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Keeping my players the appropriate level for all the content being released

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

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Looking for some perspective from people that are familiar with society play from past pathfinder seasons.

So we've now got quite a lot of sanctioned content coming out. I'm seeing that there are 2 distinct story lines.

1. Scoured stars, the scenarios
2. Dead suns, the adventure path

Now, I understand the rule in that every scenario gives 1 xp, and every completed adventure segment gives 3xp (1 lvl). Is it generally possible to do both the adventure path and still do all the scenarios in a given season?

I see that since each dead suns adventure is tuned for increasing level brackets (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8,9-10,11-12), if we're using them in society play, it's assumed that we're going to have to do at least 3 scenarios between each adventure module just to keep up with the required level.

That being said, I see that while we're due for part 3 of dead suns soon (level 5-6), all of the scenarios released thus far have been tuned for 1-4. Will we start seeing content that accomodates players of level 5+ soon, or will using their characters in the adventure path negate the chance for them to experience the scoured stars story?

My current situation.

My players have completed commencement and into the unknown. They're going to hit level 2 after Fugitive on the red planet. After that, I've got Incident at absalom station, Yesteryear's Truth, and Cries from the Drift. Total of 5 xp there, enough to put them at lvl 3, one scenario away from level 4.

If then I then put them through temple of the twelve, they'll be level 4, which means they'll then be one scenario away from level 5, which makes them inelligible for all the current scenarios except Splintered Worlds, adventure path 3.

Again, my main concern, do I risk out-leveling available content? Or is it assumed that players will be able to enjoy everything without having to roll separate characters for each storyline? I'm wondering if I should hold off on doing temple of the twelve, let them hit level 4 and do one or two scenarios there before doing Splintered worlds.

The Exchange

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

1-06 is slated to be a 3-6 level scenario. As for whether we'll see more like this as the scoured stars scenarios keep being released, I would imagine the answer is yes, but I don't suspect you'll be able to time the scenarios correctly with Dead Suns until all the stuff is released.

The Exchange ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Belafon

This is a question that is really for Thursty (since he knows what the SFS release schedule is). But a little math says that yes, you are going to out-level content.

After Part 4 of Dead Suns, characters will be at least 8th level. That means the lowest level scenarios you could play are 5-8. But people who aren't playing Dead Suns could not be above 4th level. (8 or 9 SFS scenarios released by that point.) In order for Dead Suns characters to continue, there would have to be 3 months of scenarios that you couldn't play unless you play Dead Suns. I doubt Paizo would want to create that situation.

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