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Ultimate Relationships from Legendary Games could be a good place to start.

Most jobs are paid in the form of BP. Some will also supplement with credits.

The AP uses BP so that players can still get "paid" while not wreaking havoc on the assumed wealth by level progression of the starfinder rules system.

As I'm running the campaign, I keep tabs on where my players are at in terms of wealth, and if they seem to be falling behind, I just increase the supplemental credit income from a job.

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Thank you for this, Paizo. I look forward to your continued progress and transparency.

I understand you can't share every change for legal and HR-related reasons, but I appreciate you sharing what you can.

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Noven wrote:
I am not trying to shove a peg into anything. I am trying to work out why anyone would want to "get rich" as a free trader in this game (basically the premise of the whole AP) when this is not really possible with the current system limitations.

It's not really about getting rich. That's just a byproduct that comes with the story the AP is telling, particularly in book 4.

It's about flying free, out from under anyone's thumb (see: firefly).

Me and my group are having more fun with this AP than I've had in my 20+ years of GMing. And not one player (of which I have 5) has brought up any issues with money/treasure.

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Love this!

Really excited for this book and the APs that will be tying into it!

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At least Erik took the accusations head on and came off as reasonable.

Jeff, this response is unbecoming of the company. As others have noted, you'd have been better off saying nothing.

Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:
TwilightKnight wrote:
Those creative minds are recognized as some of the best in the industry. They are highly sought after and will be okay in the long run.

This industry is so small and has so little money that the best and brightest minds have frequently ended up jobless for months or years because they refused to give up on the jobs they love and to switch careers.

It's been a plight of multiple ex-Paizo people. Basically, unless you're lucky to land a permanent gig at WotC, you're out of luck if you want to work in TTRPGs. Most other companies are 1d6 permanent people + freelancers, hire once in a blue moon, and usually hire folks they already know.

This is also one major reason why I would prefer Paizo to fix their house and keep all those fantastic people doing what they love.


Exactly why I'm not immediately jamming my finger on the cancel button.

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I am an 11 year subscriber. Like others, I am waiting to see Paizo's response before making a decision on my patronage. That said, there MUST be a response, and it needs to include meaningful change.

I wish I could tell you what that looks like, but I am very prepared to direct my money elsewhere.

I'd like to say thank you to all of the creatives, developers, editors, and customer service people for being shining examples of "rightness."

I hope this situation brings about real change for you and your work environment.

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And I'm with othersvin that I don't particularly trust Jessica. But the corroboration from Crystal is what gave me the big hollow feeling that I've had the last 24 hours.

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Fire your widely, rightly, adored customer service manager during GenCon week, they kinda asked for this...

Kris Myatt 47 wrote:
Antony Walls wrote:
Oliver von Spreckelsen wrote:
QED - Therefore: No book sale from me. PDF only when I am going to play this thing (in other words - probably never). I will look at it at my LFGS and make my decision there. I am profoundly puzzled by this decision.

Agreed. No subscription, no sale.

Without a subscription and the free PDF to mitigate the costs of shipping to the UK this is not economical - especially considering Paizo's baffling insistence in the past year or so of shipping each book in a separate package and the consequential big hike in delivery costs.

For a subscription this is *JUST* balanced in the green, without a subscription it is way in the red financially.

Stop experimenting and go back to providing a quality service.


Can you please get someone to answer emails to consignments(AT) that have been ignored for over a year?

Agreed. I'm not buying unless we get a subscription and pdf. The entire reason I have been a loyal customer all these years is due to us getting a PDF. Eventually, books break, we've already bought it once. I'm sure you all at Paizo have reasons for what you are doing, but it's really starting to make me question it's time to cancel the subs. Please keep being the customer friendly company that made you all special.

From the product description above:

Note: Starfinder Adventures are not included in the Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription. Starfinder Adventure Path Subscribers who preorder Starfinder Adventure: Junker's Delight will receive a free download when their physical copy ships.

Thank you so much for the rapid assist! Paizo has the best customer service!


First thank you for all that you do, especially during the difficulties of the past few months (year, really).

