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It's just another modifier to keep track of (and remember) and doesn't seem to swing the result enough to matter. I honestly believe the amount of modifiers needs to be pared down as much as possible in this edition and this a perfect example IMO.

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i cannot scream this more than enough: LESS MODIFIERS PLS!!!!

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i'm 100% on board to tear the vancian wall down

ok back of the book(299):
You’ll often need to calculate a fraction of a value—most often halving damage or calculating a fraction of a cost when crafting. Always round down when you halve or create a fraction or percentage of something. For example, if a spell deals 7 damage and someone takes half damage from it, they would take 3 damage.

Poison Antidote
...this specific antidote attempts to counteract that poison or venom using a counteract level equal to half your level rounded up.

Could we just have one rounding rule for everything? It is odd to look up rounding in the index and then find a bunch of things that don't follow the explanation. I understand the rounding rule is basically saying "unless otherwise noted round down" but it's much easier to remember "always round down"

I would really like to see the number of different possible modifiers condensed into a basic array like +2/+4/+8 (and-2/-4/-8) and that's it. no +1 here +5 there, +3? why not! As someone who left PF1 because the number of modifiers was bewildering and annoying to keep track of as a GM (and for teaching new players), I'd like to be able just have a baseline idea of where the modifiers could be rather than a seemingly arbitrary number for everything. This helps a lot with GM adjudication situations, I would know -2 is a minor hindrance and -8 is a big problem. I know it sounds like I am clamoring for advantage/disadvantage, but while I do appreciate the simplicity, it is often a cudgel where one isn't needed.

Let's be real, the d20 die roll matters more than anything, stop with the +1s!!!! :-)

Would love a copy

Ureshiichris (at)

Alright well, at least one person is waiting breathlessly!

Any plans for Carrion Crown paper minis?

Pol Mordreth wrote:
chrids wrote:
Could always ban dervish dance. It's from a fluff source.

Best way to really turn a player off. You approved it at the beginning, you allow it to be run thru the entire camoaign. Banning a concept after the fact is garbage.


I agree it would be better to do beforehand. But sounds like the GM didn't know what he was getting into. However, it is bigger BS if one player ruins it for everyone else IMO.

Could always ban dervish dance. It's from a fluff source.

APG Mobile Fighter archetype:

Fleet Footed (Ex) has a hyperlink to the feat fleet, but they are unrelated

RuyanVe wrote:

Aaaaaaaaand it's the friendly 2-weeks-later-bump!

Any news on #3, Crystal, Liz?

Ruyan *keeps fingers crossed*.


this biclops needs some cyclops'

I'd rather see bigger maps. I need maps I can extract and that I can blow up and print out...when there are 6 tiny maps on a page it makes them impossible to manipulate. It's a digital world now and more emphasis should be made to cater to it.

If this cost space for fiction, I'd be all for sacrificing it.

Tony Steel wrote:
This was too funny. The party just hit the island last night and they are pretty beat up. I may cut and past your FB chat to show them that they are not alone.

Yeah morale was still low at the beginning of the next session, so I let them level up after the next fight (eel). Unfortunately, one of the PCs (Grogg) was killed then. I let them get their spells and hp back after the level (some divine intervention) and so they were a little more upbeat entering the cove. Unfortunately another PC (who wasn't in this chat) didn't make it's rough out there for would-be pirates!

gsubear97 wrote:

I know that the Player's Guide warns them against this, but should I discourage this by having storms come up and having them fight in a storm or something along those lines? I guess mainly I want to know if there are rules that I should be looking at to govern them wearing the heavier armors?

Heavy Armor (or any armor above leather) just has the armor check penalty, applies to swim, climb, etc.

And as Bad Sintax mentioned, having a PC get bull rushed overboard (maybe a NPC as an example) is a good demonstration of why it's dangerous. Then again if the PCs have really good swim checks...more power to them.

The easiest swim check is DC 10, with chain mail you are looking at DC 15 (really it is -5 to the roll but same thing). Pretty tough for a low level character.

I would like to add my voice and say, I'm perfectly capable of deciding how to implement the rules in my game and work with the people I play with. Paizo rules clarifications are nice, but not necessary for a pen and paper role playing game.

Paizo, you do a great job and there will always be problems or misunderstandings in a complicated rule system. I will never lose any sleep over monks. :)

HangarFlying wrote:
No, the only one that has an associated flip-mat is the opening encounters of Rise of the Runelords.

Actually that is not true, Skull and Shackles also has a flip mat (pirate ship) and map pack (ship's cabin) associated with the first book. I believe that is the first AP they started the tie-ins.

