7. GM Capt Wombat - elf ranger
8. Zane Cartprett - human ranger
9. Nicos - human? paladin
10. hedgeknight - dwarf cleric
11. Me'mori - half-elf sorcerer
12. Ford Benett - human sorcerer

That's enough for three tables! I honestly don't think I'd have the time and energy to run that many, so there will definitely be a wait/replacement list. Thanks for all the interest.

Given the number of Draconic heritage applicants (myself included), I suspect Kassen may have been frequented by Dragons several times over. :D

I'm dropping out guys
Best of luck

Shadow Lodge

I'm seeing a distinct bias against short-folk in the applications. ;)

I propose Harsgrakl Frimblethrommer, a Gnome Bard of no small skill with the illusory arts. As a worshipper of Calistria, Harsgrakl has always had a fondness for the first sting, that of trickery. This is helped by his study of the thespian's arts, which he uses to great effect when mimicking others. It's all in good fun, however, to give life a little spice.

I was wondering where the little people were in this recruitment.

Sovereign Court

I wanted to put forward a Halfling Barbarian but then I saw no archetypes :(. Wanted to go Urban Barbarian with him.

I could make a gnome or dwarf rogue instead of Human. I think that might fit the adventure better anyhow. A sneak attack focus rogue for a crypt is a little bit of wasted skill.

Thank you for all the interest everyone! It was difficult to select from so many applicants, so I decided to simply choose on a first-come, first-serve basis:

Crypt of the Everflame
1. Ghost1776 - human fighter
2. Bowen Fitzcairn - half-elf ranger
3. Venedictos - human cleric
4. Kip84 - half-orc sorcerer

5. Zane Cartprett - human ranger
6. Nicos - human? paladin
7. hedgeknight - dwarf cleric
8. Me'mori - half-elf sorcerer
9. Ford Benett - human sorcerer
10. jlighter - gnome bard

For those of you selected, head on over to the Discussion thread for your next steps.

Thanks again to all who applied. If things go well with this first lot, I will probably run another round of Crypt of the Everflame so keep a look out on the Recruitment boards.

We're about halfway through the module and we've lost a player - our human ranger. I could use another character, preferably with the ability to disarm traps though that is not completely necessary.

The rest of the party is comprised of a dwarf fighter, half-orc sorcerer, and human cleric.

I'd like to get the game rolling again starting Monday, so if you're interested please pitch me a character by Sunday night.

Grand Lodge

A slight change to the previous post:

The current party now consists of a human rogue, half-orc sorcerer, and human cleric. That means we could probably use pretty much as character that'd like to come along. Please read the very first post with the build guidelines before replying with a pitch.

I have that build that, with a little rebuild (+5 point build, removing the archetype and the LoH feat) can be a frontline melee, if prestige classes are allowed (dragon disciple), though if it is a low level module, this have no importance at all, as he will be just a greatsword 2 hand fighter

Seems like you guys could use a front-line warrior. Tossing my hat in the ring for submissions.

Before I make my selection, could each of your dwarven fighters give me an idea of your expected posting rate?

Won't someone please come and protect my useless arcane butt! :D


Well, both potential dwarven fighters dropped off the face of the earth after I posed the posting question, so I'll put it out there again:

We need a melee-type for the second half of Crypt of the Everflame. We have a cleric, sorcerer, and rogue. Your "hook" would be that you're a member of the town's militia sent to help some youngsters find and rescue a missing woman after two of the injured youths return to town with a tale of a simple initiation ceremony gone horribly wrong.

Looking for a level one character of the head-bashing, door-smashing persuasion that can post once per weekday (at the minimum). Don't bother posting a completed character sheet yet - I just need a one or two sentence description of your character's personality and background.

I'm eager to get this game rolling again lest it dies completely, so I will likely accept the first acceptable candidate. Expect to start immediately following your selection.

Pathfinder Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have been interested in moving into a faster paced game and a non-spell casting class would be a nice break. I thinking of just going straight human fighter.

Brayken always thought the militia was more glamorous than it really was. He loved the idea of fighting "bad guys," saving people, and busting in doors, like the heroes in the songs always did. His opinion of the militia changed very quickly after he joined, though. He found there was more drudgery and *shudder* paperwork involved than he liked. Very quickly the young man became a disruptive influence and started getting assigned the most menial or boring tasks possible until he stopped caring. When he got the assignment to help the two youngsters and their wild story, it seemed interesting but would probably turn out to be completely false and boring.

Dang guess I was beaten to it, but just in case, I got a greatsword swinging elven ranger here. Not a full sheet, but just enough to show that I'd be going down the melee route.


Faunra is one of the forlorn, being an elf among humans, but in her deepest memories she remembers speaking to her parents in elven, but has long forgotten their faces. She's a soft-spoken religious sort, and nearly seems out of place in the town guard; However her zeal in defending the town proves otherwise and because of her particular soft-spot when it came to protecting young people, she was sent to help out with the horrible situation these unfortunate youngsters have been dragged into.

How's about the both of you join us then? The Crypt is no cakewalk, so adding two first level fighters rather than just one won't make it drastically easier. Plus, I think the group could use a feminine touch.

If interested, both Brayken and Faunra should consider themselves accepted. I'll get a post up tomorrow setting up the new status quo (loss of Bern and Zane and addition of Quinn, Brayken, and Faunra). In the meantime, you three should set up your character sheets and introduce yourselves on the Discussion thread.

For all those considering joining, recruit,net is hereby officially closed.

Pathfinder Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

And then you get two very disparate personalities, too. This should be fun. I'll start on an alias then.
Just a quick question, I take it equipment is also just core? Looking into a reach weapon and was wondering about which weapons were possible choices.



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