Starfinder 40: Planetfall seems to have taken a wrong turn on its way to my downloads. It was confirmed in my shipping email, but is missing from my digital content page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

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The developers of the AP can't just throw more and more money at the players because they're confined by the rules of the system and the expectations of Wealth by Level. Doing it this way, for better or worse, finds a method of maintaining game balance while still having elements of trade and keeping your ship flying. Jason Tondro is doing a great series of developer commentary over on YouTube and discusses this at length.

The great thing about role-playing games is you're not confined to the rules of the system the way an official published adventure is. If you feel comfortable having your players start jumping beyond wealth by Level, it's a very easy adjustment to make.

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I read this adventure and it immediately became the part of the AP I can't wait to get to. The fish out of water roleplay opportunities in this one are out of this world. I didn't even pay attention to the loot aspect, as I almost never do, because it's so easy to address.

From what I've been reading, this AP is really dependent on having the right group/GM combo. I'm a GM who couldn't care less about combat, and loves roleplay and moral/ethical dilemmas. And I love Firefly. Everything about this whole AP speaks to my playing preferences and I'm having some of the most fun I've had GMing in my 20+ years doing it.

I really don't understand all the hubbub. I'm running this on Roll20 with zero issues and having some of the most fun that I've had in my 20+ years of GMing.

Thank you to Jason and all of the authors and developers for the good times. I'll be sure to put up a review once we've completed volume 1. We're about to head into part 3.

So adjust it to fit your group's preferences. That's the beauty of role-playing games!

I'm with you, Ragi. I'm having blast GMing this and my players are having a great time playing.

I haven't had any issues running the adventure as written, and everything has flowed along nicely so far.

It's actually the most fun I've had running a game in a long time, even with it being online (I generally hate playing virtual, but... COVID...)

Yeah, I just use the snip tool and upload into roll 20. Easy peasy.

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SageSTL wrote:
Is there an expected month for release?

See three posts above yours for the most up to date, official information from the author of the adventure.

TRDG wrote:

I'm hoping all the new options are listed and just not the CBR,

IE the latest roles and options from the COM and SOM please



You're in luck! The product description mentions that rules from those books will be included.

I really appreciate you guys making this available, as it's the only way I'm able to experience the game (on the go). Already listened to the first one, and it's great!

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StarMartyr365 wrote:

I wonder what the release cadence is going to be and is "Secrets of x" going to be the new "Ultimate x"?

Jason already shot that one down during the Q&A. They will not be using naming conventions and product series in the way they did in 1e. Things will be named and built to suit the material/need. Also, Erik said Bestiary 3 will be the last Bestiary. Future adversary/monster material will be released in different formats.

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Everything about this AP is what I've been wanting since the release of Starfinder. I am VERY excited!!!

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This discussion has done nothing but reaffirm the need for Paizo to make the statement that they did.

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Thank you, Paizo. I'll be subscribing to this AP both because I am interested in the story and to support both you and, through you, the NAACP.

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Zero the Nothing wrote:
Can you just make an AP that starts PC's at higher than 1st level?

They've done this twice so far with Starfinder: Signal of Screams and the upcoming Devastation Ark.

Corsair17 wrote:
A book with all the starship designs and some new ones?

You might be interested in this.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

new adventure path

This is my guess. We know the summer Pathfinder AP, but the summer Starfinder AP is still under wraps.

That said, the more I think about it, the more I think it's just gonna be another actual play show, ala Oblivion Oath.

Good morning,

I recently restarted my Starfinder AP subscription. I had the option of starting with volume 7 or 8, and I opted for 7, which shows as pending for me. However, when I received my shipment notice (With activated PDFs), it only included volume 8. I was hoping you might be able to push through 7 for me.


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Jaide wrote:
I too noticed that map A is missing from both the printed and pdf, it would seem that this AP was made and put together in a rush.

It's not missing. It's not intended to be a combat encounter. APs rarely, if ever, provide maps for encounters intended to be resolved through role-play.

Reebo Kesh wrote:
Robert G. McCreary wrote:
The Drift Rock interferes with sensor readings (as mentioned on page 30), and the inability of sensors "to get a good reading" on the Acreon was meant to reflect that fact.

So can ship sensors detect life signs or not?

On page 325, under scanning, the first item listed that sensors are capable of is "basic information," including "living crew complement."

Reebo Kesh wrote:
Can someone clarify. Do you have to have a subscription to get the extra map PDF with the "hide encounter numbers" button or did they not do this for this AP?