Karmatrooper wrote:

I am about to run this AP myself and was wondering what other GMs have done with introducing the influencing of NPCs on the Wormwood..
Did you break it down to the PCs before starting that they will need/or can change the attitude of the other pirates on board and what benefits it could give them or did you let them find out by themself?
And did you keep them updated at all times with how the NPCs felt about the players?

During character creation, I would mention some form of social skill (diplomacy, bluff, intimidate) is a good idea (some players may still want to play an oaf, that is fine)

My players did ask me on occasion who "is on our side" and I would let them know who is friendly, but I didn't keep them updated real time or anything.

There will always be a balance of mechanics and roleplaying to handle, I would just see how it goes with your group and adjust as necessary. Start with hints and if that doesn't work, feel free to flat out tell them.

I did it similar as mearrin69, hinted through NPCs that making friends is important, but if the PCs don't get it right away, you can probably outright tell them. I usually like to gauge PCs reactions to situations, then based on that I will react. It may be hard on the PCs at first since players often expect to be #1 from the start, so lots of hinting may be necessary that they will need to bide their time. I would say don't be afraid to beat a few unconscious if they act out of line (not to death!), it is one way for them to understand that people are tougher than they can handle at the beginning.

Someone on the board made an excellent excel sheet which helps track the NPCs attitudes, if you use a computer at the table.

I also made some google docs with pictures of the crew (from the paper minis) with their names and a short description for the players to look at before game. Unfortunately, can't share it because the images are not mine.

Wormwood Mutiny NPC Helper Excel

Crafting is considered part of the normal game (outside of PFS) so it should not have an adverse effect. They still gotta pay for the crafting costs (probably from selling the normal loot@50%) so it should not tip the scales. It would also depend how much downtime you give them to do the actual crafting.

To be honest, most of the loot in APs is pretty stale, so there will definitely be things they will want to buy or craft themselves. For example, if there are small characters (halflings etc.) in your campaign, after the first book, they won't find much that fits.

Sad to report two deaths in one night during my game

Name of PC: Grogg
Class/Level: Human Barbarian (Sea Reaver) 2
Adventure: Wormwood Mutiny (Bonewrack Isle)
Catalyst: Nobody would follow him into the water
Story: The player had missed the previous weeks session, so he was "watching the boat" during that time. The rest of the party had takin a pretty good beating on the island, so he was the only member who was 100%. After discovering the wreck of the Infernus, only he would jump into the water to investigate (quote "I can hold my breath for like 5 min"). The Moray eel attacked and by the time the other adventurers had got into the action, the eel had managed to bite the head off of the poor barbarian. The party got their revenge on the eel, but alas poor Grogg's time had already come.

Name of PC: Beaks
Class/Level: Tengu Witch 2 (Sea Witch)
Adventure: Wormwood Mutiny (Bonewrack Isle)
Catalyst: Going toe-to-toe with a Devilfish
Story: Lacking their frontline fighter after the death of Grogg, the party none the less forged ahead into the Grindylow caverns. Beaks met his end at the hands (tentacles) of the Devilfish, it's savage bite tearing him to shreds. The Devilfish was defeated, but not before Beaks' untimely death.

I'm sure it's just narrative and nobody bothered to calculate it for real. But from my reading the route is a little circuitous and you can throw in some calm wind days for measure.

Yeah no offense OP, but I think you mis-played this one.

-Does true strike even work with hydraulic push? True strike is attack rolls and H push is a CMB check

-As mentioned, the cabin girl checks the food for poison

-Even if the officers got pushed off the boat, it is only a DC 10 Climb check to get back on

The NPCs are just out of league for lvl 2 PCs, they should have absolutely no problem dealing with the PCs, even if they rolled 10 1s in a row.

You can put Bonewrack isle anywhere you want, so they could wash up there at some point to continue the main story. You will probably need a real boat of some sort to arrive/get stranded near there so the PCs can get an actual ship. You could even make the Infernus (the Chelish wreck) salvageable.

Reading through Riptide cove, I noticed a few "inconsistencies"

Interrogation: Grindylows only speak aquan, so probably difficult for them to interrogate anybody

Seaweed: As photosynthetic organisms, it doesn't make much sense for seaweed to be growing in what I am understanding to be lightless caverns. This would mean no snag traps.

Easy enough to fix, but just pointing it out.

I considered the time limit a bluff, so if the PCs don't go back in time, Plugg will send another party (consisting of his supporters) with the other boat. If it happens I'll probably let the PCs find out about the plot to kill them when they return by interrogating them.

