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Full Name

Frank Carr


Gender-swapped Changeling, but the wife says I'm an Android


45th level Operator/Soldier/Vigilante/Vanguard/Magus/Investigator/Gunslinger/Carnie with aspirations for being a Technomancer and a Solarion


Green, I think, but with the Turquoise archetype


Large and in charge, but not too large (I'm working on it) and only in charge when Mistress says so


Bronze Aged

Special Abilities

Dyslexia (sp?), forget things a lot, never get lost, very efficient at packing, experience time at such a fast rate that it appears I have no free time at all - ever, and the other abilities are a secret (shhh!)


Taoist with a hint of Protestant (Non-denominational, of course)


Who? Oh, Him/Her... Up there somewhere... I think their name is Bob or Bobby Sue


Anywhere - Historically Nomadic, but currently in the Phoenix, AZ area


English, Korean, Spastic, and working on Teenager and Techno-Babble


Whatever interests me at the time, most recently "Jade Mandarin", but have been known to be a professional Smart-A$$, a Know-It-All, and a Class A Nerd as well as the "Goblin King" and "Evil DM Extraordinaire" (tm)

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Strength 11
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 15
Charisma 10

About Ashanderai

I grew up on a carnival, became a professional intelligence analyst working for both the military and the DOJ, traveled to the the Middle East and Asia, and eventually married a little souvenir I picked up in South Korea whom I affectionately call my wife. I have been gaming since 1982 when I was introduced to D&D by a half-Korean friend who was the son of a former US soldier. Now, I have my own half-Korean sons of a former US soldier.

Since 1982, I have been playing many different games and multiple editions of some of those games, as well as a play-tester for a few of them. I have even written some material for those games, primarily for Arcana Evolved and Pathfinder, including the Ennie-nominated Heroes of the Jade Oath campaign setting, the Infernal Romance at Moon Temple adventure, and the Magus of the Jade Oath supplement. I have also written articles for other publishers, including the Kaidan Gazetteer in the Jade Regent Adventure Path for Paizo. Now, after taking a hiatus of a few years, I have turned my attention to Starfinder.