There are no interactive maps for this adventure. I have not seen any communication from Paizo on this particular decision.

Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Reebo Kesh wrote:

"If we don't destroy the Black Star, all is lost!"

"If we don't destroy the Stellar Degenerator, all is lost!"

See the difference?

Not really, sorry.

I see the difference. And Stellar Degenerator is waaaaaaay better.

Lord Fyre wrote:

This write-up is a wonderful preview of the possible pitfalls of this adventure.

What is your party make-up B.T.W.?

First post, first paragraph of Part 1.

This is immensely useful! Thank you for sharing!

As someone who doesn't use minis, I don't have to see the table much; just my players' faces. Portrait, and all of the tables it can possibly contain, works just fine for me!

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Zaister wrote:
I like the name.

Same here.

Zyraj wrote:
I'm a little confused on how Eskolar is supposed to be handled. The PCs know that Nor is watching everything they do. What incentive is there for them to attack her or even open the container in the first place?

Never underestimate the curiosity of PCs...

And if they don't open it, there's no impact to this adventure, but it's pointed out that it will come back to affect the story in a future installment.

TheGoofyGE3K wrote:

So August, October, then March? Is that a big gap because of the holiday season, or am I missing something?

The Pathfinder RPG has traditionally released 3 hardcovers per year (not counting the occasional Campaign Setting Hardcover, which are a separate line). One in the spring, one at GenCon, and one in the fall. So far, it appears Starfinder is following a similar pattern.


I don't have my book at hand, so someone correct me if I'm wrong...

But I believe "finesse-able" weapons, aka operative weapons, automatically allow you to use dex. No feat required.

This is exactly the next Starfinder book that I wanted! Yay!

Joseph Wilson wrote:

Number 1 on my list would be the Starfinder version of the Inner Sea World Guide.

Pact Worlds Gazetteer?

Starfinder Worlds Guide?

Cosmic Codex?

Nailed it!

Number 1 on my list would be the Starfinder version of the Inner Sea World Guide.

Pact Worlds Gazetteer?

Starfinder Worlds Guide?

Cosmic Codex?

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:

I don't have a problem with Eoxians cause they're Evil, I have a problem with them cause they're Monsters.

Direct quote from Incident at Absalom Station:
"Although many sentient species find them disturbing, the elebrians are not considered “monsters,” at least in polite society. Eox is a full signatory to the Pact, and its undead inhabitants are equal citizens of the Pact Worlds."

The setting is the setting. Personally, this is how I've always run Golarion, so I love all this added Eox lore. If it doesn't work for your table, just adjust for what works for your group.

Sara Marie wrote:
Starfinder Maps: Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield is sold out on, new maps subscribers will need to start on Flip-Mat: Cantina. We still have some stock of Flip-Mat: Terrain.

Hi Sara Marie. Seems my post from last night may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Should I be concerned that I haven't received an authorization email yet, or does it simply stem from both of my subscriptions being new?

I have still not received an order authorization email. Should I be worried?

Brother Fen wrote:
I have to say that I disagree with the OP. I find the in character maps to be very useful.

Agreed. The "in character" maps are, quite literally, the only maps from the Folios that I've ever found use for. Love them!

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Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Steel_Wind wrote:
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
They didn't announce a summer Pathfinder hardcover at PaizoCon. Dunno if they did at GenCon.

They did not. There is also some uncertainty and potential shuffling of the "Encounter Codex" - though nothing definite there.

In fairness, the Gencon hardcover they did announce is the one I expect they want to get the buzz. And that's Starfinder. For all we know, that is the Gencon "Pathfinder" hardcover.

It is taking the GenCon hardcover slot.

Lisa Stevens addresses this topic in another thread.

For convenience:

Lisa Stevens wrote:

I will throw this in there. We have some books coming out in 2017 that we just weren't ready to announce at GenCon this year. Erik did a rather large change to the schedule only a few weeks before the convention and we are still figuring out how to get everything done while also launching Starfinder. We knew folks would be disappointed that there were no new announcements, especially about hardcover books, but there will be some. We just weren't ready to announce them yet and decided that, although a great venue for announcements, we weren't going to let GenCon dictate when we make our announcements. So the stuff that was ready to announce got announced. I am expecting the other stuff will get announced in the next few months as it gets firmed up.


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