Right now my group has spent 1 day on Bonewrack and haven't found the water yet.

Below is a FB chatlog after our most recent Friday night game that I GM. I thought it was a nice illustration of PC thinking and thought I would share. I changed the names to the names of the characters, to protect the innocent of course. Not edited so excuse the grammar and typos if necessary.
Theoretically the group is seven (!!!) players but so far the max has been 5 at one time. The ship setting really helps when it comes to PCs being in the background, as they can just be off doing ship things and reappear whenever the player shows up. This was the night that the two missing players happened to be the Ftr and Barb, so the party was lacking in front line firepower. Needless to say morale is low, so I'll need to try and help them get their mojo back. Bonewrack Isle is a great time, if deadly.

The session ended with half the PCs on the coconut crab beach waiting for the other half to come by in the rowboat. Just as the rowboat team was approaching shore, they spotted 4 grindylows (I described them as squid goblins, i realize now it should have been octopus goblins) approaching quickly in the water...

I made some comments in ITALICS

The heroes had a rough time of it last week without any frontline support
Krakeneye (Grippli Ranger)
One tiny frog can't hold back all the ghouls and crabs. Especially when he has West Nile. (actually it is Ghoul Fever)
Norah Nearwaters (Human Rogue (Charlatan))
but at least we have coconuts! (The plan is now to bring a bunch of coconuts instead of water to the boat since they have been beat up pretty badly)
Emon (Dwarf Cleric of Gozreh)
It remains to be seen if we can get our nuts off of the island
Hydration is hydration, am I right?
Squid goblins may cut our campaign short.
Whoever wasn't there last week will also be on the rowboat. (The players went back for the rowboat and rowed to the coconut crab beach).
I also need to find an amulet of protection against attribute damage. I feel like I'm only at my normal attributes 25% of the time.
The rest of the time I'm poisoned by mummies, or curses, or some virulent insect.
Need to buy some potions of lesser restoration
It's a dangerous world!
Yeah. Pirate ships are known for their great selections in potions and finery.
Norah Nearwaters
you know what goes great with malaria? centipede poison.(they have been dying to use the centipede poison they stole from one of the lockers on the Wormwood).
Maybe if I drink a bunch of poison they'll all fight each other and keep me alive.
You'll never know unless you try
You guys notice that one of the grindylows (squid gobs) is wearing a tricorne hat
Curiously like the one Sandara wears
Norah Nearwaters
the plot thickens.
Did you eat your chunky soup?
Maybe they're here to help. Probably not, but I'm trying to look on the bright side.
Norah Nearwaters
maybe it's just a new kind of cosplay. maybe it really is Sandara!
I guess you'll have to ask to find out!
I've been thinking. Maybe we're starting too big. We could steal this 30ft dinghy and start our pirate life small.
Not exactly built for long voyages
It would take us weeks to get anywhere and one good storm would end our journey quickly.
We will have to wait on the island til I can create food and water.
Just as long as we don't have to fight anymore crabs.(crabs really messed them up, constrict is rough on 2nd lvl dudes).
Giant crabs are pretty rare and you doubt the island could support any more than you encountered trying to give them some good news.
Lots of tiny ones though!
I'm sure the crabs are the most intimidating thing on this island.
This island is a great place for my dude to commune with nature.
It's just a lonely little island, what else could possibly be here?
If we live who wants to stay and take our chances. I think they may come after us.
They will need Water to get to land. You can only live 3 days without water.
3 weeks without food. 3 min without air.
Emon does have a point. Despite the ultimatum the ship needs water to survive
If we had more time we could set a trap for them
Exploding Coco nuts!
Norah Nearwaters
where's an alchemist when you need one?(I had an aborted RotRl campaign previously and one of the players played an alchemist that did more damage to the party than the bad guys).
The ship had some small amount left, but they would be hard pressed to try any long sea voyages without stocking the reserves up again
And right now nobody knows how far off course they are. definitely an uncharted island
It's a cat and mouse game. We could set up some Home Alone style traps and whack Mr. Plugg in his stupid face with a can of paint.
Grogg (Human Barbarian (Sea Reaver))
Did I miss something? Are we stranded on a deserted isle?(he missed this session).
We aren't really stranded. The boat that we were sent to sell was kind of hijacked by Mr. Plugg or Scourge. I can't remember. It has some of our pals, and some of our enemies on it. There was a terrible storm, we crashed the boat, and then we were sent to get fresh water from a nearby island.
We have 2 days to return with water.
Norah Nearwaters
and we got our asses handed to us by some crabs.
And ghouls. And I have West Nile/Malaria/Hep C.
And Lissie (Drow Sorcerer)came pretty close to death. And Norah almost got her ass ate up by a frog.
36 hours have passed and we have a. Few Coconuts
And now we have to deal with a bunch of goblin squids.
Norah Nearwaters
things are looking bad.
I humbly bow down to our new squid goblin overlords.
Oh and I have expended all of my healing for the day.
They might treat us better than plug
Two crew members (Fipps and Sandara) also went missing during the storm right before the ship ran aground on a reef

maxgravity wrote:


