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A nice entry


This book is a nice entry to Tian Xia, directed at players.
You find lots of good background information about different regions and deities here.
The races are all great and fun to play.
Archetypes are all very cool in idea and concept, the execution isn´t the best though unfortunately.
The feats are interesting and usefull enough though, just as the magic school and sorcerer bloodline.

The book suffers from the fact that most of the really useful content is printed in other books, from Dragon Empires Gazeteer to the Advanced Race Guide, as well as the archetypes having mechanical problems.
It would be very awesome if some of them receive updates/reprints/errata.
I also feel the sword saint could be a swashbuckler archtype.

The pro of the book is definately the Tian Xia Background info as well as the introduced races.

Should you be a fan of Tian Xia or like it: buy!

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Initiative and Combat Speeder!


Had this lying around for some months now, but only got to use it now.
The functionality and layout are really amazing, making this a very good product to keep control over initiative order, different conditions or effects in place, rounds, etc.
The magnets seem solid and are easy to use.
Non-permament marker was easy to wash off.

Only thing missing is a stand or something.

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A season 6 roleplaying Gem!


This scenario consolidates my opinion that season 6 is the best season so far. It´s also so awesome i´m spontaniously writing my first review^^

I ran it on Tier 1-2 with 5 players (barbarian, 2 rangers, 1 warpriest and 1 druid). The lack of skills and arcane magic made some parts a bit more difficult for them, but the scenario mechanics helped a lot. Really thought through and also encouraging good ideas!

The roleplay and fun factor is amazing, the author provided view but very useful descriptions on the NPC´s.

Interesting and top environment effects!

A very good balance between roleplaying and social encounters on the one hand or combat encounters on the other hand, what also at least partly lies in the hand of the players and is up to group playstyle and group composition.

Looking forward to run this again and more scenarios like this!