New to PF, and therefore know very few of the details about Golarion. I was curious if anyone knows if the knight on the back cover of the core book is representative of a certain order/faction or just random artwork?



It is a Gray Maiden

Found in:
Knights of the Inner Sea
Shattered Star AP (second book)

Originally from: Curse of the Crimson Throne AP

Tadeus wrote:

Hi guys,

My players just landed on Bonewreck Island and they are about to meet the first mosquito swarm. One of the player characters has a trait that lets him use dyplomacy on vermin (wasp whisperer - it functions like wild empathy). If it funtions like diplomacy I will need to set an attitude for the swarm in order to calculate the DC. The swarm is mindless but (I guess) hungry, would it be unfriendly or hostile? If i set the swarm to hostile there isn't really any chance the player will save the group from the swarm (with no critical succes it will just go from hostile to unfriendly - that's not enought to stop an attack). How would you rule this?

How do you do it with animal empathy? Is an hungry animal (predator) hostile?

And another question: The players have a chance to be infected with ghoul fever by mosquitos every time they sleep. Could the player with wasp whisperer help with this and spend the night repeling them? How would you set the DC for such a task? I guess the individual mosquitos that come at night aren't really hostile?

According to the druid entry for wild empathy, wild animals start as unfriendly default, so I would set the swarm as the same.

For the night, I would probably just make the mosquitoes not attack the wasp whisperer character, but you could go either way and let him repel all night (of course, he wouldn't get any rest...)

The next Adventure Path (#64) takes place there.

There is a gearforged race in the Midgard Campaign setting (PFRPG 3PP).

eric simrose wrote:
I was looking at the Grindylow Tangling Tentacles (Ex) ability and i was wondering is it even possible to be tripped while swimming and what happens if you trip a swimming PC.

From the Wormwood Mutiny GM thread:

Rob McCreary wrote:
Robert Jordan wrote:
Oh also while reading through it all it says in The Cauldron (area D8) that characters tripped must start making swim checks, according to the low tide marker on the map there's still a good 40-50ish feet of water. So 2 parts A) wouldn't they already be swimming? and B) can you be tripped if you're in/under water?
The PCs are likely already swimming. A trip attack represents being pulled below the surface, thus requiring another Swim check to recover.

Maglok wrote:

We had our first session and it was awesome. This book is really good. It feels quite hard to run though, with all the things to track and the balance you have to strike between making sure they know who is in charge and them not just going for a mutiny right off the bat.

Awesome adventure!

If you use a computer while running, there is a spread sheet floating around that is extremely useful for keeping track of the crew, PC jobs, etc.

Monk (Sensei) 2:
Insightful Strike (Ex)
At 2nd level, a sensei may use his Wisdom bonus in lieu of his Strength or Dexterity on attack rolls and combat maneuver checks with unarmed strikes or monk weapons.

Ravingdork wrote:
What's wrong with having a wet crossbow string?

+1 At the Siege of Malta, the only thing that worked in the rain was the old crossbows they had (guns and bows had problems)

Callous Jack wrote:
chrids wrote:
Will be there be a paper minis bestiary for S&S next?
Yep, I am working on it right now.

Awesome. I'm slowly working through Book 1 with my group now, but I'm looking forward to adding a few extra encounters

Will be there be a paper minis bestiary for S&S next?

1) The drinking rules are REALLY bad. I would gloss over them or look at the board for different suggestions.

2) I could tell by around Day 11 my players were getting sick of life on the Wormwood, so I compressed the last week into a few days. So, I would say don't be afraid to adjust on the fly depending on the temperament of your players. I'm not very familiar with Serpent's Skull, but the players are basically stuck on the pirate ship for a good majority of the first book. Their egos will be bruised, but hopefully they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3) Social skills are awesome in this AP and especially in the first book, let your players know that CHA is a bad choice for that dump stat this time around :) Personally, I really enjoyed the social emphasis in the first book, very rare for a low lvl adventure.

greysector wrote:

So I started running The Wormwood Mutiny on Tuesday night for six players.

By the end of the session we had finished Day 1 and got a bit into Day 2.

Two problems have cropped up that I'd like some advice on.

The first is that none of the PCs have Diplomacy and even the somewhat charismatic...

The second problem is how the PCs handled getting jumped by Master Sourge's toadies...

1) Maybe give them a chance to move some skills or stats around? I gave my players a heads up that diplomacy, intimidate, etc. would be important off the bat. I have 6 players and about half ended up with stronger social skills. The book should probably suggest that GM's emphasize the social aspect.

2) I'd give them the lashes. Capt. Harrigan needs bodies, so he won't be happy about the beatings, even if the PCs were ambushed (which of course they can't prove and Scourge wouldn't admit he sent the NPCs). Were the PCs also late because of the ambush? I always leave left over lashes for PCs if they fall unconscious. This might be a lesson for them to be a little more sly about causing trouble. The Wormwood is basically a big ego beat down for the PCs until they get some hope later on. It is also a way to introduce Sandara as she can heal unconscious PCs.

If you class dip with Ftr (archer archetype) you can feint at range, so it is one avenue for being able to sneak attack at range. But it requires a 3 lvl Ftr dip. Probably better off with ninja tricks for invis.

vikingson wrote:

* I actually have read the sources referenced to by the article's author, and I strongly disagree with his "take". Actually quoting Stevenson's fictional "Treasure Island" is an incredible joke at the cost of the reader's expense

Personally, using fictional sources for a fictional game seems just fine to me. You won't find the AP in the nonfiction section of the library.

chopswil wrote:
chrids wrote:

just throwing it out there, would love to see the new Rise of the Runelords material added to the monster DB.

Super duper x 1,000,000 love CM!

working on it

I've got all the stat blocks from the 6 modules done and started on the appendix, wher the new monsters and magic items are

I'll be posted my updated DBs on this weekend with what I have.
New APs take precidence over hardbacks...

Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate all the effort!

just throwing it out there, would love to see the new Rise of the Runelords material added to the monster DB.

Super duper x 1,000,000 love CM!

I'm also interested in generic stuff like summoned monsters and familiars. They could also pinch hit for generic animals too most like.

How about sets like demons, devils, etc. etc? I imagine a small set of them of 1 or 2 pages is worth a $1

TriOmegaZero wrote:


TriOmegaZero wrote:

Go for it! Orrick is a blast to play.

ToZ, do you have a blank version of that e-sheet you could share?

DemonicEgo wrote:
Considering that the races from Bestiary 2 are already balanced against the core races, as well as already being a part of the Pathfinder rules, I would suggest a simple plug-in. If someone wants to play one of the genasi races, just inform them of the replacement. Simple as that.

Aren't they a little more powerful than a core race? Same as tiefling/aasimar.

But they are the closest things in PF. Also, the Advanced Race Guide hits the shelves soon, probably plenty of info in their to tweak the elemental races or make your own.

Played in a playtest game last night (used Caves of Chaos as a test run module), my thoughts as a player:

I liked that BAB got eliminated. I think every class will be much more relevant in combat, though I am interested to see how they make Fighters stand out (min. dmg is one way).

I like the elimination of AoO and the flexibility to play a "no tactical map" style (it could be argued that this can be done in any RPG, but they have considered it from the get-go).

I never played 4E and have no desire to, but this has definitely peaked my interest for the next edition. It feels like they are heading in a rules lite/flexible direction which I am definitely interested in.

i need an "old crackjaw," stat! :)

chrids wrote:
Magus archetype Kensai in UC has an ability called Perfect Strike. In the PRD it links to the feat perfect strike from the APG, but they are unrelated.

Link got removed, but now "Perfect Strike" needs bold added like the other abilities.

RobRob wrote:
Arnwyn wrote:

I see you're new to messageboards! In any case, essentially telling a poster to 'shut up' isn't a very smart thing to do on internet messageboards.

In any case, mentioning such things now may not affect this particular AP, but it is a good thing to get it into the heads of the developers for future APs. (Further, if Paizo has anywhere to improve, managing expectations is fairly high up the list.)

Whatever dude...

The very same thing has been posted ad nauseam in virtually every thread about Jade Regent and every time James hurries out to apologize... Magnuskn has expressed his opinion... it has been noted by Paizo... he has gotten several apologies and explanations... stop beating the horse it is dead!


This just in, sometimes you have to change things to suit your style (gasp).

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